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Medical Test at the State Fair

I get a prostate exam at the State Fair
Our State Fair recently took place and I was surprised at what took place. While looking at all of the booths and activities, I saw a motorhome that had a big sign on it that said “Prostate Cancer”.

Being a male in college, I was curious about it. I was greeted by a woman who gave me some literature and told me I could get a free blood test and exam if I filled out a questionnaire.

The questionnaire was very easy to fill out, and it asked me a lot of questions about going to the bathroom at night. After I filled out the form, she had me enter a waiting area inside the motorhome. Next, they drew some blood from me and told me I would get results in about a month.

Then I was told, “There is a second exam that needs to be completed to check for prostate cancer. You can schedule it with your doctor or you can have it performed on you for free, right now. It is called an Digital Exam.”

I knew it would take a while to schedule it with my doctor, and since it was for free, I said, “Okay, I will have it done. So what do I do next?”

I was told to wait by a door in the back of the motorhome. I would give the doctor my paperwork, and this second important exam would be performed on me. Soon a man walked out of the door and a woman greeted me about my age.

Inside was a very small room with an exam table, like at a doctor’s office, at one end. The woman was standing by the door, where there was a very small sink. She told me that she was a doctor while she was putting on a glove. “This test will not last long and I will use my finger to feel your prostate. Any questions?”

I have lived a non-eventful life as far as medical issues were concerned, and I didn’t even realize where the prostate was located. So I was surprised when she said, “Walk over to the exam table and lower your pants and underwear to your knees, and spread your legs apart to hold them in place. Then lean over the table with your head and elbows on the table.”

Now I realized what test she was going to perform on me. I have had that test performed on me only a few times, and that was with a male doctor. But I figured I needed the exam so I lowered my pants and bent over the table. Now I felt very exposed, embarrassed, and vulnerable.

Soon, I smelled her perfume, felt her body next to mine, and felt her separate my bottom cheeks and lube me up.

“I am going to put my finger in you now and feel your prostate.”

I had never had a woman’s finger inside of me, like this before. As she was feeling me, I couldn’t help it, but I was building up a big erection. But I had to stay in position as I felt her finger wiggle and feel inside of me.

Finally her finger was withdrawn, and she gave me some tissues to clean me up. Now I felt embarrassed again because I was cleaning my bottom, being bent over, in front of this woman doctor, but I still had an erection.

Finally, I pulled up my underwear and finally turned to her as I was zipping up and buckling my belt.

“Your prostate felt a little big but it felt smooth, so that is a good sign. You will know more when you get the results in about a month. Have a good day at State Fair.”

I thanked her and then went to the nearest restroom. There I found a private stall with a door, and I finished cleaning the lube between my cheeks. I still had a big erection, so then I masturbated until my cum burst out of me and the size of my penis returned to its normal size. I didn’t want to walk around the fairgrounds with a big erection.

I didn’t expect this to happen at the State Fair. Now I know what to expect when they say I need a “Digital Exam”. Digital refers to a finger, a digit of your hand.

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