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My Secret

I had been fascinated by erotic lingerie since I first discovered it. In my youth I found the pictures of the girls in Playboy magazine a turn on as did a lot of other boys my age. A thrill that shot through my body and hardened my teenage cock while looking at these pictures. It was intensified if they were clad in black lingerie.

The sight of black nylons, with or without seams, on beautiful legs started my blood pumping. The ribbons of a lace trimmed garter belt holding up said nylons only added to my excitement as did the sight of black panties. I didn't care how big the model's breasts were, all that mattered was that they were encased in a black bra.

Late at night and alone in my room I jacked my teenage cock to these images. During high school my looks and build made me a hit with the ladies. I soon discovered that the girls I knew just didn't dress that way. Oh they all had pretty lingerie, but nothing like I saw in my beloved magazines.

My college years brought me in contact with more attractive women than I imagined existed. I just kept meeting the ones that were not into dressing up. The ones that were would only do it if I purchased the lingerie for them, which I willingly did. They would dress up a few times for me but then lost interest. I finally gave up on finding someone to indulge my fetish.

Present Day: I looked at the clock on the wall and realized that it was almost quitting time. I made additions to the large grease board of trucks that were down and the ones that were road ready. As I worked I wondered if my package had arrived. The traditional friday stop was a bar called Milty's. We knocked back beers and played pool to celebrate the weekend's arrival. 

Some of my co-workers attempted to chat up some of the office girls. I had tried that with no success so I never tried again. I wondered again if I would find my package waiting for me. An hour later I made my departure and headed home despite protests from some of the others. I was also reminded of the baseball game on saturday morning.

I acknowledged the reminder and headed home. My home was in one of the cleanest mobile home parks in the state. No cars up on blocks or car parts scattered on the ground. They had strict rules on appearance. As I pulled into my small carport I saw the side door was not fully closed. That meant there was something preventing it from shutting.

There between the screen door and the inner door was my package. My heart leapt as I casually grabbed the box and headed inside. Once inside I lowered the blinds and pulled the drapes shut. I now had total privacy.

After placing the package on the bed my next stop was the shower. I was forced to submit myself to a blast of ice cold water as I was getting excited about the contents of the box. I dried off and then naked, I headed to my bedroom and began to unwrap the package.

Like I said I had given up on trying to find a lady to wear these sexy items. Then an idea struck me. I could dress myself up. The Internet was full of shops that catered to men wishing to wear lingerie. I finally succumbed to my desire and ordered an ensemble.

My heart began to beat faster as I slowly peeled back the layers of tissue paper until the contents were now visible. I slowly removed the the articles and began to don them. The garter belt was made of black satin and trimmed with black lace. I fastened it around by hips. 

Just the contact of the cool silky item against my warm skin caused my cock to begin to harden. I pulled the desk chair up and removed the nylons from their package. They were back and seamed with delicate lace at the tops. I slowly drew them up my legs as the internet had shown me and I marveled at the sensation.

I affixed the lace tops of the nylons to the garter belt ribbons. The effort of shaving my legs had paid off as my legs looked great.

Then I reached for the panties. The were also made of satin with lace on both sides. I was forced to move my cock to one side to prevent it from pressing painfully against the front.

Next came the black bra, also trimmed with delicate lace. Lacking boobs, I had also ordered inserts to give the appearance of cleavage. They were flesh tone and very realistic looking. The final item was a pair of black silk opera gloves that went to my biceps, and the illusion was complete.

I headed to my bed and lay down on the bedspread with my feet flat and my knees together. Starting at the silky bra I slowly ran my hands down over my over the cups. I enjoying the sensation of my fingers against the full and rounded cups. I pressed the bottoms of my feet together and spread my legs apart.

I allowed my fingers to caress the garter belt and then the ribbons. I ran my hands over the lace tops of the nylons before allowing my hands to slowly rub each leg. The swelling in my satin panties increased until I could stand it no longer. I pressed my knees together again and slowly slid my panties down.

My hard cock was finally free and the head was already glistening with pre-cum. I used only one finger of my satin opera gloved hand and traced a line on the underside of my cock from the head to the base of my balls. My whole body was quivering with anticipation as I did this several times.

Finally, I gently grabbed myself  with my silk gloved hand and slowly began to jack off. With all the stimulus it didn't take long for me to archive a monstrous orgasm. I moaned loudly as I emptied myself on the garter belt and my lower belly. I didn't move for the longest time as my body enjoyed its float down for the orgasmic cloud.

I headed to the bathroom where a wet wash cloth was used to remove any traces of cum from my garments. I then recovered my panties, slid them back on, padded to the kitchen to get a drink and then returned to my bedroom. I took a seat on the desk chair, admired the sight of my legs sheathed in the black nylons and rubbed them together.

I then recovered my laptop and headed to the site where I had purchased my current ensemble. I perused the on-line catalog for awhile before I selected another ensemble, this time in blue. I told myself that I wasn't a cross dresser. I was only doing this to satisfy my desire to see a lady dressed this way.

However, as the weeks passed, I found myself ordering more items. Robes, nighties and full length slips soon arrived at my door. I began to indulge myself every night and not just on the weekends. I soon found myself checking out the wigs and masks featured on the site. 

I had to rethink my statement of not being a cross dresser. Now, I had no desire to appear in public in female attire, but behind my bedroom doors was another matter. I kept telling myself I would only do this until I found a lady willing to dress for me, but that was a lie. I was enjoying myself too much to stop now.


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