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Looking For Milk

Looking For Milk

I’m going to tell you a strange story.  I’m a pretty normal guy with a very strange fetish.  I’ve tried to keep this fetish under wraps, but lately I’m just crazed and need to do something about it. 

I’m turned on by pregnant women.  I like that their bodies change and really get turned on when their breast milk comes in.  I love the taste of mother’s milk.  I find it a turn-on to suckle on their milky breasts. It's very arousing and erotic to me.

My obsession with pregnant women happened, when I was staying the summer at a friend’s house.  His mother recently had a baby and started breastfeeding.  Several times, I watched her breastfeed and found the whole process beautiful.  She mentioned that her husband wasn’t liking all the weight she had gained and stopped having sex with her. 

I found her to be a knockout and one thing led to another and we started having sex.  The best part was she let me drink her breast milk.  She found it very exciting and very arousing that I wanted to drink her milk.  She said that, when I drank her breast milk, she found it to be euphoric.

I fucked his mother for the entire summer.  We were very careful not to get caught.  One day, her husband came home from a business trip and caught me sucking on her nipples and then the gig was up.  Her husband threw me out and told me never to come back.  My friend thought I was disgusting that I would fuck his mother.  He told me to fuck off.  I never saw her again, but I do dream about her full and firm tits.  I dream of breastfeeding on her tits. 

I watch porn all the time about lactation.  I don’t talk about it with friends, because I think they might find me a bit freakish.  I’m desperate to drink breast milk again and trying to think of a way to be around lactating women.  It’s not like there is a specific place to meet these kinds of ladies.  Or is there?

I started searching the internet and found a dating service that specializes in lactating mommies.   It seems that lactation is a sexual fetish that seems popular with kinky people.  I looked through many of the profiles and picked out women that I’d be interested with meeting.  I was looking for a “cow” for my pleasure.

Most of the women were young and they all had great breasts.  They had head shots and photos of their engorged breasts.  I found one girl who was very attractive and up my alley.  She was on the voluptuous side and had a nice set of knockers.  She was young and very attractive.  I sent her an email and told her what I was looking for.  Her fee was three hundred dollars an hour.  It was certainly a fee I could afford to pay.

After completing the email, I masturbated and watched porn.  I was so fucking horny and hoped she’d find my email interesting.  I poured baby oil into my hand and rubbed it all over my cock and balls.  I moved my hand up and down my hard shaft.  I found a porn video online of two lesbians playing with their milky breasts.  One babe would squirt her milky tits in the other’s mouth while fingering her cunt.  They took turns doing this.  It was hot and made me come all over my palm.  Eventually, I fell asleep with my cock in my hand. 

I was excited that one of the babes contacted me on email.  She was one of the hotties that I had found on the website.  Her profile name was Lisa.  She was the one with a voluptuous body.  She was quite curvy with a nice set of breasts.  She left a number that I should call her on.  We talked for a while and I asked her if she’d like to Skype.  I wanted to see her whole body before I hired her.

Our Skype session was sexy and she showed me her breasts.  She showed me her nipples and made her breasts leak her milk.  It was quite erotic.  I took out my dick and masturbated for her.  She liked my cock and told me to go to a specific hotel where she worked.  We agreed she’d meet me tomorrow at the hotel.  I was excited and couldn’t wait to meet her.  She was a professional and I was hiring her for body.


The night went fast and the day dragged.  I couldn’t wait to go home and get ready for my date with Lisa.  I would meet her at the hotel.  It was a little out of the way, but I managed to find it.  She told me ahead of time the room number.

When I got to the room.  She was wearing a black negligee and heels.  She looked amazing.  I was anxious to see her breasts and get started drinking her breast milk.  I handed her the money in an envelope.  She eyeballed the money and put it into her purse. She walked over to the bed and sat down.  She looked sexy in her get up.

“Take off your negligee and sit on the bed.  I want you to prop yourself against a pillow and open your legs.  I’ll sit between your legs and suckle at your nipples.  I want to drink your milk now.”

“Whatever you want.”

Lisa took off her negligee but left her heels on.  She sat up against the pillow and opened her long legs.  She was dark haired with brown eyes and an olive complexion.  She had long legs and a nice ass.  I undressed while I looked at her body.  My cock was as hard as steel.

I sat between her legs and held her one breast.  I teased her nipple with my tongue and then opened my mouth wide and sucked at her nipples.  Her milk was warm and dripped out of her nipples.  I closed my eyes and drank her milk.  She moaned while I enjoyed her milk.  I took her hand and put it on my hard cock.  She jerked me off while I sucked at her nipples.

I sucked on her one breast for a while and then changed to the other side.  She made all kinds of arousing noises while I emptied her tits.  He milk was very sweet tasting and I enjoyed drinking it.  My cock was on fire and I wanted to fuck her.

“Get on your hands and knees!  I want to fuck your hot little pussy now.”


I got up and she did as I said to do.  She had her head down and her ass up.  I played with her pussy and made her nice and wet before sliding my dick up inside of her.  She moved with me while I fucked her.  Her milky breasts swung to the left and then to the right.  I slapped on her buttocks while I fucked her nice and hard.  Her pussy was nice and tight.  She had a c-section so her pussy was perfect.

I grabbed onto her voluptuous hips while I rammed her hard with my cock.  She moaned and groaned and I blasted her cunt with a pile of my come.  It was worked out in the beginning that I would come in her pussy.  I pulled out of her and went back to sucking on her tits again.  We were together for an hour.  I paid her extra to let me suck her tits and fuck her another time.  She was very sexual and appeared to like sex.  

We had a great time together.  I was glad that I found this company and planned on hiring her and others to pleasure me.   My fetish was now something that was totally acceptable.  I was able to hire women to drink their breast milk.  Life was grand.

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