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Learning to Live a Little

I never knew it could be so fun to get fucked by her.

Learning to Live a Little


I want to tell you a story, one that didn't happen to long ago. Unlike a few of my stories, this one could very well be true...We shall see what you think when you are done reading it. It takes place at my girlfriends house, she is the one in the photo with me. She stands about 5'2" and weighs barely any more than 110 pounds when she is sopping wet and has her hair down. Her tits aren't the biggest in the world, but they are amazingly firm and feel great when you suck them into your mouth. Her nipples are super sensitive and I can make her cum just from biting and pulling and sucking on them. She even likes it when I put some clamps or clothes pins on them. But the best thing of all is her ass and her pussy. They are both amazingly tight and feel great as I slide my cock in and out until I can't take it any more and I bust a nut all over her face and tits.

Now when this story takes place, we had been dating for almost two years and I was about to propose. People say that at 21 and 20 we are too young, but I say fuck them. It is our lives and we know what we want and that we want to be together. When I met her, she was a very shy and reserved girl. She came from a very sheltered up bringing and a very religious family. She had made "The Golden Promise" to stay a virgin until marrige, and that was a very hard thing to work around until we finally had sex.

I had been having fun as I taught her all the things she could do sexually and especially had fun teaching her how to do it just like I like it. I had been teaching her how to suck a cock to the point that I am on the point of screaming in pleasure and edging me to make my loads even bigger and more powerful when I finally cum all over her. It took her quite a while for her to do that though. I remember after we finally started having sex, it took her a long time to willing put my cock in her mouth without a lot of pleading on my part. And even then it wasn't even something you could call a blowjob, it was just a warm coat around my cock in cold winter months.

Slowly but surely though as the weeks went on and we had sex more and more often she would start to put it in her mouth more and more often. Then it was a matter of teaching her how to use her tongue to put pressure on different areas like the tip and the underside of the shaft. Then came the part about how much teeth is good and how much is bad. Then we moved on to how to create suction to feel good. It was really an amazing transformation that never is complete really. Currently we are working on how to take my cock into her throat and reducing her gag reflex so that I can fuck her throat like a pussy when I have her tied up to the bed to have my way with her.

All of these things are fun transformations, I guess I always was on par, sexually speaking, with the girls that I was fucking before her. So this teacher role was a new one for me that naturally led into a domineering role over her. She naturally fell into a submissive role and started to love being spanked as I was fucking her doggy style with my cock sliding in and out of her pussy as my balls slapped her clit. Oh how I would pull her hair and make her moan. After those started happening was when I first tied her up. I immobilized her hands the first time, just tied them to the head board so that she couldn't touch anything or move her upper body, but I left her feet free so that she could try, if she wanted, to fight back as I had my way with her body.

If I remember correctly, it was about the same time that I tied her up that I started talking dirty to her. Calling her names like "slut" and "whore" or telling her to suck my cock like the good little bitch she was. All these things that would piss her off if we weren't in the bedroom lit a fire beneath her and she would become feverish and the sex would become amazing. She slowly started to talk back to me, telling me how much she wanted to suck my big cock and feel the blood pulse through the veins. For those of you that haven't yet, you can look at the pictures on my profile, they have me fucking her from behind and her sucking my cock. Maybe I will upload some more of her taking a big load on her tits and face, we shall see.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yea, she was becoming my little fuck toy in the bedroom and our sex life was great. It seemed like all I needed to do was talk to her about doing something or write a story and have her read it and she would become hooked on the subject and want to try it. It is so fun the way that I can torment her pussy and mind with pleasure when we can't be together. I love hearing about how she is touching her pussy or how a story she never thought would turn her on, maybe one with incest for a first time, made her cum harder than anything before when masturbating. I liked having the power, but things were about to change.

It all started when we were having sex one night, I was pulling on her nipples and she was moaning, and I was doing this all as I was fucking her pussy in the missionary position. When suddenly, she reached up and started pulling on my nipples and asking if I liked it. When I said yes, she started to pinch harder and harder. It was such a turn on, even though I had always loved having my nipples played with, I had never had a women play with them like this, it was amazing.

It was after that that she slowly started to take advantage of situations where she could flip the roles and make me the submissive one and her the dom. Times like when she was working up to sucking my cock. She would start kissing at my neck and work her way down to my nipples and she would stay there for a long time slowly working my nipples over until they got to the point of becoming raw and untouchable, and sometimes she would push past that. The whole time she is doing this, she is also refusing to let me touch her, she is slapping my hands and covering my eyes, making it so she was in total control, even going as far as to call me a fucker or man whore.

This went on for a few weeks and many fuck sessions, but then suddenly, things took a turn in a whole new direction. She was straddling my legs with my cock buried inside her pussy and she was working my nipples and biting my neck. It was one of the best and sexiest fucks we had ever had. It was then that she leaned down and started licking my ear and nibbling on it. Just as she pulled away, she paused and leaned down close to my ear.

"I want to fuck you in the ass with a strap-on and force you to suck it too."

I wasn't sure what to think, time seemed to slow down. Here I was horny as a mother fucker and I had my gf asking to fuck me in the ass with a strap-on. I had never let a women get anywhere near my ass before with as much as a finger, let alone a giant dildo strapped to her. Thousands of different things were flying through my mind, everything from being a homosexual to realizing that it made my cock get even harder and kinda turned me on.

"I will think about it, but right now I want to fuck you."

"No, I will fuck you."

She then proceeded to ride me for the next hour and a half until I had squirted so much cum into her pussy and she leaked so much fluids onto me that I thought I was going to pass out from dehydration and at the same time over whelm her birth control and knock her up. We laid there in our own sweat and fluids for a while and then finally passed out.

Things went pretty much the same way for a while, we would be fucking and she would bring up wanting to fuck me, she even started referring to my ass as my "boy pussy" and the more she spoke about it the more I was getting turned on by the idea. She even started sending me emails full of photos of some of the hottest women fucking men in the ass with these giant strap-ons. I found myself slowly running my hand over my cock and balls and making myself cum while I was looking at the photos. It was after the 4 or 5 times that I was cumming to the photos in my email that I finally decided that I was going to do it.

I called her up and told her that I wanted to do it and I wanted her to pick out the strap-on and surprise me with it, I haven't heard her that excited for the longest time and it made me happy. I don't know when she was going to be able to do it, but she said she was going to pick one up and we could have some fun.

It was two weeks later that she finally said we were going to do it that night. I was hard the whole day, it made it almost impossible to run the errands that needed to be done. I was constantly needing to adjust my cock in my pants so it wasn't stretching my pants out into a tent and let everyone know that I was hard.

When we finally got settled in for the night, she told me to put a blindfold on and walked into the bathroom. When she came out she started running her fingers through my hair and biting my nipples. I couldn't see a thing but felt everything and it felt amazing. She helped me off the bed and put me on my knees on the floor. I could hear her taking photos of me, only adding fuel to my inner fire.

"Take the blindfold of Bitch."

I reached up and pulled off the blindfold. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, she was standing in front of me wearing a black corset with garters and stockings. Strapped on to her waist was a big thick cock. I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

"It is 8.5" inches. And you are going to be a good little boy and suck it."

She reached her hands to the back of my head and pulled me in. I reached up and put my hand on the cock and it was amazing as it felt like a real cock. I opened my mouth and it entered my mouth. I slowly started doing what I knew felt good. I don't know why I was doing it like she could actually feel it, but it really was turning me on. I started to stroke my cock, and she continued to slowly take more and more photos.

"That's it you little cock sucker, take my cock."

She then forced it into my throat and made me gag a few times. It was starting to turn me on. She was fucking my face and then she started to pinch and pull and play with her nipples.

"Wouldn't you love if this was a real cock and you could be rewarded with a nice creamy reward."

All I could do was moan around the cock in my mouth. I was really getting into it when she suddenly pulled it out of my mouth.

"That's enough, now get on your hands and knees."

I obeyed and slowly turned and got on my knees. It was then that I felt something extremely new and amazing. I felt her tongue on my asshole and she was slowly licking around the hole and then she started to tongue fuck me. I was starting to moan and she was starting to finger my ass, loosening me up. She got up and slowly started to push the tip of the cock into my ass.

"Fuck me baby, oh god your cock feels good."

It was spreading me so wide that I never thought it was going to stop. It just kept going and going, luckily I was so turned on that I was relaxed enough to not bear down on the cock and it slid in easily. She stayed there and let my ass get used to it and then slowly she started to move it in and out a few inches at a time and then got to the point that she was taking it all out and slamming it back in, it felt amazing. Each time she pushed it into my ass and it pushed on my prostate, a little electrical jolt went through my cock and I thought I was going to cum any second.

She was getting into it and slapping my ass and pulling my hair, and it felt amazing. It seemed like I was having one constant orgasm and yet I still hadn't cum yet, but it felt amazing. I now know what they are talking about when you hear them talk about milking the prostate. When I finally got to the point that I was going to cum, it shot out of my cock and landed all over the bed. She slowly reached down and scooped some up on her finger and spread it on the cock, after taking the condom off of it.

She pulled my head around and shoved the cock back in my mouth and I started to suck my own cum off of her cock. It was the first time that I had ever tasted my own cum, but it wasn't that bad. She slowly pulled the cock out of my mouth and we made out, sharing my cum between us. It was the hottest experience of my life.

"Did you like that?"

"Yes, I love your cock in me."

"Good, you better get used to fuck my pussy you little bitch."



I hope you liked the story, I sure enjoyed writing it, and feel free to let me know if you think it is real or not, would love to know your thoughts.

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