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Introduction to pee play

my introduction made me wet.
It was a winter's evening when Gina and I first discovered that we shared a few fetishes. We were sitting in my living room, next to my fire place, keeping nice and cosy. We have always been comfortable with each other, so we sat lazily in our underwear.

“I have always had a thing for feet,” I said as she playfully wiggled her toes in front of me. “And I love getting spanked, you know that.” We both giggled.

Gina looked at me seriously, I knew the look well. “I like to pee.”

I looked at her shocked. I had of course heard of this as a fetish but never met anyone with that sort of fetish before. Thousands of questions ran through my head.

“Do you like to pee or do you like peeing on someone? Do you like to get peed on?” The questions came out thick and fast, and I could see that Gina was glad that I was interested. She leaned forward and gave me a peck on the lips.

“Okay so here is how it is. I love watching other girls pee in the toilet, I also love to get peed on and I love to pee on other girls. The problem is that there are not too many girls willing to join me.”

I smiled and told her that I would. We decided that we would have some fun together the next evening and that we would both drink lots of water to help.

The next day while at work I kept drinking, I drank as much as I could. I knew that if I drank a lot when the time came I would gush like a geyser for Gina, and she would be so happy with me. So I kept drinking till it was time to go back home.

Once home I changed into my cute lace one-piece, the one that is a thong and you can see my body clearly through it, in short very sexy. I put on some stocking and a nice pair of heels and looked at myself in the mirror; damn I was hot and could not help but wink at myself. I looked down my body and felt the twinge in my stomach, I really needed to pee.

I heard the bell and put on my bath gown before going to answer the door. It was Gina and she was carrying a small bag. As she walked in she gave me a small peck on the lips and handed me a small bottle of water.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked. I just smiled at her and led her upstairs to the bedroom. I took off my gown and Gina let out a short whistle. I watched as she slowly undressed in front of me showing off her amazing body. She wore a pink silk bra and panty set with black lace trimming. I knew it was something she only wore on special occasions.

I took Gina by the hand and led her into the bathroom. I opened the bottle of water drank the contents in one gulp. I watched as Gina did the same with her bottle. We both gently peeled off our lingerie and stepped inside the bathtub.

I smiled at her as I pulled her close and traced my fingers over her soft body. We slowly started to kiss, our tongues sliding deep into each other’s mouths. Gina’s hand traced the curve of my breast before resting gently on my belly.

Before I could realize what she was doing, she pushed her hand flat against my stomach, and I could feel the surge of pain on my bladder. She looked at me with a wicked smile and pushed once more. I groaned, knowing that one more push and I would flood the bath with my pee. She seemed to come to the same realization, because she pushed my stomach once more and got to her knees in front of me.

I let out a deep satisfied moan as my bladder was released and the golden clear liquid burst from my pussy. Gina gave a squeal of delight as the first drops hit her in the face. I watched in awe as my friend lapped at the stream of pee I was giving her. I giggled as she buried her face between my legs and took a face full of pee.

She licked at my clit as I peed on her and it felt amazing. She told me to pee on her breasts and pussy, and I positioned myself to do so. I watched her body get wet from my pee and watched her masturbate for me.

As I was letting her have it with my golden liquid she looked up at me, and I could see the lust in her eyes. As my pee slowed to a trickle she smiled at me and stood up. She kissed me full on the lips, and we slowly made out. I could taste and smell the muskiness of my pee.

“Okay Kelly, your turn to get to your knees, it’s my turn to pee on you babe.”

I got to my knees and watched as her body dripped with my pee. She stood over me and slid her hand between her legs he fingers gently rubbed at her clit and I could see by the look on her face that she was on the brink. She gently slid a finger inside her pussy and as she pulled out it seemed like she bust the floodgates.

A jet of steamy hot pee erupted from her and landed right on my face. At first I was shocked and didn’t know what to do, but then Gina just grabbed my head forcing it against her pussy. Her pee splashed over my face and down my body. The feeling was exhilarating and the taste was not as bad as I thought it would be.

I could feel my hair getting soaked and my body seemed to really like it too. My pussy tingled with pleasure as I felt the golden nectar slide over my crack. I lay back in the bath as Gina peed over me. I have to say I loved every second of it, and it made me feel alive.

After she finished peeing, Gina stepped out the bath and I followed. I turned on the shower and stepped in with her. We washed the piss from our hair and soaped up each other’s bodies. We could not take our hands off one another as we touched and kissed while cleaning each other off.

Once clean I took Gina by the hand and led her into my bedroom. I sat back on the bed as she climbed on top of me. We kissed passionately, our breasts squashed together as she lay on top of me.

Gina’s hands roamed my body as I held on to her smooth back. I traced my fingers over the bumps of her spine feeling her belly heave heavily against mine. I repositioned my leg so it was between hers, and felt her gently rub her pussy against my thigh.

Gina slowly climbed off me and repositioned herself so that she was sitting on my face. She lowered her pussy onto my face as she buried her head between my legs. We lay there in sixty-nine gently lapping at each other’s pussy.

Her pussy was splayed open like a beautiful pink butterfly above me, and I took great pleasure from lapping and licking at it. As I was licking, I could feel Gina’s tongue on my pussy making me arch my back up against her.

Gina’s tongue slid inside me, making me groan into her pussy. We lay there in silence; just the sound of lapping and the occasional groan could be heard. Gina slid a finger inside me, and I decided to copy her and slid my finger inside her. We both slowly started to finger each other and groan louder together. I leaned forward sucking hard on Gina’s clit, making her scream with pleasure.

I gently strummed on Gina’s clit making her scream loudly, and I could feel her slide another finger inside me. We both breathed heavily, and I could feel her belly against mine heave in time with her moans.

Gina climbed off me and sat up in front of me. She pulled at my legs till we were sitting really close, our legs entwined. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my thighs as she edged forward till our pussies touched. She smiled at me and leaned forward. As we started to kiss, I could taste my pussy juices on her lips, Gina started to slowly grind her pussy against mine. The feeling was immense and soon we were pushing our hips against each other. We kissed and groped at each other’s breasts as we ground our pussies together. We started to push hard like our lives depended on it, our groans and screams getting louder as we neared orgasm.

Gina screamed as she slid a hand between our pussies, rubbing both at the same time. This seemed to push me other the edge as I started to get that familiar tingle in my toes that I get when I orgasm and clenched my toes tightly.

Gina seemed to be in the same boat as her groans seemed to shake the room. My orgasm subsided, and Gina’s pussy seemed to throb against mine as she slowly pulled away from me. We lay together. not daring to touch each other.

Gina stood up and smiled at me. “I need to pee.” She said and made her way into the bathroom. I followed her and watched her sit down on the toilet seat. I spread her legs to see and hear the trickle of pee splash against the ceramic basin.

“Damn that looks good,” I said as I gave her a peck on the lips.


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