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Kitty Girl Goes to the Beach - Part I

My onwer and the girl next door take me to a risque beach party.

"Hey, baby girl, feel like going out Friday?"

It was an innocent enough question, and yet something in the tone of her voice alerted me to some sort of sinister design. I shifted in my chair, taking my reading glasses off and putting down my half read copy of Super Girl. Pushing my hair behind one ear, I eyed Kay over the top of her lap top screen, suspicion in my eyes.

"Dinner?" I asked, watching her mouth, noticing how the hint of a smile teased at the corners of her lips up as she regarded me.

"More like a Beach Party."

I stuck out my tongue at her, my bare feet searching for hers under the table, caressing her calves with my toes. She was kidding, she had to be. After all, it was no secret that I had an unnatural fear of water or, more precisely, of drowning.

"Yeah, right." I mumbled, putting my glasses back on and returning to my comic book, pretending to be offended.

Amusement followed, laughter so rich, reminding me of warm honey. It’s indoors, Rach. There’ll be a pool, but you don’t have to go anywhere near it. Volley ball, a giant sandbox, a tiki bar. Pretty much everything except an ocean. Come one, it’ll give you a chance to show off your bikini."

I didn’t bother looking up this time, sighing inwardly as I turned the page. She wouldn’t have brought it up if she hadn’t already planned on going. Think is, I hadn’t really felt like going out much lately, at least not anywhere involving a lot of people I didn’t know. Yes, I knew I had become somewhat boring, but I’d spent most of my adult life and much of my teen years partying and I was enjoying finally settling down a little.

"I invited Cindy. You could go as Kitty Girl."

I looked up, the ball of my foot motionless against the top of hers, my heart pounding in my chest. I had to remind myself to breath as the ramifications of that bounced around inside my brain. Kitty Girl had never been out in public before. Only Kay and, more recently, Cindy had ever seen Kitty Girl in person, and only a few others even knew of her existence. To actually let her out in public was a worrying notion. What would people think? And, more importantly, how would she react to being in a room full of stranger with her owner and her sometimes kitty-sitter.

"What if I said no?" I asked, still breathless as I pulled my foot back to rest on the cross bar beneath the chair I was seated upon. I wondered if the emotions on my face were as naked as they felt as I turned the idea over in my head, closing my comic, my hands resting one on top of the other over the cover.

Kay shrugged, looking nonplussed, unable to disguise the sparkle of mischief in her dark eyes. "I bought 3 tickets. I suppose Mike can go."

My heart skipped a beat. Mike was Cindy’s partner. Just as he didn’t have any real issues with her playing with me, neither did Cindy have any problems with him playing with other girls, as long she was present. I was caught between a rock and a hard place, knowing that if I chose to stay home, my girlfriend would likely end up spending the night with our next door neighbors. With an exaggerated sigh, I considered my own feelings on the matter, pulling my lower lip absently between my teeth. It did sound like fun, I reasoned, and while the idea of unleashing my inner kitten in public gave me pause while sitting at the table, I knew that once I committed myself, everything would be fine.

"Fine, I’ll go. Anything else I need to know?" I asked, not quite trusting her.

Her subtle smile grew, becoming one of delight as she pushed her computer to one side, reaching out for my hands, gently caressing them with as she pulled them across the table. "Only that I love you with all my heart, honey."

Leaning forward, she lifted on hand to her lips, kissing my knuckles softly, her eyes never leaving mine. I’m sure she enjoyed watching me slowly melt under her gaze as I fell in love with her all over again. We barely made it to the bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes down the hallway, both naked by the time she pinned me to the mattress, her hips grinding slowly against mine, turning our moans, our sighs, our cries and whimpers into an erotic, if primitive, duet.


Friday finally came. I was nervous, of course, but giddy with excitement as well. On the bed Kay had already laid out my kitty ears and my collar, as well as a leash, explaining that she didn’t want me wandering off and getting into trouble. Also laid out was my bikini, a racy number that I’d bought for a vacation in Hawaii we’d taken shortly after becoming a couple. Just because I refused to go into the water, didn’t mean I couldn't look my best at the beach! I have to admit it pushed the boundaries of modesty, the top held up by strings tied at the nape of my neck and behind my back, the bottoms tying at the hips. Kay had enjoyed teasing me the entire time, telling me that if I misbehaved she’d give simply reach out and give a sharp tug, either revealing my breasts or, worse still, my smoothly shaven mound. She never made good on her threat, but I knew that it was probably still in the back of her mind.

Being under strict orders not to touch anything with her permission I decided to while away the time playing with my cats, hopefully putting myself into the proper frame of mind. We spent about a half hour while my girlfriend showered, chasing around a yarn ball. When I say we, what I meant to say was I chased it around while they watched, incredulous expressions on their feline faces. Finally, Kay’s voice heralded the end of play time and the beginning of my physical transformation. Mentally, I’d already slipped into my role, not even thinking twice when I hurried down the hall on hands and knees to rub against her legs, purring softly. If I’d had a tail, it would have been waving in the air like a banner!

"Good girl." My owner said, leaning down to stroke my head lovingly, her praise making me smile proudly. I was her little kitten, and my only thoughts were of how best to please her… That’s a lie. Somewhere in the back of my brain, other thoughts were being slowly woken, dirty little secret thoughts that had nothing to do with being a kitty, and everything to do with being a naughty little girl. I smiled up at her, kissing her thighs beneath the towel wrapped around her torso, doing my best to push my head between them, much to her amusement.

"My little kitten had better behave herself or she’s going to spend the night alone…"

It was all the threat I needed to behave, sitting back on my heels, turning loose my best pout, something she ignored as she dressed herself, transforming herself into a goddess in a flowered wrap around sundress. She looked magnificent, her dark hair and olive toned skin complemented by the pastel colors, her cleavage proudly on display. I began to blush softly as I watched her dress, suddenly aware of a dampness growing between my thighs. Naked as I was, it would be impossible to hide. I tried to think of safe thoughts, but was unable to come up with any, so I quickly gave up and enjoyed the sight of her adjusting her lush breasts in the mirror, her ass swaying erotically with her every movement, stray thoughts of peeling her bikini briefs down her thighs, my head under her dress, exploring her cunt with my tongue, my face smeared with her beautiful nectar…

"Rachel!" Her voice was sharp, and I blinked, realizing I’d been lost in my own little world for the past few minutes. I wondered how many times she’d tried to get my attention before resorting to snapping at me. At least twice, I surmised, seeing as she wasn’t in the habit of raising her voice for not good reason.

I mewed, looked properly ashamed. If they could have, my ears would have flattened out. She shook her head, laughing gently at me, her smile soft and warm.

"Come on, honey. Let’s get you dressed. Cindy will be over any minute and I don’t want her seeing you naked just quite yet…."

She left that open for a reason, I knew, guessing that before the night was over, Kay would have me out of my swimsuit. The only question was, when would that be? Eager to complete my transformation, I climbed up on our bed and let her fuss over me, putting on my skimpy little bottoms just so, then my top, making sure all the bows were secure enough that they wouldn’t come undone accidentally. Of course, that left purposefully, making me more then a little nervous.

She carefully drew a trio of whisker on each cheek with an eyebrow pencil, studying the result with a tender smile. Next came my kitten ears and then, finally, my collar. She buckled it around my neck carefully, kissing me on the forehead when she was done.

"There, kitty. You’re perfect. You want to take a look?"

I shook my head. I didn’t need to take a look in the mirror. If my owner declared me perfect, then I believed her. It’s rare that I accept such statements from her, usually pointing out all my imperfections, one of the reasons she enjoys playing this little game with me, thinking that it boosts my confidence. She may be right, although it never seems to linger when I am done being my kitten self and return to my human form. Still…

If there had been any doubt before, it all vanished when Cindy announced herself, not even bothering to knock. After all, she was expected, and we’d become comfortable enough as neighbors to bypass doorbells when the locks were undone. Besides, after spending a night drinking each other piss, we had little to hide from each other. Cindy looked amazing, by the way, dressed in cute little ruffled skirt and a matching halter, her hair done up in twin pigtails, sunglasses perched on top of her head. Like Kay, she wore flip flops, something I’d noticed both of them doing a lot lately after I’d made a pouting complaint about how unfair it was for anyone over 5’4" to wear heels. I think they were doing it to be funny, but I found it sweet and had been very careful to let them know how much I appreciated the gesture.

"Hi, Kay. Fuck me, Rachel, you look hot!" I blushed, realizing that her eyes were on me, rather then my owner. Suddenly unsure of myself, I hid behind Kay’s legs, still on my hands and knees like a good kitten. My sisters, of course, were even less visible, one in the laundry basket napping, and the other sulking under the bed, wary of another person in the house.

"Rachel isn’t here tonight." Kay gently reminded our guest, who nodded in understanding, kneeling, her hand held out towards me. It had been a reminder for me as well, but not one I needed. Peeking around Kay’s legs, I mewed softly, cautiously approaching my kitty-sitter, sniffing at her fingers before butting my cheek softly against them, purring quietly as she rubbed under my chin, making cooing sounds while Kay gathered up her handbag, a light coat, and keys and, of course, my leash.

Kay had me stand, wrapping me up in a trench coat that hid my barely clad figure from prying eyes and kept me from freezing my tushie off as well. While it promised to be a pleasant evening, Seattle nights can grow cold, being as near the water as we are, and I tend to have issues keeping warm even during the summer months. One final touch. She clipped the leash to my collar, the end dangling loosely in her hand. I swear, I almost wet myself with joy.

"Rule number one, Kitty. You are to stay close to either Cindy or me the entire night. I don’t want you to taking your leash off for any reason other then an emergency, understand?"

I nodded, meowing softly, feeling strange standing on two feet rather then four. After that, we were off, leaving the last vestiges of my human self behind.


As promised, there was a pool, one of those inflatable doughboys, as well as several inflatable wading pools. Also, a Hawaiian styled barbecue, a tiki bar, and sandbox about the size of our garage. About half of the party was being held outside. From what Kay had told me, the group throwing these parties did so on a regular basis. She’d paid my way, and Cindy’s as well, sort of a thank you for looking after me, I guess, which is a little embarrassing seeing as I’m physically older then my neighbor. Not that I let it bother me much. The closer we got to the place, the more excited I became. I think it was a godsend that kitten’s can’t talk, otherwise I’d have been chatting non-stop on the ride over. As it was, Kay had to order me to sit still in the back seat, my squirming and fidgeting apparently having grown distracting as she and Cindy conversed about subjects Kittens had very little interest in. Bored, I had scratched at the window and on the backs of their seats until finally rebuked. From then on, I had curled up in the back seat, sullenly glaring at my owner whenever she chanced to check on me.

It didn’t last once we’d arrived. The moment Kay clipped my collar onto my leash, I began purring happily, eager to play my role around other people. At least I thought I was. By the time we got to the door, I was blushing furiously and feeling skittish enough to whisper into Kay’s ear that there was a very good chance I was going to throw up. Thankfully, that passed quickly. Still, I must have looked pretty pathetic when forced to surrender my coat. It didn’t help that, of the three of us, I seemed to be the one getting most of the attention. It probably didn’t help that my nipples decided to misbehave about then, and make obvious dents in the material of my swimsuit. I should add that I could feel a dampness growing between my thighs, and I suddenly recalled how dark the pastel blue material became when wet.

There was only one thing to do. I took a deep breath, reminded myself that of what I was, and stopped wearing about things I had no control over. One zen kitty meditation later, I was purring contentedly while wandering around half naked on the end of a leash. In other words, I was in heaven.

One thing I should have worked out for myself, I guess, is that everyone else at the party was like minded. Not that there were other kittens wandering around for me to play with, but the unifying factor here wasn’t the beach party theme. It was a sex party. The discovery didn’t phase me too much. After all, I was here with Kay and Cindy and they’d already told me I wasn’t to wander off on my own. Besides, it wasn’t all overt groping and fondling and public sex. Still, there were some obvious Doms and Dommes wandering about with their subs in tow, and enough casual public displays of affection and nudity to erase any lingering doubts. I could only imagine what would happen after people had been drinking for a while or imbibing other substances.

I think Kay and Cindy could tell how nervous I was, for they kept me on a short leash, passing it back and forth occasionally, and giving me lot of affection, both verbal and physical. To remind me of my role, early on, we had dinner, Kay insisting that I eat mine from a bowl, providing me with a dish of water, as well. As you can imagine, that drew some attention, most of it directed towards the girls. Comments about what a well behaved pet I was, or how pretty I was, soon reached my ears, and I admit, my ego became a bit inflamed. One older gentlemen even asked if I was available to be loaned out. He was politely, but resolutely turned down. Breathing a sigh of relief, I thanked my owner the only way I could, on my hands and knees, rubbing against her shapely legs, purring my delight.

Time passed quickly. I was having fun watching a sand castle being erected in the oversized sand box while a volley ball game raged nearby. I knelt beside Kay who had procured a lawn chairs and was sipping a cocktail while soaking her feet in one of the inflatable pools while chatting with an older couple who had joined us. Across the pool was a cute gay couple were having trouble keeping their hands off each other. Have you ever noticed how hot gay men are? It was easy to imagine the two of them together, naked and sweaty…

I blushed, glad that I was kneeling, my thighs pressed together in the shadow of a beach umbrella and along side my owner. Her hand rested on my shoulder, declaring ownership, as well as being a symbol of affection. Cindy had gone exploring at Kay’s behest. I was curious what had passed between them, but managed not to let it show too much. I should also mention that as the evening wore on, I was becoming more and more aroused. Although I’d done my best to behave perfectly, I knew that it wouldn’t take much to let my desires take control of me. Thankfully, as long as Kay kept me near, I’d be safe from my baser needs.

As things heated up between the gay couple, I became more and more engrossed in watching them, forgetting all about the sand castle, squirming helplessly as I felt my cunt heat up, knowing that the scent of my arousal would soon be obvious, not to mention the wet patch the was slowly spreading between my legs. Kay had noticed as well, quietly chiding me in a teasing manner before turning to the older couple.

"Excuse me, but my pussy is getting all hot and bothered. I think she needs cooling off."

I watched, unable to breathe as she lay her hand upon my bare shoulder, letting it glide over my collar bone. She traced the edge of my collar with one finger, her nail teasing my flesh until I began to shiver.

"Good girl, don’t move. I want to show you off a little." She cooed soothingly, calming me somewhat. I chanced a glance over at the couple, noticing they were watching intently. Even the gay lovers had paused their make-out session, fascination in their eyes. I remained frozen, obeying her command, not even flinching when I felt her fingers tugging on the bow behind my neck. She gave it a little tug, releasing it, and my top fell, exposing my little titties, my nipples swollen and throbbing under everyone’s gaze.

"That’s my beautiful little kitty."

I wondered what would claim me first. Shame or bliss. Both warred within me, shame at being exposed like this and bliss in the knowledge that Kay did this because she loved me. Her fingers stroked through my hair, sparking the beginning of sexual ecstasy in me, where before there had been mere arousal. I began to rub my thighs together, unconscious of what I was doing, and pushing my fingers between my thighs.

"Ah ah ah, Kitten." She admonished me, and I quickly pulled them out, resting them on my bare thighs, my cheeks burning with heat, knowing that, if she’d have allowed me, I’d have played with myself in front of everyone, even going as far as making myself cum. No matter how I tried, I found it impossible to be a good girl for long. I was, at heart, nothing more then a naughty little kitty.

Kay’s arm relaxed, her fingers trailing down my spine, covering my flesh with goose bumps. Shivering, I waited for the inevitable tug. At least, this time, she wouldn’t expose anything. It came, once again a sharp yank, freeing my top entirely. It feel in a small pile, resting between my trembling thighs. Smiling wickedly, she rescued it, pushing it into her nearby hand bag. I knew with a certainty that no amount of pleading would bring it out again. Now, my one hope was that she would leave me with some dignity.

"Isn’t she adorable?" This time, she was addressing the gay couple, taking a moment to brush her fingers over my nipple. I couldn’t help it, I whimpered loudly at her touch, my back curving outward, resulting in my tits being thrust out as if on display.

Kay continued to stroke her fingers over the swell of my breast, making sure that I was enjoying her touch as much as possible. I did my best not to let my purr evolve into soft, desirous moans, but was unsuccessful. Thankfully, my owner chose not to punish me for it. Or perhaps she already was. Either way, I had stopped caring. She paused, and my attention was drawn back to her face, watching with adoration as she plucked a single ice cube from her drink. I shivered as a single drop of chill water splashed onto my thigh. That was nothing compared to the shiver that over took me when she pressed it against my swollen nipple.

"Now hold still."

Her voice was tender. I did my best, swallowing my whimpers as she slid the ice from nipple to nipple, leaving a chill trail in its wake. I realized with sudden embarrassment, that my mouth hung open, and that I was panting softly. I swallowed again, not wishing to pass out, especially so near the shallow pool. Just the thought of going face down in the water was enough to make me nervous. If Kay hadn’t been right beside me, I might have fled to safety. Reminding myself to breath slowly, I turned my gaze on the couple to her right, meeting his eyes first, and then hers, moistening my lips with the tip of my pink tongue. I knew that this was far from over. In fact, I’d be disappointed if it was.

Kay took a sip from her drink, leaving me be, for now, naked from the waist up, my wet nipples glistening and hard. She resumed her conversation as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I supposed that, in the scheme of things, nothing had. Glancing around, I say other women walking around topless, proudly displaying their breasts. Women of all shapes and sizes, and of all ages, all beautiful. It was easy to believe we were in tropical paradise rather then a clubhouse in Seattle, Washington.

A tall man, dressed in baggy shorts, set a chair down next to me, reaching over before I could make a sound and petting me on the head. Unsure of what to do, I growled softly, but not before Kay had taken action. Reaching out, she slapped his hand lightly. Keeping her voice light, she told him he could look, but not touch. Thankfully, he seemed sincere in his apology, telling her he couldn’t resist, and how cute a couple we were. We both relaxed after that, and he joined the conversation. Mostly, it was just small talk, something my owner excelled at. As for myself, I grew bored quickly. This wasn’t much fun for a kitten, after all, and I grew tempted to go in search of Cindy. She’d been gone an awful long time, or so it seemed.

My fidgeting must have drawn her attention to me, for she tapped me suddenly on the nose with one slender finger. "Is my pet getting bored?"

I mewed once, nodding my head, hoping I wouldn’t get into too much trouble for that. Perhaps I would have been better off not drawing attention to myself. I glance at Jake, the newcomer, out of the corner of my eye, nervous now that I had Kay’s full attention back on me. My heart sped up a little as she lifted my chin with one finger, so that I was forced to meet her gaze.

"Spread your knees as far apart as you can, kitten."

Of course, I obeyed immediately, never mind that in doing so, it became obvious just how aroused I had become. Most of my bikini bottoms had turned a dark blue, clinging to my labia, leaving very little to the imagination. Worse, now that everyone could see what dirty little thing I was, I grew even wetter, the damp patch spreading even as they watched. I was horrified, my cheeks burning as I turned what must have been several shades of deep pink. I whimpered softly, and cast my eyes down, wishing I could just curl up and disappear. If I’d been watching, I might have been able to stop her. Not that I would have tried. As it was, the tug upon my suit took me completely by surprise. She’d untied the string holding it up on one side. Worse, she’d silently directed Jake to do the same on the other side. In a panic, I grasped the edges of my suit, holding them together with shaking fingers, my eyes going wide.

After that, I stopped fidgeting, not wanting to know what punishment came next. Of course, I remained like that, my legs spread wide while my cunt leaked down all over my suit and the beach towel beneath me, holding the two halves of my bikini together, my breasts on display to anyone and everyone who walked past. Once again, I wondered where Cindy had gone, praying that she’d return soon, and rescue me from my embarrassment. No sooner had the thought been freed, than it was answered, and Cindy returned, her face split by a wide grin.

"Anytime you want to, no hurry." She told Kay, her voice pitched so low that I could barely hear her. Her gaze settled on me, traveling travelling over my naked tits and down to my sopping crotch. "Looks like someone’s been having fun without me."

"Guilty as charged." Kay remarked, dryly, resting her hand, once more, upon my bare shoulder. I was dying to ask what it was they were talking about, but kept my questions to myself, knowing that at best, they’d simply ignore my question, and at worse… well, who knew what new torment my owner would think up. I was better off keeping my mouth shut. I vowed to do just that, hard as it was to quell my curious nature.

Cindy Settled behind me, kneeling as well, close enough that my feet were under he skirt. Slipping her arms around my waist, she rested her chin on my other shoulder, brushing her lips against my neck, her breath teasing my ear.

"Thanks for inviting me along, honey. You’ve become very special to me."

Her words were unexpected, and the emotion that rose up inside of me was almost overwhelming. I tried not to think too much about how I felt about her, somehow managed to mew softly, hoping she understood. Her next words didn’t surprise me nearly as much.

"Let go."

I took pride in the fact that I only hesitated a moment before releasing the fabric of my bikini bottoms, letting the front panel crumple against my thighs, revealing most of my moist cunt to the small crowd around the pool. I heard an intake of breath from Jake, and appreciative comments from the others, all focused on me. Unable to stand their stares, I covered my eyes with my palms, all too aware of Cindy’s hands caressing my tummy, moving lower and lower, until her finger tips were lightly touching the gold barbell that pierced my hood, wiggling it back and forth almost playfully.

It was sheer torture. I began to whimper, my whimper turning to a sharp moan as she bit down gently on my shoulder. I shoved my fingers into my mouth in a vain attempt to stifle the rude sounds I was making, my head tilting back until it rested against her shoulder. I felt Kay’s hand moving, settling on my breast once more, absently stroking my sensitive skin, teasing the edges of my areola, toying with me, her fingers pausing, then resuming randomly. Cindy’s love bites turned to kisses as she began stroking along the length of my cunt, first along the edges of my lips, and then between, sinking slightly deeper with each pass.

I was all too aware that I was on display, imagining all too easily the hungry stares of strangers enjoying my public deflowering. I can’t say I cared, or perhaps I cared too much, the knowledge deepening my desire, rather then quenching it. Naked as I was, it grew warm, too warm, my flesh heating as my owner brushed a wet finger over my the top of my overly sensitive nipple.

"Would you like to cum for us, baby?" Kay’s words were loud enough to be heard by everyone present, leaving me no room to deny my choice. "Just nod your head yes, kitty, and you can cum in front of all these nice people. Or would you rather not cum at all? It’s up to you."

Had she asked the question earlier in the evening, when I was able to think straight my answer would have come quickly. A firm shake negative shake of the head. At present, I was finding it hard to think about anything other then the promise of what was to come as their hands pushed me further and further along the path to a mind blowing climax. To be truthful, the fact that it would be made public made it even easier to agree. Just the thought of everyone’s eyes upon me as I peaked turning me on. Without hesitating, I nodded, accepting my fate, unable to do otherwise.

"That’s my girl." I could hear the smile in her voice, and the pride. I felt a feeling of love swelling alongside the lust. My heart was hers.

"I can’t believe this." Cindy’s words, meant for my ears only. I could only agree as I leaned backward, my hands pushing under her skirt and stroking her thighs as her fingers slipped into my displayed cunt, curling inside of me until the knuckles of her hand forced her to halt. Probing inside of me as she kissed the nape of my neck, she began to drive me closer and closer to the edge. Normally, I needed a little more stimulation then this, but in the here and now, I suddenly realized that I wouldn’t last long.

"No…" I breathed, not sure if the words were silent or not. Either way, they were ignored by both women, one working my cunt with her fingers, the other twisting my nipples playfully. I chanced a glance at my watchers, humiliated by Jake’s open leer, realizing that several others, mostly men, had joined our little circle, making little effort to hide their erections, one even stroking his swollen cock through the material of his tight swim trunks.

"I want you on all fours, kitten." My owner directed. It took a moment for the words to register, but once they did, I complied, leaning forward, my hands flat against the floor, my bottom slightly raised, Cindy’s fingers still deep in my cunt, so carefully had I moved. My hair formed a curtain around my face as she began slowly fucking me, and I was no longer silent, gasping out loud as Kay pinched my nipple hard between her nails. I folded suddenly, my arms unable to hold me up, forearms flat, my head resting on the backs of my hand, my ass presenting a perfect target for Kay’s hand.

I shuddered, my entire body moving forward as she swatted me. Pain burned through my ass, her hand leaving a patch of heat. I jerked forward, and then back, forcing Cindy’s fingers deeper into my soaking cunt almost painfully. Before I had a chance to even breathe, she spanked me again, this time on the back of my thigh, expelling my breath.

"Such a dirty little kitty." She growled, spanking me again. This time, I was ready for it, doing my best to stay in place. "I want you to spread your legs for me so Cindy can reward you."

I didn’t waste anytime in complying, lost as I was in pleasure. I felt my ass cheeks being roughly spread, and the tickle of hair against the backs of my thighs as Cindy began lapping at my wet pussy, her tongue amazing as it slide between into my wet slit. I became so lost in the feeling that I barely even noticed Kay stroking my hair tenderly, leaning over and whispering in my ear, calling me a good girl and promising all sorts of things if I came for her. It wasn’t like I had a choice at that point. It was really only a matter of time!

Behind me, Cindy’s fingers were digging into the globes of my ass. I heard a male voice, Jake’s I think, commenting that on how fuckable my ass looked, and Kay agreeing. A moment of panic gripped me, wondering if she’d give him permission to do just that, and then, it was forgotten as Cindy’s tongue discovered my pulsing nub of pleasure, roughly licking in a merciless attempt to drive me over the edge.

I think it took everyone by surprise when I screamed, the sound almost a bestial yowl, my senses overloaded with pleasure, my head went up, my back curving almost painfully. Fingers clenched and toes curled, paralyzing me for a long moment, as my nerve endings exploded in pleasure. I felt myself gushing, soaking Cindy’s face with my juices as I began to shake uncontrollably, still crying out wordlessly. I came hard, bucking against her face. She was unable to hold on, but it didn’t matter. I was in the throes of something amazing and nothing could stop the waves of pleasure that had me shaking until I collapsed, my breath ragged, my cries turning to soft sighing whimpers of joy.

Kay reached down, returning to stroking my hair, caressing my cheek tenderly. I cracked my eyes open, gazing up at her, returning her loving smile with a shaky one of my own. I’d never felt more in love with her then I was at that moment, my heart beating like a hummingbird’s wings in my chest, my entire body still on fire.

I heard laughter, Cindy’s, and then soft applause. Blushing, I tore my eyes away from my owner and looked round the small circle of voyeurs. Smiles of lust and delight greeted me as well as appreciative clapping. I smiled, shy and unsure, before ducking my head, reassured by Kay’s touch, and Cindy’s as well, who had her arms wrapped around my waist once more, holding me in place, her cheek resting against my shoulder blade.

We remained there like that for a while. I guess my audience drifted off looking for other entertainment, although I hadn’t noticed it. I was too ensconced in our little bubble of love, still riding the high of sexual ecstasy, wondering absently how anything could top what I’d just experienced, having no idea what my owners had in store for me.

To be continued.

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