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My Friend May - An Unfinished Visit

After being interrupted as she was cumming, May and I decided to go to her place.
Although whatever or whoever it was at May's window had scared the holly hell out of us, by the time we were half way to her house, we were laughing like a pair of real idiots.

"What do you think it was, Bill?"

"Probably a bird of some kind," I responded, taking her hand as we neared her house.

"I hope you didn't mind me laughing but you must admit, there is a funny side to it." May say cheerfully.

"All I can say is you must have a warped sense of humour, young lady," I told her, "You were in the middle of cumming."

Showing her true sense of humour now, May thought for a few moments then said, "Yes, I was, wasn't I - that's not a problem though, I'm sure you'd like to masturbate me till you make me cum in my navy blue gym knickers again though I'd like to change them as they're so wet between my legs."

"That's a good idea," I told her, adding, "I like nothing better than fingering a girl and feeling her panties or knickers getting wet as I do it."

As we opened the door to where May was staying, it was obvious that nobody was home so, making her way to the kitchen, she asked, "Would you like something to eat, Bill? I'm quite hungry."

"O.K." I replied quickly, "Show me where everything is and I'll make us a snack while you go change."

Having done that, May left me to get on with it and, by the time she returned, I had almost finished.

"God," I groaned as I looked at May, "Have you any idea just what you do to a boy?" I asked softly.

Looking down to the front of my jeans, she replied, "I can see."

Then when I moved closer to May, and took her in my arms, she immediately pressed herself hard against me, groaning, "And I can feel too."

Kissing her, I dropped my right hand down to the bottom of her gymslip and, as my hand moved slowly up under it, I sighed, "God, May, this is wonderful, having my hand up your gymslip like this."

Trembling visibly, May gasped eagerly, "Put it right up, Bill, put your hand right up my gymslip and feel me, feel me through my navy blue gym knickers."

Ï can't even begin to describe how I felt as my hand went between her legs, feeling her entire body tremble as my hand closed over the even now fairly moist crotch of her navy blue schoolgirl knickers.

"Y ... you're knickers are wet already," I sighed, "Your love little navy gym knickers are wet already."

"Do you like it, Bill?" May asked happily, "Do you like having your hand up my gymslip and between my legs, playing with me through my school uniform knickers?" 

"I love it, May," I replied, adding, "But it would be better if I could see your knickers."

Smiling happily, May responded to that by whispering, "Lift my gymslip, Bill, if you want to see my gym knickers, lift my gymslip right up."

We were both highly aroused as I took hold of the bottom of her navy blue gymslip and lifted it right up round her waist and, as I studied her lovely tight little navy knickers, I moaned, "I want to make you cum, May, I want to masturbate you till I make you cum in your navy blue school uniform knickers."

"Then do it," she gasped, unable to hide her excitement, "Masturbate me, masturbate me, Bill, make me cum, make me cum in my navy blue schoolgirl knickers."

May was rubbing her navy knickered crotch against my hand as I masturbated her till, sooner than I expected, she cried, "Y ... you're making me cum, you're making me cum, Bill."

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