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Lactating Nipples

Woman who babysat guy years ago takes him and shows her lactating nipples
An always quiet and very shy young lady, she had just turned 25 the other day. The day I saw her again we started to catch up when out of nowhere she had told me something quite extraordinary, wild, and very, very unusual. Her name is Summer and to me she is a pretty young lady but seeing as I hadn’t seen her since we were kids I found I was still more than a little impressed with her when she came to our annual neighborhood party.

Summer and her family came to our Area Friends and Family party that day on Saturday in July. Unlike in the old days I found that Summer was unusually quiet and still rather shy. We’ve both grown up, her now at 25 and me at 20, but she hung out alone or with her parents, and me...well, I was all over the place as I talked to anyone who had an ear.

I was the “jovial” outgoing guy. I have always been this way but Summer, as in years past, was still quiet and not so willing to jump into the fray of whatever was going on. She was a lot of fun back in the day but I was this little tyke who enjoyed her gentle and quiet but friendly personality. She would invariably have something nice to say that made me feel good about myself.

“You be a good boy. I know you will be,” she always told me as she smiled humbly and walked out the door. I’d say goodbye and wave and she’d wave back and even wink. “Bye, until tomorrow Tyler Hangstrom.”

She’d be there at 7:55 on the dot each and every weekday morning. Sometimes I was awake and some days I wasn’t, but she was always there and she always had a smile for me when I walked out sleepy-eyed.

Now, 10 plus years later we had both grown up. Oh yes, we had. I never realized just how quiet the darling young lady who lived two doors down from me back in the day really was. She never had much to say to anyone. For that matter, she didn’t have much to say to me.

So here we were, at our summer party, and everyone was enjoying themselves including Summer’s parents and others they happen to know. I’m kind of all grown up now. She is too but then I always kind of thought she was seeing as she was my babysitter. My parents worked, and keeping me out of trouble was was a good summer job for her, and so she spent the day paying attention to me.

I never realized it way back when, before she and her family moved away for a number of years, but in truth Summer was a little bigger than most girls her age. She still is. Yep, she still is a “bigger” built girl with boobs and hips and thicker, smoother looking thighs designed for the guy who would and could value them. Maybe I had grown up to be that guy.

She sat away from us all, wearing a lightweight top, which was off white, and could be unbuttoned to just about where her boobs began. I saw cleavage of course, although not much of it, but it was there and she was proud of it, I’m assuming.

I got up from the crowd I was talking to once I realized it was her. I was so happy she came I wore a smile which told her how happy I was that she came. She smiled meekly but she didn’t really look at me too much. She looked my way and then looked away.

“Hiiiii Summer,” I said rather quietly as she looked up and stared at me. A humble smile appeared. “How’s it going? May I sit down?”

She didn’t have much to say but nodded her head. I was the one who seemed to do all the talking while she pretty much listened and smiled off and on.

Then she said, “In college now?” I said I was about to start this year. “Shouldn’t you have started last year?” she asked quietly. I said yes but my parents and I decided I should take a year off.

The conversation between us died out. We sat there, at the picnic table, having nothing to say to one another. I looked around. She did too. Still we were quiet saying nothing at all to each other. As we looked at all the others at the party they were talking and laughing and most likely having fun as they got drunker and drunker I suppose. I said something and she replied but our conversation went dead after I said it. I wanted to carry on the conversation with her but she didn’t seem to have anything whatsoever to say.

Not a word was spoken. Nothing was said. We just sat there, quietly, and not saying anything to one another. It was quiet as ever. Summer and I sat doing nothing at all. We watched all the others at the party as they had fun while we didn’t say a word to one another.

Then out of nowhere she spoke up. Her voice was quiet when she said, “So are you going to live on campus or in an off campus apartment?”

It was a strange question but at least she had spoken. I answered her saying, “Apartment, why?”

“Oh, no reason,” she said, shrugging her shoulders but looking down at the ground.

“I’m going to move into it in about a month or so. I could probably get another viewing of it if you wanted to see it,” I told her. I don’t know why I said that but I did.

She looked up and right at me, as if what I’d told her was the greatest idea in the world. But then all of a sudden the explosively exciting look in her eyes and on her face went back to the look she had been wearing initially. She appeared to be bored. It seemed as if she was uninterested in everything.

So here we were, just Summer and me, doing nothing but staring out at all the others who appeared to be having a lot of fun. Not us, I told myself. Not Summer at least. It had been nice seeing her but in truth I was starting to get a little bored myself, when all of a sudden she speaks up tells me something that actually shocked the freaking shit out of me.

She starts off by saying, “You want to know something?”

I turned around to look at her and those prettier then ever hazel eyes of hers, saying yes. It was conversation either way you look at it.

Then she says, “My nipples leak all the time. They seep milk.” She says this with a straight face too. As she says it she’s shaking her head and goes on to tell me, “Out of nowhere my nipples will leak milk.” She stares right at me and stares hard too.

Her voice, as she says it, sounded so quiet, but she says it freely. It went quiet at that point. I didn’t know what to make of what she’d said. It shocked me nonetheless. It was like holy freaking shit! Who says something like that? Regardless she was still staring right at me as if waiting to get a reaction out of me. She had but I hadn’t shown it yet.

I mean, so how do I react to that, I asked myself.

Maybe questions were running through her mind too, I thought. How do you feel about that? Did it turn you on? Are you at all suddenly horny once I said that, Tyler? Is your dick starting to tingle at all because I said that?

And then there was my own idea of the question I hoped she had in mind. Do you want to go somewhere private, so I can show you what I’m talking about, let you see my nipples do that?

Here I was thinking about what Summer told me. My eyes and mouth started to “bug” out once I heard her say it. What I mean is that I craned my neck, my back straightened up, and my eyes went wide as my mouth dropped open. It was evident as to how and what I was thinking.

For the very first time she reacted to my reaction to what she said, smiling at me gently.

Thinking about what she just said made me think. Yep, it had hit me and I just so happened to look down. I looked at each of them, making a point of it, to her, I was clearly curious as I stared at them hard while Summer sat quietly and watched me look at her boobs. They appeared bigger then life to me.

Her quiet voice spoke again. “I’m betting you’d like to see that happen wouldn’t you Tyler?”

I found I loved the sound of her voice in truth. It was soft. It was tender. It draws you in. She made me truly wonder what that looked like when her nipples started to spray breast milk. I found my head going up as to look at her but then I looked down again, simply to I ogle her sizable nice looking boobs.

She was quiet about it but she went on to say, in a quiet and relaxed tone, “Wanna see them do it sometime?”

I was still expressing that stunned look on my face as I of course nodded my head without thinking about it at all. Hell yes I wanted to see her nipples. That meant of course seeing Summer’s big tits. I think my mouth had opened even wider but I wasn’t sure.

However, something somewhere snapped or clicked inside me. Something brought me back to reality. I don’t know why either. I blinked my eyes a number of times while shaking my head. I finally came out of it, whatever it was, and I looked at her face again.

I “grew” a serious look on my face as I shook my head. I looked at her hard and I wondered aloud, asking her, “Summer, why in the heck did you tell me what you did?”

She looked back at me, shrugging her shoulders as she did, and then she said, “I don’t know. I guess because I didn’t know what else to say.” She shook her head and went on to say, “Of all the people I know around here I thought you’d like to hear that.”

She went quiet and looked away. I stayed quiet while processing what she’d told me. What she’d said was absolutely nuts but regardless she’d said it anyway.

Then she suddenly said, although softly, “I don’t know to be honest. I just did.”

I looked at her. She did say it just to make conversation. Why I’m not really sure but it was conversation nonetheless. I wasn’t sure if I felt uncomfortable about it but I did know this: I felt excitedly weird. I did want to see it happen.

It was quiet again for about almost five minutes. Neither of us said a word. I’d been thinking about what she’d told me, again, and I’d been thinking about inviting her inside the house. I’d been thinking about inviting her up to my bedroom to be specific.

“I live two miles form here,” she said unexpectedly.

My body was in high alert at this point. Why is she telling me all this? I didn’t know.

“Would you like to go and see my apartment?” she asked suddenly. “I drove here alone.”

I swallowed hard, real hard at that, and she was quietly looking at me as if she was on a mission. Was she I asked myself? I didn’t know for sure but what the heck. She is older, she is pretty in my view, and her nipples do that milk thing without prompting them, hardly.

“Mom, I’m going home,” she said softly to her mother.

She waited out by her car as I told my mother I was leaving for a little while. My parents didn’t know Summer had left so things were cool. I got in my car and followed Summer over to her place. For me, this was really neat. Once we got there, we went in and I saw that she was still this “reserved” and unpretentious as well as a quiet young Summer. I liked that about her and I can’t tell you how much I loved her for being just who she was that day. She immediately offered me something to drink and I asked for water.

For lack of better conversation I said, “Don’t you have a boyfriend?” I don’t know why I asked her but regardless she didn’t answer my question anyway.

“So are you single?” she asked in that quiet tone I’d become accustomed to once she came back. She sat down. I took a long sip and then she said, “Do you want to see how it happens?”

“Oh uhhh you mean what you were talking about? Uhhh, sure, I guess,” I told her as I told myself fucking yeah, for sure. Why not, go ahead, and pull out your tits Summer.

She looked at me for a long minute or so and it forced me to look back at her. I didn’t know what to think or do. I simply sat staring at her and I waited for her to do her thing.

“Okay,” she said, quietly as she looked right into my eyes. “They’re big, alright Tyler? So don’t you start reaching out and grabbing at one of them,” she told me as she lifted up her top.

I watched her do it. I grew excited as hell. It was a light blue bra which I felt was as cool as any bra could be. There wasn’t anything too majestic in its design. It was a plain and simple looking bra. It didn’t matter. I respected her wished and didn’t even lift my hand as I saw her take off the top while all I said to myself was holy fucking shit!

She had cleavage on top of cleavage. Yeah okay, she was a fuller figured woman but Summer, to me, is most definitely quite an attractive looking one at that. And she has really nice looking tits too.

“Would you like me to slide it down or just take it off?” she said.

I must have swallowed at least 15 times at this point. My cock was tingling and my legs felt weird as hell too. She slid off her bra and her tits “came alive.” My eyes grew wider as they lurched out of her huge bra.

“Holy shit,” I said quietly as I scrutinized every inch of them.

Summer had big ass nipples or so I thought she did. She looked at me and saw how I was reacting to it all and with that she raised her hand and placed her fingers on one of the nipples. And then she squeezed it.

Milk came flying out faster then you can imagine! It jetted out faster then I could move out of the way. It literally splashed my shirt, making a convincing mark, about eight inches in diameter, right on it. I felt that, which she knew I had, as I immediately looked down at my chest, and then back at her.

“Oh umm I’m sorry about that Tyler,” she said softly. “I’m really sorry.”

She wore an almost gloomy look on her face as if sad and depressed by what she’d done. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I mean, I didn’t care about the milk stain. I honestly didn’t. To me, what she’d done, what had just happened was so damn cool that I wanted her to do it again and again and again.

I didn’t care about my shirt at all. Here I was sitting in her apartment and she was showing me her tits. I was looking at these “huge” and nicely rounded boobs of hers and nipples which were, to me, the size of freaking pebbles.

And she squeezed that nipples and milk flew out of it like there was no tomorrow!

“Holy freaking shit!” I exclaimed. “Wow, holy crap Summer! That was so damn cool!”

It was the very first time I saw her smile so widely all day. It was a treat and a joy and a pleasure to experience and to see. It was a blast. It was soooo much more than that I thought but I didn’t know what else to think.

I looked at her boobs. I wasn’t just looking at them but I found I was staring at them hard. I was overwhelmed at how cool they were. Summer’s boobs were so freaking cool that I said, “Can you do that again like that?”

She still had that smile on her face as she nodded her head again. With her fingers, she squeezed the other one, and in doing that it came out in a flash as it drenched my shirt some more.

I looked down. I smiled right away from ear to ear. I looked up at her, smiling of course, and I told her how neat and how cool it really that she could do that.

“Well to be honest with you it started happening out of nowhere,” she said as if it goes on all the time. “I have to wear sweaters a lot so that my blouses I wear don’t show the milk stains. It doesn’t happen as often as you think but it happens a lot.”

We stared at each other. For the first time since seeing her earlier that day she smiled right at me. “Does that turn you on?” she asked all of a sudden.

“Heck yes,” I replied. “I mean what guy,” and I paused. “What guy wouldn’t get turned on by something like that Summer? I mean I do, I did.”

And out of nowhere, she exclaims, excitedly, “You really do? You really did?”

“Yeah, I did and I do. That was super cool Summer,” I came back.

She looked down. The apartment fell silent. About 30 seconds later she said it quietly. “Then Tyler, as my friend, my old and dear friend, I will allow you this chance. I am going to allow you all the opportunities in the world to do something to me or for me, I guess.”

“What’s that?” I said not expecting to hear what she told me.

“I will allow you to do almost anything you’d like to my breasts as long as it will turn me on. How’s that sound to you? I mean, I’ve been looking for a guy, like you, that knows and likes me for who I am,” she told me. I knew I was her guy. I knew that for sure.

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