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Highway Stranger in the Rain

Read the Sexual Adventure of a man and his stranger while his wife listens over the phone!
Its early spring with the first april shower overhead covering the roads. Im riding down highway 64 on the way home when I notice a leggy brunette looking under the smoking hood of her sportscar. She is wearing heals and a short dress with buttons all the way is unbuttoned revealing a little cleavage. She is using a newspaper to try to keep the rain from covering her completely. She has this damsil in distress look. Im not about to let someone else "rescue her." So i pull over in front of her car and take her an umbrella and to offer my help! Her car has overheated and bursted the radiator so I tell her she needs to have it towed. So i offer her a ride and to my suprise she accepts. As she is setting next to me in the truck shes taking a napkin to wipe the rain from her face and neck, I couldnt help but to look when she started patting her chest dry. At that moment she catches me looking and says with a sarcastic annoyed tone, "Like what you see?" and then pulls the top of her dress together to cover her wet cleavage. I muster up the nerve to answer as I look straight forward at the road by saying, "Yes! I do!." Fearing that she will slap or become afraid of me and react i prepare for her reaction....When I feel her just staring at me! It was that moment that I notice the ring on her hand and thought to myself, Uh Oh! She doesnt respond for what seams like an eternity but in reality it is about 3 seconds. She feels her ring with two fingers and slowely removes it and places it on the dash. Confused and a little worried about what she was going to do, i feel her looking at me again. This time, I have to look back at her to try to grasp any inclination of what she may be thinking. When I do, she reaches her hand forward and grabs my hand from the wheel and placed it inside her dress over her, suprisingly, bare breast and then reaches the other hand down over my lap and grabs hold of my cock through my pants. She says to me, "He just left me and then looked at the ring!" I now know that I am in trouble... but not the kind of trouble i thought i was in a few minutes ago. I then start to move my hand around feeling her large breast, squeezing her nipple, and gripping her breast firmly as she is squeezing my cock. With her left arm she pulls my hand back from her top and with both hands I find her unbuckling my belt.... Unbuttoning my pants..... then she looks me dead in the eye as the zipper slowely inches its way down. She moves closer and puts her mouth very close to my ear as she asks, "does this bother you?".. my reply is, through a very nervous breath.... "No, not at all!" By this time, Im going very slow and begin to pull off of the exit at the hospital. As im pulling into the hospital parking deck I find a perfect space that nobody will see. As soon as the car gets in park she lunges forward placing her wet lips on mine. She begins to bite at my lips while my tongue ventures out to taste hers. When she feels my tongue she opens her mouth to let it in, she slips her tongue intomy mouth. Her mouth taste like a sweet canty. She lifts my shirt and begins to kiss my stomach ever so lightly while she is pulling at the waist of my boxers. She reaches into my pants and pulls my cock out. I can feel it throbbing as she licks the end of it...With every lick she look up at me to see my reaction. Finally She opens her mouth and slides her lips over my cock and starts proceeds to slide it in and out of her mouth. With every movement backwards I fear she will stop, but my fear is not warranted because with every movement forward she takes it a little deeper till finally there is no more! Now she begins to suck my cock a little harder. With the lust in the wet air and the heartrate moving so very fast I feel it throbbing even more inside her mouth. While she is doing this I remove my phone from my belt and sneakily hit the send button twice, knowing that you were the last one I spoke to and then turn the radio down a little so that you can hear. By this time i have layed my seat back and was enjoying this stranger sucking my cock so much, the feeling of exctacy is overwhelming! She stops! and Sits up and with one finger she wipes the corners of her mouth and sais to me..."What about now!" I, again, replied... "No, Not at all!"

She leans her seat back and proceeds to climb over the seat into the back seat... While she is climbing I get a glimpse of her underwearless bottom, in fact i see a small glimpse of her completely shaved pussy not a foot from my eyes. As she sits in the seat behind me she leans up against the window and opens her, still, wet legs and drops her heals into the floorboard. While Im still leaned back in my seat watching her she lifts one leg and places it on my chest with a smile. Her feet are very attractive with french manicure. I grab her foot and begin to kiss her ankle, I can see her mouth open and her body squirm just a little for the tickle of my lips on her leg. I slowly inch up her leg to the knee, now i have to move closer to get any further. So as im kissing her leg i begin to crawl over the seat. The closer I get the more button on her dress she unbuttons. Just when I am over the knee I see her dress start to part wide open revealing her large breasts and her stomach and a tattoo of a butterfly just over the lips of her pussy. I see that her cunt is pierced and I am thrilled to see it. At this point I am moving over the seat and plant my lips on the nipple of her breast. I am caught up in the moment and continue to lick and kiss them..... I feel one of her legs over my back and know that I must move to better appatizers. So I start kissing my way down her stomach and over the butterfly tattoo. At this point I feel her legs opening so much wider as if they were yearning for me to partake. With one lick across the lips of her pussy I can taste the juices of my sexy stranger. As i continue to eat it she begins to moan. You can hear her making those pleasureful noises through the phone.

She then tells me to lay on my back so i do. She then Climbs above me with her feet on each side of my head and lowers that sweet pussy over my face and I begin to eat her out even more. With one hand she is stroking my cock and the other holding the seat to keep her balance as her torso begins to quake to her even louder moans. When she releases I feel her sweet juices running down the side of both of my cheaks. And when she is almost finished she presses her cunt so firmly over my mouth and tongue and starts to scream in shear pleasure. When she is done she is breathing very very hard and lays forward over my body trying to catch her breath. After a moment of bliss while shes laying over me.. her face is near my exposed swollen cock. She pushes my pants further down my legs and begins to stroke my cock once more. This time she starts licking and sucking on it as she pumps my muscle.

She then Turns her body around and places one knee over my body and lowers her hot, wet pussy over my ready and willing shaft. By this time you have snuck back to the bathroom and are sitting in the floor up against the closet door listening with shear curiosity. You find yourself with your fingers inside of your pussy and stroking your clit just the right amount. That is when you hear me moan as my cock slides into her welcoming cunt. This stranger of whom I am inside of, not only is she fucking me in our car, she is vicariously working you up to orgasm as well. She throws her body from left to right and then from back to front taking all of me inside her. She begins to ride it hard, then soft. With every lift I feel my throbbing cock getting closer to the point of no return. You can hear us both groaning and moaning with each penetration. The sweat is rolling down her face. Your eyes are now close as you feel the moment coming on as if you are imagining what is happening. She begins to ride my cock faster and faster, harder and harder.... You can hear our voices getting louder and louder with each moan. Simultamiously you hear her and I both come to orgasm and that thought sends you into yours. Her juices cover my lap as she shakes in her pleaser and I in mine and you in yours. With one last kiss she says...."What about now?"
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