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House Husband 4

The continueing story of a House Husband.
House Husband 4


Sally had asked me quite out of the blue if I’d, “Ever had a Butt Plug stuck up my arse?”

We were sitting in the garden at the time enjoying the weather and relaxing.

It wasn’t the sort of question I was expecting, not that it would be the sort of question I would be expecting at any time I suppose.

“Why on earth did you ask me that?” I asked.

“Just to shake you out of your comfort zone, and to see your expression,” She replied.

“Don’t you have any work to do? Is the washing finished?”

“Yes to both, I said with a sigh, I’d better get on with it I suppose.”

“Have you ever wondered what it’s like in my job?” She said “Not the work part, that’s quite easy when you get the hang of it, but what about what I have to wear?”

“Not really” I said. “You always look smart and well turned out, blouses and skirts suit you, you look the part, a well dressed, beautiful, professional woman.”

“It’s not as easy as it looks” she said. “The clothes are tight and figure hugging, that’s okay for a nine to fiver, but I work longer than that, and I do a lot of driving in those clothes, it’s a uniform really, a uniform that I have to keep smart, and I don’t get the chance to wear battle fatigues, I’m on parade all the time I’m out there. That’s why I like to dress down when I’m at home.”

“Come upstairs,” Sally said, the work can wait a few minutes, “I want you to try something”

Sally, suddenly seemed to cheer up, the dark cloud was lifting, and by the time we’d reached the bedroom she was smiling all over her face.

“You sir” She said are going to try on some of my work clothes, not the frilly stuff that you love to wear, not the chiffon, not the satin, not even the nylon, just the clothes that millions of women wear in their everyday lives, and think nothing of it”

“Right Sal said, get all your clothes off, everything!”

“Size is going to be difficult,” she said, “You’re bigger than me, and you do have a dick, I’ll have to make allowances for those I suppose.”

Sal opened a drawer. It was full of cotton panties, a few rather plain looking bra’s and suspender belts, packets of stockings and tights, and some cotton camisoles with lace yokes. All of them were very pale pastel shades, to look at one individually you would say, “White”

A camisole, a pair of stockings, suspender belt and a pair of panties were laid out on the bed. Sal was deep in thought, as though she was working out what her own wardrobe for the day would be.

I just stood quietly by and waited, my cock half interested, but not raring to go as it were.

“Okay, here we go,” Sal said. “Put the suspender belt on, then the stockings.”

I was getting quite hard now, this was more like it I thought with a smile.

I pulled the stockings slowly up each leg, and smoothed them out, sliding my hands up from the ankles to the thighs. They felt a bit thicker than the other ones Sally wore I thought, something to do with “Denier” I think.

“Come on, come on,” Sally said impatiently, “We don’t have all day, and you have work to do”

I attached the stockings to the suspender belt, fumbling a bit because Sal was rushing me, but I got them all done up in the end. Sal.’

tut tutted, undid one and took the twist out of it. Four straps on each side, I thought of Mrs T, these were much nicer than hers.

Sally knelt before me, I had a stonking great hard on, and I thought “Here come those lips” I didn’t get them, what I got was a hard smack on the dick, and a “Down Boy! You have work to do.”

“Panties next,” she said, “Lift your feet, one at a time!!” She giggled.

The panties didn’t fit, I was too big in the waist, and they were very brief, they certainly wouldn’t have suited me.

Being a man, I knew deep down that no ladies underwear would really suit me, but I tried to do the best I could. For me, it is much more about the feel of the clothes than the looks, it’s just for sexy fun, a fun fetish which we both enjoyed.

I wondered why Sally wasn’t shocked when she found out about my fun fetish. I never suspected that she knew, but I guess that she must have, or at least strongly suspected. I’d ask her one day I thought.

“It’s your lucky day,” Sal said with a grin. “Normally I’d wear tights’ at work, unless it was a short drive, or I really wanted to impress, so you get to wear stockings, and you’ll also get to wear some of my satin Cami knickers, the cotton ones are too small for you, or I should say, your cock is too big for them?” she laughed.

I put the cami top on, it was cotton, fitted well, and the lace was pretty. The satin knickers (Which I knew well) fitted well, there was room for my cock, the waistband wasn’t too tight and the lace hems were crisp with the slight roughness that some lace has.

I stood at the dressing table mirror, to see what I looked like. Nylon stockings, suspender belt, satin panties and a cami top. It all felt quite comfortable I thought, and I stroked myself through the panties, that felt nice. My other hand ran up and down my nylon clad thigh and over the suspender belt straps, I shuddered.

“If you don’t stop that, I’ll give you another slap, and I’ll find some extra work for you to do,” Sal said with mock seriousness. “Now, this is where things change,” Sally said. “The outer clothes, they’re the ones that hold things in place, and stop things wobbling. There’s little stretch in my outer clothes, so they have to fit well, but leave room for movement. After many hours, all I want to do is get out of them, I guess men are the same with their clothes.

I’ve got a cotton blouse for you, not one of my work ones, but the effect will be the same. “It’s new, and I bought it just for you, or me if you don’t like it,” Sally said, “But you WILL be wearing it for the next few hours whatever." “I’ll get it, I know how often you’re in my wardrobe, so I expect you’ve already seen it, even if you haven’t noticed it, you little pervert you!”

Sally bought out this Victorian style blouse, it was white, long puffball sleeves, about ten buttons up the back, and a high tight throat collar with a thin lace trim. There were three buttons on each cuff and a little lace that matched that around the throat.

Except for the sleeves there was little fancy about this blouse, and the fabric reminded me of cotton bed sheets.

“Put it on, I‘ll button you up, would you like a corset?” Sal said with a giggle, “A Victorian lady would have worn one.” “ No thanks” I replied, “I think this will be tight enough as it is.”

I slipped it on, it was strange, It was like putting a shirt on back to front, and I couldn’t have done it up without the assistance of Sally. In a couple of minutes she had me buttoned up to the highest button on the collar and had done the sleeves up as well.

“How does it feel,” Sal asked, “Tight, very tight I replied” Sal said “Good, now for the skirt, I’ll get it” This was one of hers, a very tight pencil skirt, black with a belt with a little gold buckle attached. It was a nice skirt I thought, good quality, and was lined with a silky nylon fabric which had little give in it.

Sally placed it on the floor, and I stepped into it. She raised it to my waist, tucked the blouse in, and hooked the hooks and eyes together, “Now to zip it up,” She said, “I’ll do it slowly, then if it won’t go, we can change it for another.”

The zip went up easily, and there was a wonderful feeling as it did, from comparative freedom to firm restriction, in a second or two. The feeling of that zip as it zipped as Sal did the skirt up was, I found, very erotic. I was more used to unzipping ladies clothes than zipping them up. It was a strange sensation, and my cock throbbed, but didn’t have anywhere to expand into.

“Very nearly done,” Sal said. “I’ve bought a white apron, and a mop cap, both cotton, you can put them on now, then I’ll place a cameo broach at your throat.”

The apron was small, and more decorative than anything, well starched, and with a white lace trim, the mop cap matched it.

The broach was genuinely very old, it had been her Grand Mothers, she’d bought it in Italy between the wars. It showed the bust of a woman etched in pink and white, and it was mounted in gold.


“Right” Sally said, now you have work to do, get on with it, chop chop!”

“You want me to work in this? It’s too tight!”

“Not too tight for a woman, now get on with the ironing, and cleaning,” she laughed

I want all the bedding hung out in the garden, and the nighties and the

all the frillies, everything mind!” she said, and you will stay dressed as you are all the time. I’m going to read in the garden again, you can bring me a drink, then get on with your work." She said, “And you can call me, “Mistress”.

I took Sally out a drink, then got on with my housework. I made the beds, did the washing up. There really wasn’t a lot to do, but I felt constrained by the clothes I was wearing, and it made the chores much harder.

I put the washing in the drier, big mistake! Sal came storming in, what did I say? What did I tell you to do? Are you deaf, stupid or both?” Both Mistress.” I said.

“That’s right! You are both deaf AND stupid, didn’t I tell you that I wanted the washing hung outside on the line?” “Yes Mistress, I’m sorry, I forgot”

“No you didn’t forget! You wanted to avoid the extra work, and afraid that a neighbour might see you, I know your type, lazy, stupid and shy” Now, put something decent on your feet, wear my pink high heel mules, they’re in the bedroom, when you’ve done all that, and the jobs are finished bring me a pot of tea, for two, use the best china, and bring it out on a tray. I might have company for tea later.”

Yes Mistress, I said, gave a little curtsy and went indoors.

I couldn’t make up my mind if this was fun or not, Sally was a good actress, and I couldn’t decide if she was serious or not.

I decided to play along, for a while, but there was no way I was going to answer the front door dressed up like this.

I fetched the mules, and put them on down stairs, then got the washing out of the drier, heaped it into the basket, along with the pegs.

I had a look outside, no one appeared to be in their gardens, so I wiggled out in my mules, trying not to break an ankle, and hung the washing out. I had to reach up to reach the line, Sal was watching me closely while pretending to read her book. “Come here, you’re a pretty little thing aren’t you?” Thank you mistress,” I replied, “But you’re still stupid, lazy and shy aren’t you?” “Yes Mistress,” Now come a little closer, put the basket down, and stand here beside me.” “Yes mistress,” I said again.

Sal’ ran a hand up my thigh, “Nice” she said then she started to grope me, she slid her hand up my skirt, touched my stocking tops, which she could only just reach because she was sitting down. “Do you like that?” “Oh yes Mistress” I replied. “Are you getting hard?” “Yes Mistress, well, I want to but there isn’t any room.”

Sally said, “So, let me get this right, you’re wearing stockings, a suspender belt, a cami, satin knickers, a tight white blouse, (Which you’ve soiled by the way) a tight black skirt, a starched pinny, a mop cap AND my high heeled mules, and you don’t have an erection?” Yes Mistress, er…. No Mistress.”

“Good!” Sally said, I think that proves my point about women’s working clothes, now hang up the rest of the washing, then bring me that pot of tea, good and strong, and fill the pot up, and bring a jug of boiling water as well.”

I finished hanging out the clothes, I heard a loud laugh from somewhere, god knows where, Not a close neighbour, or even a distant one who had spotted me I hoped.

I went and made the tea, two cups and saucers, a bowl of sugar, a little jug of milk and the hot water and the pot of tea, as an after thought I put a plate of biscuits on the silver tray as well.

“Thank you Mildred,” Sally said, Mildred! I thought, “Bloody Hell!!”

“You may pour the tea Mildred, and join me, and take those Mules off, the game is over!”


“Phew, thank God, can I go up and change now?”

“Of course you can, but I’ll bring the tea in, and we can sit and chat first if you like. There won’t be any visitors by the way.”

We went indoors, I drank the tea, and said that, “I really must get these clothes off, and change into something more comfortable.”

“I’ll be up in a couple of minutes,” Sally said, you’ll need a hand to get out of all those clothes, especially that blouse. Just sit on the bed, I’ll coming up now she said, as I sat on the edge of the bed.

Sally sat down beside me and put her hand on my nylon clad knee, and slid it up the inside of my thigh almost to the stocking top, I closed my legs, Oh No Mistress you mustn’t do that, I’m a good girl.

I hadn’t expected this, and I don’t think Sally had planned it more than a couple of minutes ago, but the penny dropped very quickly.

“You’re very pretty” Sally whispered “You do want to take those clothes off don’t you?” “Well yes mistress, they’re very tight, but I’d rather do it alone, I’m a shy girl, and no one’s ever undressed me before”

“Come Come, I’ll help, I’ll do those buttons for you. Turn your back to me, there you are, nothing to be scared about is there?” “No mistress” I said, continuing the rollplay.

Sally undid the top two buttons, kissed the back of my neck, and slid her hands around to the front of the blouse. "It’s a lovely blouse," she said, "I love the feel of it,” She said as she stroked the material that covered my chest, “And those sleeves! They look lovely and comfortable” she whispered in my ear, sliding her hands up and down the sleeves, let me undo the cuffs, I’m sure you have such pretty wrists.”

She undid the cuffs with some feigned reluctance from me, “Beautiful, I’ll undo the back now shall I? “Yes please mistress,” I said coyly, and with a big grin. This was fun!

I was getting a huge erection it was throbbing, painfully, constricted as it was, under the tight black skirt.

She undid all the back buttons and pulled the blouse wide open and pushed me forward and kissed my spine, one bone at a time, until she reached the cotton cami and pulled that up at the back as well then continued kissing up my spine, and then started nibbling my ear.

Things changed, she pulled me back onto the bed, my feet still on the floor, and grabbed the hem of the skirt, trying to push it up. It didn’t go up very far, so she slid her hand up there, trying to get her hand up the skirt as far as it would go.

She reached a stocking top, tried tugging at that, trying to tear the fabric, it wouldn’t tear, so she tried to reach my panties, but couldn’t reach them. I was laying on the bed pretending to struggle, saying things like “Please Mistress don’t do that!” and “Please Mistress stop!”

I was off balance, and lifted both my legs in the air, I’d slid across the bed in the struggle, and head was almost touching the floor. I felt Sally grab the hem on each side and try and push the skirt up my body to the waist. The skirt went up so far, but no further than the knees, the lining had slipped up further, and I could feel the stiff nylon rubbing against my satin clad cock.

“No more Mistress,” I screamed, “My cock is really hurting, the skirt won’t go up any further, you’ll have to undo it and pull it down, I’m serious!”

Get back on the bed, she screamed, feet back on the floor, I want that fucking skirt off.”

Sally actually pulled me back over the bed, pulling me back by the ankles.

When I was draped over the bed, feet on the floor, she tried to undo the hooks and eyes, and couldn’t, the waist and zip were twisted out of shape in the rumpled material.

“Stand up,” Sal said, and she helped me to my feet. She straightened the skirt, smoothing it out and turning it so the zip was at the back.

I was getting my breath back, Sally had her face buried in my groin, sniffing and licking the fabric, while attempting to deal with the zip. She was frantic to get at my cock, and didn’t pause to think about how to go about things.

“Sally! Sally! Stop!” I shouted at her, she stopped, panting and looked at me. Catch your breath, count to ten or something, I’ll lean over the bed, and you can undo the hooks, and the zip, and pull my skirt down, I want the thing off as much as you do, and before it does me damage.

“Jeez! Sorry, I’m getting carried away, all I want is your cock,” she said.

“You can have it, just take your time, we still have some undressing to do after the skirt is off, lets take it off slowly, there’ isn’t a rush.”

I leaned over the bed, the skirt stretched tightly over my buttocks, Sal’ still couldn’t undo it, and swore in frustration. “I’ll stand up, that might help,” Then suddenly the hooks were undone and the zip slid slowly down, and Sally pulled it over my hips and it fell to the floor.

“I’m sorry, really, really sorry Sal’ sobbed, I was frantic for your cock up me, I got carried away. We’ll stop now.”

No, let’s carry on, we’ll just start off easy, and I still have to get the panties, stockings and suspenders off, as well as the cami of course, but first the blouse, that really needs to come off, Sorry I soiled it Mistress” I said laughingly, and took it off.

To give Sally a few seconds, I asked the to put the broach away, it was quite valuable, and I asked her to stick it in the jewellery box, out of the way. It only took a few seconds, but a little more time to calm down.

I popped downstairs, got a bottle of bubbly, wrapped it in a towel to keep it cool, and a couple of glasses, and placed them on the dressing table.


Shall we carry on now? “I’m ready." “So am I”

Sal’ pulled my camisole off and tossed it into a corner.

I was now more or less normally dressed. I was wearing the suspender belt, stockings and panties.

I reached inside the panties to adjust myself, my cock was still there in one piece and coming alive. I then adjusted the panties, pulled them down to my knees, straightened them and unrolled the waistband, before pulling them back up, and giving myself a wiggle or two, so that my balls and dick hung correctly inside the silky material.

I had that lovely feeling of my scrotum brushing against the gusset of the panties, and my cock took notice of the feeling and began to perk up.

My suspenders were still attached to my stockings, but the stockings were twisted, so I ran my hands up my legs as before, smoothing out the material and straightening them. I felt great again and told Sal so.

“I don’t want to undress you now, I want to dress you again, put a full slip on you, and dress you in a pretty dress” she said.

“Come over to the wardrobe, and choose a dress, any one you like that fits you.” They were all top quality dresses, most would have cost hundreds, and one or two would have been in the low thousands, I guessed. Sal’ told me what they cost new, and how much they cost “Discounted,” when she bought them. There was a big difference, but I couldn’t remember which dress was which cost wise. They were all fabulous.

I often looked at these dresses, but except for brushing them with the back of my band I didn’t dare touch them. I’d looked at them and masturbated into one of sally’s slips as I’d done so.

One time, not very long ago, I’d knelt in the door of the wardrobe, and had cum all over the floor, as my head and face were brushing the lovely clothes.

I looked down, examining the floor closely, not a sign of a cum stain anywhere. “Phew!” I thought.

“I cleaned it up” Sally said and smiled. “Now, as a very special treat you get to wear any one of those dresses, any one you choose, and It won’t matter if we mess it up.”

First though, a slip, a full one I think with lace at the bust and hem. Not a new one, one that’s been worn and washed a few times. You can pick it, after all you do the washing don’t you, and you know them very well” she said.

“You pick one Sal, It’s your slip, it’ll be one of your dresses, it must be your choice what I wear, then you will own all that I‘m wearing, and you will own me as well. After all you’re the expert, especially in the fabrics. Which will feel best, as well as look right.

“I know exactly what dress to put you in, you could have it on in one minute from now, and I will get it for you, but first take a few minutes to look” Sal’ said, ”Feast your eyes on all of them, and feel them, if you want take all your clothes off and enter the wardrobe naked, you can walk among them, feel the different fabrics against your skin, several at a time, I’ll close the door, you can do it in the dark if you like.”

If you choose to do that, wear panties, and take a tissue in with you, no masturbating, but no pre cum either,” she said with a laugh. Your cock must stay within your panties. One soiled dress will be enough.”

My dreams had come true, to be so close and to feel all those dresses at one time was enough to blow my mind.

I wanted to go in, but not naked. I wanted to go in there and get lost wearing panties, suspenders and stockings, fresh clean ones, that were more delicate than the ones I had on at the moment.

Sally had no problem with that, as it might make her precious dresses a little safer and it was my treat, and I could do more or less what I wanted.

Sal found a delicate suspender belt and a pair of double layer chiffon panties and some very fine stockings, that were as fine as cobwebs. I slipped everything on with Sal’s help, It took around thirty seconds.

I had an enormous erection, Sally adjusted my prick, handed me some tissues, and reminded me not to masturbate, and dab away any pre cum that might seep through the panties.

“Door open or door closed?” Sally asked me, “Door closed, definitely door closed” I replied. I stepped inside the wardrobe, it was large, and each hanger hung at right angles to the rails and not turned at an angle to fit. There were two rails, about five feet apart, and about twenty dresses on each rail. Sal’ closed the door and turned the latch.

It was pitch dark, I could sense the dresses around me, I moved forward, and brushed into one, then another on my other side. I felt a dress brush against my stocking clad leg on one side, then another on the other side. I extended my arms, and turned around, the dresses brushing over my arms. I could feel chiffon brush against my arms, and satin, there was the roughness of net from some of the petticoats, and the dimpled effect of elasticised busts on strapless dresses.

I could feel sequins and diamante, and I could identify what some dresses were. There were prom dresses, cocktail dresses, little black dresses, There were a couple of suits I think, with blouses hung inside them. There was a chiffon jump suit, and several ball gowns, some made of a heavy silk brocade and a couple of jackets with pleated skirts.

Over all was the scent of Sally, subtle but sharp, the scent of perfume, powder, and just plain womanhood.

I had no idea how long I was in there, I sat on the floor several times and draped a dress over my head and shoulders, breathing in the scent and just relaxing and enjoying the moment.

My erection was painful, I’d had a lot of sex today, my dick had been erect or in pain for hours, and I hadn’t yet cum. It was time to leave this lovely place of softness and femininity, re enter the real world, of Sally, Sex and silky underwear.


I knocked on the door and Sally unlocked it, led me to the bed, and I laid down. She kissed me on the lips, stroked my hair, kissed me again, and said “I’ll get the dress,”

The dress was long, several layers of white chiffon, and had an Empire line bust. She held it up for me to see, the under slip was of the finest white satin, and the long sleeves were of fine chiffon which hung loosely from the shoulders. There was no decoration on the dress, it was pure, unsullied by anything that might take the eye away from its simple beauty.

“Lovely isn’t it!” Sally said, and I just stared at the dress, looked at Sally and told her that I couldn’t wear it.

“Why on earth not? I was asked. It’s too beautiful for me, er, us to mess up. I can’t masturbate and cum into that, it would be a crime.”

Sally laid the dress over me as I lay on the bed, I could feel the lightness and softness of it. “Come on she said, we’ll both enjoy this.” The dress would to I’m sure if it had feelings she laughed.

Sal’ rubbed the dress over my body, then put it to one side and pulled my panties down and off my legs. She kissed my cock, licked it and them sucked me. The white dress was draped over me again, and she gripped my cock through the material, I thought I was going to cum. Sal’ slowly pulled the fabric, sliding it over my cock, and pulled the dress off of me, and held it up to show me the pre cum spot on it.

She smiled, “It’s dirty now, you little slut, get it on! Now!”

So I stood up, and allowed Sally to dress me in it. She pulled it over my head, guiding my arms into the chiffon sleeves, then allowing the beautiful dress to fall to the floor. It slid like a whisper over my penis and over my buttocks, and slid down my nylon clad legs, to just reach the floor.

We petted for a long time, kissing and stroking, now and again lifting our clothes and licking or sucking each other. We laid back on the bed, each stroking the other, or ourselves. The dress was the focal point at this time. We were spinning the game out as long as we could, teasing and titillating each other, and the best way to do that was to touch each other through the dress.

Sally made the move, I laid there as she squatted over my face, and lowered herself towards me, her pussy, inflamed and dripping, I caught a few drops on my tongue and swallowed. When in reach I buried my tongue deep and drank. She turned around and we did a 69, Sal’ pulling the dress up to my waist first.

We only did things for a very short times, fearful of Cumming before we had to.

The time had come, Sally was ready, and so was I.

Sit on the bed she said, and lift the dress up, you’re in for something different and don’t worry about me, I’ll cum in my own time.

She lowered her mouth onto my cock, pushing down to lengthen it with her left hand. “Throw the dress over my head, as far as it will go, then stroke my head through it.”

He head moved up and down as she sucked me, I could feel the movement through the chiffon. I held the chiffon to her cheeks and ears, and I think she felt as encased in the dress as I did.

I’m going to cum soon I said gently, “Not yet,” Sal said “I’m getting off, turn over and kneel on the bed, on all fours.” I did that, and Sal stroked me harder and harder through the dress. I was very close to Cumming, Sal slowed the strokes down and my pressures eased off, That was a near miss I thought, God, how and when is she going to make me cum?

“This is it,” Sal said, this is the big one, this is the moment you cum in that dress. Now, stand up in front of the mirror, look at yourself, look at my hands, and watch yourself cum.

I stood in front of the mirror, some distance away so that I could see my whole body. I saw Sal come up behind me, and press her body against mine. She reached round in front of me, she grabbed a handful of the silky white chiffon and satin that encased me and wrapped it around my cock, the other hand massaged my balls.

She stroked me slowly at first, the sheer material sliding up and down my cock, my balls ached, they were quite painful. Sal stroked faster, gripped me harder, the strokes longer as my cock grew even larger. My cock is circumcised, long and thin, and the sensations were electric.

My knees were trembling, I was about to cum, and cum hard, I moaned, thrusting my hips forward, my cock sliding through the chiffon and satin while by being gripped by Sally, I started to cum, I shot a load into the silky chiffon and satin, Sal rubbed harder and faster, I was almost on my knees, Sal shouted “You do it, you do it, I’ll support you, you do it and look in the mirror, watch yourself cum in that beautiful white dress.

So I did, I tossed myself, Sally supporting me from behind. I shot a load into the dress, then another then another, then I raised the dress, and came on the carpet, aiming for the mirror, I dropped the dress, and stopped stroking, I came against the inside of the dress. I could feel the soaking dress against my legs. I could see myself Cumming in the mirror, the dress soaking with cum, as were my hands, and still I kept Cumming, it was easing off a bit, but there were quite a few shots left.

I stood there, in that cum soaked dress, when Sally came around to the front, she lifted my dress, and blew me, drinking down spurt after spurt of my ho sticky cum while I held onto her dress covered head.

She frigged herself, rubbing her clitoris with two fingers, while sliding two fingers of the other hand in and out of her soaking pussy.

Quite suddenly she moaned, pulled away from me and got out from under the dress, she was sobbing, panting and frigging hard. She was squatting on the floor, her face level with the cum stained dress, with my cock underneath.

She wasn’t interested in my cock, or the cum stains, she leaned against the dress and my cock, her face slick with cum off the dress. She was only doing that for balance, her main interest was the hem of the dress, which she grabbed, and pressed against her pussy, before trying to press the material deep inside her, while rubbing the hem against her clitoris.

She moved again, almost crawling to the bed, she laid across it, feet on the floor, her legs wide apart, her pussy wide open, her clitoris erect and waiting for more stimulation. She waved me over, grabbed the hem of the dress again and rubbed hard against her clitoris and pussy. Her hand was a blur, she was stuffing the soaking chiffon deep inside her, while rubbing her clitoris.

I pulled the dress off myself, allowing Sal to have as much of it as she wanted. She was forcing more and more of the dress inside herself, and still frigging. She was moaning and panting, her glazed eyes not seeing anything.

I pulled her hands away, forced my face against her pussy, and tried to get my nose in contact with her clitoris. I licked the fabric that was inside her, and pulled some of it out with my teeth. I pulled some more out slowly, and she went berserk, she started to cum, juices flowing from her, and down the chiffon and onto the dress that laid on the floor between her feet. I buried my face in her, she grabbed my head, pulling me as close as she could. I couldn’t do much, she was out of control, her orgasm had taken over, and all I could really do was hang on tight, and try to breathe!

Gradually Sally orgasm abated, she slowed down, then stopped rubbing her chiffon filled pussy, but continued to slowly stroke her clitoris for a few minutes, finally stopping that with a whimper.

I had to get Sally onto the bed properly, she was draped sideways over it, her legs wide apart, and her feet on the floor. Her pussy was still filled with some of the sodden dress, I didn’t know how much, and I guessed that that would have to be removed.

Sally was drifting off to sleep, her eyelids fluttering, her limbs relaxing, and her legs falling further apart, and she was slipping onto the floor.

“Sally, sally! Wake up, I want to put you to bed,” I said. There was no reply, so I gently pulled the chiffon from her pussy an inch at a time, I didn’t know how much was inside her, so I had to be very careful, she could be very tender or sore down there, and it wouldn’t be a very good idea to just yank it out.

It took nearly five minutes to remove the material. Every now and again, when I gave a little tug, Sal would give a little whimper, and raise her arse off the bed, but she didn’t come to, and I didn’t know if she was in pain or pleasure as I pulled it out of her.

Finally it was all out, a soggy mess, jumbled up with the rest of the sodden dress on the floor. I cleared the dress away, then lifted Sally onto the bed, and moved her over to her side. Fluffed up her pillows, and lay her head on them. I then fluffed up my pillows, dragged the duvet over the pair of us and went to sleep.

To be continued……..

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