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Kitty Girl’s newest peeing adventures

Kitty Girl and her owner get wet in more than one way
This story, inspired by the Kitty Girl series of Sprite is completely a work of fiction. Though it would be darn hot, if you ask me.

It was a peaceful spring evening. Laura andRachel spent most of the day cleaning up the house which rendered them bothpretty tired, but now everything was neat and tidy, and the light breeze from the open windows brought warm scents of spring. They already had dinner and now Laura was sitting in her favorite armchair, quietly reading a book, sipping a glass of cold, pearly Chardonnay while Rachel was laying curled up at her feet. Well, it would have been more precise to say Kitty Girl instead of Rachel: she was stark naked apart from her collar and a pair of kitty ears, which by their custom rules meant that she wasn’t a human now, but a kitty. They were both submerged in the sea of undisrupted calmness and when Laura occasionally petted Rachel on the head, the kitty girl purred softly. As a kitty, this situation was nearing perfection. Apart from ...

The breeze was getting chilly, Rachel noticed. She didn’t have anything on, as kittens don’t wear clothes unless their owners put some on them. As a result, and since she had her part of the wine too (back at dinner, still in human form; she personally adored this Chardonnay but of course as cat she despised all forms of alcohol) she felt some pressure building up in her lower regions. Putting it simply, she had to pee. This wasn’t a problem at all; the only thing she had to do was to use her litter box. Yes, they went as far in their little game that the cat girl wasn’t allowed to use the human toilet. And on the other hand... Rachel (both Rachel and Kitty Girl, to be precise) loved peeing. And for some reason peeing in her litter box made her really-really excited even though she was well accustomed to it by now.

So Kitty Girl slowly stood up to all four, arched her back, stretched and then departed on her way. At least she wanted to, but her owner’s voice stopped her.

‘Stay’ – she said in a firm voice. It was, in fact, somewhat unusual of Laura to give a direct order to Rachel while in kitten form. Kitty Girl looked at her with a confused look and meowed.

‘Just stay some more’ – Laura said, now softly. Rachel curled back to her feet and Laura lifted one leg and put it on her pet’s other side, thus forming an impromptu cage around her. Rachel found this strange too.

‘What she might be up to?’ – she asked herself, but as kittens don’t like to think too much, her thoughts wandered away quickly and soon Kitty Girl fell asleep. It wasn’t a calm nap, though. Her bladder was urging her more and more and this reflected in her dreams. By the time she woke up after only twenty-something minutes, all she wanted was to go to her litter box and ease herself.

But when she tried to do so, her owner’s leg quickly pushed him back to the floor. She meowed complainingly. This was the most unusual thing; she didn’t understand what was going on at all. At least until her eyes met Laura’s. The smile on her owner’s face and the look in her eyes told her that she was well aware of her pet’s situation and she denies relief from her deliberately. The game was on and Rachel decided not to give herself easily. She tried not to think about having to pee, but the more she tried to divert her thoughts, the more she wanted to go. Pretty soon her bladder was aching and her painful meows became more and more frequent.

‘Oh, what’s wrong’ – Laura asked in a sarcastic voice – ‘Kitty has to use the litter box?’ As an answer, Rachel meowed in a high-pitched voice and looked at her with a begging look. She went as far as to add an almost unnoticeable nod too, knowing that this would violate the Kitty Game’s Rules.

‘No. She stays here.’ – Laura licked her lips. She was visibly getting excited; her nipples got perky and hard, showing through the light robe she was wearing and wetness started to spread between her legs.

‘Turn on your back’ – she ordered next and the kitty compelled even though she was afraid she’d accidentally pee herself at every move. Laura kicked off her slippers and rested her feet on Rachel’s tummy. Kitty Girl closed her eyes: the extra weight added pressure on her and now she had to flex all her lower muscles not to pee. But that wasn’t the end. With one foot, Laura started to pet and caress between her legs. Then she slowly started to rub her pussy with her big toe. Rachel bit her lips as she was desperately trying to hold in what wanted to come out. As she peeked out from under her closed eyes, she noticed that Laura’s mouth was slightly open while teasing (or torturing? she wasn’t sure) her.

Suddenly Laura stopped. Rachel thought that now it was over and she could go – but that moment her owner started to press her tummy with both feet. Then she gave up. She relaxed her muscles and with a series of quiet, high-pitched meows Kitty Girl started to pee. She felt warm wetness spreading between her legs, flowing under her ass and all around her body and she just peed and peed until all was gone. She laid there in her own piss, panting, feeling very-very ashamed and vulnerable. Then she felt another kind of tension building up in her, the excitement became too much and the next moment she came without a word.

Laura observed in amusement. She knew about Rachel’s little fetish, but never thought that just peeing could make her orgasm. Apparently, it could. Her pet laid there with her eyes shut, face red, her body slightly trembling. It was a truly arousing sight. Laura shuffled the puddle of pee in front of her with her right foot. Then she got an idea. She reached her leg out and pressed the foot into Rachel’s face.

‘Lick it.’

Kitty Girl started to lick the foot coyishly. Laura meanwhile stepped into the puddle with her other foot and made her slave lick that too. It was nice, but after a few times, this got boring.

‘Now roll around in it’ – she ordered and Rachel obediently followed the command. ‘Your hair too. I want your whole body to reek of pee. Your own pee.’ The more she said it, the more she liked the ring of the word. It had a deeply erotic sound to it. And as she watched her slave rolling around on the floor, making sure that not a square inch of her skin is left dry, Laura felt an urge to try it herself too.

She got off from the armchair and knelt above the trembling kitten. Her robe instantly got wet where it touched the ground. She moved and shuffled until her pussy was near the other girl’s mouth. ‘I will pee on you too, Kitty Girl’ – she said and lifted her robe to give a view of her wet hole.

For a few minutes, nothing happened. Rachel had a questioning look on her face and Laura felt a little blushing to run up to hers.

‘I can’t let it go... even though I have to pee now too’ – she finally admitted. ‘How do you do it?’ ‘Oh, you can talk.’ – she added as the slave remained silent.
‘I don’t know; it’s always been easy for me. Maybe try thinking of a waterfall.’

Laura closed her eyes and pictured the Niagara in her mind.

‘It’s not working’ – she complained.
‘Keep trying’ – Rachel said with a silent giggle. Then she got an idea too. She reached down for Laura’s hands and pulled her down to the ground. Slowly guiding her hands, she made her play with the pee on the floor, and sometimes, when the tension was too high in her, she licked her hands too. This did the trick. First weakly then in a stronger jet Laura started peeing all over Kitty Girl’s face. She opened her mouth and eagerly gulped as much as she could of her owner’s fountain. She stuck her mouth on the pussy and drank her pee as it was the most delicious drink in the world. And when the flow stopped, Rachel knew what she had to do. She stuck out her tongue and licked the dripping wet pussy until Laura came too.

Her orgasm was hard and long. She viced Rachel’s head with her legs and grinded her pussy on the girl’s face until finally it was over. Laura’s body was trembling as she slowly regained her self-control, then she fell onto the ground text to the slave into the puddle that now consisted of a mixture of both girls’ pee. They laid there for a few minutes to calm down. Kitty Girl curled up on her side and purred lovingly while her owner petted her head.

‘Say’ – finally Laura said – ‘does it really taste good?’
‘Why don’t you try it yourself?’

Laura pulled the soaked wet body of her lover on top of her and they got lost in a long, passionate kiss.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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