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Liz takes charge

One month later, Liz gets assertive.
It had been just under a month since that night on the roundabout. Liz and I had been fucking our brains out every day since. Until this past week at least. I was not concerned at all; it was nice to be able to take a shower, wash my cock and not have that sensitive feeling you get from severe overworking. Still, I had contemplated on several occasions what the cause could be. My instinct suggested ‘girl stuff’ but I was better informed. What I had not considered, was that Liz was plotting and planning an elaborate week long sexual build up to a night of raw lust.

I had no lectures and her last one finished at4 pm. She burst through the door, tugged my boxers to the ground and pushed me onto the corner of her dorm room bed. I heard her top hit the floor and then her denim skirt. As I managed to sit up right I saw her standing in front of me; perfect tits, tight stomach and a tiny black g-string. Within an instant she was already on her knees, forcing my legs apart.

“Speak and act only when instructed” she teased. I obliged.

My throbbing cock standing exposed, her mouth descended on it like a free fall from a plane. This was not your common, meager foreplay; no slow licking or teasing. Liz had other things in mind. She took as much of me into her mouth as possible before bobbing up and down at quick pace. My moans of delight were her cue. She eased me out of her mouth, drooling a little over my shaft.

‘Porn star lube’ I chuckled to myself. I taught her that.

Liz then stood, turned around and bent over whilst removing her almost pointless underwear. I wanted to taste her sweet pussy, slip a finger inside her and grope her dangling breast but I knew better. Without hesitation Liz sat straight down, between my legs and on top of my hard and equally slippery penis. The two of us gasped in unison as I watched the entire length of meat disappear. Liz grabbed my hands and placed one on her tits and the other on the back of her head. She loved to have her long, brown hair pulled as she stroked her own clit and had her pussy pounded.

She screamed loudly with ecstasy as she squirted her honey over my cock and balls. Having gone a week without sex (or masturbation) by some miracle, I actually wasn’t ready to cum. I guess that was lucky for me because Liz had more planned and she’d be bitterly disappointed had I only lasted the three or so minutes that she had.

Again I was pushed on to my back, this time I heard her bed side drawer fly open and the sound of some metallic bumping together. Liz cuffed my left hand to the head board and grabbed something shiny. To my discomfort it looked a little like a drill-bit.

“LIZ! What the fuck?”

She glared at me as if telling me to ‘shut up’. Again, I should have known better. My mind raced with possibilities until I recalled a brief conversation from last week. Liz was fascinated by sex toys for men, in particular the ones in which were inserted into the eye of the monster. I distinctly remembered her saying “You are always shoving things in me, and I love it” in her most persuasive tone.

The long, thin, spirally objects slowly and gently made its way down the hole. It was a weird feeling, but not entirely bad. Liz twisted and teased it up and down for a little while before noticing a little pre-cum appearing from my now even harder dick.

Removing the penis plug, Liz went back into the draw and pulled a cock ring out. She slid it to the base of my shaft, with the vibrating end turned to arouse my balls. She climbed back on top of me, allowed me to lick her perky nipples and then turned and rode me reverse cowgirl. She knew I loved that position! Watching the curve of her back, all the way down to her pert ass cheeks. As she bounced I could see her lips embracing me.

“Slap my ass” she begged as we both drew near.

She leant forward, face almost touching the bed. I slapped her ass with my one free hand with two great strikes. She yelped from the pain that she enjoyed so very much. Her new angle gave me a straight view at both of her soft, little holes. I felt her inner muscles tighten, strangling my cock before it could erupt. With the groans at a peak, I sucked a finger and then slid it into her ass a little - just in time.

As Liz climbed off of me a combination of our love juices flowed from her, all over the bed. She looked me up and down before heading to the shower, leaving me with the punishment of the cock ring still vibrating. This was indeed 1-0 to Liz. If only she knew what I had in store for her…

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