Linda at the Barbershop - part II

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Linda's experience at the barbershop was thrilling.  "Ed, it was so exciting to get a haircut from Roberto and to suck his big cock. It was so good !"

Well, I enjoyed it as well. Just thinking about the idea of my wife being 'abused'  by a professional barber made my little fellow stiff.

"would you like to repeat it ?", I asked Linda. "of course", she said.

I phoned Roberto and asked him whether he is interested in another session with me and with Linda.  "This time, you can give her even a more radical haircut", I promised. Roberto agreed and we've decided to meet on Monday evening in his barbershop.

We came on Monday evening and there was no one in the shop. Roberto wore leather clothes and looked like a porn star rather than a barber. He locked the door behind him and asked us, "so, what are we doing today ?"

"I thought about an extreme military haircut, a clippercut with a number guard 2 on top and razor shaved at the sides and the back. Is it OK with you Linda ?", I asked my wife. "Sure it is OK with me. I will do anything to taste Roberto's cock again".

Roberto smiled. "Please have a seat, Linda". Linda sat on the barber chair. Roberto covered her in a cape. Her hair was 'long' - about 2". "Let's get rid of this mess", said Roberto as he put the number 2 guard and turned on the clippers.

The sound of the clippers made me instantly hard. I noticed that Linda is putting her hand below the cape and wondered what is she up to. Roberto started to remove Linda's hair. He started at the back, leaving a nice strip behind the hungry clippers and moved on to the sides. He then  continued to the crown and made my Linda look like a cutie G.I. Gane. I looked at Linda in admiration and smiled. She smiled back but didn't say a word.

Roberto took off the guard and started to shave Linda's nape. He shaved her quickly like a sheep. Within a minute he removed all the hair from the sides and the back, making Linda look like a US marine. I was so excited that I wanted to fuck Linda immediately, but I stopped myself and just sat down quietly, waiting for more to happen.

Roberto took a wet hot towel and cleaned the sides and the back of Linda's head. He applied a thin layer of a shaving cream and took his barber's razor. He shaved Linda slowly.

I noticed a bulge in Roberto's pants. Linda noticed it too and put her hand on it. She wanted to open Roberto's zipper, but Roberto refused. "Let me finish the shaving first. It is too dangerous to distract me now. I might cut you by mistake. Be patient, Linda !".

Roberto continued the shaving and finally finished the haircut. He applied a lotion on the bare scalp.

Linda looked amazing. She had a very short hair on top, in contrast with the shiny smooth sides and back.

Both Linda and I were expecting some action with Roberto at this stage, but Roberto surprised us by asking, "What about your pussy, Linda ? do you need a haircut down there too?".

"Yes, she needs a haircut there", I've said, "it is almost 3 months since her last pussy-cut".

Linda removed all her clothes and stood naked in front of us. "Look Roberto, it is a jungle there, shave me please !", she begged.

"Well Linda, it is messy ! I have to clean it". Roberto proposed to give Linda's pussy the same haircut as he gave to her head. A number 2 landing strip above her clit, and a smooth shave for the rest. His proposal was excepted with enthusiasm  by both Linda and me.

Roberto repeated the same process. He first shaved everything with the number 2 guard, then removed all the pubic hair except a narrow strip with the bare clippers and  finally shaved the pussy smooth with the razor.

He behaved like a true gentleman, although his cock stood like a rocket, he didn't insert any finger to Linda's wet pussy.

Linda stood in front of the mirror and admired herself. In fact we all did. Linda looked like the sexiest woman on earth, with her military haircut and the landing strip above the smooth shaved pussy. I thought the idea of Roberto was ingenious. Same haircut for the head and the
pussy ! only a creative and imaginative person like Roberto could think about such a great idea.

"You should change your name to Da Vinci !" I told Roberto. Roberto smiled and said "thank you Ed. It was my pleasure."

Linda approached Roberto and said "Roberto, you are an artist ! I am so grateful. Can you please let me suck your cock ? That's the least I can do for you !"

Linda opened Roberto's zipper and inserted his lovely cock to her mouth. She started to give him a passionate blow-job. Roberto put his hands on the Linda's bald sides and firmly pulled her head. He thrusted his cock deep into her throat.

I got very excited and decided to join the party. I asked Linda to be on four and Roberto to be on his knees. I told Linda that I'm going to fuck her doggie style.

So Linda went on four and lifted a bit her bum. I looked at her lovely freshly shaved pussy, gave it a long lick and inserted my cock inside. I started to thrust intensively, while Roberto kept fucking her mouth. The view of her military haircut from the back was mind blowing.

After several minutes of intense fucking I've decided that double penetration is not good enough and that Linda deserves more. I licked my finger and inserted it to her bum-hole. The anal act made Roberto horny and he came loudly in Linda's mouth. He didn't pull his cock and Linda swallowed every single drop.

As Roberto pulled out his cock I've increased the rhythm of both my cock and my finger  fucking. I felt Linda's orgasm. The contractions in her vagina squeezed my cock. Few seconds before cuming, I pulled my cock and inserted it firmly to Linda's ass. I fucked her ass a bit and then shot my cum inside it.

After relaxing a bit, I stood up, approached Roberto and shook his hand.  "thank you my friend for shaving and fucking my wife."

We both looked at Linda who was still naked and on four. Her mouth and bum-hole were  dripping cum. We started to laugh loudly.

"Let's go home", I said to Linda as I helped her to stand up and get dressed. Roberto took a tissue and cleaned her mouth and kissed her on her chick.

Linda and I left the shop smiling at each other.