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I've got yummier things in mind

Athourity reversed...twice
I heard your car pull into the driveway and just that got me excited for what I was going to make happen that day. You used your key and came upstairs to my bedroom. We were both fully clothed and you asked

"I thought we were going swimming?"

I assured you we were and pretended to go get change in the bathroom. I waited to hear your pants unzip and hit the floor, then I knew it was time to make my move.

I came out of the bathroom and pushed you back onto the bed.

"I've got some yummier things in mind instead, is that okay?"

Your smile answered my question. I made sure you were comfortable on my bed before blindfolding you. I kissed down your fit body and scratched at your thick chest hair that I love so much. I took my time getting to where I know you were dying for me to be because I know how much it drives you crazy. Once I got there I licked just the tip to sample a taste of your yummy pre cum. I kissed down your shaft and licked up to your head. I could tell not being able to see me was driving you wild because I could hear your breath getting heavier. I'd tortured you long enough apparently because you grabbed me by the hair and pushed me down so your head was hitting the back of my throat. I took your whole cock into my mouth and gagged it is so big. I was sure you had gotten bigger since the last time I saw you.

I thought with the blindfold I would be in control yet there were you making me feel like a slut... I didn't mind.

I removed your blindfold and I know you thought I was about to finish what I started. But not quite yet. I tied your hands to the headboard, and to my surprise you didn't protest. I straddled your lap and from under my skirt you could feel the heat of my warm pussy against your hard cock. After grinding against you for a while of deep kisses, I turned around to ride you reverse cowgirl. I shoved your dick into my tight little pussy. I was letting out loud moans of my own because I loved the thought that I was treating your cock like my fuck toy. And watching your dick being fucked by my pussy made you shoot your hot cum into my already dripping pussy without much effort.

I untied your hands and laid my head on your chest. We dozed off surrounded by the scent of our sweet sex. As I was falling asleep I was thinking we'd probably wake up in an hour or so, have a nice dinner and eventually get into the hot tub like originally planned. But boy, was I wrong.

I woke up to your warm mouth sucking at my ear lobes. When you heard me giggle you moved down to suck on my big soft tits. Watching your tongue play with them, I felt something warm building up between my legs. I could tell this sex was about to be  a lot dirtier than earlier that day... just the way I like it. I felt my wetness start to drip down toward my asshole so I begged you to fuck me.

"You don't deserve that yet. Now spread your legs and play with yourself you dirty fucking slut. You have to prove to me how desperate you are for my dick."

I wasn't one to argue. And my pussy was throbbing so I did as I was told. You watched me do it and I felt so exposed and dirty. I liked it better than I thought I would. I watched your dick grow as you watched me play with myself. Seeing your reaction to this made me wetter.

"Now taste it you dirty little girl."

I removed my fingers from my soaking wet pussy and licked every drop from my fingers. Then you kissed me deeply like you were craving a taste too. You then let me suck your cock again because you know how much I like being on knees. I could still taste your cum from earlier and it only made me suck harder. I gagged a few times but I knew you liked that because it meant you were as deep in my throat as I could get you.

Just when you were about to cum, I got up and walked away. I could hear your frustrations in your breathing. I walked over to my dresser, bent over and spread my soft ass cheeks. You could see my glistening wet pussy hole and you wanted it. But just when I thought I was about to get a good fucking from your big cock, you spread my legs and I felt your tongue licking circles around my swollen clit. I couldn't help but moan your name you're so good at it. You stuck your tongue in my pussy hole then sucked viciously at my clit until an orgasm came over me so strong, it made me collapse to the floor. You threw my legs apart and licked up every drop of my sweet cum dripping out of my tight pink pussy.

Exhausted I thought it was over. But you grabbed me by my hair and pulled me over to the bed. I guess this was my pay back for getting you close to cumming and just leaving you hanging. You bent me over onto the bed,

"I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked."

"Oh really? How are you going to do that baby?"

"I'm going to make you scream."

I thought you were about to roughly fuck my pussy but instead you shoved your fat cock into my tight little asshole. I screamed from surprise.

"That's right you dirty fucking slut. A dirty slut deserves a dirty fuck."

I begged you to fuck me harder like the little slut I know you wanted me to be. Instead you spanked my ass over and over.

"Yeah baby spank me hard I've been a bad little girl."

You grabbed me by the hair with one hand and squeezed one of my tits hard with the other. Never losing your rhythm of how hard you were fucking my ass. I felt another orgasm building so I reached down to play with my clit

"You better not cum until I do you filthy slut."

I tried to pace myself but your thrusts were so quick and hard I came in no time at all. I screamed your name and you slapped my ass again.

"You're going to pay for that you fucking whore."

You spanked me over and over and fucked harder than I knew you were capable of. You thought you were punishing me but I found out I like it better when it hurts.

"Please cum in my little ass hole baby." I begged.

"Only because you deserve to be treated like a dirty little girl."

As soon as you finished your sentence you let out a hard grown and I felt your hot cum shooting deep into my ass and your thrusts became more gentle. I screamed at how good the heat of your cum felt. I collapsed onto my tummy and you on top of me. And there we fell asleep yet again from the exhaustion of the best substitute for plans changed at the last minute.
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