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Janice's Week Away - Chapter 2

Janice's business trip turns into a wild adventure! Part 2
Chapter 2 – Arrival

She finished her cigarette and entered the terminal. The flight was uneventful and she landed in Denver about 1 pm. She rented a car and found her way to the hotel. The conference was scheduled to start with an icebreaker that evening. Just before she pulled into the hotel parking lot, she spotted a convenience store and on a whim, pulled in to buy a pack of cigarettes. She was a little nervous as she walked up to the counter and asked for a pack of Marlboro Lights. The boy asked her if she wanted a box or a soft pack. She said soft pack. Regular or 100s? She wasn’t prepared for all these questions and timidly said 100s.

She paid for her cigarettes and slipped them into her purse. She proceeded to the hotel. When she checked in they told her that a non-smoking room had been reserved for her. She asked if she could change it to a smoking room and they were able to accommodate her. She went up to her room, unpacked her suitcase, and sat down to relax for a little while. She figured she could nap for a couple of hours, shower and head downstairs for the scheduled icebreaker.

She took of her clothes and slipped between the covers. As she lay there, she remembered the cigarettes and she got up to get one. She clumsily peeled off the wrapper, opened the pack, and slipped one out. She loved the way the cigarette felt between her fingers. She smelled the tobacco. For some strange reason, she was feeling a little turned on as she sat at the little table in her room and lit her cigarette. The smoke felt very familiar considered how infrequently she smoked and made her feel very good. Her inhales were getting deeper and she was holding the smoke in longer. She felt a little light headed and more than a little turned on as evidenced by the fact her pussy was getting quite wet.

She put out the cigarette and lit another one immediately. As she smoked the second cigarette, she reached between her legs and rubbed her finger up her slit. Yup, the pussy was very wet. She used long strokes while spreading her lips apart and pressing hard on her clit at the end of the stroke. She took rapid drags on her cigarette, held the smoke in, and finally exhaled through her nose. The exhaled smoke surrounded her face and smelled pretty good mixing with her womanly perfume drifting up from her pussy. She took a deep drag just before she climaxed and rubbed her clit furiously as the smoke billowed from her nose. Now she was ready for her nap.

When she awoke, she immediately lit another cigarette before showering and watched herself in the mirror as she exhaled the smoke. She tried different techniques and ultimately decided the best way to hold her lips as she blew the smoke out of her mouth. She also liked the way the residual smoke poured out of her nose on the second breath. She tried holding the cigarette in different poses and thought the best way to hold it was with her arm bent and the cigarette held up about breast level.

She thought some more about it as she showered and was surprised at how much she was thinking about smoking. As she did her hair and makeup, she looked at her body in the mirror. Her breasts were pretty close to a C-cup and still perky, her waist was trim and didn’t have too much of a pooch from having babies, and she had a nicely trimmed bush with a landing strip. Not bad Jan, she thought. She smoked another cigarette as she got dressed and liked what she saw when she looked in the mirror as she left her room to go down to the party.
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