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Mistress and Boi - Anniversary Night

Boi gets to turn the tables on his Beloved Mistress for the night.....
Note This is not my normal style, but a dear reader wanted something sweet and romantic just this once.

Mistress and Boi - Anniversary Night.

I fidgeted in great anticipation, waiting for my Mistress to get ready. Tonight we would celebrate ten wonderful years together, and I was so excited. Tonight I was to take the lead, and I would woo my Mistress as a lover would. To any eye that dared to see, we would simply be two lovers out on the town celebrating an anniversary; not knowing that I belonged to her, and her alone. Mind, body, and soul..

I had dressed in my fine black silk suit, a midnight blue shirt, black shoes, and Mistress's collar; a beautiful black onyx bolo-tie with a silver cougar in the center—her trademark. I had this specially made for tonight, and wore it with all of the pride a Boi could have. Over all of this I wore my long black duster coat.

As I stood there, I thought back on the day I met her. It was right after 911, and all of us on Security detail had to be on extra guard at the Federal Building where we worked. Everyone that came in or out had to be checked in, and gone over with a detecting wand... everybody, mattering not if we knew them or not. I had been there only a short time, and liked the job, but something was missing in my life. I longed to serve a woman. One strong and sure, one who would fullfil me and make me whole again. I longed for a sensuous adventurous wild woman, but all I found were Dommes who's ilk was to beat, humiliate, and hurt. Not all are that way, but the ones I encountered were. I searched for something different, but she wasn't to be I guess.

One morning the usual crowd had come in for work already, so we just stood around waiting for the lunch rush to begin. A lady came in, running late. I had seen her many times, and for some reason the sight of her always made my heart beat faster. She was always impeccably dressed and had an air of authority to her. She worked in the Veterans Affairs office upstairs. Tallish, with large breasts under that expensive suit. She had dark sable brown hair that she always wore up under a jeweled comb clip. Her eyes behind the gold rimmed glassed were always calm and steady, and she was gorgeous to me. She gave me butterflies every time I saw her, and I didn't know why, exactly.

I stood to greet her and to get her through the Security gates. She sat her brief case and purse on the conveyor belt, and before she stepped on through stated, “I have a meeting to get to, and am late because of the traffic out there.”

I had to say, “I am so sorry Ma'am, but we got a memo this morning stating that all women wearing their hair up must be checked out in case they wear any type of metal. It's just a safety procedure... I'm sorry.”

She turned those cold eyes on me and exclaimed, “So I am to take my hair down so you can see that I don't have any weapons sequestered in it??”

“Yes Ma'am. I can't let you in unless its done,” I replied regretfully.

She sighed and stated, “Like I'm not already late enough, I have to go through this non-sense!”

She stood still as I took the wand to her hair. It blipped on the hair band, having the tiny piece of metal, but the comb was pure pewter.

She sat her glasses on the counter, reached up and undid the comb in her hair, then removed the hair band and all of that glorious hair fell about her shoulders and back like a sable cloak. It was so long and thick, so beautiful and shiny. It fell to her ample ass, and I felt my cock twitch in my uniform pants. She shook her hair out, ran her fingers through it, showing me that nothing was hidden in those luxurious strands. She flipped part of it forward and it covered her shoulder's. When she looked at me those eyes reminded me of a large jungle cat, and before I could stop my tongue I breathed, “Ohh, Mistress. So beautiful”

I dropped my eyes, realizing what I had just done. She could see that I was uncomfortable in my statement.

When I lifted them again she had a slight smile on her face and her eyes glittered.

She asked again, “Are we done here now?”

I stammered, “Yes. Yes, Ma'am. All done. Have a good day, please.”

Again those eyes regarded me. She didn't rebind the hair up, just pulled it back in a long pony tail and said two words so softly that only I could hear, those that almost made me cum in my pants. “Good Boi...”

She walked off. Leaving me standing there with a tremendous hard on in my pants.

The next morning I didn't get to wand her through, she was in the next line for that, but she did look my way, those cold eyes looking at me as if studying me. I cast a look in her direction and said low and soft, ”Ma'am?”

All she did was nod at me, but I felt as if she bestowed upon me a great gift. This went on for a week, until one day when the workday was over. She came out, and went through the security gates. When she was on the other side, she came toward me and handed me a piece of paper.

She said in that calm Southern voice, “I am throwing a party this Saturday night. If you have an open mind, be there by 7:30.”

She turned and walked away before I could say anything. In my mind it wasn't a request, it was a command.

That was ten years ago. I went to the party, and essentially never left. I learned about her world, and I was helplessly hooked - on her. It was eye-opening, mind-expanding, and not a day goes by that she never fails to surprise (and sometimes shock) me.

I saw her door open and crossed my hands, waiting dutifully for her. She was ravishing! She wore a black and silver pantsuit, black heels, her long hair done in a Grecian style that hung in long tendrils down to her beautiful ass. She looked at me approvingly and smiled. Her eyes widened as she took in the collar. The look in her eyes said it all, and my heart soared. She touched it and looked in my eyes. She said, “You look very nice, Boi.”

I replied, “As do you, my Mistress.”

I boldly kissed the back of her hand, and she lay that hand on my face for a minute. I couldn't be happier if I had just hit the 4 million dollar lotto. Tonight I was the luckiest man in the world, and she was my Lady.

I helped her on with her long coat and we strolled to the limo. In the limo I poured champaign as we rode through the streets of Seattle.

When we got to our destination, I helped her out of our limo. My choice for our evening was the Seattle Space Needle because of its glory and magnificence—just like my Lady. She smiled at my choice. This was a favorite place of hers, and she adored it.

605 feet from ground to top, the Needle was Seattle's most treasured jewel, just like my Mistress was to me, this is why I chose it. Some tourists entered the outside elevator to traverse to the top. I touched her arm and said, “Pause a second, Love.”

She looked at me oddly, but complied. We stood there in the glow of the lights, holding hands and just looking at the splendor of the night. When the elevator returned, people got out, and just we two entered, thats when I moved on her. I pinned her to the glass of the elevator, kissing her passionately, my hands running all over her body brazenly. I kissed her hard, grinding my body against hers as she had done mine countless times in the past. My hands groped her large breasts, and my left hand rubbed her pussy through the material of her pants as my mouth kissed and bit semi-sharply on her neck. She gasped out in pure surprised pleasure. Her small groans filled my body with heat, and I was soo very hard in my pants. Had I time, I would have fingered her to near orgasm right there in that elevator!I felt the slight bump as we settled at the top. I backed up, looking into her lust filled eyes, and grinned devilishly. She straightened her clothing, and resumed her composure.

We were escorted to our reserved table, and I ordered her favorite wine to be poured. My Lady was no fancy Lady, even though she was wealthy and cultured. She loved simple things, perhaps thats why she loved me so. She sighed in happiness as the restaurant revolved beneath us, giving us a panoramic view of the entire city. A myriad of lights glimmered in the cities below us, and the view was quite breath-taking.

I raised my glass and said softly, “To ten glorious years with you, my Love. May we have one hundred more. You changed my life the day you invited me home, and I am forever grateful for that. I have loved and respected you from the first day I looked deep into your eyes, and you owned me from the first touch. I am yours forever, my Mistress. Simply put, I love you”

I know this was usually expressly forbidden, but this was a special time, and I needed to say it.

She looked at me and smiled that beauteous smile and my heart felt so full and wondrous. She said, “To one hundred more years, my Boi. I love you too”

The rest of the evening was spent dancing, laughing, talking. Holding her close on the dancefloor was heaven to me. It felt like she was mine, not the other way around. I know my hard on was felt by the way her eyes glittered at times; she knew I was rock hard, and moved against me discreetly whenever she could. I fed her strawberries dipped in her cherry brandy, and fed her one of my shrimps. I touched her face affectionately a time or two, The look on her face when it was announced that we were celebrating our anniversary was the best gift I could have ever been given, and I led my Lady to the dancefloor once again amidst applause from the other patrons there, and I kissed her full and strong in front of all there.

She rested her forehead against mine as we moved to the music and whisper/sighed, “You are such a bad Boi. Remind me to punish you later”

I chuckled and kissed her forehead.

When it was time to go, I called for the limo and escorted my Lady to the elevator. Since there were other people there, I just held my Lady from behind as we looked out of the glass windows that over looked the city. I heard her sigh in happiness, and felt more alive than I ever had before meeting her. I did however slip my right hand inside her coat discreetly to fondle her right breast—feeling the nipple harden under my fingers. She leaned back against me, slipping her hand behind her to caress my still hard cock. I so wanted to grind my cock against that beautiful tight ass, but refrained.

I whispered in her right ear, “You are SO fucking beautiful”

She turned her head and kissed me softly and whispered, “Thank you, darling one.”

We stepped into the cold Seattle rain, laughing in delight at getting a bit wet. Once in the limo, I pulled her into my arms before she could get settled. I kissed her deep and hard again, and was rewarded with a moan in my mouth. I broke the kiss to say, “Clyde, partition up”

The privacy window raised up, separating us from our driver.

Before that shield was firmly in place, my hards were all over her, squeezing, feeling, man-handling. I reached down to removed her heels, unbuttoning her coat; casting it aside. I was going to ravish this woman right here!

I undid the buttons on her shirt to reveal a blue and black Bustier under her clothing. I pushed her back and pulled her pants off to show that her panties held no crotch to them. She wore crotchless pantyhose as well.

With a groan I lifted her left leg and all but dove into that pussy face first. She cried out in surprised as I attacked her womanhood I ate like a ravenous wolf, licking, biting on her labia lips, my tongue spearing her pussy.

My lips sicked on that engorged clit that stood pert and juicy. I moaned as I was rewarded with some woman nectar. I lapped it up greedily, never stopping. I felt her fingers entwine in my hair and she pulled my face into her cavity of love. I complied by eating even more, the fingers of my right hand slipping inside her wetness deeply. I twisted my fingers as my deft tongue danced and diddled on her clit. She was thrusting her clit into my mouth and her moans filled the car. I could care less if Clyde could hear or not, if he drove with a hard on, that was his problem; my only concern was to make my Mistress cum, and cum hard.

I placed my whole mouth over her clit and began to suck. She groaned, “Oh God yes. Suck my clit Baby. Yessss. Make me cum, Honey...drink me in! Mouth fuck me!”

She grasped my hair, and thrust up into my mouth, her yells filling my ears happily as she came hard and strong. Was blissful music to my Boi ears.

I needed no more urging, I ate her pussy until my face was coated in juice, and the seat was nearly soaked. Man, was Clyde gonna be pissed in the morning...oh well.

I raised up swiftly to undo my pants, shoving them down to my ankles. I rubbed my cock against her still quivering pussy and she moaned again. I was the the only one allowed to touch my cock to her pussy barebacked. A great honor for me. I rammed my cock into her pussy before she had time to recover from her orgasms. She cried out as I hit bottom and looked up into my loving eyes. I bent to kiss her passionately as my hands reached down to grip her ass and pull it to me. I pounded her hard and nasty as she loved; grinding, twisting inside of her, filling her pussy with cock meat. I bent to suckle her nipples through the material of the bustier, biting here and there to listen to her cry out in pleasure. I felt her pussy clamp down on me and I knew another orgasm was going to ripple throughout her body again. I began pounding, I wanted to cum when she did, but I refrained. I wanted to make her cum more than she had in a very long time. I pounded her until she reached up—grasping my shoulders and almost ripped my shirt off my back. I Wanted those nails on my body, so I rose up and yanked the snaps open in the front. Her hands found my nipples immediately, and her nails raked across my chest. I pleasure grimaced and kept on fucking.

When I felt her getting ready to cum again, I pulled out swiftly, grabbing her knees and turning her onto them before she had time to protest. I had her on her knees then, her face pressed up against the passenger side door. One hand splayed against the lust fogged window. So wrapped up in her extasy, neither of us noticed the window going down. Her hands had executed the window mechanism on accident. We stopped at a stop light, and a passer-by saw the window come down. Figuring it might be some celebrity, he came eagerly up to the window to peer in with a big grin on his face. All he got was a glimpse of her beautiful naked ass in the air, with me pounding away like a mad man as both hands raked polished nails down Mistresses' back! Her hair was tousled and hung over her face, obscuring it from his sight. All he could actually see were her eyes peeking out from all of that hair. What he also got for his nosey efforts was my Mistress's signature cougar snarl as he stuck his head up close to the window! He jumped back in complete surprise, not really sure what he had just seen as the Limo pulled on.

I was laughing out loud and still pumping wildly. She in turn was rutting back against me like a jungle beast in heat, and I knew I couldn't hold out much longer; her pussy was clamped down on me like a velvet glove.

She yelled “Fuck me Baby, take my pussy harder than you ever have! Make it hurt. Fuck it like you own, you sweet little fucker, do it noowwww!”

She squeezed down with all of her might and I felt it cumming. I looked out the side window to see that we were pulling into the long drive way to the mansion and I began fucking her like a stallion in heat, ramming her pussy so hard that it hurt me, but was determined to accomplish my goal before I came. Just as we pulled up to the big double doors, she screamed like the wildcat she was and shoved back against me! My nails had raked down her back so hard that it actually left deep rivulets, setting her cum in motion. I in turn could not hold off any longer and on its own my right hand slammed down on her beautiful ass cheek three times in a row as my seed jettisoned deep inside her glorious pussy.

We both quivered and shook as the heat slithered over us. I didn't notice that my fingers had dug into her ample hips until all sensibility returned to my lust engorged brain.

I quickly let go, and whispered, “Oh God Mistress” as I looked at her below me. Thinking I had hurt her I withdrew quickly and turned her over. To my immense relief, she had a beauteous smile on her exhausted face, and she heaved a sigh of happiness and release.

She looked up at me for a moment, smiled softly, then pulled me down on top of her to kiss me slow and passionately. I returned the kiss just as lovingly. When I looked down into her eyes I was filled with a deep love and commitment for this woman, and knew I would be with her for the rest of my life, if God and the Spirits willed it.

I whispered, “Happy anniversary, Mistress Mine,” as a tear of love slipped my cheek,

My heart soared atop of the world when she replied, “Happy anniversary, My Boi.”


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