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Hosed on the Street

A public blowjob leads to Kelly being treated like a dirty slut on the sidewalk.
Dashing out of the strip club with $1200 in hand after five hours in the champagne room, I was ready for a night out with Gibson. I called him on my drive home to make sure he was ready to go clubbing. My sexy man was getting dressed when I entered the master bath. He was wearing jeans and a trendy, untucked dress shirt I recently picked up for him at Buckle. I quickly changed into my skinny jeans, a black lace bra, my favorite black blouse that is two sizes too small, and 5" platfrom heels. With the heels, I was an inch taller than Gibson, but he didn't care. I buttoned my shirt to the bottom of my 34DD's, showing massive cleavage and giving the appearance that they could spring out at any time from my tiny shirt. I freshened my lip gloss, and we headed for the door.

We ended up at a club famous for being a "cougar" bar because we know the bartender. We were at the main bar having fun watching all the different men trying to pick up on the drunk cougars. I had already been drinking champagne at work, so the dirty vodka martini had me even more uninhibited than usual. Whispering in Gibson's ear, "Baby, I want to give you a blowjob right now in front of everyone." I was squeezing his package through his jeans and getting ready to drop to my knees at the bar.

Being the usual voice of reason and sensibility, Gibson directed me to a more private solution. "Kelly, follow me. I have the perfect spot." He tossed some cash on the bar for our tab and led me out to the foyer of the club. We walked toward the exit door, then Gibson glanced over his shoulder making sure the bouncer was looking the other way before detouring me into a dark room off the foyer. We were in the dark, empty restaurant that adjoins the club. There was just enough light from the kitchen in the back to make our way to a corner table without bumping into anything. Gibson turned a chair to face away from the table and took a seat in front of me.

No words were necessary. I dropped to my knees and quickly unzipped his jeans, pulling his growing cock out his fly. I started licking the tip paying extra attention to his Prince Albert piercing. We could hear the people working in the back. There was a good chance we were going to get caught, which add to the excitement. Gibson was soon rock hard, and I was bobbing on his cock aggressively. I was sure my slurping noises could be heard in the kitchen. I was a wanton, dirty slut on my knees sucking cock in a restaurant. Without stopping my oral action, I unbuttoned my jeans with one hand and shoved my hand down to my pussy. As I suspected, I was dripping wet, and my throbbing clit was enjoying the attention I was giving it.

This action went on for a few minutes when a bar manager strolled out of the kichen. We were stunned when he walked past us into the foyer without noticing... and relieved. As soon as we were alone again, Gibson pulled me to my feet, and we both fastened up our pants. We made our way out the door unnoticed and hurried to the car in the rain. As soon as we were in the car, Gibson pulled his pants down and told me, "Get back to work you dirty slut!" He pushed my head to his crotch, threw the car in gear, and drove off with me slobbering on his cock.

With his pants down, I was able to caress his balls while I bobbed up and down on his amazing cock. I could tell he was having trouble concentrating on the road, so I wasn't surprised when he pulled over on a side street to park. Gibson was breathing heavy. I thought he was about to come. He lifted my head and looked at me with a fiendish grin. "Get naked, slut!"

I didn't question his command. I just quickly removed my clothes. I didn't raise my glance. I was totally submissive and ready for whatever Gibson had in store for me. He waited to see me start to tremble in anticipation as I tried to sit still, then he said "Get out!" I started to protest and the words came again more forcefully. "Get. Out!"

I obeyed. I opened the door and stepped out on the sidewalk closing the door with a gentle push. I was illuminated by the street lamp as I stood naked in the rain, trembling from the coolness of the raindrops and the anticipation. Gibson watched me for about 30 seconds as I stood there obediently, looking down with my legs slightly apart and hands clasped behind my back.

Next Gibson stepped out of the car and walked around to me. "On your knees, dirty slut. Hands behind your head. I am going to treat you like the nasty slut that you are." I lowered myself as instructed making no compliant about the rough sidewalk on my knees. I was naked, cold, wet, and ready for whatever Gibson wanted to do.

Gibson stepped up to stand almost over me. "Look at me.", he commanded. As I looked up, he unzipped and pulled out his semi hard cock. With a wicked grin he began to piss on me. Although I was being pissed on, the warm liquid was a welcome sensation. I loved his control of me. I loved the warmth he was now giving me. Gibson hosed me all over with his musky warm urine, spraying my stomach, tits, neck, and then my face.

When he finished, Gibson got in the car and drove off. I was shocked and scared until I realized we were just around the corner from our house. I hustled down the street towards the house as best I could with bare feet. I tried to cover myself in case any neighbors were awake at 2:00am while wondering if they had seen Gibson piss on his dirty slut. I ducked under the garage door as it started to close. Gibson held the house door open speaking as I approached. "Hope you are ready for more because I am going to give you hardest ass fucking of your life."

I walked into the living room, got on all fours with my ass in the air and said, "I am ready... Master."

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