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Kelly's Awakening Pt. 2

She wanted answers but got caught up in nylon lust!
Chapter 02: Now I get a secret of my own

This is a continuation to the story 'Hubby has a Secret'; it's best to read that first.


Since that day my husband Mike told me about his fetish for nylons there has been a change in me. I'm not saying it has been a bad change, I've had fun, but it's like I'm someone else. Best I explain from the start.

So, there I was making dinner. My son, Daniel, was in Mike's study chatting to him about an up coming rugby match he is playing in with his school team. The radio in the kitchen was tuned to Radio 2 and all seemed normal.


I couldn't get the mental image of nylons out of my head. Pantyhose, stockings, tights, hold-ups, body stockings, all of them had my head racing. I had sat for a while, alone, on the edge of my bed when Daniel had come back from school, wondering what to make of Mike's revelation. He had explained it had originally been a childhood thing but had resurfaced when my best friend Victoria had returned to be a big part of my life after 15 years away. So far, I understood that, but what did it mean for us? Was it going to change us? And, what was it about nylons exactly? Was it the look? Was it simply the fact it meant the legs were on view? Was it the feel? WAS IT THE FEEL? I wore nylons maybe 2 or 3 times a year, where was he feeling them if it was?

Then, just before I stood up to go start dinner I was frozen with shock when I realized I had been sitting there rubbing the inside of my thigh while I asked myself these questions, and I was so horny my sex was burning. I snapped my hand away and bolted upright. What the hell was that? Am I a nylon freak too? No it wasn't that, was it? Was it the thought of legs? Christ no, I'm not a lesbian. Was it the effect? The thought that something so small could give you so much power over a man? Jesus, it might just be.

I straightened myself up and went to the kitchen. I couldn't concentrate, there was just too damn many questions. "Stuff this", I thought, I'm a jibbering mess, I picked up the phone and called Victoria.

"Hey babe, what can I do for you?" as usual I stuttered to start, Victoria has caller ID and it always throws me.

"Hi honey, you free tonight? I could do with a friendly ear and a glass of wine".

"Always, you okay? Is something up? It's not all that flirting with Mike I did earlier is it? You know it was just playing."

"No, no. It's all good, could just do with a little unwinding is all."

"Well in that case I have a couple of bottles already in the fridge, come over anytime you want."

"Thanks honey, I'll be over after 8."

Already I could feel myself relaxing, Victoria was always there for me. I put the phone in the cradle and returned to the sink to peel potatoes. Looking out the window I see old Mr Windsor sitting in his conservatory and idly thought to myself, "I wonder if he likes nylons?" Jesus girl get a grip!


The rest of the time between then and 8 passed as it usually does but Mike was showing a little more affection, which was really nice actually. It was almost as if he had a great weight lifted off him. Every time we'd pass he would kiss me or hug me, "I could get used to this." I thought.

I showered and changed into jeans and a t-shirt, I was only going to Victoria's after all, something I had to explain to Mike when I called in to him that I was off. He said he had an early start so he'd probably be in bed when I got in.

Victoria met me at the door with a large glass already poured for me. Mind reader. We settled down and had some idol chat. It never fails to amaze me that even though we have coffee together 4 days a week we always have loads to talk about. I had just seen her that afternoon for over an hour but it didn't matter. Soon enough though I had to tell her what was on my mind so I asked her not to comment until the end and let me finish. I told her everything up to the moment Daniel came home from school and like the best friend she is she sat in silence giving me her full attention. When I finished there was a few seconds of dead silence before she said,

"Jesus Christ honey".

I could feel my face begin to redden as I thought, "she's right, this is wrong."

"I didn't know Mike had it in him". What? I felt my jaw drop a little.

"The kinky bastard", she laughed.

"You think this is a good thing?" I asked her.

"Fuck yeah it is baby. I was beginning to think you two did it fully clothed with the lights off".

I wasn't quite sure what to make of this comment so I remained quiet letting her explain herself.

"So Mike is hot for nylons? That explains a lot. I've seen him looking at my legs but then again that's what they are there for. I mean, nobody wears a skirt to show off their elbows do they?"

"I do not mind telling you this, but that man of yours has just gone WAY up in the old 'Sexy Meter'. If only I knew, well, I do now." She winked at me and laughed.

"Erm, he's married. To me, remember?" I said defensively.

"No, no, no", she laughed. "To play on sweetheart, when a guy has a sexual weakness like that you can have so much fun just toying with them".

I was lost. I came here for answers and all I was getting was mixed signals.

"Honey you are so naive it's so sweet. You definitely married far too young. I know you got a good one, but I sometimes wish you met him 5 or 10 years later. Look, take me for example, I wear what I wear because I like people to think I look good. And when you look so good that people want you, you have so much power over them it's intoxicating. I've had times where I've had so much attention I've almost creamed my panties there and then, ha ha. Look when a guy has a fetish like pantyhose, you show him some nylons and he's yours. I mean they love that stuff so much, you show them a great big girl in a pair of nylons, showing them off in maybe a little skirt, and I promise you, that guy is stone hard and in heat in seconds. Just think of the power, I'm telling you".

She made sense, a lot of sense. And what's more, I was horny again. Real horny. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know where to pick up the conversation from. I wanted to go to the bathroom and deal with the building fire in my crotch. I said the first thing came to my mind.

"Creamed your panties? Since when did you start wearing panties?"

Victoria threw a cushion at me and hit me square in the face, "Cheeky bitch" she laughed.

We carried on chatting like this for a while until the wine was finished and Victoria said, "I have an idea, I'm going to show you just how hot it is to have that much power over a guy."

She picked up the phone and dialed a number of a taxi firm she used, "Hello, could I get one of your drivers to deliver a couple bottles of wine please? Yes that's right, Victoria Andrews in Nelson's Park. Thanks a million."

Just what was she up to? "Honey, I have to nip upstairs, if the car comes before I get down call me and please don't answer the door". She left and went to her bedroom.

I sat there with my head buzzing from all this information and the bottle of wine I had already drank. I hadn't planned on staying too long but it had been a long time since I had this much fun.

Ten minutes later Victoria walked into the room and she looked stunning. I first noticed her legs, she was wearing some barely black nylons and a white mini skirt. The skirt was cut a good five inches above her knees and she had a pair of four inch black patent heels on her feet. She had a white waist length jacket that matched the skirt, and it was cut very low. She had what looked like some sort of sheer nylon top underneath that showed her ample cleavage perfectly. I guess I'd best describe the outfit as being as close to slutty you could get without actually being so. My mouth must have been open because Victoria just looked at me and said, "That good, eh?"

Before I could say anything the doorbell rang. "You stay here. You can see the door through the mirror in the hall. Just watch and learn honey". She left the room and as I stood up I could see she was right, I had an unobstructed view from the living room by looking through the mirror. I could see Victoria drop her handbag on the floor just before she got to the door, and then she opened it.

The taxi driver was an older man, probably in his late 50's, with the build of a guy that spends all day sitting down and eating food on the go. Victoria was very bubbly and chatted with him a while first. I didn't get the impression she knew him but it was obvious from the start he wished he knew her. His face instantly flushed and he couldn't keep his eyes off her. I noticed she would look away from him often giving him lots of chances to steal looks at her body, and he took every chance he could. This was amazing, there wasn't anything going on but you could tell she was in total control and could have had him jumping through hoops if she wanted.

Eventually he handed over the two bottles of wine and she turned to get her handbag that she had dropped on the floor earlier. As she turned away from him she looked in the mirror and gave me a little wink. She bent down to get her bag, but did so from the waist giving the taxi driver a full view of her butt. As I watched him I could see him give a little exhale and then he actually moved his hand to his crotch where he adjusted a rather sizeable bulge in his trousers. This guy had actually gotten a hard-on and Victoria had done this to him. Now I was the one to go flush. I couldn't keep my eyes off this guy's massive crotch and I was beginning to feel faint.

Victoria eventually stood up and straightened her skirt before turning around. She beamed a smile at the man and thanked him handing over the money. He thanked her in return and handed her a card, "Any time madam, any thing you need". And he was gone.

"Holly fuck, did you see the size of that bulge?" Victoria laughed when she returned to the room. She looked at me concerned and asked, "Holly shit girl, are you okay? Your face is blazing".

"I'm not surprised", I replied, "I almost creamed my panties." We both fell down laughing.

Victoria returned to her seat and kicked off her heels, "See, total power". She was right, and she did look fantastic. She pulled her feet up under her to sit more comfortably and the skirt almost disappeared, it was more like a wide white belt that barely covered her dignity. I was transfixed. Now I was the one that couldn't keep my eyes off her which didn't go unnoticed.

"Sexy isn't it?" I heard, snapping me out of a full-blown stare.

"What? Sorry?" I stammered.

"You can't keep your eyes off me honey, don't tell me you're going les on me babe? All these years and the fun we could have had", she laughed.

She was teasing again I knew, but I wasn't was I?

"Come on; wait till you see the outfit properly." Victoria stood up; with a wicked gleam in her eye she started to undress.

"Wow, what are you doing?" I asked.

"Oh don't worry babe, I'm only showing you my 'power' outfit", she laughed. Come to think of it she hadn't really stopped laughing since the 'three-legged-man' left. This really was all just fun. I started to relax again.

Victoria was unbuttoning her top and I watched in amazement. I thought about jokingly singing the old strip-tease tune but I was so damn horny and didn't want to lighten the mood too much. Before she removed the jacket she said, "Now remember I have very little on under here so don't go making a puddle on my new sofa." I hit her with cushion.

She peeled off the top and revealed and amazing nylon vest top with a lacy floral pattern that covered each nipple, which was just as well because the dirty bitch wasn't wearing a bra. Victoria has fantastic breasts, and as close as we are this was the most I'd ever seen of them. Without missing a beat she spun her skirt round so the zipper was positioned at the front and easier to get at. She unzipped and let it fall to the ground.

WOW! She stood in front of me in a wonder-woman stance, legs apart and hands on hips in the sexiest outfit I'd seen. It wasn't a nylon vest at all but an all in one bodystocking. I don't mind saying it anymore but I was in heat. My heart felt like it was going to burst. I had to take a drink my mouth was so dry.

"That good?" she asked. She did a very slow and deliberate twirl. She had on a black g-string underneath and her ass looked gorgeous totally encased in nylon.

"Come on, feel it", she said, "Nothing gay or anything, just feel how great it is." I didn't hesitate; I got off my seat and actually knelt down behind her. My face was mere inches from her ass and I ran both my hands slowly up the back of her thighs and on to her butt cheeks. What a feeling. It was so smooth and yet a little rough. It held her so tight. It was almost liquid. I just kept moving my hands over her hips and cheeks, what an experience. My palms slid down the sides of her legs all the way to her calves where I circled them round to the front and slid them ever so slowly up first her shins, over her knees and up over her gorgeous toned thighs. The touch was so electric and I had the most uncomfortable pain in my chest, then I realized it was because I had stopped breathing. I couldn't remove my hands, I was now kneading her thighs between my fingers and my parted lips were merely inches from her gorgeous encased butt cheeks. I wanted to bury my face in them; I needed to bury my face in them. But something was stopping me. What was it? Then I realized. It was the smell. Not a bad smell, it was a good smell, a familiar smell. It was a sex smell.

My hands shot away. Victoria stood there rooted to the spot, just looking off into the distance. Not a word was said. We both knew there was a line, and if it hadn't already been crossed the two of us were at least pressed up against it. I quietly sat back up onto my seat. I was sopping wet.

Victoria cleared her throat, "Jesus honey, we BOTH need to get laid soon." We both laughed a little and Victoria went to get into '... something a little safer'.

For 10 minutes I sat staring at a muted TV with my mind racing. When Victoria returned she was wearing a pink camisole and robe, "Go on up honey, I've left some clothes out for you. Not to dwell on things but I'm sure you are in the same state I was and those underwear of yours need changing. It's not good to sit in wet clothes."

I didn't argue. I was just so relieved that Victoria and I were still close and this hadn't affected our friendship. I said thanks and headed for her bedroom.

Laid out on her bed there was a rather fetching charcoal grey skirt, a delicate looking white thong, and a new pair of gunmetal grey pantyhose. I knew we were going to be all right. I took off my jeans and wet underwear and went into her bathroom to wash. The moment had passed so I didn't feel taking longer so that I could get myself off would be appropriate, so I did what I needed to do and returned to the bedroom.

The thong was pretty, I have worn them in the past but never found them particularly comfortable, however after seeing how good Victoria's ass looked earlier I wasn't NOT going to wear it. I hooked it over my bare feet and straightened up pulling it over my thighs, making sure it was nice and comfortable between my cheeks. A quick look in the mirror showed me that it left nothing to the imagination, I actually thought it made my butt look a little bigger than usual but not in a bad way. I liked it a lot. The pantyhose felt so luxurious and soft. I took my time pulling them up each leg so as not to damage them. I smoothed them all the way, first my toes, then my ankles, up my calves and up around my thighs before finally helping them over my ample hips. They felt fantastic. I had worn tights before but that was always a practicality thing, this now was totally different. I stood in front of the full-length mirror admiring myself. I loved them. Jesus girl stop, I had just changed. I pulled on the skirt and it came to about an inch above my knee, must be one of Victoria's 'Day Skirts', she tended to go two or three inches higher at night. Again I moved to the mirror, damn I looked good. More to the point I felt fantastic.

She had set out a very pretty white bra with quite a bit of detail on it. We are basically the same size in bust but I tend to hide mine where as Victoria would never dream of it. The bra pushed my already ample boobs up and out, when I looked in the mirror I felt like someone holding their chest high in the air and giving it up as an offering to who would ever have it. The blouse she had sat out for me was very plain but also very well fitted. There was no doubt what shape my body was under this outfit. I looked great.

I returned to the living room to wolf whistles from a rather bleary eyed and now very tipsy Victoria. "Thanks sweetheart", I retorted and did a little stumbling twirl, I was drunker than I had thought. Victoria leaned forward with the wine bottle to fill my glass again. "Just the one more honey, it's already much later than I intended to stay".

"So how do they feel?" Victoria asked.

"Fantastic, they are so soft", I said.

"That's because you are wearing quality honey, those tights cost about £20 a pair".

"What? I would usually buy a pack of five for half that", I was amazed but it wasn't hard to tell they were excellent quality.

"Well to be honest honey, to the guy looking at you it doesn't matter but I always think it's better to feel as sexy as possible when you are looking as sexy as possible."

Not one, but several more glasses of wine later I told Victoria she'd better phone me a taxi. Feigning hurt Victoria disappeared into the kitchen only to return a couple of minutes later with her glass topped up again and told me the taxi would be ten minutes. I leaned forward in my chair and lifted my trainers.

"Where are you going with them?"

"These are the only shoes I brought honey."

"Not with pantyhose you don't, I want you to look classy not cheap. I'll get you a pair of heels."

Victoria went to her hall and returned with a nice grey patent pair with a three inch heel. "I have taller one's but I'm not having you break one of my stiletto heels in your state of sobriety", she laughed.

I put them on but they were a size too big. "Sorry honey, mine are all that size, besides it's not like you are going dancing".

I felt a foot taller, not too steady, but damn good. Looking down at my now smoking legs I loved the way the shoes made my posture straighten and the way they made my calf muscles tighten. The only problem was keeping them on, I kept stepping out of them but as Victoria said I was only getting into a taxi.

With a honk of a horn I grabbed my coat and turned to Victoria, "Thanks a million honey, I really needed this and I had a ball".

Victoria stepped forward, hugged me tight and kissed me full on the lips. It was nothing sexual, it was comfortable and I knew I'd never have a friend in the world better than her.

"You are very welcome honey and I'm always here for you."

"Thanks", I replied.

Just before I reached the door Victoria said, "You look great, now for your next test." Then she winked at me. I assumed she meant the walk in these shoes from her house to the taxi, however when I opened the door I saw what she meant. The taxi driver was the guy from earlier. I looked back at her to see her with a huge smile as she leaned forward and swung her arm back and forth between her legs like a kid's impression of an elephant, but I knew too well it wasn't a trunk she was miming. Bitch!

I laughed and blew her a kiss. I walked to the taxi trying to look like I was comfortable in my new clothes and not too drunk. Thinking back on it now, I realize that with the three inch heels, the shoes being too big for me, and trying to look sober, I was swinging my hips like some demented pendulum from a cartoon grandfather clock.

I always sit in the back of taxis but with my new found confidence I headed straight for the front. As I got closer the driver appeared and opened the door for me, I've never had that done for me before and I just assumed it was him being nice but quickly realized he may have had an ulterior motive when as I was getting in I felt the palm of his hand on my butt. I think it was more of a directional little pat but I could tell he was going to take every chance he got. I sat down and my skirt rode straight up my legs so far that the darker control top of my tights was now visible. I got so tangled, that when I moved so that I could pull it down, one of the damned shoes fell off my foot and onto the pavement. The taxi driver bent down to retrieve it, his big stomach hindering him somewhat. As he did I took a deep breath and composed myself again.

"Here you go Miss", I put out my hand to take the shoe but he was already reaching for my foot. He lifted my foot very gently by the ankle and moved it closer towards him. I was surprised by the gentility of his touch, especially as I could feel how rough the skin of his hands were through the nylon. He moved my leg out of the car, a little too far out of the car, I hadn't fixed my skirt yet and with my legs so far apart the dark gusset of the tights was now all but visible. For the first time I moved to look him in the face, being too timid to do so before, and saw that his gaze was glued to my legs. As gentle as his touch was this was all very deliberate and he was trying to get a good look. I stiffened my leg slightly and stopped it moving any further which made his eyes shoot to mine. His face reddened and he cleared his throat a little and returned his attention to putting on my shoe. Once on I pulled my leg in and pulled my door shut. My face was flush with anger, but there was more than just anger. I was quite drunk, I was angry, I was a little humiliated, but the more I thought about it, I was still horny as hell.

My driver squeezed his large figure into his seat and I waved to Victoria as we pulled away, she blew me a kiss and held her thumb and little finger to her ear and mouth in a 'Call me' mime.

"You girls have fun tonight?" his gravelly voice snapped me out of a stare.

"Sorry, what?" I stammered back.

"You and Victoria, did you have fun out tonight?" he replied.

"Erm, no we just stayed in and had a few drinks. You know Victoria?" I asked surprised.

"Oh all the guys know Victoria. Just professionally, she uses our firm a lot and she likes to chat. Oh we all like getting a call to Victoria's." I wasn't sure what he meant by that but I didn't push any further. "Stayed in eh? Little over dressed for that aren't you both?" He asked.

I wasn't going to explain tonight to anyone, never mind some grubby taxi driver. "Can't a girl look her best without going somewhere?" I defensively retorted.

"Oh, don't get me wrong sweetheart, I ain't complaining, I like nothing better than an attractive sexy woman to dress attractive and sexy. And besides" he added with a downright perverted leer towards my legs, "If I'm going to have an accident in my car I can't imagine a better excuse than those keeping my eyes off the road. Good thing there aren't many cars on the road at this time of night". His eyes moved from my legs to my face and in the limited light of the car I saw him actually lick his lips.

I shot my head forward breaking eye contact. My heart was literally thumping; I could feel it at the bottom of my throat. I glanced down at my lap and realized for the first time since setting off that I had not taken the chance, like I intended to, to pull my skirt back down when the driver closed my door and walked round to his. My skirt was only an inch from my waist and there was a good three inches, at least, of control top of my pantyhose showing. I wanted to fix it, but didn't want him to see. I felt like I was going to hyperventilate, my pulse must now have been close to 120. Then to add to all this I realized that with my already heightened state of arousal and the increase of blood pumping through my body I had an almighty ache between my legs and I was sopping wet. My sex needed to be relieved; I had a mental image that because of the increase of blood flow, my lips were going to expand so much they would burst if not relieved. Just then a bolt of electricity shot through my body when the driver shifted the gear stick of the car and the back of his hand slid across part of my knee. Instinctively I moved my knee away an inch so that he couldn't do it again.

"Do you always wear pantyhose?"

"Pardon?" I rasped, my mouth was totally dry.

"Pantyhose. Tights, do you always wear tights? I only ask because wearing nylons of any kind unless as a winter necessity seems to be a dying trend. I have no idea why, my god I think there is nothing sexier. I know most guys would say stockings, sure they are sexy but for me there is not a sight to get my blood rushing to the right area than the sight of a sexy ass all wrapped up in sheer nylon. Oh man I love it, all soft and silky to the touch and all held together nice and tight".

I'm now sitting staring at him. All of a sudden he's chatting to me as if I'm his best friend. He's telling me his desires and I'm a stranger. What's more, it's almost the same conversation I had with my husband not ten hours before. He continues.

"One of the few perks of driving a taxi I guess, is getting a girl get in the back whos wearing a short skirt and nylons, I love that. I think it's the allure of what's to come, you know, like preferring semi-clad to naked, if the legs are bare there is no build up, but if they are encased in..."

He stopped. I'm still staring at him but he has stopped. Why? I notice the street lights reflect off some beads of sweat on his top lip. Why did he stop? Then I notice the feeling on my leg. Looking down I see his hand is gripping the gear stick tightly, so tightly in fact I can just about make out the whiteness of his knuckles. The shocking sight is the fact that I am rubbing my knee up and down against the back of his hand. Jesus, it's me doing it. Again I look out the window, I don't stop, I just look out the window. Should I stop? Yes, I should. I'm a married woman, I have never cheated on my husband, I don't ever wish to cheat on my husband, what do I expect to happen? Before I can decide what is going on I feel his hand slowly move over my knee, very, very gently. I remain looking out the window and bite on my lower lip.

I look down at my lap. All I see now is what's going on in my lap; everything else is now blanked out. Somewhere off in the distance I'm aware of heavy raspy breathing but all I'm focused on is this hand on my knee. It's a massive hand, I hadn't noticed before. It moves in a circular motion, slowly. The palm lifts off me and it's now just the fingertips that touch me. They edge over my knee and gently caress the inside of it. The whole sight is so erotic, probably the most erotic thing I have EVER seen. I turn my head over to the driver and he is still transfixed, his lips are slightly parted and there is a quiet sound coming from them. As I focus more I hear, "So smooth, so so smooth". My eyes move down now, down to his own lap, where an almighty bulge is straining against one of his pant legs. It looks like rather than grow up like it should have, the way he was sitting in the car made it expand down his pants in a rather painful position.

I felt drugged. My head was spinning and everything was happening so slowly. It was almost an out-of-body feeling. I was aware what was happening but I felt like I was not in control. Funny thing was, I was also aware at the same time that I was indeed in TOTAL control.

I looked up at his face were this time he was looking at me. He had been watching me looking at his crotch. He licked his lips and cleared his throat,

"What you want to happen here Ma'am?"

What did I want to happen? I had no idea, what would I answer? Could I answer? I looked at my lap again and saw his big meaty hand was now mid-thigh, thinking back one of the most surprising things is just how gentle the touch of that big rough hand was. Without missing a beat my body answered for me. I slid down in my seat about six inches, which moved his hand right onto my pussy.

Instantly the large hand squeezed and I let out a huge moan, I needed this bad. I'm sure the driver wanted to pass a comment on just how wet I was but he didn't want to lighten the situation. I heard the indicators of the car come on and we pulled over and came to a stop. The hand was kneading me strongly, the heel of his hand was pressing hard onto my clit. Surprising myself once more, my hand reached out and grabbed the driver around the back of the head and I pulled him in and kissed him hard, my tongue smacking into his mouth even before his mouth was fully opened. I was wanton.

From what I remember this guy was so NOT my type. He was a good forty pounds over weight and was easily in his late 50's if not a little older. But I didn't care. He must have pressed a button on my seat because all of a sudden I was thrown back and my seat was almost flat. He moved around in his seat and changed hands on my pussy to get better at me. We were kissing so passionately, our jaws ached but I wasn't for stopping. His hand moved from my pussy caressed my hip before attempting to slide around to my ass. I grabbed his wrist and forced it back to my pussy, this was no time to get adventurous. A meaty fat finger pressed hard on my opening and ecstasy coursed through me, I bit hard on his lip. He moaned but did not stop me. It wasn't happening fast enough for me, I grabbed the gusset of the pantyhose with both hands and pulled tearing a large hole, Victoria's £20 tights were ruined and I couldn't give a fuck!

In one movement I felt the delicate thong yanked to one side and the widest finger I have ever felt ploughed right into me all the way to the hand. I screamed out in passion and grabbed his hand by the wrist and started pumping that hand in and out of me as fast as I could take it. I wasn't going to last long but I wanted release and didn't care.

The hand pulled out all of a sudden and I heard him open his belt. My eyes bolted open and I grabbed his hands,

"No, not that, I just need to get off, please this is so good, I need this." I was consumed with my needs; I hadn't spared a single thought about him.

"Baby I'm going to fuck you hard" he grunted as he opened his pants, "You've been teasing me too long, I am going to fuck you now".

His weight had me pinned in my seat, but I wasn't sure I would have stopped him even if hadn't. His pants and boxers were pushed frantically to the ground and the angriest cock I had ever seen looked up at me from his seat. It was a good 9 if not 10 inches and really thick with pumping veins running through it. He asked if we should go into the back seat but I buzzed down my window and stuck one of my legs out it, spreading my legs as far apart as possible, I wasn't here to stand on ceremony, I needed fucked now.

He moved his large frame across the car. He was heavy but I didn't care. Looking once more at his cock it really was gorgeous and I'd loved to have spent time with it but not tonight. With no warning the head of his cock pushed into me with no effort, I was ready for this. I had been ready for this for the last four hours. I smelled his stale breath, cigarettes and mints, I smelled his sweat, and I smelled sex.

"Harder, fuck me harder" I breathed in his ear. Fuck, cock, pussy, cunt, prick, all words I loath and never say, but I was a different woman that night and even the thought of them was turning me on even more.

He pumped his meat into my wanton hole. I held both his ass checks in my hands and felt every wobble of his butt as he pounded in me. I could feel the hardness of him, it was like fucking a long warm stone, and I've never experienced hardness like it.

"Ram it in me, harder, harder, fuck me. I need this, fuck me you fat bastard fuck me."

I was reaching my climax; I was surprised I lasted so long. The shoe on my foot that was out the window flew off, I was aware of the cold air on my foot. I kicked off the other shoe and bent my leg at the knee and started rubbing my nyloned foot on the driver's ass.

"Oh fuck yeah, oh yeah rub it against me, I love it" he said.

"Oh you do, you dirty fat pervert, pound my nyloned ass, fuck me. You got yourself a woman in your taxi in tights and you are fucking her hard you naughty boy", and I smacked him on the ass.

"Oh yes, you dirty bitch, you wanted this you slut whore. Husband's in bed at home and you are a dirty bitch letting a stranger fuck your ass, your dirty white ass".

With that I felt my climax overflow me and I screamed when the biggest orgasm of my life consumed me. I was still moaning when I felt him thrust even deeper within me and let out an animalistic grunt of his own. Going on how often he did this I guess he was filling me up good and proper.

We lay for a good ten minutes until I started to get uncomfortable with all his weight on top of me. We straightened and composed ourselves in silence but I had no guilt. Not a bit of it. I straightened my seat and the driver turned on the engine. When he turned on the lights I realized we were in the local park.

"This isn't on my route, how did we get here" I asked.

"Honey you were driving me wild with that knee rubbing you were doing, so I drove here on the chance it was going further. Bold I know but it was better than doing what we just did on some leafy street," he smiled.

We drove home in silence and when we pulled up to my house he said, "No Fare". Cheeky git, I wasn't going to pay anyway. I stepped out and with my belongings in my arms started to my front door. Just before he pulled away his window buzzed down and he threw me a rather expensive grey patent shoe.

"Don't forget this," he said, and his lights disappeared.

Shit. The other one was still in the park.
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