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My Fetish--Sex With Older Men

My Fetish--Sex With Older Men

I like sex with older men between forty and sixty

My name is Riley and I am twenty-three years old. I know that I have a strange fetish but I love sex with older men between the ages of forty and sixty. In fact, I lost my virginity the summer I turned seventeen to my neighbor who was fifty years old. His name was Ben and there was nothing really sexy about him. He had a small beer belly and a stubby four-and-a-half-inch cock. Why I chose him to take my virginity I have no idea. If I could do it over I would but there are no “do-overs” in life.

The day it happened, my parents were on a two-week cruise and I was lounging around the pool in my tiny red bikini, my auburn hair pulled up in a messy ponytail when he appeared beside me. Ben grabbed my bottle of suntan lotion and motioned for me to turn over so he could put some on my back. Well, as the story usually goes, one thing led to another, which was my bed. The only thing I knew about sex was what I had seen on the porn I had started watching, so I was expecting a little more than I got.

I only had a twin bed so it was a tight fit but we made it work. We did some kissing and touching so I was kind of wet down there when Ben climbed on top of me. He guided his cock inside, gave several grunting pushes and I was no longer a virgin. I was a bit disappointed, as there were no fireworks or anything earth-shattering, but I figured it would take time. We did have a few more sessions while my parents were on vacation but it was still bland so I stopped having sex with him.

Over the next six years I have fucked teachers to get an A in class, my boss at the small coffee shop for a raise, truck drivers when I worked as a waitress at the local truck stop, and men I brought home with me when I was old enough to go into the country bars around town. When I was almost twenty-two I decided I wanted to leave the small town where I grew up, so I headed to Las Vegas. I figured it would be no trouble finding the men I craved and had a fetish for there.

During the day I worked as a drink girl in one of the larger casinos and at night I prowled. One way I would satisfy my fetish was to go to hotel bars where a convention was being held and find a man who was horny as hell and wanted a young piece of ass. I also prowled casinos, finding a man and convincing him I was his good luck charm. I did not charge for my services, so I was not a whore, but if they wanted to tip me I did not refuse it. I still had not had one of those mind-blowing orgasms that I had read about in some magazines but I still managed to get off, either with the man or with my trusty six-inch vibrator.

That all changed the night I met Matt. There was a computer software convention in town and I was sitting at the bar, checking out the men, but most were too young for me. I was just getting ready to take a sip of my screwdriver when I was jolted on my right side by this older man, approximately six foot three, built like a tank. When he hit my arm, my drink sloshed over on the bar and my hand and as I turned to chastise him, the rest of his drink poured into my lap as he tried to steady himself on the bar. Luckily there was only about a fourth of a glass of liquor.

“Sorry,” he slurred as he then tried to balance himself by grabbing the bar stool but again he missed, falling to the floor hard on his ass.

Some guys who were behind him began to laugh but made no attempt to help him to his feet. I wasn’t sure if they were his friends or just some people who liked to laugh at drunks.

Without thinking, I jumped off the bar stool and poured the rest of my drink on his head, saying angrily, “You fucking drunk! If you can’t handle your fucking liquor you should not drink. You have ruined the evening for me, asshole, by making me smell like a cheap shot of whiskey.”

As I grabbed my clutch off the bar and turned to go, I felt a hand crawling up my leg, past my knee, and a voice slurring, “I wonder if this sexy leg belongs to a tranny. Best see if this leg has a cock attached,” as he got to his knees, hiccupping several times.

I jerked my leg back from his grasp and used the tip of my foot to push him back on his ass, saying, “I do not have a cock. I have a pussy but it is one you will never ever touch,” as I headed to the front desk of the hotel to have them call me a taxi.

As I waited for the taxi, I felt a body bump into me hard, almost knocking me down. I knew immediately who it was and I moved away, not caring if he fell on his face on the sidewalk.

“I am sorry,” he told me as he reached for me as if to kiss me.

“Get away before I start screaming,” I warned

“You so pretty I want to fuck you. My name is Matt.”

I started to laugh and finally managed to say, “You are so fucking drunk you couldn’t get it up without the help of a Popsicle stick holding your cock up. I want a real cock up me, not a pathetic drunk flaccid cock.”

Before Matt had a chance to say anything, the taxi pulled up. I quickly opened the door and started to get in when suddenly I felt him pushing in behind me. I was sprawled part way across half the seat when he shut the door and the taxi took off.

“Where to?” the driver asked.

I struggled to sit up, pulling my dress down before I showed my ass to the world. “Hartwood Complex. Apartment 10.”

As I settled in the seat, Matt’s hand found its way on my knee and was moving upwards. I slapped his hand and moved it back to his lap.

“Don’t be so mad, honey,” he whispered “I didn’t mean to spill my drink on you,” as he leaned his head on my shoulder.

I tried to move away but then I heard him lightly snoring in my ear. ‘Shit.’ I thought to myself, ‘do I just let him ride around in the taxi until they dump him out, have the taxi take him back to the hotel, or let him sleep it off on my couch?’

When the taxi pulled up in front of my apartment, I had decided to have the driver take him back to the hotel but as I got out, it woke him up and he stumbled out the other door. I paid the driver and told him to wait, that this drunk did not live here and needed to go back to the hotel. Unfortunately, he did not listen and as soon as I shut the door he took off, leaving Matt weaving on the sidewalk up to my apartment.

“Fuck,” I muttered to myself. “I should have my head examined for what I am about to do,” as I hurried up the walkway to catch up with him before he fell and I had to leave him lying there until he sobered up. I took his arm and put it over my shoulder, my arm around his waist as I guided him to the front door.

I helped him lean up against the door frame as I unlocked my door and then helped him inside, leading him over to my faux-leather recliner. I didn’t want his stinking body on my cloth couch. Hopefully, my recliner would not smell like alcohol in the morning. I went back and shut and locked the door, grabbed my clutch and headed down the hall to my bedroom.

I thought about changing my dress and going back out prowling but was not really in the mood after the shit that went down earlier, plus I did not want to leave a stranger alone in my apartment. I decided to take a shower and hit the bed. Tomorrow I would get him to pay for the dry cleaning for my dress then put him out and let him figure out how to get back to the hotel. I usually slept naked but with a strange man in the house, I decided that would not be a good idea. I wished I had a lock on my bedroom door but figured he would be too drunk to move and would sleep until morning.

After my shower, I dried my hair with my blow dryer and slipped on a sleep shirt. I crawled into the middle of the bed and pulled the sheet up to my neck, soon drifting off to sleep.

When I woke in the morning I started to stretch out my arms when suddenly my hand hit something hard. I quickly turned my head and saw this naked muscular body asleep on top of the covers, his rock-hard cock standing straight up. All I could do was stare -- it had to be at least eight inches long and two inches around. I felt the devil perch on my shoulder, telling me to flick the head and deflate it but the angel on the other shoulder would not allow me to do it. Instead, I gave him a hard shove.

“Asshole, get your fucking stinking body out of my bed. Now I am going to have to wash my bed clothes,”

He moaned and attempted to roll back over and slip into a deeper sleep but I was not going to allow it, so I got up, padded to the bathroom and got my glass off the counter, filled it with water, and went back to the bedroom. Standing over him, I dumped the glass of cold water on his head and some on his cock.

“What the fucking hell!” he yelled, sitting up in bed, trying to orient himself. “Who the hell are you? Where the fuck am I? This is not my hotel room.”

Not bothering to give him my name, I just said, “You are in my apartment in my bed. You followed me home last night like a drunk puppy.”

“I did what? Why am I naked? Did we do anything?”

I started to laugh and said, “You had a drunk flaccid cock that couldn’t fuck anything, and as to why you are naked, I guess you undressed yourself and stumbled into my bedroom sometime during the night. I had left you dressed and snoring in my recliner.”

“Hey, who are you?” he asked again, scratching his head.

“I am the damn idiot who let you stay the night in my recliner after you spilled your drink in my lap and then bullied your way into my taxi,” I told him. “Now I am going to play good Samaritan once again and go wash your clothes after you have a shower. I have a robe behind the bathroom door you can use. Everything you need is in the bathroom.”

As I turned to leave, Matt called out, “My name is Matt. What is your name?”

“Riley,” I said as I headed to the living room to track down his clothes to throw in the washer. I figured I would wash the bedclothes after he left.

I took everything out of his pockets and laid them on my coffee table and threw the clothes in the washer. I heard the shower start so I went to the kitchen to fix coffee. I figured he could probably use the caffeine this morning. As soon as the shower shut off I started the washer.

“Damn that felt good,” he said as he came in the kitchen. “Coffee sure smells good.”

“Cups are sitting beside the coffee maker,” I told him, “I cleaned out your pockets and put everything on the coffee table so I could wash your clothes,” as I got up to get myself a cup of coffee as soon as the pot quit brewing.

“Thank you,” he told me as he got a cup of coffee after I finished getting mine. “You didn’t have to wash my clothes.”

I looked at him and said, “Believe me, I did need to wash them. Your clothes smelled like a screwdriver and cheap whiskey.”

“How the hell did my clothes end up smelling like a screwdriver? I don’t remember drinking anything but whiskey.”

As I recalled what I did to him I started laughing and said, “Your clothes smelled like that because you spilled the rest of your drink in my lap and I dumped my screwdriver over your head.”

“I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I just remember going out with some of my colleagues from the conference to have some drinks. I usually do not drink that much. I will pay for dry cleaning your dress, Riley.”

“Damn straight you will,” I told him. “I am not a breakfast eater but feel free to fix yourself something.”

“Thanks, but right now all I want is coffee…and you,” Matt said, reaching across the table and taking my hand in his. “You are very sexy-looking in that nightshirt.”

I felt myself starting to blush as my thoughts were going basically in the same direction as his, now that he had sobered up. I was finding him very sexually attractive but first I needed to find out one thing before things went any farther.

“Do you mind telling me your age, Matt?”

“My age?” he asked in a questionable tone of voice. “I am forty-five, so am I too old for you, Riley?”

“No, your age is just perfect for me,” I said, smiling

“Now can I ask you a personal question? Matt asked

“If you want to know if I am clean, the answer is yes. I am tested every three months but I do require you wear a condom.”

“All that is good to know, but what I really want to know is what your going rate is?”

Suddenly it dawned on me that Matt thought I was a prostitute. “I am not a prostitute. I don’t fuck men for money,” I explained. “I do it for other personal reasons.”

We sat there in silence, finishing our coffee. The washer kicked off so I went in and started to put everything in the dryer. Suddenly I felt two hands on my waist and kisses on the back of my neck. I put the clothes in my hand in the dryer, shut the door, and turned it on. Before I had a chance to protest, Matt picked me up and sat me on the dryer, spreading my legs apart, pulling me to the edge.

Matt pushed up my nightshirt and started to lick my sex slit. He put my legs over his shoulders, pulling my ass forward until I was lying back on the dryer. Spreading me open, his tongue began to work its magic on my pussy, his finger frigging my clit. Matt soaked his index finger of the other hand in my juices and then put it in my ass. Between his fingers, tongue and the vibration of the dryer, my orgasm was quickly building.

“Oh my God! I screamed as my body began to shake and tremble, my pussy feeling like it was on fire as it felt like a volcano exploded deep within my core, sending waves of pleasure to all my nerve endings. My juices started to pour, covering his face and hand as I came so hard I temporarily blacked out for a minute – such an intense orgasm, unlike any I had ever had before. Once it passed, my body felt so limp I was almost like a liquid puddle on top of my dryer.

Matt continued to lick my pussy until he had licked me clean.

“Damn, I want to fuck you so bad but I don’t have any condoms,” Matt moaned as he helped me off the dryer.

I took his hand and, on shaky legs, I led him to the bedroom. I opened the bedside table and took out a condom, opening it and unrolling it onto his cock. I lay back on the bed, pulling him on top of me. I stroked his condom-covered cock, wishing I could actually suck him but was not sure where it had been so it was off-limits, and so was riding bareback.

“Can I take you from behind…doggie-style?” Matt asked.

In answer to his question, I rolled over and got on all fours. Spreading my lips, he teased my sex slit with his cock, just barely fucking me with the tip while he reached under and stroked my clit. Matt slowly slid his cock in, inch by inch, teasing and driving me wild until the need to cum was almost painful and much-needed, but he continued to tease me until I started to beg him to fuck me.

I tried to push my pussy against his cock to get him to go deeper but he stopped me with his one hand on my hip. All I could do was moan and beg, something I had never done with a man before. Matt was making me feel things that I had only seen in porn but had actually wanted since I first started fucking at the age of seventeen. Even when I used my vibrator, I was not able to achieve this degree of pleasure.

Suddenly Matt slammed the rest of his cock deep into my pussy, his balls slapping my ass, causing me to scream in pleasure as my nerve endings started to sizzle. Matt slowly pulled out until just the tip was in, then slammed back in, continuously doing this until I thought I would go mad with the desire to cum.

Pulling out all the way, Matt flipped me on my back, legs on his shoulders as he plunged back in deep and hard, earning a gasp of pleasure from me. Matt began to fuck me hard and deep; his eight-inch cock felt like it was stretching me to the limit as he fucked me. Soon the headboard was bouncing against the wall as he pounded my pussy without letting up. Soon I screamed as an orgasm tore through me but I did not have time to rest and recover as I felt a second one building deep in my core. I knew from the way he was fucking me that my pussy would be sore tomorrow but I didn’t care. I was finally getting the mind-blowing orgasm I had been searching for. I could hear his breathing change, with more grunts, moans, and heavy breathing. Just as he sent me over the edge again, I felt his body tense and a primal scream was uttered as he emptied his balls into the condom.

Matt let my feet flop to the bed, his heaving body collapsed on mine. Raising himself on his elbows, he leaned down and kissed me, our tongues dancing together. As his cock deflated, he slowly pulled out so as not to dislodge the condom. Rolling it off, he took it to the bathroom and disposed of it in the trash, then came back and lay down beside me, pulling me in his arms and giving me a one-arm hug.

“Think I had better call my colleagues and let them know I am okay,” Matt said as he looked at his watch. “Damn, I am missing the start of the convention. Guess I had better check on my clothes and get a taxi back to my hotel.”

He padded into the living room and came back with his phone, calling one of his colleagues.

“Matt, where in the hell are you? We were just about to put out a missing person’s report. The last we remember is seeing you climbing in a taxi with a woman,” said the voice on the other end as he hit Speaker.

“Relax, Jack, I am okay. I will be back at the convention in about two hours. Just get any pamphlets or brochures they have out so I can look at them later.”

“Are you sure you are okay?" Jack asked in a concerned tone of voice. “That was sure a good one we tied on last night,” he said, laughing.

“No more drinking tonight for me,” Matt said. “See you soon. Tell everyone I am okay.”

While Matt was on the phone, I had brought him his clothes from the dryer and put them on the bed. He quickly dressed, and then took out his wallet, extracting fifty dollars, handing it to me.

“What is this for?” I asked, completely forgetting about my dress that needed dry cleaning. “I told you I am not a whore who sells her body for money.”

“It is for dry cleaning your dress, so is that enough?”

“Yes,” I said, feeling kind of embarrassed at what I had previously said.

I called him a taxi and we walked to the front door to wait for it.

“Ah…Riley…can I ...ah, take you to…ah, dinner tonight?” he asked

“Why don’t you just come here for dinner and you can have me for dessert?” I suggested, giving him a sexy look.

Thinking about it, Matt said. “Are you sure about that? I will be glad to take you out.”

“I don’t mind. I like to cook and it gets boring to cook for just one,” I told him “Would six o’clock be good?”

“Sure, see you then,” Matt said, kissing me and heading out to the taxi that had just pulled up.

I watched the taxi pull away and went back to get another cup of coffee and figure out what to fix for supper. My pussy started to itch and pour out some pussy juices, something that had never happened with a man before. I was actually looking forward to his visit tonight. After finishing my coffee, I gathered all the bedclothes to wash and remade the bed with some silky sheets I had bought but had never used. Suddenly the doorbell rang and when I opened it, there was a florist there holding a vase of a dozen roses.

I signed for them and gave him a tip. Shutting the door, I looked at the card which read: ‘Tonight will be special.’ Matt


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