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Kitty Girl Goes to the Beach - Part II

The party continue, a game is introduced, and a new playmate is invited.

I could have stayed like that forever, naked, two of the most amazing women I’ve ever known spoiling me with their attention. I was in no hurry to explore what other delights the party held, or even cover myself up. It’s hard to retain even the pretense of modesty once you’ve climaxed in front of an audience. Eventually, however, it became obvious that Kay was growing restless, her touch growing distracted. I withheld my sigh, unable to see her eyes behind her oversized sunglasses, wondering who she was checking out, a very cat like touch of jealousy making me growl softly.

I was rewarded by a playful cuff when my throaty displeasure was aimed at an admittedly hot guy who’d stopped to chat, stealing her attention from me. It didn’t matter that Cindy and I had become so entangled that it was hard to tell us apart, or that Kay’s hand had managed to remain, possessively, in contact with some part of my body at all time. I felt a fierce feeling of cupidity. After all, she was my owner.

"Behave, kitten, or I’ll put you in a cab and send you straight home."

That was enough to quiet me, although I have to admit, if I’d had real fur, it would have bristled as Mr. Tall, Blonde, and Unable-to-disguise-his-erection pulled up a chair next to her, beer in hand. His name was Tony and I decided right off that I didn’t like him. Maybe it was the way his eyes kept focusing on Kay’s cleavage, or maybe it was because he was obviously impressed with himself. I didn’t help that Cindy was whispering little comments into my ear about wanting to lick ice cream off of his chest. Funny, but while I’m not normally a jealous girl, my kitty self doesn’t like to share. Only the threat of being sent home kept me civil as Mr. I-am-god’s-gift-to-women worked his supposed charm, unaware of how delusional he was.

This time, it was Cindy who broke through my steely gaze of dislike, her mouth fastening on my nipple. She nipped me, startling me so much that I let out shocked yelp, drawing Kay’s attention and earning me another cuffing.

"What is going on with you?" She stared at me, lowering her glasses so that I could see her eyes. She didn’t looked pleased. I responded with a disgruntled pout, followed by a sheepish mew when I realized that being cute wasn’t going to save me if I didn’t pull out of my sulk pretty quick. Taking a deep breath, I purred, untangling myself from Cindy as much as I could, the feel of her teeth still sending tantalizing chills through my breast, and rubbed my head against the back of Kay’s hand, and then her thigh. It was the only way I had to apologize, so I made the best of it, all the while doing my best to ignore the intruder out of existence.

"Cindy, I think our pet could use a walk to cool down. Want to do the honors?"

My mew must have sounded panicked. I chanced a quick glance at our ‘guest’ noting how his focus had shifted to my breasts as well as my wet little cunny. Up until then, I’d almost forgotten I was indecent. Unable to help myself, I wrinkled my nose and stuck my tongue out at him, letting him know where I stood. Fortunately, my efforts entertained my owner, rather then annoyed her, and had everyone in various states of amusement at my expense. The urge to stalk off in a huff came and went, banished when Cindy attached the leash to my collar with a snap.

"Come on, kitty, let’s go look around."

My sigh was audible, and it earned me a sharp tug, sending me to my feet, my pretty blue bikini remaining crumpled on the floor. I did my best to tug back, wanting to give my owner a kiss, or at least a loving rub of my head, but I wasn’t given the chance. Instead, I bared my teeth, hissing under my breath as she continued her conversation with the usurper, following Cindy as she led me away from our little inflatable poolside paradise.

One thing about the nature of kittens, that is also true of my human nature. I am easily diverted, and my attention span is quite short. I can attribute some of this to my curious nature as well as the fact that I am easily distracted by the promise of sex. After all, the night was young and neither Cindy nor Kay had enjoyed the skills of my practiced tongue, something I am rightfully quite proud of. Not to mention there was the still the mystery of Cindy’s earlier departure to explain.

Although she kept me on my leash, it wasn’t long before we were holding hands, enjoying the frolicking nature of the party. At first, I was in a permanent state of embarrassment, all too aware of being on display to the hordes of revelers. I found out later that the total number of guests had been at around 300, and I’m fairly certain that most, if not all, had gotten an eyeful of me in all my naked glory. Soon, however, it became obvious that I wasn’t an oddity. Once the ice had been broken and alcohol or other party favors consumed, inhibitions were stripped away along with articles of clothing. Every where we went there were couples in various states. Erections were difficult to hide under swim trunks, and no one seemed to be trying all that hard. Bikinis tops had deserted their owners everywhere we looked, especially at the volleyball game, where topless girls with bouncing breast giggled and screamed, much to the amusement of the general male population.

In time, that feeling of being owned, my collar a steady reminder, took my thoughts away from Kay. If she wanted to fuck some surfer wannabe, that was her business. I certainly wasn’t going to let that ruin my evening. Still, it didn’t hurt to send a silent prayer to whatever powers might be listening to send him an acute case of erectile dysfunction.

Eventually, it became clear that Cindy had a destination in mind, despite the seemingly aimless wandering. I should mention that she received several compliments on her pet, renewing my sense of pride. Soon, I made sure that my bottom took on an inviting sway and that my tits were proudly on display as we sauntered about the party. I even managed to show off my shy smile to anyone who came up to chat with my sitter, keeping my kitty demeanor about me, the only sounds from my lips, soft purrs and timid meows.

Eventually, we came to a door, attended by a pair of gentlemen dressed as lifeguards. Guarded would me a more apt description. Curious, I read the sign on the door, wrinkling my nose in confusion. The Deep.

"It’s a surprise. Kay reserved it in advance. Soon as she meets us here, we can go play." My puzzled look must have been obvious. It didn’t last long. Guiding us over to a nearby beach chair, Cindy took a seat, directing me to kneel at her feet. Hunger took hold of me, and I quickly obeyed, secretly hoping that she’d let me please her with the lifeguards watching. I’d tasted her cunt before and was eager to show my appreciation once more.

Giggling, she wagged her finger at me when I tried to push my face under her skirt, her hand on my head, holding me in place between her smooth thighs.

"Patience, kitty. Jesus, is sex all you think about?" There was no sting in her voice. Instead, there was a heady mirth I can come to recognize as lust. If I could break her barriers, even just a little, I knew she’d let me at her tasty hot pussy. I have two cats of my own that I doted on, and knew their behavior all too well. When they wanted something, they simply persisted. I wanted to make Cindy cum. It was just a matter of wearing her down.

With a cat like little squeak, I put all my weight behind me, forcing her thighs apart with my entire head. I could smell her under her cute little skirt, her arousal an amazing and delightful perfume. I could feel her resolve fading, hear it in her breathing. I began to kiss the insides of her tender thighs until all resistance was gone. I hoped the lifeguards were watching. Really, how could they avoid our little show? Despite my head being buried beneath her cute little yellow skirt, it was obvious what I was doing. I felt her hand on my head, stroking between my kitty ears, fingers clenching and unclenching as I parted her thighs further apart, my warm breath caressing her milky white flesh.

"Stop it." She murmured. It was followed by a soft moan as I found her cunt, the tip of my tongue sliding along the length of her slit, tasting her nectar for the first time tonight. I felt her thighs trembling against my cheeks, goading me on. If Kay was going to meet us here, I wanted this to be quick, with no chance of interruption. I kissed her clit, pleased by her moans as well as how swollen it felt between my lips. Carefully, I took it between the even edged of my teeth, and let the tip of my tongue flicker and brush against it.

"Oh, fuck." I felt her fingers grip my hair, pulling me against her, her hips rocking back and forth as I teased her beautiful clit, her juices running down my chin.

"I love you." I whispered into her cunt, knowing she couldn’t understand me, not caring if she did. It was something I needed to say, whether she acknowledged it or not.

"Oh, fuck." She repeated, slumping in the chair, this time sounding suddenly desperate. I recalled our past games, a wicked idea blossoming. With my hands beneath her thighs, I guided her until her cute little rosebud was at the edge of the chair. Pushing at her skirt until she was completely exposed, I devoured her pulsing cunt while slipping my fingers into my own sopping pussy, coating my fingers with my warm juices.

She gasped when I slid my finger into her ass, losing control and grinding herself against me as I eagerly devoured her. I felt her tremble, signifying how close she was to the edge. I could have held her there for as long as I wanted, prolonging the sweet agony, but the thought of Kay putting a stop to my fun, swept that thought from my head.

She came suddenly, her cry soundless, lost somewhere in her throat as she pulled my hair painfully, her whole body jerking several times with the force of her orgasm. I wish I could have seen the look on her face. I certainly imagined it. I was relentless, not letting up, even as her cries turned to whimpers and then to giggling cries again as she thrashed about in the chair, unable to escape me.

"No more, no more!" She protested, this time pushing me away from her, rather then into her. I did my best to ignore her and might have succeeded in making her cum again if I hadn’t suddenly felt a sharp tug on my collar, then a steady pull.

"Bad kitty!" Kay admonished me. I felt a sudden surge of defiance. After all, she’d been so caught up in flirting that she’d ignored me earlier. What did she care if Cindy let me please her? The touch of her hand upon my spine quelled my mutinous thoughts. It was a loving touch, tender and soft, the tips of her fingers trailing down over my exposed back, making me shiver with lust as I pulled my head from between Cindy’s thighs, turning to face my mistress.

I must have looked like the proverbial cat who’d eaten the canary, Cindy’s pussy juice smeared all over my face, my lips stretched in a bashful grin. Licking my lips, I locked my eyes on hers, my hands stroking my naked thighs absently, while she did her best to hide her amused smile.

"I can’t let you out of my sight for a minute, can I, kitty?"

I don’t think she was looking for a reply, but I shook my head anyway, doing my best not to look too pleased with myself or at the fact that she was alone. I didn’t mind sharing her with Cindy, but tonight, cock wasn’t high on my list of temptations. I glance over my shoulder, regarding the girl I’d just pushed over the edge, smiley slyly as she rearranged her skirt, doing her best to look innocent while her fair cheeks colored with guilt. If I’d had to guess, my seduction hadn’t been part of the ‘master plan’ for the evening. Another reason to feel proud.

Turning again, my blue green eyes full of questions I couldn’t ask, I waited for some kind of instruction or explanation, truly curious as to wait lay behind the door. It was obvious to me that Kay wasn’t going to give me any answers, just as it was obvious that whatever it was, she was taking great delight in keeping secret. I took a deep breath, my breasts swelling as air filled my lungs, and let it out again, glancing at the lifeguards, embarrassed to find their eyes shifting from Cindy to me, then back again. I could only imagine their thoughts, sure that they contained an image of us on our knees, our mouths around their swollen cocks. Dream on. Tonight was all about pussy.

Kay took the time to wipe Cindy’s arousal from my face with a tissue, fussing over me while her partner in crime regained her composure.

"Trust me, baby?" She asked. As far as I was concerned, it was a rhetorical question. Of course I did. My answer must have shown on my face, for she gave me a long, lingering kiss, one that might have turned into something more had not Cindy cleared her throat. Kate gave her a guilty smile after breaking our kiss, laughing softly.

"Blindfold her, Darling."

Not missing a beat, Cindy did exactly that, trying a thick strip of terry cloth over my eyes, knotting it tightly behind my head. Then, it was off to The Deep, whatever that was.

Up until now, I’d thought our attendance here had been somewhat spur of the moment. Now, however, I discovered the truth. Kay must have planned our adventure weeks, if not months, in advance, producing an emailed confirmation that ‘we’d made reservations below’. Below. That sounded ominous. Suddenly, I had visions of a dark dungeon where Doms dressed in leather toyed with their willing slaves. I felt a heat such as I had never before at the thought of possibly being chained to a wall and tormented by this pair of incredibly sexy women. It wasn’t something I’d have expected from either of them, but just the possibility had warm honey trickling slowly down my thigh. Perhaps I’d even get my long unfulfilled wish granted, of being whipped while hanging from a rafter. Of course, I knew better then that, but the possibility, no matter how infinite, excited me as I stepped carefully down the stairs on my leash, one step behind Kay, one step ahead of Cindy, her guiding hand on my shoulder



I did my best, unable to keep from bumping into her, disoriented by the blindfold. I felt Cindy’s fingers tighten on my shoulder, felt Kay’s hands on my waist, firm and sure, keeping me from stumbling. Sightless as I was, I was using my other senses to discern my surroundings, not that it helped much. Music filled the air; dark trip-hop beats mixed the murmur of human voices. Not just voices, but sounds of all kind, moans and cries, groans and whimpers. The sounds of lust. They matched the music perfectly, making me wonder if someone had mixed them in to the soundtrack being played, or if there truly was some sort of orgiastic event going on around me.

Trust. It was all I had, but I had so much of it. Whatever she had planned, I knew it would be something that wouldn’t push past my boundaries. Of course, there was very little I wasn’t willing to do for my beautiful owner. Still, there were a few things sacred to me and, had I been with anyone else, I might have protested.

I felt arms around me, both from behind and in front, knowing that it had to be Kay and Cindy, smiling as their cheeks brushed against my face, sensing them kissing with me sandwiched in between. Desire flowed through me as I felt two pairs of hands caressing me, knowing that they were busy with each other as well. I could hear their passionate breathing, stray lips sometime brushing over my ear or my hair. Unable to stop myself, I ran my hands over Kay’s breasts, playfully fumbling with her dress, doing my best to help her out of it once I realized she wasn’t interested in discouraging me. Soon I was rewarded by the feel of bare flesh beneath my hands, her skin silky soft, her rock hard nipples pressing against me. Had she not been a step below, I could have taken them in my mouth and suckled at her bosom like a kitty at her mama’s teat.

"You too, babe." Her voice was breathy with lust, her words swallowed in a passionate kiss that left little doubt that these kisses were not chaste. I sensed movement behind me, and then the feel of Cindy’s skirt brushing the back of my legs as it was discarded. Soon, her naked tits were flattened against my shoulders, her pussy grinding against me as she moaned into Kay’s mouth.

"I want you." Her words were meant for Kay, but they didn’t excite me any less. I wanted her to want my lover too, to make her scream with passion, wanting them both to take pleasure in each other’s body in my presence. It was possible, I realized, to love two people so much that jealousy and envy ceased to exist. All I wanted was for them to cherish each other as much as I loved them and, in return, was loved.

"Come." Kay said, and suddenly, we were moving carefully, her guiding me down one last step, Cindy pushing me carefully along after, apparently, picking up both of their discarded garments.

"Careful, Kitten. Take my hand."

With my fingers entwined in hers, I made my way carefully, a little unsure of my steps, trusting she wouldn’t let me stumble. Cindy took up my other hand, which gave me more confidence. With my lovers to either side, we moved through what I thought was a sparse crowd of people. It was a strange experience, blind as I was, but one I wasn’t too uncomfortable with. Mostly, I was curious. My kitty nature kicking in, I guess, making me wonder what was going on and where we were going. My interest wasn’t going to be satisfied, at least not quickly. Eventually, we stopped, and I was guided to my knees on something thick and squishy. A foam matress, I guessed. Later I would find out I was right.

I felt a kiss upon my right cheek, and then my left, knowing that one was Cindy’s, one Kay’s. I felt like melting. "Just relax, Kitty. We’re going to play a game. You like games, don’t you."

I nodded, feeling wet warmth welling between my thighs, wondering what kind of a game Kay had in mind? She could be wickedly inventive in the bedroom. I blushed, remembering things we’d done that I’d never dare share with someone, knowing that she’d have no qualms repeating them in public, unlike me.

"Good girl. Now, give me your paw."

Apparently, she’d brought a few items with her, things that were easily to carry, such as a set of thin leather cuffs we’d purchased a while back. She slipped them over my hand, and buckled them to my wrist while Cindy did the same to my right hand. I was guided to my back, my leash removed from my collar and attached to my cuffs, leaving my hands secured above my head as Cindy arranged my legs so that they were spread wide open, my knees bent, leaving my cunt obscenely exposed to anyone and everyone.

"Here are the rules, kitty. Cindy and I are going to do things to you. Nasty things. Sometimes I am going to ask you questions, and you will do your best to answer them correctly. At the end of the night, depending on how well you do, you will either be rewarded or punished. Understood?"

Once again, I nodded, adding a soft meow, trembling as I felt her hand caressing my face while Cindy’s, presumably, was traveling up my thigh, making me tremble with lust.

"The first one is easy…" She kissed me, a kiss full of passion. I knew her kiss, had memorized it, and sometimes dreamed about it. I could smell the faint essence of coconut on her, her plump lips familiar as was the way she ran her tongue along the bottom edge of my upper lip, and then lower, before slipping it into my mouth. I kissed her back, all too aware of a single finger tracing along the edge of my cunt lips. I began whimpering, my fingers trembling as they grabbed at the empty air.

She stopped suddenly. They both did, leaving me wanting, my hips raising suddenly off the mattress, much to Kay’s apparent amusement.

"Ready for your first question, Kitten?" I could feel her warm breath against my ear. I nodded, unable to make a sound, shivering at her throaty chuckle. "I knew you’d enjoy this. Number one. Who was kissing you and who was playing with your sweet little cunt?"

"You were kissing me and Cindy was playing with my cunt…" I answered quickly, sure of my answer, my lips curving up in a smile.

"Final answer?"

I nodded, grinning towards her voice. "Final answer."

"Good girl. Just remember, each one will get harder, just like your cute little nipples." I gasped as I felt her fingers squeezing one, twisting hard, pain radiating through my breast until she forced a sharp cry from my lips.

"Remember, I’m keeping score, baby. Concentrate, no matter what."

I was about to answer her when I felt warm breath upon my pussy, blowing softly. Suddenly, I forgot what I’d meant to say, simply enjoying the feeling of being helpless while these amazing, sexy women toyed with me. I could feel my juices trickling between the cheeks of my ass, my bust rising and falling as each breath became deeper. Teeth suddenly clamped down painfully on my nipple, the one that Kay had twisted, and I let go of another cry, this one as much pain as pleasure, gentle spasms shaking through me as she sunk her sharp teeth into my engorged nipples.

Finally, both sensations stopped, leaving me almost sobbing with need, and, once again, I felt Kay’s whispered question.

"Who bit you?"

I thought for a moment, chewing on my lip absently, knowing that Kay wasn’t going to play fair. Honest, yes, but not fair. She liked to bite, so it was probably her, but then, she might have had Cindy do it to throw me off. Hoping that she would keep it easy, at least for now, I went with my intuition.

"You bit me."

I was instantly rewarded by a soft kiss on my cheek, and fingers stroking lovingly through my hair. "Good, girl. That’s two correct answers. I’m proud of my little kitty girl."

I’m not ashamed to say that I glowed with pride at her praise. Had my hands been free, I would have grasped hers and pulled her close for a kiss, wanting her to know how much I loved her and how happy she made me. But they weren’t, and so I didn’t, simply voicing my feelings with inadequate words.

"I love you so much."

"I know." Kay laughed softly, kissing me again, this time on the temple. "Hopefully, after I’m done with you, you’ll feel the same. I love you too, Rachel. I’m going to win, you know." She kissed me again, this time on the cheek, and I smiled for her, not caring whether I won or lost. All that mattered was that she loved me. Everything else was window dressing.

The next one was harder. A flicker of tongue against my clit that didn’t let up , making me squirm and tug at my bonds, twisting and turning, sure that I was going to cum again before it stopped, almost angry when it did, leaving me aching for release, by breathing ragged, my heart pounding in my chest.

"Whose tongue, Kitten?"

This time, I had no clue and I was finding it hard to remember my own name, let alone work out which of the women had tortured my clit like that. In the end, it was a random guess.

"Your tongue, Kay."

"Wrong, Kitten. That was Cindy teasing your greedy little clit. Now, rest a little, get your breath back, while she does the same for me."

I couldn’t see, but I could hear, and what I heard was turning my cunt into molten liquid. Kay moaned passionately over the music, and I could feel both of them moving around on the foam mattress, their movements translating though the pliable material. I began to wonder if my owner was going to climax soon, it went on for so long, her noises of pleasure sounding desperate. Finally, though, it stopped. I could hear them both panting, carnal desire sweeping through me, almost disappointed that Kay hadn’t cum here, where I could hear her, another woman’s tongue in her cunt. My own pussy was on fire and, had my hands been free, I would have plunged my fingers deep, pleasuring myself until I screamed.

"God, baby. She’s got a talented tongue. No wonder you like playing with her so much. I think I’ll have to take advantage of her more often. Maybe next time I’ll let tie you to a chair and let you watch. How would you like that?"

I moaned softly, the image of the two of them together delicious. "I’d love that, Kay. You know I would."

"You are such a slut, baby. I love that about you." I could hear the love in her voice, a mixture of affection and lust and something deeper, something that filled me with heat and the kind of joy I thought I’d never know, once upon a time.

"Your turn, now."

There was a pause. I guess they were deciding on what came next. While I waited, I began to wonder about what was going on in the room. I recalled the people we’d moved through earlier. Were any of them watching our perverted little game? My cunt was on display, after all, for anyone to see. I hoped that at least someone was enjoying the show, getting a good look at the naked kitty girl and her two lovers. Maybe even filming us. The thought terrified me, and yet, I began to dwell on it, wondering what it would be like to have someone replaying our little game on their TV, jacking off as Cindy drove me to the edge of desire and held me there, begging and pleading with her to make me cum?

I got so lost in my little fantasy that I jerked suddenly at an unexpected touch. Fingers stroked my tits, teasing my nipples playfully, massaging my tits. I couldn’t tell if it was one or both of them, until I felt someone settle next to my out stretched arms, stroking my arms, then lifting my fingers, sucking them slowly into their moist mouth. I let out a soft moan of sheer pleasure at that, not even trying to decipher who was doing what until I felt hands massaging my calf and tender kisses brushing over the top of my foot. Three pair of hands…

"Kay?" I whispered in a sudden panic, thinking some stranger had managed to escape her notice as was even now pawing at me, unnoticed.

"It’s ok, baby. I recruited another playmate earlier. Just relax and enjoy it." She cooed, reassuring me that at least she was aware that there was a third party involved. I couldn’t tell if the newcomer was the one kissing my feet or my fingers, although I could guess by the way the hands on my breasts paused, they belonged to Kay. Doing my best to still my fear, I concentrated on her hands, arching my back as she gently pulled at my hard nipples, teasing them upwards, her lips eventually replacing her fingers. I began to write and moan as she devoured my perky pink nub with her mouth.

It would have been bad enough if it had only been that. While she was making love to my tits, the hands upon my calf rose, as did the lips. I was fairly confident that is was a woman’s kisses, I was feeling, so either it was Cindy, or the stranger was another girl. I kind of hoped that later, to be honest. It had been a while since I’d been overly comfortable with men, especially strangers. That said, the vivid image of a stranger’s cock pressing against my lips, pushing its way between my lips while I was lay helpless, took root in my imagination and wouldn’t leave me alone. I knew, if it did happen, I would do my best suck him off until he blew hot cum down my throat. Just the thought of it had me shaking with lust and I found myself wishing that some guy was preparing to do just that.

"Question time, baby. Who is about to eat out that your hot little cunt?"

"No fair!" I’d meant to whisper the words, but instead, they came out with a gasp as I felt my legs being pushed apart while warm, wet kisses teased the insides of my thighs. Unable to control myself, I fought with whomever held my wrists, wanting only to grab my assailant by the hair and pull her against my cunt, holding her hostage while she fucked me with her tongue.

"No one said this was going to be fair. Give me an answer, or you get it wrong by default."

"Cindy!" It was the only choice I had, and Kay knew it.

"Wrong again, Kitty." Her chuckle was pure evil, and I knew she was enjoying her game, and that she intended to win. One thing about Kay, she was very competitive, and wasn’t fond of losing. "Her name is Jenny, and she’s been very eager to meet you ever since she saw you acting like the perfect slut upstairs. She said this time, she wanted to be the one to make you cum."

I felt Kay’s lips brushing against mine. Lifting my head, I tried to take advantage of that, and return her kisses, but she was out of reach before I had the chance, leaving soft laughter in her wake.

"Of course, I might not let you cum at all, Kitty and let her pleasure me instead. Depends how well you score. So far, you are two for four. If I were you, I’d start taking this a little more seriously."

Easy for her to say. She wasn’t being ravished by three hot girls, all seemingly skilled with their hands and mouths. Blindfolded, and being pushed slowly towards ecstasy, I was having trouble remembering my own name let alone theirs, as Kay resumed her place at my breast, Cindy mirroring her, abandoning my cunt to a woman I couldn’t even remember seeing earlier. I knew I’d died and gone to heaven, or maybe hell, not that it made much of a difference to me as Jenny discovered my distended clit. I sucked in my breath as she wrapped her lips around it, and began to suck it delicately while, at the same time, zealous fingers stroked my swollen lips.

"Oh, fuck…" I managed, ending the my words with a soft squeal, squeezing my legs together, trapping her against my cunt, doing my best to grind it against her even as she pushed her tongue into me. Then, madness set in as she fed her finger slowly, forcing it one knuckle at a time, into the tight ring of my ass, working it slowly in and out in time with her talented tongue.

"I’m g g going to cum…" I warned Kay.

"Not until you answer one last question, baby. This is for all the marbles. God, you look so hot with another girl eating your steaming pussy. I can’t wait to punish you later. Maybe you’ll get your wish, this time, and I’ll take you down to the park and hang you by your wrist from that old oak tree and whip you until your throat is too raw to scream."

This, I am ashamed to admit, had been a fantasy of mine for some time. Just the thought of it made me shake violently. The vision of Kay doing just that, dressed in tight leather pants, boots, and a leather jacket, was almost too much to bear. I groaned, my head rolling back and forth, Cindy attacking my nipple vigorously, sinking her teeth into my flesh until I had to force myself not to scream while Jenny pushed me closer and closer to the edge of no return.

"Jenny." I blurted out, not even thinking, unaware that Kay hadn’t yet asked her question, earning me a sharp bark of laughter. "I should give you another chance, but frankly, I don’t think you’ll do any better." I felt her lips brush my ear, her warm breath exciting me beyond reason, her whisper sensuous.

"You lose. Now, let’s see what kind of consolation prize we can give you."

The words were barely out of her mouth when I climaxed. Not one of those lovely little orgasms that gently shake though the limbs, either, but an explosive one. My body felt white hot as I began to buck my hips, my tormentors doing their best to hold me down, Jenny somehow managing to keep my cunt and ass filled, driving her tongue deeper into my twat with each thrust of my hips so that, instead of her fucking me, I was fucking her. I screamed, a sound punctuated by a string of profanity. At least that is what I was told. I do know I came close to blacking out, or at least losing all awareness of everything except the extreme pleasure that burned through my entire body, originating and terminating in my cunt. How long it lasted, I don’t know. Hours, perhaps, or weeks. In truth, I’m sure it wasn’t more then a minute, but it seemed endless.

Finally, exhausted, I collapsed against the mattress, pleading for Jenny to stop, unaware that she’d already done so and was simply licking the nectar from my overly sensitive clit, each feathery touch of her tongue making me gasp with pleasure. Or maybe it was pain. I was no longer able to tell the difference.

Slowly, I became aware of conversation around me, my name being mentioned more then once. They were discussing my fate, it seemed. I listened in, still too dazed to make much sense of words strung together into sentences, simply happy that I seemed to be the center of a slowly forming snuggle pile comprised of women whose eyes were still alight with lust. Smiling to myself, I wondered when the tender touches and soft giggles that the four of us were sharing would turn to something else. After all, Kay and Jenny had yet to experience what I just had. Reaching out, I ran my fingers over my lover’s cheek, attracting her gaze, my emotions over flowing with love.

"I want you." I whispered. It wasn’t loud enough to be heard over the music, but I could tell by her smile that she understood. I wanted to be the one to make her cum. At least the first time.

To be concluded.
A note: Unlike the other kitty girl stories, this one does is not %100 true. In actuallity, I blended the events of two different evenings out with my owner and my sitter into one story, just to make it a better read, and added a little here and there to make it more entertaining. That said, most of it is based in fact.

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