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Her Lesson - Part 1

A couple indulge in some schoolgirl role-play.
She entered the room, dressed in a short red tartan skirt, stockings, black high heels, tight white shirt, (only fastened with two buttons so that her black almost see-through bra and 38C breasts were on show) and a red school tie which sat perfectly in between her boobs.

“You wanted to see me after class?” she said in her most innocent sounding voice, as she played with one of her pigtails that was tied with a red ribbon, “hope I haven’t done anything too naughty?”

“Naughty? You’ve been bad. Very, VERY bad,” he replied, emphasizing each time he said bad in a way he knew would turn her on. “It doesn’t matter what you did, all you need to know is that I’m going to have to punish you for your behavior.”

“Punish me?” she said in a sarcastically shocked tone. “Really?”

She knew the more she acted along with it, the more turned on both of them became.

“But, isn’t there something I can do for you instead, to make it up to you?” she asked.

“Hmm, maybe there is” he answered, “but, I’m sure that it wouldn’t only be me enjoying you getting punished.” He continued with a slight grin. “Now get over here to me and bend over.”

She did as she was told, bending over directly in front of him, her short skirt riding up and exposing her arse that he loved so much and her tiny black thong.

“This is only the beginning of your punishment, I’m not going to be easy on you, you need to learn your lesson,” he said sternly as he stood up, gently caressing her arse.

He stroked the smooth skin, deliberately teasing, even though she knew what he was going to do. He raised his hand away from her, and brought it back down onto her arse with slight force, making her gasp.

“You've been bad, haven’t you?” he asked her as he continued to spank her, moving from cheek to cheek each time. “And you need to learn.”

She loved the feeling of being spanked, a little more than she knew she probably should, and combined with being called a bad girl, she was feeling highly turned on.

“Well, I’m waiting for an answer…” he said, as he spanked her a bit harder.

“Yes. Yes, I’ve been a bad girl,” she gasped between her slight moans.

He suddenly stopped spanking her, and leaned in close to her. She could feel his erection pressing against her and it made her wet thinking about it and what he could do with it. He leant over her and moved his face as close to her ear as he could reach.

“Now, I think that’s enough spanking for now. Get on your knees. You said you were going to do something for me.” She loved it when he took control over her, telling her what to do and how to do it. She obeyed without question.

As she knelt down, He took off his shirt, unzipped his jeans and pushed them down so they were around his knees. He left her to take down his boxers and she did so, slowly, almost teasing him with the thought of what she was going to do.

His cock was now level with her mouth, but instead of using her mouth, she took him in her hand, starting off slow, but building up speed gradually.

After a few minutes, she stopped with her hand and kept it resting around the base of his dick, she stared up at him for a few seconds before shutting her eyes and continuing with her mouth.

Once again, she started off slowly, building up speed now and again and sometimes taking the whole length of his cock into her mouth, sucking hard now and again just to tease him more.

She was feeling so turned on now, knowing that he was loving this made her even more excited. She could hear his breathing getting heavier and knew he was close.

She felt his left thigh twitch as her free hand sat there. A sure indicator of how close he was, so she knew to speed up again. Her fingernails dug into his thigh slightly as she moaned from how horny she was.

He reached down with his hand to feel her breast, making her even wetter. Doing this pushed him over the edge and she continued as he came in her mouth, swallowing every bit, making sure not to waste any. Even though he’d finished, she continued to suck him, knowing how intense it felt for him. He tried to hold back his laughter but couldn’t and giggled at the pleasure.

She stopped what she was doing and looked back up at him. “Am I forgiven now for being naughty?” she asked in a cheeky tone.

“Hmm… Not quite. I still have some things in mind,” he replied, grabbing her by the waist as she stood up.

He turned her around in his arms so she was facing away from him and bent her over slightly. “Another spanking methinks?” he continued, as he proceeded to slap her arse twice on each cheek.

These made her moan again, but louder and more urgent. She needed to be touched. Her horniness was driving her crazy. He turned her back around to face him and without saying anything he began to unbutton her shirt, pushing it off her shoulders so that it fell to the ground. He reached around her back and unhooked her bra skilfully with one hand, leaving her to take it off and chuck it onto her shirt.

“Are you going to do something for me now?” she asked hopefully.

“Yes. Yes I am. But on one condition, you’re not allowed to orgasm until I say. Okay?” he answered.

“What?! Really? You know how difficult I’m going to find that.” She said, in a fake upset way. She knew that if she “accidentally” came, he’d punish her again, which meant another spanking, and she could deal with that.

“Exactly. Deal?” he replied.

“Yeah, deal.”

As she spoke, he was already sliding her skirt down over her hips, dropping it to the floor. He took her boob in his hand and lowered his face to it, flicking his tongue over her already hard nipple. The pleasure was so intense already; she knew she wouldn’t last at this teasing game for long. Her hands stroked his back as he did it, one making its way up and into his hair. He sucked her nipple making her breathing get louder as he changed to repeat his tactics on the other boob, pinching the other nipple hard between his fingers, making sure to keep her wanting more.

His hand slipped down from her breast and stoked its way down her soft skin until he reached her thong. He didn't need to touch her pussy to know how wet she was, he could feel it soaking through the thin material of the thong.

She silently willed him to touch her, to stroke her clit and to thrust his fingers deep inside her. It was almost as if her read her mind and slipped his hand into her thong, gently caressing her smooth mound.

He dipped a finger in between her lips and was greatly rewarded.

"Oh my, aren't you wet!" he exclaimed as he pushed a finger deep into her cunt, making her moan loudly.

He thrust in another finger, marvelling in her wetness, before rubbing her clit with his thumb. She let out another long moan, her fingers digging into his back as he proceeded to fuck her pussy with his fingers.

After he was satisfied with how close he was making her, he unclipped her stockings, rolled them down and added them to her clothes pile on the floor, along with her shoes, now she was only wearing her tiny black thong and school tie and he very much liked what he saw, as she could tell by his erection that was quickly returning.

“Lie on the bed,” he instructed, “I’m going to tie you up.”

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