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More than a Lodger…Part 11

Laura gets out the ruler to two naughty schoolboys during class! Punishment is in order.
More than a Lodger…Part 11

Tom had just walked though the front door. It was late at around seven in the evening. Work seemed to be taking over, thought Tom. He put down his bag in the lounge and headed for the kitchen.

Tom had only just opened the door and walked in. Then he stopped dead in his tracks.

“Thomas - get in here now and sit down,” screamed Laura, “You‘re late, where have you been?”

Tom looked on in awe. Laura was standing at the other end of the room leaning against the worktop. She was dressed in thigh length leather boots, a corset that pulled her in at the waist and exposed her wonderful breasts and skimpy knickers. It was the kind of corset where her breasts rested on the material rather than being covered by it. He noticed the boned structure of the corset giving her body an elegant and sexy look. Then he noticed the dog collar, the dark makeup on her face and finally the twelve inch wooden ruler in her hand.

Tom looked at Jerry while he started to sit down at the table. He noticed something strange, Jerry was sitting with his hands between his legs. He was wearing short trousers, a plain shirt opened at the collar and a tie that was unkempt and half undone. Jerry never looked up at Tom instead he stared at his hands.

“Well…” commanded Laura, “sit down!” she urged Tom one last time.

Tom smiled and caught Jerry’s eye as he glanced up at him. Tom sat down in the chair opposite Jerry.

“You two have been deploringly naughty today,” started Laura, “Jerry was found masturbating when I got home and you…Thomas. Where have you been until now - it had better be a good excuse!”

Tom looked at Laura and saw that she was brandishing the ruler, allowing it to fall onto her open hand with a resounding smack.

“I…ermmm…I was playing with friends,” said Tom, “we weren‘t doing anything naughty honestly!” he added quickly.

“Really!” exclaimed Laura. “What were you playing?” asked Laura quietly.

“Just games…” said Tom.

“What games Thomas?” asked Laura.

“Doctor‘s and Nurses,” said Tom quietly. He looked at Jerry who was pushing back a wry smile.

“Why are you smiling Jeremy!” exclaimed Laura. Jerry stopped smiling immediately.

“Doctor‘s and Nurses,” said Laura, “What happens?”

“Well…” said Tom hesitantly, “we take it in turns to be a doctor or nurse. Emily was the nurse, she is always the nurse. One of us pretends to get hurt and Emily makes us feel better,” he explained the rules of the game to Laura.

“And how exactly does Emily make you feel better?” asked Laura.

“She…ermm…she helps the swelling…” Tom blurted out.

“She helps the swelling?” Laura was confused, “where was the swelling Thomas?” she asked.

Tom looked at Jerry. “Tell her,” said Jerry.

THWACK! The ruler hit the table on its flat edge. Tom jumped at the sudden noise.

“Quiet…” shouted Laura towards Jerry.

“Where was the swelling Thomas?” Laura asked once again.

“It‘s mainly in my willy…” confessed Tom.

“Mainly?” questioned Laura.

“Well…always…” replied Tom.

“Get up and take your trousers down Thomas. I want to see this swelling!” commanded Laura.

Tom stood up and removed his trousers and pants. He was left standing with his shoes and socks still on and his shirt just covering his cock. Laura used the ruler to lift Tom’s shirt and look at his limp and pathetic looking cock.

“Is that swollen now?” she asked. Tom shook his head.

“Jerry…” Laura shot a stare at him across the table. “You were playing with your willy when I caught you…play with Thomas‘ willy now and make it swell.” she commanded.

Jerry looked at Laura and then at Tom with wide eyes.

“Do it now!” she said firmly.

Jerry walked around the table and stood next to Tom. He reached down, held Tom’s cock in his hand and started to masturbate it like his own.

It was only a few moments before Laura could see the effect. Jerry wanked Tom’s cock some more, each time it grew and extended beyond Tom’s shirt. Jerry was smiling to himself as Tom’s cock was urging upwards and into full view.

“That is quite a swelling Thomas!” exclaimed Laura, “So how does Emily make the swelling go down?” she asked.

“Ummm…she…” Tom hesitated.

“Tell me Thomas or you are in big trouble.” She commented.

“She pulls on it faster…” he blurted out, “sometimes she kisses it too, she puts it in her mouth and sucks on it!” Tom could not believe he confessed that much to Laura.

Laura let out a smile. “She sucks on it!…and that makes it go down!” she exclaimed.

Tom nodded.

“Suck Tom‘s cock Jerry…I want to see it go down.” Before Jerry could even think of what he was being asked to do Laura noticed it.

“What is that in your trousers?” she asked, “Is your willy swollen too!” she exclaimed.

Jerry nodded.

“Take your trousers down now and show me,” she said.

Jerry removed his trousers and pants and stood with as much of an erection as Tom. His cock jutted out from his shirt and his tie brushed softly against it.

Both Tom and Jerry stood there with erections to be proud of.

“Suck Tom‘s cock, Jerry,” continued Laura.

Jerry knelt before Tom and grabbed his cock, he pulled it down to the horizontal and kissed the top of it. Then Jerry opened his mouth and took Tom’s cock far enough in to circle his tongue around it and then he clamped his mouth down on it and sucked.

Tom sighed, “Is that what Emily does to you?” asked Laura. Tom nodded.

“And when does the swelling go down?” asked Laura.

“After a while…” said Tom.

Laura waited and watched as Jerry sucked on Tom’s cock.

“The swelling is taking its time to go down,” questioned Laura, “does Emily suck harder, Tom,” she asked.

“Generally harder and…Oooo…she pumps it with her hand as well,” replied Tom.

“Did you hear that Jerry, pump his cock with your hand!” exclaimed Laura.

It wasn’t long before Jerry was sucking on the knob of Tom’s cock and pumping his erection with his hand. Jerry’s other hand was fondling Tom’s balls and shaking them from side to side.

Jerry felt Tom’s balls tighten and retract slightly. Then he felt his cock harden and grow larger in his mouth.

Tom sighed, then he spoke out loud “fuck that‘s it!” he exclaimed.

Tom was cumming. Laura smiled as she watched them both. She knelt down to watch Tom’s cock level with Jerry’s face. She watched with intent for the swelling to go down.

Then it happened. Tom spurted into Jerry’s mouth. Jerry swallowed the first shot of spunk, but the rest came thick and fast. Jerry could not hold all the spunk in his mouth. In an attempt to swallow as much as he could he removed his mouth from Tom’s cock which continued spunking onto the kitchen floor.

Laura gasped when she saw the white sticky fluid shoot from Tom’s cock and land all over the tiled floor. She stood up and walked behind Tom.


“FUCK! ” shouted Tom as he jumped forward in surprise after feeling the hard ruler contact his arse with such force. A jet of spunk shot from his cock as he felt the pain tear through him. “What was that for?” he complained.

“For making a mess on the floor,” replied Laura. “Jerry, bend over the table now,” commanded Laura.

“Does Emily spill any of that stuff, Tom?” she asked. Once more, Tom shook his head.

“Bend over the table Jerry,” Laura commanded yet again. Jerry did just that, he knew what was coming but nothing prepared him for the sudden pain.


The ruler hit his bare backside, and within seconds it hit again. Jerry cried out in pain.

“That was for spilling it all…” said Laura, fully justifying her actions for what had happened.

“Turn around,” said Laura. Jerry turned around and looked at Laura. His bum was stinging with the pain of the spanking that he had received.

Laura reached out to hold Jerry’s cock, she brought the ruler up to shoulder height and she saw Jerry wince at the thought of what was about to happen. Laura smiled at him then lowered the ruler.

Laura wanked on Jerry’s cock; just like he did to Tom. She pumped her hand up and down on it then she lowered her face to his knob and kissed it gently. She then pulled the skin down and let it slip fully into her mouth and then she sucked on it, just like Jerry, and just like Emily.

Laura noticed Tom watching her from the corner of her eye.

“What are you looking at?” asked Laura as she raised her head from Jerry’s cock.

“Your tits,” replied Tom.

“What about them?” asked Laura.

“Emily let‘s us feel her tits as well,” replied Tom.

Laura looked at her tits heaving in the corset and motioned to Tom to come closer. She took his hand and pushed it into her corset, he lifted her breast and then fondled and squeezed her tits.

“Emily also lets us suck on her nipples…” said Tom, expectantly.

Laura looked at him, all the while wanking Jerry’s cock. She started to suck on Jerry’s cock then raised her head and told Tom to suck on her nipples from underneath.

Tom knelt down and did as he was told like a good little boy should.

Laura then raised herself up…and looked at Tom on his knees and Jerry’s reclined body on the kitchen table. His cock as stiff and erect as ever.

“What else does Emily let you do, Tom?” she asked.

“Nothing else,” replied Tom, “we have only ever sucked on her nipples,” confessed Tom.

“Well, I am not Emily,” replied Laura, as she pulled her knickers down and threw them away with a flick of her foot.

“Tom, you are going to do something Emily hasn’t thought of yet,” said Laura. “You are going to Fuck me!”

Tom looked perplexed. Then he was shown, matter of factly, where to put his cock and what to do with it.

Laura then leant over the table once more and took Jerry’s cock in her mouth. She sucked on it and pumped it with her hand.

Laura looked over her shoulder towards Tom.

“Now Tom,” she said, “I want you to fuck my cunt…now…” she urged.

Tom pushed his hardening cock towards the area Laura had indicated earlier. His cock felt the moist, warm and wet lips of her pussy. He pushed further towards her and he felt his cock engulfed by wetness. It was silky and smooth. To Tom it felt heavenly.

Tom could not think why Emily had not let them do this to her. It was wonderful, he thought.

His cock slipped all the way in to Laura’s cunt as she sucked on Jerry’s cock. She pumped his cock with her left hand and she sucked and licked on his knob with her tongue and lips. Then Laura grabbed Jerry’s cock and held it upright. She sank her mouth right down to its base and then pulled her mouth back up. She did this several times.

Jerry could feel the effect, her sucking was excruciatingly wonderful, and he knew he would spurt any moment into her waiting mouth.

Laura pushed her arse back towards Tom, who by now was thrusting his stiff and erect cock into her cunt with renewed vigour. His hips were thrusting regularly as he gripped her waist and pulled her backwards as his cock thrust effortlessly into her wet and willing cunt.

Laura was cumming.

She could feel her orgasm build as Tom’s lovely cock thrust into her, pushing against her cervix and rubbing all the parts of her insides that cock’s were made to do. She was fast approaching the point of no return.

So was Jerry.

No-one actually said a word, except Tom who was grunting throughout all of his pumping and grinding efforts.

It was touch and go who came first.

Laura suddenly groaned as she thrust her mouth down onto Jerry’s cock. It was the last thrust that caused his cock to ejaculate violently into her mouth and throat. She kept her mouth fully down on Jerry’s cock as Tom fucked her to orgasm with his incessant thrusting.

Laura came hard as Jerry’s spunk erupted down her throat. She started to swallow as much as she could before she had to move her mouth upwards. It was an attempt to swallow more of his spunk and breath at the same time. All the while her own orgasm was pulsing through her body and pushing her over the many mountains that were in the way.

Laura finally removed her face from Jerry’s cock and gasped for air. His spunk dribbled from her mouth and fell back onto his cock. She swallowed once more, at the same time raising her hand to her chin and scooping the rest of the spunk back into her mouth. She gasped once more for air.

Tom had slowed his thrusting and was more or less politely pumping his cock into Laura’s cunt. She looked behind her and smiled at him. Her face was covered in sweat and a few drops of spunk that hadn’t quite made it down her throat.

Tom pulled his cock from her pussy and allowed Laura to stand up.

Laura looked at both of them. She quickly reached for the ruler and brought it to her hand, she slapped the ruler into her hand and licked her lips.

“You two had better not be naughty again…” she told them. “Do you both understand me!” she exclaimed.

“Yes miss…” said Tom and Jerry simultaneously.

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