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L011: Lizzy’s Story: Lizzy is Free From Work

I’m Lizzy now, and I have a daddy who takes such loving care of me.

The next morning, I am back at work. My co-workers and I finish up packing everything. This is really the end for us.

Tomorrow we will be here in the morning reminiscing, then a goodbye staff lunch and call it a day. Lunch will be on the corporate credit card before I turn it in. It’s going to be a good lunch.

Then Wednesday, we just have to come in in the morning to sign our RIF (reduction in force) releases, and it is all over and done.

My co-workers who have all taken such a liking to Daniel/Daddy beg me to have you join us for our goodbye lunch. You are here with us for our final days. Helping us move boxes, carry things to our cars, and just keeping our spirits up.

Each night, again your baby, I show my appreciation for what you are doing in many satisfying ways for you.

The last day arrives, we all decide there was no need for us to rush in this morning, so at ten I have the first of my staff go to HR to sign off. It is such a short and that’s-all-folks process. Considering the hoops we all jumped through to get our jobs here, after all our loyal years the cast off is short and without feeling.

When all my staff is done, and tearful goodbye hugs, it was my turn.

My Daddy tells me to be brave, and don’t give them the satisfaction of showing how this is hurting me. I give you a weak smile and head to the death of my career.

I too am back in my office with you within a half hour. It is not even noon yet.

I thought you had brought your computer bag in with you, but when I came back in you walk over and locked my department door. You lead me to behind my desk and lying on the floor is a changing mat.

Tingles run through me. It was a diaper bag, not your computer bag.

I’m sorry, even with all the shit I have just gone through, there is this terrific rush of thinking you are going to change me into a diaper at work.

I come and lift my dress above my waist and lay on the mat. It is so like the initial time you put a diaper on me at your house that first morning, but somehow even better. Now you are so familiar with my body you know how to bring me to such heights as you clean, oil, powder and diaper me.

You have stuffed my panties in your pocket. For later.

You take your time, bringing me to the cusp of cumming before I am safely taped in. You help me stand, put away the mat, pick up the bank box of the last knick-knacks I have to take, and we walk to my office door.

You hold my hand as we walk out of the company building. I do not look back. No, I only look to my future as my Daddy’s baby girl.


You stop at the bar we met at on the way home. I am wearing one of the dresses you gave me for my birthday which does have a wider bottom so nothing show, so that is okay.

The regulars greet us, but we go to a booth towards the back this time after you get our drinks. You sit next to me and take my hand.

“Lizzy nine weeks ago I did not even know you existed, but now, here two months later you are making me the luckiest man in the world. I want to get you home and in bed early tonight as our flight leaves in the morning. I hope you will enjoy this vacation. I think it will also be a learning time for us. How to really make you my baby girl,” you tell me.

I just smile at you, put my head on your shoulder and whisper, “Daddy, you make me the happiest girl alive. I can’t believe these last two months. My life would be so empty without you. You are everything I never could have imagined happening. I will do whatever you tell me to, to learn to be your best little girl.”

We kiss, perhaps a little longer than proper in public, but we are a bit hidden, so hopefully, no one sees us. And if they do, and knew that you are my Daddy, oh the stories they could tell.

You go and order us burgers and fries, and another drink each. You tell me we are celebrating our new beginning starting today.

“But Daddy,” I tell you lowly, “It’s our anniversary too. Two months since we met here.”

“So, it is baby, so it is.”

Our food arrives and you fix my hamburger how I like it. It continually amazes me that ever likes or dislikes I mention in passing you remember and make sure that is how it always is. Like now, you knew how I like a burger cooked, and what I want on it.

You cut mine in quarters, and when no one is looking, lift bites to my mouth to eat. You feed me some of the French Fries in the same way.

As you feed me and yourself, I find a way to occupy my hands. Suddenly you feel my fingers running up and down your thigh. From your knee up to the bottom of your groin. First on your outer thigh, then back and forth moving just a fraction of an inch on each pass. Oh, I have reached the top of your thigh and haven’t even eaten half of our burgers yet.

Tantalizing you as I continue each pass. You can’t help but spread your legs as I work my way over to your inner thigh. Brushing your balls each time I reach the top now. You feel yourself starting to harden.

This won’t do.

You take hold of my hand and lay it on my lap.

I pout a little before leaning over to your ear and whisper, “You have my panties, why not enjoy them here for a minute. It can be hidden in your hand.”

You look at me and shake your head, smiling.

“Go ahead Daddy, no one will notice, and wouldn’t it be exciting to do it in public?”

You laugh loudly at that, and people from the bar do look over for a second or two. When they turn their heads, you reach in your pocket between us. You maneuver the panties around in your hand so it is balled up in your palm with the wonderful soaked crotch facing out.

You lift up to your nose and take a few deep sniffs in enraptured with the heady scent of your baby’s juices. I giggle as you do this, but not loud enough for people to look over again.

You push the panties back into your pocket and just smile at me.

I behave as you finish feeding me my meal, and you calm yourself to be able to leave.

Finish eating, we head home. Finally. That is where I want to be with you right now.

As we go to my door, you swoop me off my feet and cradling me in your arms, you carry me into the house. “I just had to do that one time baby,” you tell me. I giggle with delight.

You are soon just in your boxers and me in a clean diaper. Yes, I have peed myself between the excitement of you changing me at work and the drinks at the bar.

Back in the living room, I see a couple of large suitcases and a carry-on. You tell me that we are all packed to leave in the morning. My laptop is in one of the suitcases and yours you will carry with us. And my tablet to occupy me on the plane.

Once again you have taken care of everything.

On your lap and my night time bottle in hand, I don’t see what you brought in for yourself. As you lean me back to start sucking I realize that what is in my bottle is something effervescence, bubbly. And then I realize it is filled with champagne. I look up at you and you smile at me.

“Lizzy, do you think I would forget our anniversary? Not remember the day I met you? You are my everything baby.”

I push the bottle aside long enough to grab you around the neck and kiss you as your lover, not your baby girl.

The bottle is done, you put me to bed, telling me to try to go to sleep, you still have a few things to get ready for leaving tomorrow, but will be in bed holding me soon.

Even though I so want to stay awake to really celebrate our anniversary with you, everything that has happened to me today gets the better of me. The realization kicks in that I am for the first time in my life, unemployed.

It suddenly hits me hard, and I turn and sob in my pillow until exhausted I fall to sleep.

When you join me a little later, you see my soaked pillow, and just understand, and hold me tight through the night.



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