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Olivia's Encore

Olivia asks for more...
I woke up and looked at the clock, 3:30 AM; my usual time to get up to answer nature’s call. Getting older sucks. I eased out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I didn’t want to disturb the little angel next to me. I got a drink of water and eased back into bed trying not to disturb Olivia. Regardless of my efforts, Olivia stirred. She opened one eye, asked me what time it was. I told her it was 3:45 and to go back to sleep. She snuggled up to me, put her head on my chest and we drifted back to sleep.

I awoke again about two and half hours later. Olivia was not in bed. Then I heard the toilet flush and she plodded out of the bathroom in all of her naked glory, a little rumpled, but looking very cute.

“Good morning, Sweetie,” I said hoarsely. “How you doin’?” I mocked, as if I were Joey from Friends.

“I’m doing just fine, Daddy,” she said coyly as she crawled back onto the bed in such a beguiling manner that it made me stir.

I asked, “So, how did you like your first enema? I forgot to ask you last night.”

“Well, it was pretty uncomfortable, but it was kind of erotic at the same time,” she replied. “Being the first one, it was what it was. I think I’d like to try another when I’m already clean. And guess what? I just got clean,” she said rather huskily while hovering over me on her hands and knees.

She leaned down and gave me the sweetest kiss. We began to kiss more and more passionately, rolling over and over, back and forth. The situation was getting very steamy. Olivia suddenly broke off and pulled back.

“I want to do it again, now,” she said very matter-of-factly.

“Do what…you mean, another enema?” I asked her.

“Yes, Daddy. I want to try another one just for the pleasure. I guess that sounds kind of ironic, doesn’t it? You know what I mean.”

“Only a little ironic, Baby. I understand. The sweet pain, the erotic pleasure, the submission, all of it. Shall we…”

With that we both got up and I led her to the bathroom to prepare. I turned on the water in the bathtub to get it warm. Olivia began to wash the nozzle when I said, “You can skip that, I have another one you might like to try.”

I then retrieved a larger cock shaped nozzle for the enema rig. “Ta dah!” I sang as I presented it on my open palms.

“Oh,” was all Olivia could muster. “Uh…um…”

“Don’t worry, Sweetie, I’ll make sure you’re ready for it. In fact, let’s go back to the bed and get you ready.” With that, I turned off the water and took Olivia by the hand and led her back to the bed.

She sat on the bed and I climbed on next to her and eased her back and then rolled her over onto her tummy. I started kissing her neck and shoulders. I continued to slowly kiss my way down her back and then to her beautiful round bottom. I kissed all over her sweet ass cheeks and down to the tops of her thighs.

Olivia began to relax and parted her legs slightly, so I began to kiss the bottom of her sweet butt where it joined with her legs. I worked up one side of her crack and then down the other side very slowly. Again she parted her legs a little more, allowing me better access. I then added my hands and began to massage her butt cheeks while continuing to kiss up and down her crack.

Olivia moaned, “Oh that feels so good. Such a nice way to start the day.”

At that point I spread her luscious bum cheeks and planted a wet kiss on her perfect starfish. I kissed and licked around her precious asshole, flicking it with my tongue.

“Oh, Daddy, that feels wonderful. I never knew that this could feel so good.”

I moaned into her hole as I wriggled my tongue against it gently. I stretched her open a little more and began to slowly apply more pressure. Some of my saliva was easing its way down along her womanly slit meeting with the moisture that was working its way out from the inside. I started to push in with a stroking motion. I began to feel the silky inside of her little rosebud as she began to relax even more.

I purposely ignored her other flower and Olivia was beginning to grind her mound into the mattress as I continued to tongue fuck her ass. She was moaning almost continuously now, becoming more and more animated. Her little pink bud was blossoming nicely and I could get my turgid tongue about an inch inside her velvety channel.

She was ready. I massaged her cheeks some more and gave her a little bite on the ass. I told her to stay right there and relax while I went to get the enema bag prepared. I returned moments later with the full bag and the lube. I was holding the cock shaped nozzle to warm it up. It really wasn’t all that foreboding as it was only about five inches long and maybe an inch and a quarter in diameter.

I warmed up some lube on my fingers before apply it to her waiting hole. I gave her a light slap on the butt and told her to get up on her knees. She readily pulled her knees up under her, leaving the rest of her body in place laying on the bed.

I had fashioned a hook for the bag that I hung from the air conditioning vent by the bed. I lubed the nozzle and pushed a finger into her ass very gently to get some of the lube on the inside. I then began to rub the head of the cock nozzle over her hole applying more and more pressure, but very slowly.

I could tell that Olivia was ready as she began to push back to get more. I twisted the nozzle while applying more pressure and it began to open her. Olivia then pushed back more and the head popped in.

“Ooohh!” she exclaimed as it popped into place. I continued to push gently as I twisted it some. I worked a little more into her backside and pulled some back out and then back in again. I repeated this process as Olivia squirmed a little as I did. “Oh, god, Daddy, that feels so good. Is it in all the way yet?”

“Almost, Princess,” I told her softly. I pushed in the last inch and pushed the flange at the end against her hole.

“Mmm,” she moaned.

“Are you ready for some water, Sweetheart?” I asked her.

“Yes, please, Daddy.”

I clicked off the clamp and let some warm water flow into her bowels. I clicked the clamp to stop the flow and let Olivia get used to the new invasion.

“Is that okay, Sweetie?”

“Mmm, yes, it’s so warm. More please.”

I let the water go again and let it flow this time. I rubbed her tummy lightly as I let her fill up some. I shut off the water again so she could adjust to it. “Are you doing okay, Sweetie?”

“Mmhhmm,” she moaned.

“Okay, here’s some more,” and I let the water flow again. I could see that we were past half way. “Rub your little pussy, Baby. It will help to distract from the discomfort. Are you all right?”

“Mmmm, oohhh, yeah, but I’m starting to feel really full.”

I kept stroking her belly as she rubbed her cunt more vigorously. I worked two finger inside her wet gash as she rubbed her clit. I stroked her pussy as I watched the last of the water leave the bottle. It was now flat and empty. I lifted the hose to let the remainder of the water flow into her.

“Mmm, you’re such a good girl. You took the whole thing, Baby. I’m going to work the nozzle out. Don’t let anything get out now.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she moaned with some discomfort in her voice.

I slowly extracted the small cock from her backside. I made sure to help her regain some control of her sphincter by pressing the head against her hole. I could see her ass contract trying her hardest to contain all the water now inside her. I had her ease off the bed and stand up. She was bent at the waist just slightly, rubbing her tummy.

I then told her, “Now, you have to hold that until you get me off,” I said as I sat on the edge of the bed and spread my legs. “The quicker you get me off, the quicker you can get rid of your water. And keep rubbing your pussy for me, but don’t you dare cum until I say so. Well, you better get down here and get to work, Sweetie.”

Olivia eased on down to her knees and shuffled into place. She took the head of my mostly hard cock into her mouth and began to suck it further into her mouth. She worked it into her warm, wet mouth, sucking it in and sliding back up to the head. She flicked at the head sticking the end of her tongue into my slit, then sucking it back into her mouth.

“Keep playing with your pussy!” I snapped. I put a hand on the back of her head and began to push her down on my now raging hard meat. “Suck it harder, Darlin’ or you’re not going to get that water out any time soon. Look at me,” I ordered. She looked up at me and I could see the pain in her eyes.

“Hold it all in, Baby. You’re getting me closer. Keep sucking just like that. Yeah, that’s soo good.” With that I pushed her down until she gagged. She clenched her butt cheeks and popped off my cock with strings of saliva dripping everywhere.”

“Oh, god, I almost lost it,” she panted. I pushed her back down and she engulfed my cock and resumed sucking me up and down. The desperation to get me off was very apparent. She was frantically rubbing her pussy; it sounded so squishy and juicy.

I reminded her, “Don’t you dare cum before I tell you, nasty girl. Look at you, your bowels full of water, your mouth full of cock, trying to get my hot seed down your throat and you’re rubbing your juicy little pussy like a wanton slut. Look at me!”

She again regained eye contact with me. I could feel my release approaching, my nuts were beginning to tighten. “Do I taste good, Baby?” I asked.

Olivia nodded without releasing me and seemed to increase her efforts. I grabbed both sides of her head as she stared into my eyes and me into hers.

That did it and I began to shoot my hot seed into her sucking mouth. As the first shot hit her mouth she stopped bobbing and pulled up so that just the head was still in her mouth. She choked down the large first shot and continued to suck as I followed up with shot after shot as I moaned out loud. “Oh, god, Baby. That’s it, get it all.”

She kept sucking and rubbing her pussy. There was a look of desperation in her eyes that asked, “Can I go now?”

I slowly stood up and offered my hand to help her stand up. I walked deliberately slow toward the bathroom. She tried to make for the toilet, but I had an alternate idea. I walked her to the tub instead and said, “Get in and face the back and get on your knees.” She did as instructed but with some hesitation.

When she was in position, I said, “Don’t you dare cum or let your water go until I say so.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said in pain. I reached under her bloated belly and started rubbing her pussy, paying a lot of attention to her clit.

I kept up the assault on her pussy and spanked her ass quite hard a few times. She held fast, but was moaning in agony. “You’ve been a very good girl, my dear. When I say now, I want you to push your water out as hard as you can. Do you understand?” And I smacked her ass again.

“Uh, huh,” she half screamed.

I spanked her ass again and shouted, “Now!”

I could see her push back and feel her tummy tense as she pushed her water out. “Hhhuuuuggghhh,” she groaned out as her water jetted to the other end of the tub and splashed against the wall.

I kept rubbing her pussy furiously and shouted, ”Cum, now!”

She pushed out more water and then began to tremble and scream with a ripping orgasm. Streams of water were still flying out of her ass, water was dribbling down her pussy and mixed with her copious juices making all kinds of squishing sounds as I kept up the assault on her hot little cunt. As the water from her ass subsided I concentrated on her clit and began to spank her pussy with my other hand.

Olivia cried out even louder and clamped her hands over mine. “Ohh, ohh, ohhh, please stop, pleeeaassse!

She held my hands there as she tried to calm down and regain her breathing. “Oh shit, oh fuck, oh my god. That was so fucking intense,” she panted, her chest still heaving.

I helped Olivia to get upright on her knees. She was all disheveled and still trying to once again breathe normally. I took her head in both my hands and kissed her deeply. I could still taste the remnants of my cum on her tongue. We both moaned into each other’s mouths. I then helped her to stand carefully and helped her step over the edge of the tub.

I hugged her to my chest as she cooed, “That was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. It was even bigger than last night. I can’t believe it!”

I grabbed a towel and dried off her bottom and her legs. She was still trembling slightly in her legs. We shuffled our naked bodies out to the bed and literally flopped down next to each other. We started kissing as I lightly fondled her ample breasts, her nipples still hard from her ordeal.

I worked my mouth down to her nipples and suckled her breasts while I worked my hand down to her sodden cunt. I gently rubbed her soaking mound as my cock started to recover. I got up on my knees and worked her legs apart with my knees.

Before I plundered her I had to have a taste from her abundantly fragrant honey pot. Kissing the inside of her thighs, I slowly worked my way to her puffy womanhood and ran my tongue up the length of her swollen slit. I sucked her nub into my mouth and flicked it with the tip of my tongue. She sucked in a breath as I assaulted her clit.

After slurping her creamy pie I moved into position between her smooth thighs. I rubbed my cock head up and down her slit and then eased into her to the hilt. Olivia lifted her knees to spread wider for me. I just stayed sheathed in her silky smooth pussy as we kissed softly. After a few beats, I started to ease back from her heat and then slid back in slowly. It was heavenly being encased inside this beautiful young, eighteen year old girl. I ground my hips against hers and then repeated the process again. I slowly increased the rate, but made sure to grind at the bottom of each stroke. I soon gave up on the grinding and picked up the pace and intensity of my strokes.

My eyes were fixed on hers as I deftly banged into her with great determination. I wasn’t going to last long like this. Her beauty, her youthful skin and her steamy cunt would not allow me to hold out much longer. My balls were slapping against her ass, her tits were bouncing as she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me into her. A couple more strokes and I was dumping my second load of the morning deep inside her frothing pussy.

“Uunnngghhh,” I cried out as I released.

Olivia started to orgasm as I shot my much smaller load into her. I lowered myself on top of her and immediately rolled to one side so as not to crush her. We held each other and kissed as we calmed down. I finally rolled onto my back.

“Oh my god, that was fantastic, Baby. I’m spent,” I said breathlessly.

“Oh, me too. I need a nap after all that.”

“Oh, yeah. Please clean Daddy’s cock first though, okay?”

I don’t even remember her finishing her task before I was sound asleep.
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