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M's First Tie: Part Two

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M spends the weekend over.
M's First Tie: Part Two

Saturday continued…

M rolls onto her right side and slides her left leg between my legs. Her left arm and torso covers half my chest. She gently rubs her leg against my cock and balls. I can feel the heat and wetness of her pussy on my thigh. She stares at the cum that is still pooled on my chest, and the shiny tracks on my skin, as it flows down my side. She scoops up my cum with one finger and looks at me. With a wicked smile on her lips, she slowly inserts her finger in her mouth and sucks my cum off her finger.

I grab her ponytail and pull her head back. A small gasp escapes her lips. I hold her face close to mine and look into her big brown eyes for a long moment. There is a beauty in her eyes that I can’t put into words. There is excitement in them, a lust for life shimmers in them. As I’m looking into her eyes, I could swear my heart stops for a brief moment.

I feel her hot breath on my face. Her breathing quickens. I close my eyes and I concentrate only on how her breath feels on my lips. I feel the warmth from deep inside her with each exhale, and then, a longing for that warmth upon my lips as she inhales. I pull her lips to mine and kiss her hard. I let go of her ponytail and my right hand slides quickly down her back. I slide my hand to her firm ass cheek, and squeeze it. Her ass is small, firm and tight, with softness that allows my fingers to sink deep into her flesh. I slide my hand a bit further, gripping M’s inner thigh, my fingers grazing her pussy, and pull her left leg over both my legs. She shifts to her left and straddles me.

We both moan, as cock meets pussy. She rests her elbows on my chest and holds my face between her hands. I reach for her legs, grip my hands behind her knees and slide her legs up and under her body. M keeps her mouth locked on mine, biting my lips and running her tongue over them. She begins to rock her hips back and forth, ever so slowly. Her wet slit parts, and my cock slips between them. She slides up and down the entire length of my cock.

“Fill me, cum inside me,” M pleads, in a small and shaking voice.

I grab her hips and lift her pussy off my cock, just enough to free it from between our bodies. M reaches down between her legs and grips my cock in her fist. She rubs the entire length of her wet slit over the swollen head of my cock. I moan loudly from deep in my throat. M holds my cock steady and lowers herself onto me. She gasps once, and holds her breath as she takes my full erect length. When she has me completely inside of her, she places her palms on my chest.

In a low and throaty voice, she moans, “Fuuuuuuck.” Her voice trails off and is silent.

Steadying herself on her arms, she begins to fuck me. Her hips grind hard and very slow against me. She keeps my cock’s full length inside her, as she rocks back and forth on it. She is slick and hot inside. I can feel my cock press hard against her closed cervix. The pressure from her cervix on the head of my cock makes it twitch with every move she makes.

“Ohhhhhhfuuuuuccckkkk,” she moans, louder than before.

My hands maul her breasts, squeezing them, lifting them, crushing them against her. Her skin turns white where my fingers dig into them. M shivers and exhales hard. She presses her breasts harder into my hands. Her hands come off my chest and grab my wrists. She leans into my hands as they maul her soft flesh.

“Fuuuuuck yeeeessss,” M moans, as she picks up the pace of her fucking.

I release her breasts, grab both her wrists, and place her hands on my chest again.
I hold both her wrists in my left hand and keep them pinned to my chest. M spreads her fingers and digs her nails into my chest. I place my right hand on her belly, keeping my four fingers just below her bellybutton. I slide my thumb over her clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhfuuuuuuck, Gil!” M cries out.

I press hard on her clit, as I rub it side to side. I can feel her swollen clit pop out from under my thumb with each stroke. I rub her clit to the rhythm of her hips.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” M pants.

I feel her pussy squeeze my cock as her body tenses and prepares to orgasm. I feel my cum travel to the base of my twitching cock. My body tenses, I push the back of my head hard into the mattress, my back arches and my shoulders fly off the mattress. I tense every muscle in my body, wanting to hold off cumming and filling M, for as long as I can. I reach the limit, my cock explodes inside her. Thick streams of my cum fill M. I can feel my hot liquid splash hard against her cervix. It splashes around inside her, covering and flowing down the walls of her pussy, as it squeezes and spasms around my cock.

My words gurgle in the back of my throat. “Ohhhhhhhh M,” I mumble.


Her cry abruptly stops, as if she can no longer breathe. Her face is frozen in a silent scream. Her body shakes, her legs squeeze hard against my hips as they quiver uncontrollably. Her eyes are almost completely white, only a small crescent of brown is visible under her eyelids. She squirts on my cock as she cums. The warm gush of her liquid runs over my hips, and flows over my balls. I feel her pussy release its tight grip on my cock, as her orgasm subsides.

She starts breathing again and finishes the shriek that was trapped in her throat, “Fuuuuuckmmmmmm!”

She is breathing hard through her mouth. Each breath is deep and urgent. It takes a few minutes for us to recover our senses. My cock is still hard and buried in her. Once we both become coherent again, I playfully slap her left ass cheek.

And say to her, “You got some nerve calling me a potty mouth.”

M giggles and pretends to be embarrassed, then answers, “You’re obviously a very bad influence on me.” Her eyes mischievously widen and she adds, “Fuck do you feel good inside me.”

As she finishes her sentence, she places her hands on her ass cheeks, playfully pretending to protect her ass from another slap. As her arms move away from her chest, her breasts jut out to me. I can see bruises are forming on them. Just under her erect nipples, where my thumbs dug into them. I trace the faint purple marks with my fingertip. The top of both her breasts are a mix of pink and red. The pattern on her skin is like an abstract painting.

“Mmmmmmm, I left marks on you M,” I tell her.

M smiles, looks down at her breasts and says, “Good, I’ll have something to look at that reminds me of you.” Then adds, “I left scratch marks on your chest. One of the scratches is very deep. I’m sorry.”

“A fair trade, I would say,” I answer, and smile at her

“I think I should kiss them better,” she says, through pouty lips.

She leans and kisses the four inch scratch on my left pectoral. Her lips leave small, gentle kisses along the entire length of scratch.

She lifts her head, studies the scratch and says, “There, all better.”

M leans forward and drapes herself over me. As my cock slides out of her, she moans softly and closes her eyes. She shifts her body and lays her head on my chest, with her arms tucked tightly into her chest. She shifts back and forth a bit, till she finds the perfect position and sighs in satisfaction. I place my left hand on her shoulder and with my right hand, I gently caress her cheek.

I ask M, “What can I get for you M, are you hungry or thirsty?”

“Pfffffffft. Gil, you have to be the worst host ever. You invite me over, tie me up, have your way with me, leave marks on me from head to toe, and ask if I want anything, after the fact,” she replies while she chuckles. “And, if all that isn’t bad enough, you gave me Tourette ’s syndrome!”

M breaks out in laughing fit, and can’t stop herself from laughing for minutes. I laugh out loud and can’t stop laughing also. We laugh at each other for minutes, and it feels good. When she finally stops laughing, she caresses my chest with her hand, turns her face into my chest and kisses the scratches she left on me.

“I am seriously famished, what do you want for dinner?” she asks me.

“Lady’s choice, you pick,” I reply.

“Something fast, I am starving,” she replies.

“Let’s go downstairs to the kitchen. I’ll fix up something fast,” I say to her.

M rolls off me and swings her legs over the side of the bed and stands up. Her legs wobble under her and she laughs.

“I feel like I have no bones,” she chuckles.

She looks down at the sheets on my bed and notices how big the wet spot from her squirting is. It’s the size of a pillow.

“Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed!” she blurts out, as she covers her face with her hands.

I laugh and assure her, “There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I find it damn fucking sexy.”

M looks at me through her fingers that cover her face, and giggles, “Mr. potty mouth.”

I laugh and spread my arms wide, motioning her to come to me. Keeping her face covered by her hands, she places a knee on my bed and walks across the bed to me, on her knees. I hug her, lift her off the bed and put her down. I walk to my dresser and take out a pair of shorts and one of my plain white t shirts and put them on. I take another t shirt, one of my favorites, it has Pink Floyd’s iconic prism on the front. White light passing through a prism, creating the colors of a rainbow. M reminds me of a rainbow. I want her to wear it for me.

‘Here, wear this t shirt for me M,” I say to her, as I hand the t shirt to her.

She takes it, brings it to her face and inhales deep. Then holds it out in front of her and looks at it.

“Nice, I love Plink Floyd, and it smells like you,” she says, as she slowly pulls it over her head.

The t shirt is huge on her. The sleeves come down almost to her elbows, and the collar exposes almost all of her shoulders. It comes down to just above her knees. She swims in it. The t shirt makes her look more slender and delicate. Her slender legs dangle out from underneath the t shirt, she looks very sexy.

“Perfect fit, wouldn’t you agree Gil?” she asks, as she mock models it for me.

I chuckle and reply, “Agreed, a perfect fit M.”

“Where is the little girl’s room?” she asks, with a smile.

“Last door to your right,” I reply. “I’ll wash up and prepare some dinner for us.”

As I wait for M to come down to the kitchen, I throw two bagels in my toaster oven, and set the table.
I cut two buns in half and make two sandwiches with Italian cold cuts, lettuce and Provolone cheese.
I wash and cut up some tomatoes and cucumbers. I mix them in a bowl and add a touch of olive oil, red wine vinegar and mix in green, spicy pitted olives. To finish it off, I sprinkle some dried oregano on top of the salad. It’s one of my favorite salads. I cut up some old white cheddar cheese and plate it. I rinse some seedless grape and put them in a bowl. I pour two glasses of water and place them in front of the plates.

M walks down the stairs, and comes to the kitchen. I pull a chair out for her and motion her to sit. I take the bagels out of the toaster oven and bring them to the table. I sit next to her, to her left, and turn my chair to face her. She turns her chair to face me, and tucks her right leg under left leg. She tugs the t shirt over her right knee and leans towards me.

“Looks delicious, thank you, now kiss me,” she orders, with a smile.

I kiss her. I butter a bagel and place it on her plate and cut it in four pieces. She watches me with a small smile on her face, as she drinks her water. I place the sliced cheese and grapes in front of her and motion her to go ahead and eat.

“What would you like to drink?” I ask. “I have wine and beer.”

“Share a beer with me?” she asks.

“I would love nothing more M. Now eat, you said you were starving,” I reply, as I spoon some salad on her plate.

I take a slice of cheddar and place it on one of the quarter slices of the bagel. I lift it to her mouth. She looks at me for a few seconds, and then opens her mouth. I place it between her teeth. She bites a piece off of and eats it.

“Okay, now I’m happy, I’ll get us a cold beer now,” I tell her.

I take a bottle of beer from my fridge and place it on the table. As soon as I sit down in my chair, M gets up and sits on my left leg, her legs dangle in between mine. She picks up a grape and feeds it to me. We end up eating dinner off one plate. We laugh at ourselves, comparing our behavior to that of teenagers.

We leave table without clearing it. We go out back on the patio and share another beer. M turns her chair and rests her legs over my right leg. I rub her thigh slowly for a bit, and then rest my hand on her thigh.

With a serious look on her face she asks me, “Why do you like tying women up?”

I laugh at the abruptness her question and answer, “The short answer is that some women get incredibly aroused by it. And that makes for incredible sex.”

M chuckles and replies, “Hmmmm…smooth pick up line,” then asks, “Is it the feeling of power and control over someone and that you can do whatever you want to them and that they are helpless to stop you?”

I look at her and wait a few seconds to reply, “There are many reasons why women bound by rope arouse me. I love the physical act of tying, the way the rope feels. The subtle vibrations in the rope as it slides over flesh and itself. The way a woman reacts to the rope on her body. The way the rope bites into flesh and sinks into their bodies. The way the rope captures a body in a position is like a photograph, it’s as if I can make time stand still. It’s an art form when done properly, and makes for incredible foreplay. I find it very sexy. And to state the obvious, the sight of a woman's body in an intricate tie, is beautiful to gaze upon.”

I look at M and wait to see if she has anything to add before I continue. She waits for me to continue.

I continue, “As for the feeling of power and being in control, they are a small part of the arousal for me. But, I only had as much power and control over your body and mind, as you allowed me. You held all the control while I was binding you, because you could have stopped it any time you wished. I did promise that to you before we started. If I went beyond what you are comfortable with and didn’t stop, if you asked me to, that would be a betrayal of your trust. It would be abuse, and that doesn’t do anything for me, sexually.”

M nods her head, a gesture that she understands and accepted what I said.

I continue, “As to doing whatever I want to them, with you, I did do what I wanted to you. And it was amazing sex. I plan on doing much more to you, by the way. Once we get to know each other better.”

M smiles and replies, “Mmmmmm…Yes, it was amazing. And you better do much more to me.”

I chuckle and continue, “As for them being helpless to stop me, with trust, that’s the fun part. I get to tease as much as I want. I can deny you orgasms or force you to orgasm and play with you all I want.” Then I add, “I do tend to lean towards rough play. That’s not for everyone though. If you want, we can discuss it.” I ask M, “Did you ever feel threatened or in harm’s way when I had you bound?”

“Hell no, Gil!” M exclaims, louder that she intended. “And I look forward to that conversation, just so you know.”

I continue, “Trust, you took a chance and trusted me. You made up your mind to trust me at some point, even though we have just met.” I take a sip of the beer and hand M the bottle. “You had no way of knowing for certain, if your decision to trust me would end up in you being hurt, intentional or otherwise. You chose to trust me, and I would never betray that trust.”

M thinks about what I just said for a bit, and answers. “I had no way of knowing for certain, you are correct. But that holds true with any other guy I might have met. I got the feeling from you, that you weren’t a psychopath. I took a chance. I was going to allow myself to be bound by rope. I knew that there would be a lot of unknowns and some sort of pain involved, but I was ready to accept it.” She smiles at me, and adds, “And the bruises, were so worth it.”

I chuckle, “I am glad that you only thought of me as an enforcer for the mob and not a psychopath, it’s comforting,” then ask her, “Were you scared at all?”

“Of course I was a bit scared. But that only made me wetter, shall we say,” M replies with a smile. “Being a bit scared added to the intensity of the anticipation of not knowing what to expect. The thoughts I was having about you were very naughty, from the first time I saw you. Let alone thinking about you tying me up.”

M tugs at the t shirt and pulls it between her thighs. She clamps her thighs tight to hold the t shirt in place. She bites down on her bottom lip. She is getting aroused, just as I am.

She takes a sip of beer, and passes the beer back to me.

M continues with a mischievous look on her face, “I wasn’t scared because you look intimidating though. That image of you is forever gone from my mind, just so you know. You are in big, big trouble now. I know you’re a giant softie deep inside. A few pouts and sobs and I’ll have you wrapped around my little finger.”

I burst out in laughter and reply, “Busted again. It only took you three days to figure that out. Join the club M, my daughter has been manipulating me since she was three years old. I really have to toughen up.”

M laughs and says, “You’re doomed, accept your fate. Besides, you find me irresistible and want me more than you know. You’re head over heels for me. And if you ever piss me off, I’ll tell your daughter and she’ll deal with you.”

I laugh and reply, “I would appreciate it, if you took it easy on this old man. I’m fifty four years old and you’re, what, half my age?”

M smiles and replies, “I’m exactly half you age. And I am in no way, every going to take it easy on you.”

She lifts the t shirt slowly up and away from her thighs, and slightly spreads her legs.

“Look at what you do to me. You keep me constantly wet,” she says in a lusty voice.

We head to my bedroom, and jump on the bed. I pull her on top of me and wrap my arms around her arms and shoulders. I roll with her in my arms and pin her tight under me. I force her legs open with my knees. She moans as her legs are spread apart roughly.

M kisses and bites my neck and shoulder. Her upper arms are pinned to her sides. I tighten my grip around her, ensuring her body won't move when I begin to thrust my cock in and out of her. I have cum twice already today. I can fuck a long time now, till I cum again. I position my cock at the opening of her pussy and slide the tip in. She bends her arms at the elbows and slides her hands to my ass. She pulls me deep inside her. A short gasping moan gurgles in her throat. When I am completely buried inside her, she wraps her legs around my hips and crosses her ankles.

I need to fuck her hard. I want to pound my cock savagely in and out of her. I withdraw my cock from inside her, keeping the tip positioned on her warm, moist entrance. I squeeze her tighter and thrust my hips downwards, hard. I can feel her pussy getting wetter, with each savage thrust of my hips. M doesn’t move her hips. She lays still waiting for my next thrust and moans every time my hips crash into hers. I can feel her orgasm over and over as I pound my cock into her. Her pussy spasms and grips my cock tight, I shorten my strokes while she orgasms, or her pussy will push my cock out of her when it squeezes tight. Her breath beats against my neck, with every downward thrust of my cock. My thrusts are punching the breath out of her lungs. I fuck her hard for a good ten minutes.

I lower my mouth to her breasts and take as much of her soft flesh as I can fit into my mouth. Her scent fills my nostrils and mouth. I can taste her flesh. I suck her breast deep into my mouth and bite into her soft flesh. Moans and gasps escape her parted lips, getting louder, the longer I fuck her at this savage pace. I suck hard on her nipple and bite into it. She reacts by throwing her head back and pushing her breast to meet my teeth.

I don't try to hold off cumming. I need to feel my cum travel through my cock and explode inside M. I need to feel our juices mix inside her. I grunt like an animal in heat, as I spill myself inside her.

I collapse on her, breathing as if I had just completed a grueling marathon. We are covered in each other’s sweat and sex. I lay on top of her for a few minutes, content to feel every inch of her against me. I roll off her spent body. She moans and pouts as I withdraw my cock from inside her. I roll onto my left side and gently cup her right breast with my right hand. M places her left hand on top of my hand.

"This can't be normal," she pants, while her hand strokes mine, "I lost count of how many times I came, and I still want more."

I lazily lower my head and place a kiss on her forehead.

“By the way, what is M short for?” I ask her…

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