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Licking Her Feet Until I Cum

I licked her feet until I came.
It was a normal day at work. I was sitting at my desk doing what I do every day. For the past three months I had been fantasizing about a girl at work. I didn't want to have sex with her; I just wanted to know what her feet looked like. She had always worn closed shoes, as specified in the standards of the office. I had no idea what her feet looked like, which made me want them even more.

One day while she was sitting at her desk I looked over and she had kicked off one of her shoes. I could see the soft sole of her right foot and started getting an erection. I wanted more but she put her shoes back on and got out of her chair. Then the next day she was going to a shoe shop down the road from the office. She asked me if I wanted to come along, so I agreed. In the shop she sat down, picked up an open pair of heels and tried it on. For the first time, I saw her toes and every other part of her foot. They were the hottest pair of feet I had ever seen.

She saw me looking and noticed the look on my face. Being a flirtatious girl, she asked me to do up the buckle of the shoe. I could barely control myself. I did up the buckle and put her foot a little closer to my face than I needed to. After that, every day she would tease me by taking off her shoes while she sat at her desk. She would spin in her chair to face me and speak to me. She could see the bulge in my pants every time.

After three weeks of teasing, she asked me to accompany her for a walk after work. As we walked we discussed fetishes, mostly in the abstract. Then she asked me if I had any fetishes. I paused for a minute, then she answered for me. She said she knew about my foot fetish and asked me if I wanted to suck her toes.

Instantly, I said, "Yes."

We walked for a while to a secluded little park and sat on the grass. She placed a foot on my lap. I began to feel her foot with my hands, gently rubbing. After a while she edged her foot close to my face. I kissed the sole of her foot gently and she pressed it harder towards my face. She said "I bet I can make you cum just from sucking my feet".

I figured it was worth a try.

She put her big toe from her left foot slowly into my mouth and I began sucking. I had an instant erection and was quivering I was so horny. She asked me to suck and lick all over passionately. I sucked each toe of her left foot then went back to the big toe. I sucked on that toe for several minutes before licking the top of her foot, around the heel and then along the sole. I licked her sole for at least 15 minutes, my dick throbbing the whole time. Each time I licked from the heel up her sole to her big toe I passionately sucked her big toe. Then I moved on to her other foot and did the same.

About 15 minutes into licking her soles I felt my dick start to throb harder, I was getting closer to cumming and I had not even touched it. I felt like I was about to cum. I slowly licked up one sole to the big toe, slid it into my mouth and felt the twitch right before orgasm. I was on the edge of cumming for another five minutes, her toe in my mouth the whole time. And then I couldn't hold it any longer; I had to cum. The orgasm was the biggest and horniest of my entire life.

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