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Making Milk for You

I enjoy becoming your submissive little cow.
I was reluctant when you asked me to induce lactation, but not really surprised. You were always playing with my tits, suckling for what seemed like hours. You loved to fuck them, and spray cum all over them. When I found all the lactation porn on your computer, you seemed relived that now I knew about your fetish. We watched some together, and I had to admit it was fascinating. I wondered what it would be like to feel my breasts swell to the point of pain, filling up with milk until my nipples dripped. Needing you to suckle me for relief, to feel the milk being drawn out of me.

It was a big commitment, but I could see how badly you wanted it. You'd done all the research, of course; you knew exactly what needed to be done. You ordered the herbs, and a breastpump. Within a week we'd begun our regimen of suckling 15 minutes on each side, six times a day. I began using the breast pump as well, hoping each time to see a telltale white drop. My breasts felt heavier, fuller. Finally, after six weeks, one day when I was pumping a thin trickle of milk appeared in the container. That night, you suckled eagerly, moaning when you got a few precious drops. You fucked me hard from behind, my heavy tits swinging, an occasional drop of milking leaking out.

After that night, my production steadily increased. I loved the way my breasts looked, full with long, dark nipples. I wondered how big you would want them to grow, how much milk you would demand of me. You asked me not to wear a bra at home, because you loved to see the wet patches my milk left on my shirts. My unfettered tits jiggled obscenely behind the darker, wet spots. You wanted to take pictures of my milk-laden tits, and asked me to pose on all fours, using a goat milker you'd bought. The humiliation I felt at being milked like an animal made my pussy clench with desire. I wanted to explore this further.

Seeing my response to being milked, you laid down some new rules. The first was that my breasts were now to be called udders, and bras were now expressly forbidden unless I had your permission. You bought me a thin leather collar with a small silver bell on it, which I was to wear at home. Lastly, you decided that I was to be fucked like an animal. You showed me a black buttplug with a long, braided tail attached. Not only would this give me the appearance of a cow, but would allow you access to both my holes whenever you wanted to mount and breed me.

I shivered at that, both turned on and scared. You'd never fucked my ass, but you assured me with a wicked grin that that would be changing. You squirted a blob of lube onto my tight hole, then worked a finger in to stretch me. Finally you eased the buttplug in, seating it deep inside me.

You led me over to the mirror, pushing me down to all fours and hooking my udders up to the milker. I watched the milk being sucked out as I knelt on hands and knees, my bell tinkling gently and my tail hanging between my cheeks. I felt a sense of pride as I thought of my body being used to fulfill your deepest desires.

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