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House Husband 3

The continuing story of a house husband
Part Three

Chapter 1

Two hours later I woke up, I lay there half asleep, my belly pressed hard
against Sal’s buttocks, my arm laying along her thigh and down her leg. I had a lazy knob, pressing against her, I felt comfortable and at ease, and in no rush to start our second session. My last orgasm had taken a lot out of me if I was honest, I had been drained, and recovery might take a while.

So I just lay there, drifting around in my own thoughts and at peace. Sally stirred, gave a sigh, and pushed herself against me, still asleep, but not for much longer I thought.

I was getting hard again, slid my arm off her leg and around to her fanny. It felt warm and moist, and she’d shaved it! So THAT was the buzzing I’d heard coming from the bathroom earlier. I should have thought of that, and not just assumed she was having a vibro. I must compliment her on it when came to, and our brains were working. I hadn’t thought how smooth and silky her pussy was on my tongue, lips and face at the time. Too busy I guess. I smiled, thinking lewd thoughts of what we’d done earlier.

I could feel the nylon that I was wearing, it felt smooth and light, I stroked my arm, the peignoir sleeve slid smoothly up and down, it felt light on my backside and the combined feeling of stockings suspenders and the peignoir was beginning to have its effect. I rolled over onto my back, pulled the peignoir around me as tightly as I could and gave my cock a stroke, I was nearing full hardness as I rolled over onto my side again and pressed myself against Sally.

“Coming alive?” Sally asked, as if she didn’t know. “Ready for another one?” She said.

“Not just yet, give it half an hour I replied”

I’m ready now she pouted, I want it Now! Now! Now! Then she giggled, “You’re right she said, lets get cleaned up and changed, I feel a bit of a mess, all that dried cum around my pussy and down my legs, and I expect you feel the same, don’t you?”

“I do” I said “A clean up would be good, and a snack. Speaking of snacks” I said “I loved your shaved pussy, very tasty, very sweet, I’ll want some of that for afters later”

“Ten minutes, then lets shower” I said “Together?” she said “Why not” I said, “It’ll save water” “Cheapskate” she said.

We were still dressed as we got into the shower. Suspender belts, panties, stockings, all stiff and stained with cum. There were stains on my peignoir, whose I don’t know, but we both looked a real mess.

The shower was hot, and we soaped each other, rubbing the scented soap into the soaking nylon, and onto our bodies. My cock was throbbing, pressed hard against Sal’s ass cheeks as I soaped her breasts. Sal turned around and knelt down and kissed my cock.

She stood up, removed her stockings, bra and panties, and then pulled mine off. The nylon felt quite different when wet, and I was pleased to have it removed for me. It lay all on the shower floor in a sodden heap, and I unceremoniously kicked it out of the cubicle.

“Cheapskate” Sal’ said again, “Two in the shower, AND the washing! “That’s what I call economy” she said with a laugh “We’re doing our bit to save the planet aren’t we!”

“Right! Lets get really clean, and no messing about” Sal said. “Right” I replied, as I slid my finger into her pussy, I tasted it, “Not clean yet I sad” “I’ll try again in a minute”

We soaped each other with a huge bath sponge, reaching every part of our bodies. Sal’ moaned as I used it on her breasts, pussy and anus, and I moaned as she wanked my cock clean with it.

Finally we decided we were clean. That’s when Sally dropped the soap!

Too good a chance I thought, as I slipped into her from behind. Right up to the hilt, no messing! It was as though I’d fallen in, no resistance, no argument from Sal, just a little gasp as she pushed back against me. It didn’t last long, a couple of minutes, that’s all. Sal’ didn’t cum, and my cum was good, very good, but not a large quantity.

I licked her clean, though the shower did most of the work I suppose, but she tasted good, and smelled of soap, wet hair and woman.

“I’m thirsty” I said, I want something very cold and fizzy, but not champagne, I don’t want to fall asleep again.” “I’ll have a 7Up I think, what about you Sal?” I asked. “I’ll have champagne and OJ I think, I don’t mind if I sleep for a few hours, It’s 3am” she said, “and it’s been a very long day, and night. We aren’t in a race are we?”

“No” I said “Lets take it easy for a few hours, and get some real sleep” I’ll have a chocolate drink I think, not a soda pop, do you still want your Champagne?” “No chocolate would be nice, and relaxing.”

I slipped a sweatshirt and boxers on and went down to make the chocolate and put a few chocolate biscuits on a plate as well. Took them up and set them down on a bedside cabinet.

Sal’ had put a long nightie on, not what I expected. Cotton, long sleeves and buttoned up at the throat. “What have you put that thing on for?” I asked “An Edwardian Gentleman might have found it sexy, but I don’t” I said. The contents were still pretty good though I thought. “Here’s yours” said Sally, “You have the pink one, I have the blue one” “I’m not wearing that, what a turn off” I said. “That’s the idea” said Sally “Put it on, drink your chocolate and go to sleep. Do as you‘re told!”

So I did. The cotton nightie wasn’t as bad as I expected. Not a turn on, but comfortable, and comforting I thought as I drifted off to sleep.


We both woke up at about 9.30. Sal had another shower while I made scrambled eggs & smoked salmon, toast and tea. I’d have my shower later after I’d done some chores.

I took my job as House Husband quite seriously. It was fun, I enjoyed doing it, the fun and enjoyment came from doing the job properly, and it wasn’t exactly hard work, Mrs T did the heavy work three times a week, so all I had to do between her visits was keep her work up together with the odd bit of vacuuming or sweeping.

My own jobs were quite easy. I did the washing, the washing up, very little real cooking, changed and made the beds, the ironing and generally kept things together on the domestic front.

I did “Man” things as well, I sometimes went down the pub, cleaned the car, a bit of gardening and window cleaning. I don’t suppose my work took up more than three or four hours on a busy day, and I tended to try and spread the workload out a bit over the week so that I didn’t have to play Catch Up with things very often. Life was pretty good.

Sal’s life was pretty good as well I think. She loved her job. She loved the clothes she dealt with, she liked meeting the shop owners and their staff, who apparently had the same love of high quality clothing that she had.

It was quite a high pressure job though, she was on the road a lot, hotels and motels were the norm for her, and she often got very tired. Fortunately she was very much her own boss (A bit like I was at home) She’d set herself an upper limit of two weeks away, and was usually home before that limit was reached.

Her company was very happy with Sal’ she’d built a large network of shops to deal with, and she was by far the highest earner in her department. So they left her very much to her own devices, paid her well, both in salary and in bonus’s, and no longer asked her to expand her network.

Her working days were much longer than mine. She could be on the road by six am, and might not be in bed before ten or eleven in the evening. She could save a days work by driving for several hours in the evenings so that she could make an early start on the following day. No proper meal breaks of course, the grabbed sandwich and a coffee on the go, and the odd coffee or tea at the shops she visited.

She had a routine for comfort breaks. The business before she hit the road every morning, and then relying on the shop owners good will at other times. She hated having to stop at Motorway services, and when she had to, it was usually only for fuel. Half an hour in the services was thirty miles lost she said. Her time was precious.

She earned a lot of money, but she really earned it I think, and we loved each other, and were both very happy with the domestic/work arrangement that we have. I felt it was MY job to relax and refresh her when was at home, and our kinky/unusual/different, whatever you want to call it sex life, was a great stress reliever, for her, and for me.

I made a mistake with Mrs T, that brief encounter might cost me my marriage. If Sal’ found out about it, I don’t know what she would say or do. Talk about shitting on your own doorstep! It WAS fun at the time though.


Sally came down for breakfast, refreshed and cheerful. She’d dressed down. A T-shirt with “Balls” printed on the front, and a picture of two tennis balls on the back. A denim skirt and slippers. No bra I noted, but she would be wearing cotton panties I was sure.

She was in slob out mode, sex wasn’t on her mind, and she had removed all the constraints that a professional woman had to wear. Gone was the bra, the tights, the suit and the white blouse, she wore no make up, and her damp hair had just been brushed through. She looked amazing, and I told her so.

As we ate breakfast, I asked her about the reminder “TV” that she mentioned earlier yesterday.

“Yeah, I was going to bring that up a bit later. Don‘t worry she said with a smile, it‘s not about us” she said with a grin.

“I’ve had an idea, and I want to talk it through with you before I take it to the company.”

As an outsider, and a member of the general public, I want to know what you think”

“Now and again a dress, or a piece of underwear will arrive at the shop either shop soiled or damaged” Now, the shops aren’t allowed to sell them, and have to return them to us for replacement. This takes time and extra paperwork which is a waste.”

“I’ve been thinking” she said “Now and again husbands come into the shops with their wives, and are often left hanging around for several minutes looking embarrassed, and sometimes men come in alone, looking for “Something for my wife” they say. Very very rarely do these men buy anything, and very often these garments are beyond their reach financially anyway. Many husbands begrudge the cost of a new dress for their wives, but I think there is a market for shop soiled and items with minor defects for men.”

It’s only an Idea at this stage, but I think that there is a market for men.

“For example, a man walks into a shop, loiters there for whatever reason, a shop assistant makes conversation with him, and chats casually about all the “Lovely dresses and underwear” Then if he’s interested, shows him one or two perfect items, and tells him that it’s a real shame that they can’t normally sell the slightly defected ones, and they have to be either returned to the manufacturer, or sold to men who are alone, no defected item is ever sold to ladies, and they never ever see one, and all because of a very minor defect.

“He’d then be told that if we could sell them like regular stock, we could knock at least forty percent off the price. The male customer may or may not be interested in the offer, I would be pointed out to him that this was a male only offer, and ladies needn’t know about it, and no man accompanied by a lady would ever be offered the deal.

“What do you think” Sally asked.

“It sounds like a good idea in principle” I said, “But aren’t your shops independently owned?, it would mean dealing separately with each one”

Sal’ said “That’s true, but as far as sales go we set the rules, and we can change them. Many shops would like the idea of being able to sell such stock, if the conditions were right I’m sure. They wouldn’t have to do it if they didn’t want to.” Another idea is that we open a “Seconds” Outlet, selling to all and sundry. I think we lose a lot of money transporting “un sellable” items around the country.

“I like the first idea best I said, but both seem to have potential in my eyes”

“Do you ever bring these dresses home?” I asked.

“No Never, I only carry my samples, and they’re always “Perfects”

“Can I see some I said, I’d like to see these defects for myself, that way I’ll be able to get a better idea of what you are talking about.”

We could go to a local shop if you like, I’ll show you what items they have, if any. I’ll give them a ring later.”

“That sounds like real fun, can’t we go now?” I asked’

“Down boy! This is business” she said with a laugh, “I’ll see if there’s a sample for you as payment for your time” She said with a wink.


We finished breakfast, a long relaxed affair with a couple of glasses of Bubbly each.

“Got a hammer?” I asked Sal’ “Not on me, what do you need a hammer for, you stupid man?” she asked. “I’m going to change the sheets” Said I , “I think I’ll need a hammer to soften the sheets up to get ‘em off the bed”

“Silly sod” she laughed. “You can’t beat the old ones can you?” I said with a laugh.

I put Sal in the garden, with a book, and told her to relax in the sunshine for an hour or two, I’d bring her out a cuppa later. Then I got on with the washing. Mucky sheets and underwear all went in together. Cum stains washed out quite easily I’d found, so the wash wouldn’t take too long.

I sat with Sal, both drinking tea and relaxing. Half an hour or so and the wash would be done. It was good to see her relaxing.

“Have you ever had a Butt Plug up your ass?” She asked.

To be continued………

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