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Home Invasion

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Serve me or else....
I was in my mid twenties and Desiree was just twenty years old, but did look a bit older. She'd already lived a hard life and had many tattoos, but was still very sexy and beautiful. She was a sexual dynamo and loved exploring different fantasies and debaucheries. We lived together for about a year and a half, until she became bored and it was time for her to move on. She was a wild street girl who couldn't stay in one place for too long. Much of our time together was very volatile, but some of it was really great and exciting. She had a nasty temper and sometimes drank too much.

Most of our sex life was fairly ordinary and normal, although very high energy and fun, but sometimes we'd get a bit crazy. Desiree was somewhat thick and tall for a girl, but not at all fat...just kind of big and robust and definitely strong and capable of handling herself. She liked being in control and dominating. She could also be something of a tomgirl.

One fantasy we played out several times involved her laying in wait for me when I'd come home from work, and attacking me. I should say that I'm not really a submissive, but was willing to adjust and compromise for her and she made it very exciting. Typically she'd be wearing denim cutoffs, leather shorts or army shorts, a tank top, black combat boots (which made her noticeably taller than me - she was already about an inch taller than me barefoot), white tube socks scrunched down to the top of her boots and fingerless black leather gloves. Sometimes she'd wear a baseball cap.

I'd never know where she was hiding. Sometimes she'd be right behind the front door. Other times she'd be behind some corner or behind another door. Desiree would grab me from behind and hold me in a tight grip, or wrestle me to the ground and pin me. I didn't resist much. A couple of times she rushed me and punched me in the stomach then kneed me in the chin (not too hard, but firm) before putting me down.

Then she say something like "Okay asshole, you're gonna worship me and make me feel good...if you don't make me happy, I'm gonna beat the shit outta you." Usually she'd be on top of me in a classic pin and she'd rub her big knee and thigh against my face telling me to kiss and lick them while threatening me that she was going to beat me up very badly if I didn't follow her orders and do everything right.

Desiree would stand and have me stroke, kiss and lick her legs all over. She'd also trample me a little and show me how easy it would be for her to stomp me with her heavy boots and how much damage she could inflict. She'd curse a lot and tell me how lucky I am that she actually kinda liked me or I'd already be ready for a trip to the hospital. She did have great legs and I always loved going down (or up) on them. She'd move into various positions and different places to give me the best views and access to her wonderful legs. She'd also flex her arms and have me worship them as well. She wasn't at all a bodybuilder, but did have a good amount of very sexy muscle.

She'd get me in various wrestling holds and tell me how easily she could snap my arm or bust a kneecap, depending on the position she had me in.

After a while she'd take off her top and bra and have me worship her beautiful 36D's. They were spectacular and I often enjoyed fucking them, but that wasn't in the script for this scene. Her nipples were always rock hard and she'd moan a lot. Soon she'd take off her shorts and panties (if she were wearing any) and have me laying flat on my back and then sit on my face. She'd tell me to eat her out and make her cum, or I'd be sorry.

I'd basically fuck her with my mouth and tongue and she'd be grinding her hot drenched pussy hard into my face while I stroked her legs and sometimes her tits. It usually didn't take long for her to get herself into a frenzy and be practically smothering me with her pussy. When Desiree came, it was always like a volcano erupting. But when she was this turned on, it was like an atom bomb going off. Her screams were almost deafening and she'd be covered in sweat. She could easily have multiple orgasms.

Usually, once she calmed down, she'd tell me that she was a little hungry for cock and thirsty for cum. She'd tell me that I'd better have a nice cock or she'd be disappointed, and I didn't want to disappoint her cause she still might beat me up. Desiree would pull my pants and underwear to my ankles and tell me that my cock was adequate enough. Then she'd suck me hard and passionately, telling me I'd better deliver a good amount of cum and that it had better taste good. I don't think I ever let her down.

After sucking me dry, she'd get dressed and stand me up. She'd tell me that I did very good, but that she wanted to leave me with a parting gift. She'd then punch me a couple of times in the gut (a bit harder than before, but still well within my limits) and knock me down with another blow from her knee.

We'd usually have regular straight sex later on....

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