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My Favourite Netball Player

I love netball
In my senior years at school, I just loved watching girls playing netball in their short skirts and a wide variety of colours of cotton knickers. I have to admit, though, that navy blue, bottle green, maroon and plain white were my strong favourites.

One girl in particular caught my eye. Susie was sixteen going on seventeen and went to the local Catholic Girls High school where they wore a bottle green gymslip, bottle green knee-hi socks and a yellow blouse. The team she played netball for wore a uniform of bottle green ankle socks, bottle green pleated netball skirt, white polo shirt and, of course, bottle green gym knickers.

Gradually, I developed a friendship with Susie and found her to be an extremely warm and affectionate girl and we soon started having a mild sexual relationship. This took the form of us playing with each other, me with my hand up her school or netball skirt and between her legs, feeling and fingering her little pussy through her knickers till they started to get wet while she would stroke me through my jeans. After a little while, we started masturbating each other, usually managing to make each other come beautifully.

I had taken Susie to netball practice one night and, while she didn't wear a uniform, I found her short grey skirt and white cotton knickers a terrific turn on.

When practive was over, we got into my car and headed for my house where I knew we would be alone for up to three hours or more.

After making us a drink, I joined Susie on the lounge and it wasnt long before I opened the front of her blouse
and slipped my hand inside to play with her firm little breasts through the white cotton bra she was wearing.

Being an extremely responsive little girl, Susie was soon writhing against the fingers playing with her nipples, so keeping one hand on her nipples, I slowly slipped the other down over the front of her short skirt then under it, not stopping till my fingers were against the lovely soft smooth white cotton of her knickers.

"Susie, Oh, Susie," I groaned, gently stroking her lovely little schoolgirl pussy through the gradually moistening cotton of her white knickers, "You're knickers are getting wet, lift your skirt and open your legs so I can see just how wet they are."

Turning to me and smiling innocently, Susie groaned, "Is it any wonder my knickers are wet, Donny, the way you play with me through them turns me on like you wouldn't believe and, even when I'm on my own thinking out you and the wonderful things you do to me, they get so wet I have to put my hand down inside the front of them and masturbate.

Suddenly and to my great delight, Susie used one hand to lift her skirt right up round her waist and as she opened her legs wide, letting me see the now fairly large dark stain on her white knickers, she opened the front of my jeans with the other.

"God, Susie," I moaned, "Make me come, play with me and make me come."

"You're so big, so big and hard and you're making me so hot and wet and horny," Susie sighed, slipping her hand inside my boxers and taking a firm hold of my throbbing prick.

Not wanting to upset or offend Susie in any way, I asked softly, "Can I make you come, Susie? Can I make my favourite little schoolgirl come in her white cotton knickers?'

""Yes, Oh, yes, Donny," Susie cried as I started fingering her harder and faster through the now lovely wet cotton of her white knickers, "Make me come, make me come, let's come together."

As this was the first time for both of us masturbating each other, it wasn't long before screamed, "You're making me come, Donny, you're making me come in my white cotton knickers, come with me, please, please, come with me."

Suddenly, we both came at the same time, me in my boxers and Susie in her white cotton knickers then, totally sated, we drifted off to sleep.

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