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Living Doll

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When I was a little girl, I had loved playing with dolls. I would dress them up, brush their hair and create lives for them. I had Barbies and Sindy’s that lived alongside the fake ones who didn’t look quite right that my mum had bought cheaply, but nonetheless they had all served their own purpose. They lived in my dollhouse in my bedroom and I built an entire world for them, admittedly with the Barbies at the top of the social ladder very shallowly because they were prettier with better figures. In my games the Barbies were popstars or actresses, and my highest ranking Sindy was a model because she had long blonde hair whilst the cheap ones played the fill in roles; for example Annie my most attractive cheap doll was a horse handler. I can’t say that I was being politically correct but I was a child for goodness sake and society already had a handle on me.

As the years went by, I kept a handful of my best Barbies while the rest went in the rubbish along with any other dolls that I had collected over the years. All the things that come with growing older overshadowed my fascination and I had almost forgotten about the many hours that I spent playing with my dolls, until a chance encounter on the Internet. I was bored one evening and playing an online game with a guy called Vince when he started chatting to me, initially very casually. The banter was a bit of fun, perhaps a tad flirtatious but there was nothing sinister or too provocative so as the weeks went on, we continued with our online gaming.

I became hooked and soon enough Vince and I were friends on Facebook. I was twenty-five at the time and was surprised and a little excited to find out that he was more than twenty years older than me. He on the other hand eased off a bit, telling me that I was too young for him, but with some persistence on my behalf, I convinced him that we were doing nothing wrong just by talking. I don’t think either one of us ever thought that it would develop into anything else but pretty soon we allowed our impulses to take over. It all escalated one evening through an online conversation.

Jodie Croome (me): ‘Tell me about your interests.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘I’ve told you I like sport, rugby mostly.’

Jodie Croome: ‘No, I mean other interests. What makes you tick?’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Shall I presume you are trying to delve deeper Jodie?’

Jodie Croome: ‘LOL. Stop answering my questions with questions. Tell me something about yourself that nobody else knows.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Ok, but you must promise not to think any less of me.’

Jodie Croome: ‘Of course not.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Hmm. This is going to sound a bit strange.’

Jodie Croome: ‘An eye for an eye, if you tell me something about yourself, I will answer whatever question you want in return.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Deal.’


Jodie Croome: ‘Come on then!’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Alright bossy boots! Ok, um, I have a rather extensive collection of dolls. That’s something I don’t tell a lot of people.’

Jodie Croome: ‘Are you serious?’

Vincent Andrews: ‘It’s not how it sounds. My mum made dolls for years and when she died, I dunno, I guess I just couldn’t bear to throw them out.’

Jodie Croome: ‘Aw, that’s not so bad. Do you have them displayed in your house?’

Vincent Andrews: ‘In the spare room. My mates ripped the piss out of me when they saw them so they have been relegated from the living room!’

Jodie Croome: ‘LMFAO. How many are there?’

Vincent Andrews: ‘I kept eighteen of the best ones. They’re really good, my mum was brilliant at making them.’

Jodie Croome: ‘I’d love to see them. I loved dolls when I was a kid.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Oh yeah? What kind?’

Jodie Croome: ‘Barbies mostly but I had all sorts.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘I can’t believe we’re talking about dolls!’

Jodie Croome: ‘I can’t believe you have a doll collection!’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Cut it out, I’ve had enough grief about it over the years!’

Jodie Croome: ‘From who?’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Everyone! In fact, a while back a few of my mates bought me a blow up doll to ‘add to my collection’. They thought it was hilarious!’

Jodie Croome: ‘Like a sex doll?’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Yeah, you know the kind.’

Jodie Croome: ‘Have you used it?’


Jodie Croome: ‘OMG you’ve used it!’

Vincent Andrews: ‘No, I didn’t say that!’

Jodie Croome: ‘You didn’t need to.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘I haven’t used it!’

Jodie Croome: ‘That’s a shame. Kind of got my interest for a second.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘How’s that?’

Jodie Croome: ‘I dunno, just imagining you playing with a life sized doll. Doing what you wanted to her.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Are you jealous of my doll? She’s not that hot. You’re much better.’

Jodie Croome: ‘But she’s there with you.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Don’t worry, she’s deflated at the moment.’

Jodie Croome: ‘LOL. I could be your doll.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Are you offering?’

Jodie Croome: ‘I could dress up for you and you could do with me whatever you wanted. I would be your living doll.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Don’t tease me.’

Jodie Croome: ‘I’m not teasing you, I really like the idea.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘We haven’t even met Jodie.’

Jodie Croome: ‘We need to remedy that.’


Jodie Croome: ‘You haven’t asked me my question yet.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘What?’

Jodie Croome: ‘An eye for an eye. You told me about the dolls so now you can ask me anything.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Something of my choosing?’

Jodie Croome: ‘Of course.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘Ok, but I’m finding it hard to concentrate after all this doll talk.’

Jodie Croome: ‘Then your question is simple.’

Vincent Andrews: ‘It is?’

Jodie Croome: ‘Sure it is. When and where shall we meet?’

It may not have been the best plan in the world but I was thrilled to the very core as I prepared to meet Vincent for the first time. We had booked a hotel room halfway between our hometowns and I was getting ready for our night together. I was completely lost in the fantasy and I wanted everything to be perfect. We had agreed to keep it completely secret from everyone we knew and when it came down to it, we both realised exactly why we were meeting. I was absolutely desperate to have sex with Vincent, purely for the sake of fulfilling a fantasy. I wanted him to dominate me and the idea of being his living doll made me wet with excitement.

I had bought a dress for the occasion. I wasn’t entirely sure what his definition of a doll was but I found something quite fitting and suitably girly; a pink and white floral dress. It was cute but kind of sexy and teemed with thigh length white stockings, I was beginning to look the part. The outfit was extremely important to me. I wanted to be everything he imagined and more so I braided my hair in pigtails and finished the look with little pink ribbons tied in bows at the ends. Although my anticipation was brimming and I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel, I must admit that I was also a tad nervous. I was desperate to be a good doll for Vincent and with that in mind I decided to take a blindfold for myself. It seemed the best way for me to let him do whatever he wanted and I thought it would help me to act more doll-like, without either of us getting embarrassed. As I tied it round my neck ready to slip over my eyes when the time was right, I was struck with more inspiration. I grabbed a bag and filled it with all my favourite sex toys, from nipple clamps to my dildo, along with a couple of changes of outfits. After all, what is a doll if you can’t change her clothes?

I arrived at the hotel before Vincent and so I checked myself in and settled into the room. I placed the items I had brought with me on the table and laid out the changes of clothes on the chair, just in case. After using the bathroom and double checking my appearance in the mirror, I put some music on quietly and sat on the bed where I waited for about half an hour.

The door clicked and I quickly slid my blindfold over my eyes. My heart was thumping as I anticipated what was to come. Vincent didn’t say a word but I knew he was in the room and I listened as he closed the door behind him, every sound heightened by my lack of vision. His footsteps moved around the room and I could hear his breathing, deep and raspy and I knew he was just as excited as I was. A shuffling noise that I recognised as the movement of the items I had laid out on the side and I could only wonder what Vincent had planned.

I sat patiently, as still as I could, just like a real doll but I couldn’t disguise my rapid breathing. The bed suddenly dipped a bit and I knew Vincent was beside me, taking his time just looking at me and I felt the moisture forming between my legs. Trying desperately not to move, I continued to wait, listening to Vincent breathing as he gained confidence and made the move to touch me. First I felt his large hand on my shoulder, a tentative step that I was so grateful for and I breathed out, exhilarated by the contact. Taking his cue, Vincent became braver. His position must have shifted on the bed and seconds later I felt both his hands smoothing the skin across my shoulders, my chest and he allowed the straps of my dress to fall down. A sigh escaped my lips at his touch but I was dedicated to my role as his doll. I had no intention of getting in the way of anything that he wanted to do to me.

Vincent pulled my dress right down and with a bit of effort and no help from me, he stripped me to my underwear. I hadn’t expected him to be so desperate to get me naked but I liked it very much.

"That’s better." He said and I jumped a little at the sound of his voice but didn’t let it distract me from my role as his doll.

My pulse was racing as I felt Vincent’s hands brush over my skin. He was certainly bolder, his fingers tickling the inside of my thighs on the way up my body, with a slight circling over my knickers followed by more decisive movements as he used both hands to caress my bare stomach. I struggled to hold back from arching towards him and as though reading my mind, he began to slowly squeeze my tits through my pink satin bra.

"Wow." He uttered and his deep, gruff voice only served to turn me on even more.

His hands left my chest and I felt him ease my body forwards, tilting me to gain access to the clasp on my bra.

"Let me see your tits." He breathed as he undid the clips and released my breasts, the weight making them fall forward.

Vincent sat me back upright and yanked off my bra. My breathing was faster than ever as I sat before him topless, so desperate for him to touch me.

"Fucking gorgeous." He said and with that he leant in, latching his mouth around my left nipple.

I had to hold in a gasp at the sheer exhilaration. My nipple hardened under his tongue as he licked and sucked on my tit, his fingers taking me by surprise when he pinched my other nipple. It took all my strength not to respond but I needed to remain calm and placid, like a real doll.

Vincent squeezed my tits together and sucked on them as one. The slurping sounds of him enjoying me made my pussy pulse and any initial awkwardness was completely out of the window. Vincent knew as well as I did that this was our chance to live out our fantasy and we both intended to enjoy every second.

I felt him move his body over me and his hands grabbed hold of knickers.

"You’re not going to be needing these anymore." He said and he eased them down over my hips. As though unable to wait until they were completely off, Vincent slid his fingers through my pussy lips and spread my juices.

"Fancy that." He said with some humour. "My doll’s getting wet."

I held in a smile and remained still, doll-like and obliging to his every request.

He removed my knickers completely but left my stockings in place, still held up above my knees. Grasping hold of my ankles, he yanked me so that my arse was on the edge on the bed, my legs dangling towards the floor, Vincent, I realised stood between them. As a doll I was only able to co-operate and I lay helplessly sprawled out on the bed, completely naked apart from my stockings.

Hands groped the insides of my thighs and pulled them apart, exposing my pussy. I felt so vulnerable and utterly turned on by the experience and I couldn’t wait for him to touch me.

"Fuck that looks inviting." A shudder went through me as I felt his hand run up over my stomach, squeezing a tit and moving back down over my pubis. He rubbed the heel of his hand with some pressure over my clit before both hands reached under and grabbed my arse cheeks, lifting my thighs and parting my legs further.

Involuntarily I jolted as his tongue glided through my pussy lips, his hands gripped tightly on my arse and encouraged, he moved in more forcefully. He sucked onto my clit and forced my cunt into his face until his tongue was inside me, roaming around, as I lay motionless. It was almost too much to handle and I was dangerously close to cumming, trying to hide my expression of emotion to be a realistic doll.

As though sensing my body building for the climax, Vincent removed his mouth from my pussy and spoke.

"Doll’s aren’t supposed to shake like that." And he got to his feet and walked away. I felt desperate, ready to break out of my role and beg him to fuck me, to make me cum, to see him cum but at the same time I wanted this fantasy to last forever. With all of my willpower, I continued to lie still, flat on my back with my legs apart, naked apart from my stockings.

I heard noises from the other side of the room as Vincent thrived at tormenting me. He shifted something that sounded like a chair and before I knew it, he was back beside the bed. He copped a quick squeeze of my tits and then without warning, he fixed the nipple clamps onto me. I couldn’t help but gasp and then his hand came up to my mouth.

"Shh." He whispered. "You’re my doll now." And his hands tugged a little at my pigtails before grasping hold of me under my armpits. He scooped me up with ease so that I was sitting upright again and the weight of the nipple clamps pulled at my tits. My feet on the floor, Vincent stood me up. Although I couldn’t see him I could tell he was tall and his physique was towering over me. With one hand supporting my back, he used the other to tug the string on one of the clamps and my nipple throbbed, aching at the vice-like grip as he pulled against gravity.

"Walk with me Doll." He said and removed the supporting arm to take hold of the other clamp, yanking my nipples to show me where he wanted me to go. I obliged and allowed him to lead me by my tits until my knees bumped into something. Vincent released his grip and moved behind me, still wearing his clothes I felt his hard-on through his jeans and it was big. He grabbed my arse cheeks and pulled them apart, pressing his crotch against my naked arse, rubbing his cock until I could almost feel the entire outline. His hands reached round and pulled the nipple clamps once more and then he prompted me.

"Bend over Doll. Spread your legs for me." His hand on my back pushing me forward so that I was leaning over what I presumed was the armchair, my aching nipples pressed against the cushions as I draped my upper body over it and stuck out my arse. Vincent took a step away and once again I was so close to begging him to just fuck me! But I held back, restrained myself and waited for him to make his move.

My breathing was heavy and I knew I couldn’t hold off much longer, the desperation to climax ever building. Vincent was back and I felt something smooth rub over my buttocks. I knew it wasn’t his cock and I instantly recognised what it was. My dildo.

He rubbed it between my legs allowing my juices to moisten the end and then as he eased it inside of me with one hand, the other slipped in front to fondle my clit. I collapsed completely and revelled in the feeling, zero responsibility, zero control and sheer exhilaration.

Vincent began pounding harder, deeper, all the while vibrating on my clit and before I knew it my orgasm struck. My feet raised off the floor and I was entirely at his mercy, shaking uncontrollably as he continued to plunge into me with the dildo. I almost screamed, bursting with pleasure but I knew that would break the spell and I contained my orgasm as best I could.

"That pussy needs to be fucked some more." Vincent spoke with intent and I couldn’t wait to receive more punishment. He pulled the dildo out of me fast and the shock almost overwhelmed me. "You know I’ve got something bigger than that." And I heard him unzipped his jeans.

I remained sprawled across the chairs as he had left me and listened whilst he stripped off his own clothes. My blindfold still in place, my eyes were keen to see what he had to offer but I knew I would have to withhold and wait until he chose to let me feel him. He slapped his cock against my arse a couple of times and the sheer firmness of it made my juices run once more. It was thick and hard and I so desperately wanted him to fuck me with it.

Pushing his cock between my arse cheeks, he yanked me back up to a standing position, the heat of his body pushed against my own and I felt the manly hairs of his chest behind me. His hands groped round to my tits again and I winced as he yanked the nipple clamps right off my tits and fondled, pulling me hard into him. He released me once more and spun the chair round so that I could sit on it. Rather roughly, he pushed me into the seat and I flopped backwards like a doll, feeling my tits wobble from the force.

"I’m going to fuck your mouth now."

I couldn’t resist licking my lips to moisten them, so desperate to taste and feel Vincent’s cock. He took hold of my plaits and pulled me forwards.

"Open your mouth Doll." And I obliged.

Vincent sighed as he pushed his cock into the warmth of my mouth, the size of him taking me by surprise and he pulled on my pigtails to move in deeper. I felt my pussy clench and pulse, as though preparing to be entered by his cock that was pushing in and out of my mouth.

"Fuck that feels good."

He started moving faster and his thick shaft filled my mouth, moving ever closer to my throat and I tasted the precum. Every part of me was alive, tingling and throbbing as Vincent fucked my mouth, grasping more tightly on my hair and forcing me further down onto him. I knew he was close as I felt him tense up and I wanted to remove him from my mouth because I wasn’t ready for it to be over. I knew he felt the same as he paused for a moment and then quickly pulled away from me. Like a doll, I collapsed backwards as he released me.

"I’m going to fuck you now." He was grunting, almost animalistic and he grabbed and groped me, making me move back to the bed. He flung me down onto my back, parted my legs and thrust himself deep into my pussy. He sighed with relief and dropped his bodyweight onto me, his cock so much bigger than the dildo and I wanted to wrap my legs around him, to pull him deeper, to feel every part of his cock inside me. But I didn’t. I lay as still as a doll, unable to groan, unable to scream and unable to see a single thing he was doing and that was what made it so incredible.

Vincent hammered into me as he fondled my tits, trying to feel more of me and I knew he couldn’t get enough. He arched back up and pulled out, my pussy stretched from his size and craving so much more. He stood between my legs and lifted them up, fucking me for a while with my legs in the air, my arse lifting with each thrust and then as though desperate, he pulled out again and rolled me onto my front. My legs over the edge of the bed, he parted my arse cheeks and rubbed his cock against my hole, poking into my pussy and then prodding my arsehole. I flinched but didn’t stop him, the power he had over me more arousing than the pain I knew was coming.

He pressed harder with his cock and the moisture of us both made it slippery and he entered my arsehole too quickly. I arched up slightly, almost making the move to pull away but once again, I stopped myself and relaxed, trying to be a realistic doll.

"I’ve got to fuck your arse Doll. Then I will have fucked you completely." And Vincent slipped further inside my anus. I took deep breaths, tried to relax and as he pulled out a bit for lubrication, the next thrust was easier and fuck it felt good. He persisted until he was as deep in my arse as he could go and I wanted to tell him to go faster, harder and without needing to hear my words, Vincent did just that. In and out, slapping against me, his balls hitting my pussy with each movement and I was tipped completely over the edge.

"I’m gonna fill your arse with my cum Doll." Vincent’s words were a blur as I shuddered and then his fingers slipped into my pussy, filling both my holes and yet he continued to fuck, pounding into me. My orgasm was stretched, lasting longer than I had ever known until I was completely spent and in the final moments, I felt his sperm shoot into my arsehole. Vincent made a grunting noise and then he plunged into me a few more times, making sure he milked himself completely and then he collapsed, his bodyweight falling onto me, squashing me as his deflating cock still sat in my arse. It was incredible. More than I could ever have expected and I didn’t want to stop being his doll, so I lay still under him, waiting for him to choose what happened next.

A few minutes passed before Vincent got off me and I remained where I was.

"You’re good Doll. I think I might keep you for a few more hours as yet." And I almost burst with pleasure.

Vincent rolled me over, still blindfolded and allowing him control of my body and then I realised he was dressing me again. I knew from the feel that it was one of my other outfits and I enjoyed the experience of him pulling a thong up my thighs and positioning it onto my pussy. He then squashed my tits into another bra I had brought with me and zipped me into a tight black mini dress. I knew I looked good in that outfit and I was thrilled that Vincent wanted to dress me as his very own doll.

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