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Performing on Command

She only pees when I tell her she can, no matter how desperate she is
“You mean to say she only pees when you tell her she can?”

I nodded, taking a sip from my drink, ignoring the jealous glances from those around me.

“What if she’s desperate?”

“Watch. Grace, come over here.”

We watched as my partner walked over, her skin tight dress drawing attention from the entire bar. She stood before me, facing me. “You called.”

“How much do you need to pee?”

“More than anything else in the world, but you haven’t told me I can go.”

“You can go here, now. Under the table.”

We both watched as Grace squatted under the wooden table, trying and failing to remain hidden from the crowd surrounding us. She hitched up her dress to round her waist and pulled her panties to one side. We both watched and waited, and I found myself wondering just how we’d reached this stage in our relationship, where she was willing to pee for me whenever I asked.

I met Grace when we were both eighteen, two months before my birthday. I spotted her at a nightclub, she shone out like a star, drawing me in like a moth, I had no control over it. We had a perfect night together, and then I woke up the next morning to find the bed soaking wet and her gone. She must have been drunk I reasoned, wet the bed then too embarrassed to stay, she’d snuck out. Or so I thought.

On my birthday night out I spotted her again, same place, same time of night. This time when I woke up the next morning the bed was again wet and she was in the bathroom, showering. We spent an hour talking while we drank copious amounts of coffee to try and counteract our huge hangovers.

“You mean to say you enjoy wetting yourself?”

She nodded, her head looking down as if unsure how I’d react. To be honest until she said that, I’d never thought about that type of thing. Now I know more about watersports and golden showers than pretty much anyone. But back then all I remember was a spark of arousal inside me that I didn’t understand, just the thought of her peeing herself was so... I don’t know what, naughty? Taboo? Secret?

“Do you want me to leave?” she muttered. “Are you disgusted with me?”

I lifted her head then and made her look at me. “Of course not. I want you to stay, for as long as you want to.”

Our first month together, we spent just as most new couples did, except she never seemed to orgasm during sex. I was worried about asking her about it, not wanting to jinx my first real relationship but eventually I had to say something. I waited until we were both snuggled up, just before going to sleep.

“It’s not you,” she said. “It’s just something about me. I can only come if I’m desperate to pee.”

“Seriously? Why didn’t you say so before?”

“I didn’t know what you’d think, whether you’d hate me or not.”

I laughed at that and her face crumpled. “No, don’t get upset, it’s just of course I don’t hate you. In fact I think I might...” She looked up at me then. “I might love you.”

We hugged and I went to get us both a drink. She followed me into the kitchen and we kissed by the sink with the sound of the water running behind us. I had an idea then, a way to show her how I felt about her. I took a glass and filled it. She seemed to know what I was thinking and took it from me, drinking it down quickly. Then another. Then a third.

“Now we wait,” I said, taking her by the hand and leading her upstairs to the bedroom. We fell onto the bed and within moments were both naked. I felt my erection growing as I ran my hands over her back, her lips were nuzzled into my neck. I slid my palm between her legs, cupping her labia in my hand as she moaned into my ear. I could feel her wetness on my fingers as I played with her outer lips, my face pressed against hers. I could feel her tongue probe into my mouth, tentative at first, then firmer. Her fist wrapped round my hard cock and she began squeezing gently.

As we kissed I slowly rolled onto my back, pulling her on top of me. Sitting up over me, I could feel her wetness against my cock, it felt gripped by the sides of her pussy as she moved my hands to her chest, making me toy with her nipples. She slid forwards slightly so the head of my cock was pressing against the entrance to her pussy. I could feel my prick ache with arousal in its desperation to be inside her. I held back, holding her breasts and looking up at her.

“Do you need to pee yet?” I asked.

She nodded. “I do. I really do.”

I moved one hand to just below her stomach and as I pressed down gently with my hand I moved my hips slightly, nudging the head of my cock inside her. She moaned loudly and pushed down, making me fill her up. My cock was sliding effortlessly up her as I pressed harder on her bladder. She began to ride me then, slowly at first and gradually getting faster as I kept pressing on her. She was beginning to wriggle slightly from side to side as we fucked, I could tell she was getting desperate to pee and it was turning me on even more, making me harder than ever.

I was thrusting up in time with her movements, feeling her hot wetness against me as she rode me.

“I’m going to come if you keep doing that,” I muttered, feeling her muscles grip me tightly as she tensed her pelvis, my cock stuck inside her.

“And I’m going to pee myself,” she replied without making any effort to climb off me.

I thrust harder then, moving my hand lower to rub my fingertips over her clit, feeling it swelling under my gentle touch.

“Oh my god,” she whispered and I felt her pussy twitch suddenly. “I’m coming.”

As for the very first time I watched Grace orgasming, I felt another sensation. A wet warmth filling my lap. She was peeing on me. Hot urine was flowing out of her as she came, the orgasm stopping her from holding it in anymore. I felt it trickling over my legs and into the bed. I looked up at her, her eyes blazing and her face flushed as she held my hands on her boobs and I came then, a climax that made my balls ache. I felt spunk shooting out and filling Grace even as she continued peeing. She fell forwards as her orgasm faded and she began kissing me again. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she whispered as I grinned up at her, panting and trying to catch my breath, the strong smell of urine filling the air.

From that day on every time we had sex it was after Grace had drunk a lot of water. I tried it a few times but when I was desperate to pee I found I couldn’t come, the opposite of her problem!

One day Grace suggested taking things to the next level, she wanted to pee in public. We went to a park and I watched her lift her dress and perch on the edge of a wooden bench. We both glanced around at the people sat enjoying the sunshine. Nobody was looking at us and so Grace relaxed her bladder and a second later I watched with wide eyes as pee began to drip from the edge of the bench, pooling on the grass beneath her. I was instantly hard and it was all I could do to resist ripping her clothes off and fucking her there and then. Somehow we made it home before sex but I came moments after entering her, I was just too turned on by what I’d seen.

We grew closer and closer, trying out new things became more and more fun until finally Grace asked me if I’d control her peeing to see what that was like. I wasn’t sure but we agreed to try it that night. Meeting up with friends at a crowded bar wasn’t the place I had in mind but she’d planned things this way it seemed, drinking glass after glass of red wine as she chatted to our friends. I was sat on a sofa watching her from behind, her shuffling legs telling me she needed to pee.

Mark, one of my colleagues from the office was sat by me and he didn’t believe me when I told him what we did together, me and Grace.

“Grace, come over here.”

We watched as she walked over, her skin tight dress drawing attention from the entire bar. She stood before me, facing me. “You called.”

“How much do you need to pee?”

“More than anything else in the world, but you haven’t told me I can go.”

“You can go here, now. Under the table.”

I didn’t know at that point whether or not she would go through with it, in front of all these people and with Mark openly gawping. But she just clambered under the table and squatted with her legs spread and her dress pulled up round her waist. She tugged her panties aside and I felt a pang of jealousy at the thought of anyone else seeing her perfect pussy. We watched and waited, me holding my breath as I felt my cock stiffening in my jeans. At first I saw a drip appear on the floor and then a sudden stream appeared, spraying widely round before strengthening into a solid flow. I tried to remain calm, not look flustered but I was both embarrassed and aroused even as others began to look our way, wondering at the hissing sound coming from our table.

Finally it stopped and Grace pulled her dress back down, climbing back out, grabbing me by the tie and dragging me past the chattering crowd, out into the car park. She almost threw me against the car and as the sun set behind us she unzipped my jeans and pulled out my rigid cock. She sank to her knees and took me into her mouth, sucking me hard and fast, as if desperate to make me come. As I grew close to orgasm, knowing at any moment someone might appear, she stopped. I gasped in frustration as she bent over the bonnet and lifted the back of her dress.

“Fuck me,” she growled.

I tugged her panties down to her knees and pushed my cock up inside her, her wetness making her easy to slide all the way in, a single thrust and I was pressing my hips to her bottom. She growled again and as I began ramming my cock in and out I felt the head brush her labia each time, almost falling out before gliding all the way back in over and over. As I thrust I felt her begin to pee again, she must have held some back from inside because it was splashing my legs, soaking my jeans. I heard the door of the bar open behind me but I was too far gone to care if anyone saw us. I was about to come when she slid her hand between her legs, tugging and teasing her clit with her fingers, bringing her close to her own climax.

We came at the same time, an event so rare I can count the number of times it’s happened to me on one hand. I felt my cock wanting to explode as my cum spurted up her. Her pussy was twitching and spasming and I felt her legs giving way. I slowly slid my cock back out of her and she almost collapsed to the ground. I heard a round of applause behind us but didn’t turn to look. Instead I helped Grace into the car, her panties fallen to the tarmac where we left them. I shakily climbed into the driver seat and we reversed out of the car park, holding hands as I drove, the smell of piss filling the car, making us both smile as I wondered just what we could try next.

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