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Kitty Girl

An account of a true event - the participants names have been altered to protect identities
I wasn’t wearing much. A semi-sheer pink top that hugged my upper body and left little doubt of the state of my nipples and a pair of matching panties that smelled of desire. A pair of brown kitten ears attached to a matching head band poked from the top of my blonde tresses and a pink collar, decorated with rhinestones circled my neck, a heart shaped tag engraved with the words "kitty" on one side and "property of Kay" on the other.

I felt perfectly content, as I knelt at her feet, my cheek resting against her thigh, rubbing against the material of her jeans as she absently ran her fingers through my hair, pausing only to turn the pages of the book she was reading. So much so that I had begun purring at some point, not that I could say when. Really, it seemed perfectly natural to both of us.

The day was half gone, and yet I was in no hurry to do anything but relax at her feet. Even my mind was still, unusual for me. Truly, this was the perfect way to spend a Saturday. Just the two of us, kitten and owner, the outside world where it belonged. Outside. No appointments to keep, no errands to run, simply a day of reading for her, and of simple affection for me…

The sound of the doorbell started me from my reverie. Our shy tortoiseshell bolted down the hall for somewhere safe, far from the unexpected stranger upon our porch. Suddenly trapped between kitten and girl I almost followed suit, the kitten shy and hesitant of strangers and the girl worried that she’d be found out. My mistress and owner looked up, clearly startled from her reading as well, her brow knitting thoughtfully at the closed blinds that our little haven private.

"See who that is, Kitty," she said, giving a nod towards the door.

Silently wishing whomever to go away and leave us in peace, I nevertheless followed her instructions and slunk quietly to the front door, peeping out through the spy hole to catch a glimpse of the woman next door, the one I’d so recently kissed. The one whom I had a crush upon. Not that I’d ever admitted it to her, but my owner knew. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks and I could only imagine what my expression looked like from the laughter as I shot a panicked glance towards my partner.

"It’s Cindy!" I hissed at her, before following my smarter sister down the hall and burying my head under a pillow in the safety of our shared bedroom.

I can only imagine the conversation that followed. I was only aware of the sound of the door opening and greetings being exchanged, mostly drowned out by the stutter of my heartbeat. As long as she was in our house, my secret wasn’t safe. I wasn’t safe. Of course, I could have easily pulled on a pair of sweats and hidden my ears under the bed, but something even stronger then embarrassment stayed my hand. A simple rule. Once my collar was on, I was kitty girl until my owner removed it. I touched it with one trembling hand, to remind myself that I had made a promise, a contract. I could hide. Kittens hide, a fact that my furry little sister, hidden away in the recesses of our closet was proof of. That was the extent of it. Still, there was no way that Kay would let our neighbor wander down the hall and expose my strange little kink…

"Here, kitty kitty kitty."

Her voice was playful. I think I let out a gasp. Certainly my eyes went wide with disbelief. She wouldn’t!

"Here kitty kitty. Rachel? Come out. We’ve got company. Don’t be rude."

I could hear it in her voice. She was using the voice. Not the one that I could ignore, but the one that meant I had better pay attention and do as I was told. Sometimes I hated that voice. This was one of those times. Still, I had no choice. Trembling with nervousness I fought the compulsion, wanting nothing more then to pull the covers over me and hide until Cindy left.

"I’ll count to five. One…"

One is all it ever took, unless I was being a complete brat. Then I might let her progress to three or even four. Five was never an option. I slunk down off the bed, sticking my head around the corner to stare nervously down the hallway. Kay was standing at the end of the hall, waiting impatiently. I couldn’t spot the intruder, but I could hear her voice.

"She’s feeling shy, today," Kay was saying. That wasn’t really true. Terrified was more like it. I was as close to naked as I could be, and wearing a collar and ears and the crotch of my undies were sporting a dark wet patch. Even worse, it was growing even as I debated the wisdom of crawling out the back window and hiding in the bushes until nightfall.

I heard Cindy’s laughter in response, sounding a little shy herself. Thinking back on Wednesday night when we’d kissed rather passionately, I managed a brief smile that soon faded as Kay crooked her finger at me. Sighing, I left the safety of the bedroom and padded down the hall. For some reason, it was easier to stay on all fours rather then stand erect, at least in my head. I think I believed that as long as I acted like a proper kitty, no one would notice.

That illusion was broken as I came around the corner.

"Here’s my good girl." Kay smiled. I glanced at her, catching her pushing her hair back behind her left ear, a subtle indicator that she as a little nervous as well. Somehow, that made me feel a little better, although I’m not sure why.

"Heya, Ra…" Cindy started, then stopped abruptly as I entered the room upon hands and knees looking like I might bolt at any moment. I started hoping fervently that a tsunami would wash over the house or a plane might fall out of the sky and into our roof. Either was preferable to the silence that held for an eternity as my heart gave out.

In reality, it was probably not more then five seconds before Kay came to my rescue.

"She makes a cute kitten, doesn’t she?"

Somehow, Kay has this way of breaking the ice. It’s not so much what she says as to how she says it. She can sometimes scare the living daylights out of someone with a single sentence, and yet make someone else feel comfortable, safe, and even loved, with the same words. It’s a talent I envy at times and am always glad I have it on my side. In very little time, she had Cindy making little ‘kitty come here’ noises to which I responded. Not that I still wasn’t trembling with humiliation, but somehow, it seemed cat-like, and I felt myself slip into my role which made it possible to ignore.

Tentatively, I approached Cindy, spent several moments sniffing her fingers and then rubbed my cheek against her hand before retreating to the safety on the other side of Kay’s crossed legs. After a short while, they slipped into the cadence of conversation, and I was perfectly happy to fulfil my role as a much loved, but mute, pet. That’s not to say I didn’t follow their words. Nothing earth-shaking, really, just two adults chatting about this and that. Cindy wasn’t fond of an empty house, her partner being gone since Wednesday, and not due to return until Sunday evening.

"You should get yourself a cat," Kay told her, fingers running through my hair. "They make wonderful company."

"Too bad I can’t borrow yours," was the reply. If my ears had been real, they’d have perked up. I’m not sure how I looked, but suddenly, everyone’s attention was on me and, to make things worse, I think that my state of undress was taken notice of. Before, Cindy had been careful not to stare, at least not overtly. That said, I caught her glancing more then once at me, and her gaze didn’t seem to be lingering on my face. I thought about kissing her, again, and the thoughts that had gone along with that kiss. Of wanting to feel her hands pushing their way up my legs and into my undies and…

I think I mewed. Or meowed, I’m not really sure which. Which ever it was, the tension, purely sexual at the point, was broken. Or at least lessened as they both broke out in giggles. It didn’t last long.

"I’d have to ask Mike," she said, looking far too considering of the idea, like she wasn’t aware that it was just my owner joking around. Only, I knew her too well. Kay, that is. I could hear it in her voice, that note of seriousness.

"Talk to him about it. If he agrees, then perhaps the three of us can discuss it. Some place where prying kitty ears are absent."

After a while, Cindy took her leave, but not after I’d found the courage to sit next to her and let her scratch behind my ‘ears’, my hands folded in my lap. Afterwards, what had just happened hit me… not the bartering so much, but that I had been caught out half naked and clearly aroused by pretending to be a kitten…

Kay helped me forget soon after our neighbor left, each orgasm she brought me to seemingly more powerful then the one before it as she teased me about lending me out. I am still drained, but in a good way and I gave as good as I got. Oh, I’m not wearing my collar anymore – kittens can’t type, after all, but I am still feeling very kitteny!

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