Master Gets What Master Wants

By Poppet

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Master Tests His Little Slut
I hand all my trust to him, he knows I have. I’m his slut, I’m his whore. I’m whatever he wants me to be. Because I know this, it makes me trust him more, love him more, and need him more. I tell him he can do as he wishes with me, I want it all. He smiles at me, telling me I’m a good girl.

We are in the middle of nowhere, the middle of the woods, in a remote location. He has plans for us. He has just tied me between two trees outside our little cabin. I’m naked, and it’s freezing cold. It’s the end of April, and still cold, especially at night. I’m grateful there isn't snow on the ground though; at least we waited until that was gone.

Each of my wrists are cuffed, and stretched out connected to a tree on either side of me. My arms are taut, with no room to pull them closer, I can just barely wiggle my fingers. I’m pulled up high enough that I can just barely reach the ground with my toes. I’m right where he wants me to be. That’s completely trapped, and at his will.

The wind picks up slightly again, blowing through my hair, and against my skin. My nipples are perking up hard, standing to attention, greeting anything that might come their way. Master steps inside to “let me cool down” so to speak.

I think I’m out here for about twenty minutes before Master returns. It’s about eleven at night, and he’s fully dressed. He hates the cold! My bottom lip is trembling; I feel how cold my body feels. He walks up to me with a wicked smile, full of promise and a good time. He runs his warm hands over my breasts; the electric shock of his warmth makes me moan out.

He removes his hands, and grabs the bucket of goodies. He tells me that he’s going to use me in a way I've never been used before. All I want to do is comply; I want to be his good girl. I can feel my body slightly shaking, as I tremble with excitement and from the cold. He stands up, steps closer and begins to tease my nipples again. His palms are slowly running over them, perking them harder. He takes each, and clips them with clamps that feel like they might bite through my skin. My moans of pleasure almost echo throughout the woods, the pain is perfect.

When I feel my nipples get slightly use to the clamps, I relax a little. Master steps forward, kissing my lips gently. Oh his lips are so soft, so warm, and so perfect. He begins to move down my body, kissing along between my breasts, not even touching them. It makes me want to beg for them to be touched, but I’m too wrapped up in what he’s doing to me. He circles his tongue gently around my navel, bigger circles at first, going round and round. He pulls it in, making smaller circles until he dips his tongue in quick, and back out, before kissing down further.

My head leans back, my shuddering moan is uncontrollable. The wind seems to be picking up a little more; I can hear it howling in the mountains around us. Master is on his knees now; his hands move around and slap each cheek, yanking my attention back to him. I roll my head from hanging back to dropping to look down at him. He gives me another perfect smile, before he kisses my mound, working down to my slit. The warmth of him shoots sharp goose bumps through me; every part of my body is on edge, taut and ready.

The way he moves his tongue from the hood of my pussy, and works down is like nothing I have ever felt before. I want to lift my legs, and wrap them around his head and keep him there forever. Of course I don’t, I know better. If I did that, he’d probably leave me out here for the night, with a vibrator against my clit with no permission to orgasm. His tongue moves back up, catching my clit and suckles on it gently.

My ass is cold, and craves his touch, the warmth of him. The mix of cold and warmth beckons me, edging me on. As if he can read my mind, his hands come back up and begin to caress them. His fingers dance lightly over my cheeks, teasing the goose bumps further. He buries his face deeper into my pussy, his tongue finding my hole, and darts it in and out quickly. I fight so hard not to lift my legs; I want to be his good girl.

Before I know it, he is standing up; I let out a whimper, a little disappointed. He turns without a word, and goes back inside. I’m confused, and suddenly think I might have done something wrong. My mind races, but before I can over think it, he’s back. He carries with him a long candle stick. Its bright compared everything else. Even the moon decides not to shine bright tonight, hiding behind some trees.

Without even a small warning he tips the candle over my breasts, leaving small drops coating my breasts. He makes sure to coat a nice layer over each clamped nipple. I can feel them tighten even more. My heart is pounding, and all I can think of is how I want more. He doesn't stop; it drips over me fully. The warm coat of wax running down my breasts, slightly over my belly, I can even feel it form around my navel. The mix of the wind blowing, my hair dancing lightly with the wind, and cooling the wax makes my chest and stomach tight. My breathing is hitching, it becomes more ragged.

He stops finally, a nice thick layer of wax covering my front side. He smiles at me, making me weak, loving that I’m pleasing him. He circles around me. I think he’s going to do the same to my back; I try and control my excitement. He reaches for the small cooler. I try to think what we packed in it, but I can’t think of what might in it. He’s quiet, too quiet. I’m there in the dark, knowing he’s up to something but, I can’t, and won’t question him.

The shock of what I feel takes me off guard, its ice! He lets it trail down my spine. It trails from my hair line all the way to the dip in my back. Oh how it sends my body into a rippling response. I’m stuttering, almost begging for more. He moves it back up, tracing the same cold spot, and slowly back down. This time he doesn't stop. He moves it down my ass, slipping it carefully between my ass cheeks.

I can feel the dripping water tickling down my crack as it works to my already wet pussy. He works it further down; it lingers right at the entrance of my ass, and pussy. The coldness almost hurts, and the wind doesn't help but, it feels so good. My moans are proving this, urging him on. He takes the cube that is almost melted to nothing, and reaches around, telling me to open my mouth. I do, and suck on it gently. I can taste my own juices.

He grabs a new one, and slides it along the length of my pussy. He works it gently against my clit. It feels as though the ice cube is biting my clit, and it feels so good. He plays with it a little longer before he spreads my lips, and begins to push the cube up inside my pussy. The hotness of my pussy and the cold of the cube make steam. He can’t help but laugh a little, telling me I’m smoking. I can feel it dripping from my pussy, my lips soaked with juices and water. He reaches around once more and begins to rub quickly on my clit, as the cube slowly melts inside me.

The excitement of everything we've been doing drives me to the edge, my head rolling back. I can see him. He is kissing my shoulder, working my clit a little faster, and whispering dirty things in my ear. He tells me I’m his perfect little slut; no one can replace me, and that I’m all he’ll ever need.

I begin to shudder, and feel the explosion so close, but he tells me I can’t come. He denies me! I shake hard, the restraints keeping me in place, I fight hard not to orgasm. He tells me I can do it, I can work pass this orgasm. He wants me to be his good girl. I struggle so hard; even though his fingers move faster but somehow manage to work pass it. He nips my ear, and tells me I’m a good girl.

The ice cube melts fully, and I can feel the water slipping down my thighs. The wax on my chest has become tighter, encasing me in it, almost like a prisoner. Master steps back around, and goes back into the box of stuff. I can only guess the naughty toys he has in there. I can feel the weather cool off even more; it’s become bone chilling cold. It feels so good mixed with the heat Master is putting me through. He stands and faces me, showing me the clit attachment toy.

He rests it perfectly on my clit, but doesn't turn it on yet. I know the power it holds, and I let out a low moan wanting it on. He goes back behind me, dropping to his knees once more. He kisses my ass lightly, working slowly in, he spreads me wide. I can feel the cool air hit my puckered little hole, making me want to clench my cheeks shut, but he keeps them open. He leans in and licks my tight hole gently, the warmth of his tongue feels amazing, and I lean slightly into it. The way he moves his tongue in small circles around my tight hole makes me moan out. I lose myself in everything he’s doing to me.

The point of his tongue pushes against my hole, forcing me open. He takes what he wants, when he wants, and this is no exception. I relax and feel him push pass it. He takes it, and I cry out a moan. Oh God, it feels so good. I don’t think it could feel any better, but Master proves me wrong. Again, almost like he can read my mind, he shows me it can get better. He flicks the toy on, and he doesn't start slow, it switches right up to the max speed. I yank at my arms, pulling on my wrists as I cry out in delight. Oh shit!

I feel as though I have a tidal wave of an orgasm screaming forth, demanding all of my attention, it consumes me. I can feel him bury his tongue deeper inside my ass, the buzzing hard on my clit, my moans howling with the wind. I beg, oh how I beg to come, that I don’t know if I can hold back, but Master doesn't answer me. I know without a verbal answer that I’m being denied. I feel as though every nerve ending in my body is screaming out at me, to let go, feel the release, as I fight against it. I’m at war with myself, and scared I’ll lose the battle.

Suddenly it all stops, the buzzing, his tongue moving in and out. It just stops. My orgasm comes screeching to a halt, and lingers there dying slowly, being sucked back up inside me. I tremble, my arms hurting, my mind racing, my body fueled with excitement. I can hear Master behind me. He is kissing up my ass, kissing at the dip in my back, and slowly up my spine. The warmth of his mouth is a welcome relief to my cold skin, wanting more of him. He comes around and kisses me deeply.

His hands roam my sides, pulling me close to him; I can feel the heat from him radiate on me, pulling me into his hazy of lust. The night sounds around us are beautiful. I can hear the frogs, the crickets, even the occasional hoot of an owl. His words break the silence between us, and tell me how much of a good girl I am. How impressed he is with my control, his hand working down between my thighs and runs up my slit. He can feel how soaked I am, what he does to me, and smiles.

I want to be his good girl; it’s all I've ever wanted. I tell him so, and he tells me he loves me more for it. He lets go of me and I hear the faint sound of his belt coming off, and his zipper coming undone. I feel my heart race again; I know he’s finally going to fuck me like a good slut. He reaches down, taking my legs and lifts them up on his shoulders, holding me in place. He bounces me slightly against him; I can feel his cock hit me every so often.

He teases me more, knowing how badly I want him inside me. I look at him, with pleading eyes, begging him silently to take me. He rests the head of his cock at my entrance, and turns on the toy that is against my clit. It buzzes strong and powerful. I let out a gasp, shivering for more, my mind spins so fast. I don’t know how much more I can handle, and think I’m going to lose my bloody mind.

I lose myself in that concept, thinking of what it would be like to lose one’s mind for the lack of orgasm. I feel like I’m going crazy, and it’s this man’s fault! If he knew what I was thinking he’d laugh at me, telling me I was just crazy for him, which is totally true. The biting sensation of the toy becomes stronger, before I can beg for him to stop or to finally just fuck me, he rips through me.

He slams to the hilt, deep inside me. I feel every inch of my insides fit around him perfectly. My squeezing tight pussy wraps tight around him, he forces himself deeper, pushing further into me. He wants a new level, taking me deeper, he grinds hard. His hips work with skill, thrusting deeper inside me, fucking me harder. I feel the winds strong; blowing over us, the heat of our bodies with the mixed coldness of the wind teasing my skin makes me cry through it. I love every moment.

The head of his cock swells deep inside me, taking me, owning me, making me his. He repeats it in my ear, holding me close. He tells me again, and again I’m his. He owns everything about me, and I can’t help but whine out, agreeing with him. I tell him how much I need him, want him, and love him. My words force him to go harder, deeper inside me, wanting to bring me to my undoing.

I tilt my head back slightly, looking up to the stars, and feel the surge take me. The power behind it is strong, like no other. I beg, I scream, I plead and whimper for it, I need this. He gives in; finally he tells me I can come. He demands my orgasm, telling me he wants to feel it around him. I do what he wants, giving him all I can. I orgasm so hard, every last nerve ending cheers for me, doing a personal victory dance in the release of my orgasm.

It must be his own victory dance too, because he within moments of mine begins to pour his seed inside me. The burst of him fills me, owning my insides. He comes so hard in my tight pussy. His cock is thick, expanding so wide inside me as he empties himself into me. I moan out for him, as he keeps thrusting into me, milking himself fully inside me.

Our orgasms pass, and he slides out. My legs are weak, and trembling. I’m cold, and want his touch. He unhooks the cuffs, and my sore, screaming tired arms fall to the sides, before I feel myself lose the battle of gravity, he lifts me up into his arms and carries me inside. He lays me on the bed, covering me before undressing and climbing in to join me. I curl myself into him, he kisses my forehead. I let out a sigh, whispering thank you to him before I drift off into a deep sleep.

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