More than a Lodger…Part 3

By DarkSide

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Tom is seduced into entering the naughty room…and whatever lies in store for him.
More than a Lodger…Part 3

It was almost every day after our double fuck, that Laura, Jerry and I had found ourselves in numerous sexual positions. Sometimes it was just Laura and I, and sometimes it was I that had to miss out when I arrived home late because of work.

It was on one of those work nights that I found myself entering the house at around seven in the evening. I was late home and I trundled indoors with a takeaway. I headed for the kitchen, dished it out and tucked into it.

The house was particularly quiet for that particular evening. I finished my meal and headed for the lounge to watch the TV. I had actually thought that Laura and Jerry had gone out together until I heard a shout from somewhere in the house. I wandered around and then I heard it again.

It was coming from the second lounge. The room that they had labelled the “naughty room”. Initially I thought it was where one of them was banished if they had done something wrong, then I learnt that it was the “naughty room” because of what went on in there. The “naughty room” had a sign on it that read:

Rent depreciation room
Enter at your own risk but
If you do - you have to join in

I laughed but I also hesitated. I was already down to half rent and the notice clearly indicated it would drop further. I hesitated because I really didn’t know what I would have to do to make it go down any further. I wasn’t naïve as such, but I guess I was a little scared.

However, I had to enter, I had to find out what I would have to do. I actually wanted to find out and as I thought of Laura, it dawned on me that I actually needed to find out.

I raised my hand to knock, when I heard Jerry shout out the words “Oh Fuck!” I didn’t know what I was thinking of by wanting to knock. This wasn’t the sort of house where someone knocked when they heard sounds like that. It was the sort of house where someone rushed in, stripped off and joined in.

My hand hovered over the door knob. I grasped it firmly and opened the door.

Laura looked over at the door opening. She grinned at me. I could see she was standing behind Jerry who was leaning over the sofa with his hands on the back of it.

“You‘re just in time…” said Laura.

She grasped Jerry’s hips. I walked around the sofa and then it became clear why Laura was behind him.

Jutting out from her pussy and attached to her with leather straps, was a thin dildo.

“Just in time to see him get fucked…” she continued and with that she thrust the dildo all the way up Jerry’s arse.

I looked at Laura, she was wanton, lusty and downright in control. You could tell she loved dishing out a good fucking. She was acting the man, and she was acting it seriously well. She grasped his hips again and with a grunt and a shake of her hips she thrust the dildo up his arse.

She gave Jerry a few more thrusts up his arse before she pulled out the dildo. Laura faced me with her hard on jutting in front of her like a real cock.

“Would you like to try?” she asked, “we could get your rent down to about one hundred easy!” she exclaimed.

I didn’t really know what came over me. It wasn’t the thought of being fucked in the arse, it wasn’t the rent money, it was the fact that she made it sound fucking glorious, and something I would want to try. I guess you could say that Laura could charm a trouser snake into disappearing up its own arse, if it was long enough.

She charmed me alright.

I found myself stripping off, breathing heavily, and walking towards her with my cock semi-stiff and aching to be held.

“Bend over,” she told me. I bent over thinking that it would go straight up, but she was a lot more experienced than that. I felt her finger push inside my arse. It was lubricated with oils or vaseline, I wasn’t sure which. Then she pushed some more lubrication into me and a few more fingers. She then positioned the dildo at the entrance of my arse and started to push.

I guess I was lucky that it was a thin one. It was half the diameter of my cock and I was thankful for that. I tensioned my arse as I felt it touch.

“Don’t do that Tom, relax, just relax until its through the tight bit,” she told me.

I tried to relax, but you know, when you think its going to hurt you can’t fucking relax, but I tried my best. Laura was brilliant and patient. In about five minutes she had the dildo right up my arse and she was fucking me with it.

“That looks so fucking nice, Tom,” she said.

I closed my eyes and actually started to fuck my arse back at her. Then it was removed.

“Is that it?” I asked, almost disappointed.

“Patience…Tom,” she said as she slapped my arse hard.

Laura did her inevitable smile yet again. She wandered over to Jerry who kept quiet through the whole event. She knelt down between his legs and sucked his cock into her mouth. How I wanted it to be my cock.

When she got it hard she motioned Jerry so that his arse was on the edge of the sofa. Then she sat down on his cock. I wasn’t sure whether it went up her pussy or her arse and I didn’t care, though I reckon it was her arse, but she looked fantastic sat astride his cock with her own cock jutting from her.

“Come here Tom, sit on this dildo and on Jerry,” she instructed.

I too straddled Jerry and started to sit back towards Laura.

“Put your knees on the sofa, Tom,” she instructed once more. “Then sit back on me.” I did as I was told from the master of sexual positioning.

I leant back in towards Laura and I could once again feel the dildo penetrate me. My arse locked up again. I kept telling myself over and over to relax. I eventually did, and I felt it slip into me.

Laura was now sitting on top of Jerry’s cock with her cock inside me. My cock was unnervingly only inches away from Jerry’s face.

“Is that nice, Tom, are you comfortable?” Laura asked.

I nodded and pushed my arse down onto her dildo to let her know I was happy.

“Fuck me Jerry…” she instructed. “Tom, I am going to fuck you as I get fucked and I want you to spunk all over Jerry‘s face for me…OK!” she exclaimed.

I nodded, yet again, this was going to be another several firsts for me, I thought.

Although Jerry was supporting Laura and Tom on top of himself, he did his very best to pump his cock into Laura’s arse. As Laura got fucked, she also fucked her dildo into my arse. The three of us thrusted into each other in a rocking motion, with each thrust more pleasurable than the last, and each thrust leading ultimately to Laura’s orgasm.

“Can I stroke your cock, Tom?” asked Jerry. I thought for an instant and then nodded. What the fuck, I thought, they are doing everything else to me.

Jerry lifted his hand and slowly wanked my already stiff cock. Stiff, that is, from the dildo that was massaging my prostate and giving me wonderful sensations that I never knew were possible. I felt Jerry’s hand on my cock stroking its entire length and pumping it towards my orgasm.

Without asking Jerry extended his tongue and head and licked on the knob end in front of him. I nearly lost it when I felt the exquisite feel of his tongue on my cock.

I pushed my arse backwards harder with every thrust that Laura was giving me. While savouring the intrusion in my arse, I also loved the action of Jerry’s hand and mouth on my cock. It clearly wasn’t the first time that Jerry had sucked cock, I thought.

Suddenly the licking stopped as Jerry laid back on the sofa and fucked his cock as hard as he could into Laura’s arse. Laura felt her orgasm build as she too fucked into me.

“Fuck…I‘m cumming…” said Laura as she fucked her dildo in a relentless fashion. Laura eventually cried out as her orgasm ripped through her. She fell forward onto my back as she came hard and rested there for a while, her head nestled between my shoulder blades, her breathing definitely post-orgasm.

As Laura recovered she restarted her fucking motion into me at a much slower pace. Her head nestled into the space between my shoulder blades as she wrapped her arm around my body to grasp my cock. As Laura wanked my cock, I could feel her breath on my back.

Laura pointed my cock in the direction of Jerry’s face and started to wank it faster.

“Cum for me, Tom,” she sighed into my back, “spunk all over Jerry for me…”

I was still feeling the intrusion in my arse, but the trio of emotions from her fucking action, her wanking action and her words sent me over the top.

“Let him have it Tom, let it go…” she urged.

“Fuck…I can feel your spunk pumping from your balls…” she said finally. “Empty your balls for me, Tom!” she commanded.

At those words I let my spunk shoot from my cock. I was ecstatic. My spunk jetted out and the first stream hit Jerry on the forehead and face.

“That‘s it my baby, spunk on him…” Laura encouraged.

The next stream of spunk hit Jerry on his face and neck. I saw Jerry open his mouth to receive the third and I did my best to direct the next spurt onto Jerry’s mouth which I achieved with pride.

Jerry licked the spunk into his mouth as it hit the spot. The remaining spunk landed on Jerry’s neck and it finally ended up dribbling from the end of my cock down onto his chest.

“So fucking gorgeous…” said Laura as she looked around my shoulder at the spunk littering Jerry‘s body. She climbed off Jerry making the dildo slip noisily from my arse.

Laura climbed onto the sofa and licked the spunk off Jerry’s face, scooping it up with her tongue and sharing it with him. I looked on in awe at the actions of this sexy, rampant and lusty woman in front of me.

With the last drop of spunk on her tongue, Laura rose up and kissed me full on my lips. The full amount of spunk was shared between us, as she urged me to suck it down and swallow it.

I, of course, complied with anything that Laura wanted me to do.

“Fuck,” said Laura, “We‘re down to a hundred rent Jerry…At this rate, we will end up paying for him to stay here!” she laughed. Jerry laughed and so did I.

It certainly wasn’t the end of the evening. In fact, we all retired up to Laura and Jerry’s bedroom where we continued into the early hours of the morning, and I did actually find myself on the receiving end of Jerry’s cock. After all, Laura was urging me on to suck it, and so I did. I sucked until Jerry’s spunk shot down my throat. It was such a lewd thing to do, and actually, I found that I loved it.