My Favourite Netball Player - A Very Pleasant Afternoon with Susie

By scotty792

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After a lovely lunch and some sex, Susie and I have a wonderful afternoon
As I said earlier, Susie and I discussed a multitude of different things as we finished our lunch.

I could tell that Susie was still in a fairly high state of arousal as we went and paid our bill before making our way back to the car.

I suddenly thought just what a luck lad I was, 18, fairly well-off financially and with a gorgeous little 16 year old schoolgirl holding my hand. Not only was this gorgeous little girl a schoolgirl - she was wearing her school uniform, proper school knickers too!!!!!!

When I opened the car door for Susie, she deliberately opened her legs wider that she needed to and in doing so showed me the fairly large dark stain on the gusset of her bottle green, ribbed legged, cotton school uniform knickers.

Seeing me staring at the wonderful sight before me, Susie asked softly, "Wet, aren't they? My bottle green knickers are lovely and wet, would you like to make then even wetter???

What healthy 18 year old male could refuse a 16 year old schoolgirl that??? I sure as hell couldn't!!!

I was extremely close to breaking every rule in the book as I drove to my place and, when we arrived, Susie again opened her legs wide for me as I opened the door for her. What a bloody awful little tease!!!

No sooner were in the lounge room than she threw herself again, gasping eagerly, "I ... I think I'm falling in love with you, Donny. You've always been so gentle with me and never ever made me do anything I didn't want to and, when we did started feeling each other, it was so nice, so nice and gentle and you always made me cum so good."

"I feel the same way, Susie. I've not been out with many girls but you are something different," I told her,"I'll never ever forget the things you've let me do to you and, although we've never gone all the way, I've a feeling that it will happen soon."

Gently pressing her lower body hard against my already throbbing cock, Susie whispered, "Maybe sooner than you think, Darling, maybe sooner than you think."

Trying not to read too much into that, I pulled her to me and kissed her, long and hard, and I loved the way her tongue slipped into my mouth, playing with mine.

Unable to stop myself, I slowly moved my hands up to the front of her yellow school blouse and started feeling and fingering her lovely little nipples through the fresh cotton.

"Donny, Ooooooooh, Donny," she sobbed as I felt her nipples harden, "I ... I love you playing with my little nipples."

I kept this up for a good few minutes till Susie started trembling, making her croak, "F ... feel me, Darling, put your hand up my school skirt and feel me through my bottle green knickers - I ... I wore them just for you."

Keeping my left hand on her lovely young breasts, I dropped my right to the bottom of her skirt and started moving it up between her legs.

Susie was kissing me long and hard and, as my hand went higher and higher up under her school skirt, she moved her feet wide apart, giving me access to the part of her young school-girl body that I most wanted to touch, her little pussy.!!!!!!

We both gasped out loud as my hand went between her legs and closed over the now fairly wet crotch of her bottle green gym knickers and, the instant I started moving my finger against the lovely soft smooth and moist cotton, Susie cried, "I ... I'm cumming, Ooooooh, Donny, you're making me cum in my gym knickers."

In an effort to do everything I could to help Susie get the most out of what we were doing, I said softly, "Cum for me, cum in your knickers and on my fingers then I'll put my hand in your knickers and finger fuck you hard."

Trembling violently now, Susie wailed, "I am, Ooooohhhhh, I am, Donny ...... I'm cumming in my knickers, I'm soaking the inside of my knickers and your fingers with my little girl cum."

Beside myself with sheer delight, I groaned as I fingered her harder and faster, "I ... I love this, Susie, masturbating my little 16 year old girl-friend through her lovely soft smooth bottle green school uniform knickers as she keeps cumming in them."

When she finally stopped cumming a few minutes later, Susie moved back and looked at me before sighing, "Fuck, that was out of this world, Donny, every time you make me cum, it just seems to get better and better."

Moving my middle finger to the ribbed leg of her schoolgirl knickers, I said as I slipped it under it, "I'll make it even better, Darling."

I felt Susie take a deep breath as my finger went inside her knickers then, when it slipped inside her hot wet little pussy, she cried, "Finger me, finger me, Donny."

As I moved my finger around inside her, I could feel it being gripped tight by her pussy. As she threw her arms around my neck, I found her little clitoris and started fingering it, making her yell, "There, there, finger me there, Honey, y ... you're going to make me cum again."

Her clit only got harder and harder as I kept fingering it till, after a very short while, she moaned, "Ohhhhh, Darling, I'm cumming again, I'm cumming again."

As she writhed and twisted against me, I somehow managed to tuck the rear waistband of her school skirt into her knickers, very gently, I eased the ribbed leg of her knickers aside, making her gasp,"What are you going to do, Donny?"

Hoping I wasn't pushing my luck too far, I almost whispered, "I want to fuck you, Honey, I want to put my prick inside the leg of your knickers and inside your hot wet little pussy."

I felt her body tense for a few moments then she sighed, "Yes, yes, Ooooooooohhhhhhh, yes, do it, fuck me, fuck your little 16 year old netball playing friend," then, almost as an after thought, she added, "You can cum inside me, I... I'm on the pill for medical reasons."

You would have to be in the position I was right then to appreciate just what a massive turn on it was, fucking a little 16 year old schoolgirl who has just told you can cum inside her!!!

Neither of us said anything as I eased the ribbed leg of her bottle green knickers to one side and started rubbing the glistening wet head of my cock against her little clit.

"Don't stop, Honey," she wailed , "Keep doing that."

After a few moments, I moved my cock to the lips of her hot wet pussy and, when I slowly pushed it inside her about half way, she sobbed, "I ... I can feel it, I can feel your prick inside my little pussy, Donny."

I slowly pushed harder till it slipped all the way inside her, making her groan, "I've got it all, Darling, I've got all of you inside me now fuck me, fuck me hard and fast."

I knew it was going to be good fucking my little girl for the first time but this was better than I'd ever expected and I was soon close to cumming.

"I'm going to cum, Susie, I'm going to cum inside you." I croaked.

"Yes ..... yes .... cum," Susie sobbed, tears of joy running down her face then, when I started cumming inside her, she literally screamed "I ... I can feel you cumming inside me, Darling, way way up inside my little schoolgirl pussy."

"Cum with me, Susie, "Please ... please ... please cum with me."

The two of us held onto each other for dear life as we came at the same time and, by the time we'd finished, she gasped, "I ... I can feel your cum running out of me and soaking my knickers, Darling."

Gently, I picked Susie up and carried her over to the lounge where I put her down on her back, making sure her school skirt was still round her waist and legs wide open, letting me see the now sticky wet dark stain on the crotch of her knickers.

As I sat looking down at her, Susie said, "You really like a girl still wearing her knickers, don't you, Honey?"

"You bet," I replied eagerly, but, when I was about to say more, I noticed Susie was sound asleep.

Ah, well, there was always after dinner!!!.