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Janice's Week Away - Chapter 1

Janice's business trip turns into a wild adventure!
Chapter 1 – Preparation

Janice was very excited. She was going to get to go to a conference in Denver by herself. It was the first time she would be away from her husband and children since she had been married five years ago. It’s not that she wasn’t happy – she was. It was just she was missing some of the excitement in her life that had been there before she had settled into marriage and children. She loved her husband – they had a good sex life and he provided a wonderful home to her and the children. She loved being a mom but sometimes the repetition of the days had her longing for some excitement. When the opportunity came up to attend the conference, she had mixed feelings. How would her family survive with her being away for five days?

It was very disruptive to her schedule and she felt a little nervous about traveling. On the other hand, how exciting it would be to do something different. To be able to forget about her domestic responsibilities for a few days and be treated like a woman, a professional. There was also a tingle of excitement about who she might meet, whether she would find herself in a situation where she would let her hair down, and maybe even flirt a little – just a little. She was only thirty-six and still pretty attractive. She had nice hair, smooth skin, and she had maintained her weight, give or take a few pounds, since college. She was really looking forward to this trip.

On Sunday night before she was to leave, she was packing her suitcase. Her husband Walter was watching her and wondered what she was thinking. He knew she was excited about going. He felt a pang of jealousy thinking about what she might do all alone in a strange city. He asked her who else was going from her company. No one, she replied. I’m the only one but will meet up with other human resource professionals at the conference. He wanted to know if she knew anyone else that was going to be there. No was her answer.

That night when they got into bed, he wanted to make love, and she gave herself willingly to him. As he mounted her in the missionary position, he told her he wanted to make this last the week she would be gone. As he plunged his cock into her pussy, he searched her eyes for any clues about what she was thinking. She seemed turned on and fully into their love making. He was satisfied there was nothing going on and groaned as he filled her pussy with his cum. She felt his cum oozing out of her pussy and he spread it over her clit with his fingers as he brought her to her own orgasm. They both slept contently that night.

The next morning, she drove to the airport and joined the hustle of checking in. She noticed the crowd of people outside grabbing their last minute smokes before they had to enter the smoke-free terminal. Janice used to smoke in college. She quit when she met her husband because he didn’t like the smell of smoke. She occasionally missed smoking and had even bummed a few cigarettes over the years when she was out with a girlfriend that still smoked.

On a whim, she approached a young girl and asked to bum a cigarette. The girl offered her one of her Marlboro Lights and Janice felt like a school girl again as she lit the cigarette with the proffered light. She inhaled the smoke and held it in as she felt the nicotine immediately give her that familiar buzz. She also noticed a guy watching her and that brought back some of the feelings as to why she liked to smoke. Guys noticed. Hmm, she thought. This might be fun.
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