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Life is Still Good

Life is Still Good

Party on. Life is good.

The night is getting late but it's been fun. Jennie and I are still enjoying ourselves. She comes back from a dance with a dude. He kisses her and then finishes his drink. 

"Bye ladies. Gotta work tomorrow. I hate working weekends. It's been fun tonight." Nice guy. He's paid for several drinks.

I glance over to the corner. The cute guy is still there and he's looking. Definitely at me. "I'll give him something to look at," I think to myself. I pull up my short skirt and remove my prosthetic leg. I set in on the bar and rub my stub with both hands. Yes, he's definitely staring now. I giggle to myself.

"Hey Jennie, I'm gonna go play for a few minutes. I'll be back, girlfriend. Watch my leg."

"Okay, Sandy. Be careful, hun. I'll be here if you need me."

She's my best friend forever. I love her. Now I pick up the crutch I have leaning against the bar. It comes in handy when I need to get rid of the prosthetic for a while. I smile to myself.

"Hi, sailor. Wanna go for a walk?" I'm looking into his face. He's not sure. I can be a little intimidating, I know. "Got a car here?"

He can't help staring at the crutch and then at my stub peeking out from under my soft, clingy skirt. Come on, dude. I'm hot and you know it. 

"Um, yeah, sure. I have my car. Yeah, sure." And he stands up, barely concealing the hardon he has. I knew it. I know the type by now. He's been wondering all night, staring at me. This is his lucky day. I'm happy to see he's packing some nice sausage for me. I giggle as I lead the way towards the back door. The parking lot is around back of the club.

He touches my arm as we walk down the hall. "You sure about this?" I stop, lean against the wall, and raise my stub. I pull him close and rub his prick with it. I giggle as he groans and leans into what is still there of my leg, just above where the knee was. I caress him with it and feel him stiffening even more. I look up at him as he leans down and kisses me, grabbing my round ass and humping my stub. His hand touches my leg and then he gently, but eagerly, runs his fingers over it.

His hand finds my panties, creeps a finger around the edge, and begins feeling my wetness. I want whatever he has for me. He can have what I have. I know he wants it now as he fucks my pussy with a probing finger. Oh, fuck, I tremble as a shiver runs through my body starting from my tender vulva and racing through me. So good. I hear him moaning as he kisses me again, his tongue seeking the heat of my lips and mouth. 

I pull away from him. "Come on, sport. We have some playing to do." I get my crutch under my arm and take his hand away from my pussy. I feel the wetness from my own juices. Soon we're going out the door.

"Over there, my car's there." Not far. He's guiding me to the back passenger door. That's fine. After he opens it he helps me lie down on the seat.

I spread my legs and he groans while he's pulling my thong down, away from my goodies. He drops the thong on the floor and sinks down to begin licking my stub. Caressing and slurping the flesh. Squeezing it and tasting my tender leg. I giggle and pull his face to my pussy. This dude needs to give me some head. He's not the only one playing here. Oh, it's good when his tongue laps at my clit. I am waving the stub around while my other leg is thrown up over the back of the seat.

"That's it, baby. Lick my pussy. Oh, fuck, yeah. Lick it for Momma." He keeps doing his job for several minutes as I moan with pleasure and finally I shake all over once more, more intensely, coming as I always do. I'm loving this. But I need more. Mister Cutie needs to give me some cock. Can't let that package go to waste, can we?

"You need to use me now, sugar. Pull your pants down and let me see your prick, Sonny." I giggle again as he quickly wipes his mouth and then pulls his trousers off. His cock is hard and curving upward, wiggling in the security lights in the parking lot. I grab it and pull him down to me. He immediately rubs his precum across my leg stub and I hear him groaning and feel his prick twitching. I touch his shaft and begin caressing it, rubbing it and spreading all the precum with my thumb. 

His hardness is probing now, finding my juicy pussy ready for him. I am so ready for some fucking as he enters slowly and then thrusts hard, eagerly. Oh, fuck, yes. Yes. "Yes, baby, fuck me good," I cry. Yes. He's kissing me again and humps his cock into my sticky little prettiness. 

Fast and furious is fine with me. I've been waiting all night for the best of fun. He screws me like I want it. Taking him deep, and taking all he has. Oh fuck, so glad I'm on the pill. Fill me up, Sonny Jim. Fill my cunt. And he does. He's filling my vagina with all his juices. But he jerks it out and begins jacking off, spraying my leg stub. That's cool. That's cool. 

I pull him upward now. Up to my mouth so that I can taste his milk. I taste my own pussy and his semen. I suck him dry. He groans once more and then leans down to my leg and licks it clean of his own sperm. He's getting something he may have dreamed of for a long time. I'm getting what I want. Hard cock and lots of comes. Yes, it's all good.

After we go back into the club I give him a kiss, say goodbye, and get myself cleaned up in the rest room.

Returning to Jennie we just smile at each other. I give her a kiss and we go home. Life is good.



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