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Mr and Mrs Rimmington

It's their first date, and it's a rimming-only date
I had been talking to Judy on a sex dating site for a couple of weeks but for one reason or another we hadn’t got around to meeting. Either I was working or she was, or there were family commitments. I was fairly sure her unavailability was genuine, and mine certainly was. Anyway, the delay had enabled us to draw up a plan for something neither of us had come across before: a rimming-only date. I love to give, she loves to receive and neither of us was bashful about it.

We had exchanged enough photos to be pretty confident about what we were letting ourselves in for. She was average height, neither skinny nor fat, but a nice, comfortable shape for a woman of 38 and she seemed to like the look of me too.

The ground rules were these:

1. Kissing was permitted

2. Caressing and licking were permitted in general, including the breasts

3. No touching the vagina by fingers, tongue, penis or anything else

4. She was permitted to touch me anywhere and in any way she liked.

5. I could either make myself cum at the end or she would do it for me, but not inside her

This might look like the work of mad people: crazed administrators or perverted lawyers, but we saw it as a kind of scientific experiment. We agreed that rimming was a sadly underrated, grossly misrepresented sexual act that deserved to be the main attraction at times, rather than always an hors d’oeuvre. Of course, in previous, less hygienic times, people would give the arse a wide berth, but the same could be said for any kind of oral-genital action. No caveman in his right mind was going to get his face is his woman’s crotch under any circumstances, while even Henry VIII of England would have been wary of going down on Anne Boleyn unless he had personally witnessed her doing her stuff with a bowl of water, a lemon wedge and a large sprig of rosemary.

In this day and age, though, when everyone has access to a bath or a shower, maybe even a bidet, and with shower gel found in every bathroom in the civilized world, there is no reason for someone in good health to smell bad in any part of their body.

Judy and I were founder members of the Linguanal Society and proud of it. Our particular sexual interest was legitimate and had a noble, if short and secret, history. Taboo is not an ugly word. It evokes mystery and hidden pleasures, and it is almost the duty of intelligent, adventurous people to look behind the curtain and make their own judgement.

We had discussed the medical side of it too, and while we knew there were dangers, neither of us had suffered any ill effects thus far, so with a responsible attitude to hygiene we were happy to proceed.

Judy lived about two hours’ drive from me, so we arranged to meet at a hotel halfway. We would sign in as Mr and Mrs Rimmington. I liked Judy very much and we had a lot of fun planning the whole thing. We had so much fun, in fact, that neither of us was the slightest bit nervous about meeting for real. We had talked on Skype, we texted to say good morning, we knew plenty about each other and I for one didn’t rule out the possibility of making it a proper, conventional relationship if our unusual first date went well.

The day came and I took a long shower just before leaving the house. I was going to be early, but then I always am. Nauseatingly punctual, as someone had once put it. I waited in the hotel bar and had a beer, but only one. I had a seat facing the door, so I saw her the moment she set foot in the place, and she looked gorgeous. Black, wavy hair parted loosely on the side and a black woolen sweater with a black and white floral-pattern dress. I was just about ecstatic at the situation and what I was going to be doing with this wonderful woman. She had spotted me immediately too, and we embraced as if we were old lovers meeting after a long absence.

Judy declined my offer of a drink, so we just checked in and went up to our room. Felix and Felicity Rimmington were a very respectable couple.

Something happened when we got in the lift, though. Our affection for each other reacted to the closing of the doors and we flung our arms round each other and kissed passionately. We were only going to the third floor, so we had to step apart after only a few moments, but the kiss had told us both all we needed to know.

We walked into the room on a cloud and as the door closed behind us we kissed again. My hands were all over her.

“Felicity, you are so gorgeous,” I said.

“Please call me Fliss,” she said warmly. “Felix. You’re very nice yourself.”

We sat together on the bed and giggled.

“What would you like to do?” I asked.

“What we have spent all this time planning,” she replied. “Discipline, Felix Rimmington. As fellow administrators we have a duty to follow the plan to the letter.”

With that she stood up and took off her sweater, revealing a lacy black bra. She turned around and I understood that she wanted me to take it off, so I duly obliged and put it on a chair. She turned around and we kissed again, as I located the zip of her skirt and pulled it down. She did the same with my trousers and we allowed the clothes to slide to the floor. Stepping out of them we moved together again and she put her hand in my pants, holding my very excited cock.

I automatically slid my hand into the front of her panties, which were clearly the partners of her bra. She stopped me abruptly.

“Felix,” she said. “Not the front, only the back.”

“Sorry, force of habit” I said.

“It’s okay,” she replied. “I’m the same. But we’re going to do this and we’re going to love it.”

“I know we are,” I said softly, moving my hand around to her buttocks.

“Take my panties off,” she said, and I knelt down and slid them to her ankles, then off. I stood up and took my own off, then hung her panties on my erection. She picked them of it and threw them on the chair.

Judy turned around and knelt on the bed, I got down behind her and put my face between her buttocks.

“You’re beautiful,” I said, looking at her small, neat, dark hole. Normally I would probably have put my thumb into her pussy, but that was not on the agenda. I licked her arse sensually and she gasped.

“Oh my god,” she said. “That is so good.”

I licked her slowly and softly, then strongly, but still slowly.

“That is beautiful,” she said. “That is beautiful.”

After a while she said “Am I allowed to suck you?”

“Nothing in the rules to say you can’t,” I said.

“Lie down, then,” she said gently. I lay on my back and her tongue ran all the way down from my mouth to my cock. She took me inside and after a few seconds released me again. “I just had to do something for you,” she said. “What you were doing for me was so lovely that I felt selfish.”

“Well what happened to Miss Do-It-By-The-Book?” I teased as her mouth enveloped me again. “Come on, back on your knees. I’m going to make you cum.”

“I know you are, my lovely Felix,” she said. “I almost came before.”

“Just let it happen, then,” I urged her as she got back into position.”

“Oh god, lick my arse,” she implored. “Lick my naughty, depraved back passage.”

I licked her with such love and dedication that she came within seconds and ground herself against me as she did. Then she lay on her back and said “Come up here and kiss me.”

I kissed her mouth and I could smell her bottom from the fluid on my face. She could smell it too, I knew, because she kissed my cheeks and my chin before getting back tongue-to-tongue.

“Now I want you to cum,” she said seriously. Where do you want to cum?”

“In the crack of your arse,” I replied. She got back to her kneeling position and I got behind her. She could reach just far enough with her hand to touch my cock but not to manipulate it.

“Toss yourself off for me,” she said, arching her back to expose herself more. My balls needed no further invitation and within seconds my orgasm shot semen into her beautiful cleft and ran down into her crotch.

“Rub it in,” she whispered. “Into my bum.”

I used my thumb to press the semen into her tight hole.

Lying down again, Judy said, “I love being Mrs Rimmington. Now I’m going to have a shower and afterwards I suggest we go downstairs for a drink, and that’s the end of the date.”

“You want to go home?” I asked, disappointed.

“God, no,” she replied. “It will be the end of that date, that’s all. Then we can be Mr and Mrs Fuckingham. Of Fuckingham Palace.”

“Mr and Mrs Lovington sounds good,” I suggested.

“Yes, we can be them too,” she said. “We’ve got all night, haven’t we?”

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