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Tasting my lover's juices completely brings me closer in intimacy

My lover and I were making out with a little foreplay on the secluded porch of my house. In short time we were getting quite hot and horny. It was a hot humid summer afternoon and we already burning for each other inside. As Sharon reached over and gently rubbed my erect penis, my hand slowly travelled from her breast to her belly button. Messaging slowly I worked my way down and found the pubic hair line and softly carressed the soft hair. She reached for my hand and said she her period started. I told her that this was good and its okay. I moved in under her panties. I slowly search for her mons while I was thrusting my tongue and exploring her mouth and tongue. Sneaking a couple fingers under her moist pad I found her clit. I slithered down a finger into her slit and pick up some love juice and began rubbing her clit with it. Sharon moaned with delight. I asked her if I could taste her, and she agreed. So two fingers scooped her clit and catching a teaspoon of juice and placing them in my mouth. I moaned with the taste of peaches. I repeated my fingers and scooped out more juice. This I said was so great and proceeded to french her. She enjoyed the mixing of tongues and the new flavors. Moments later, I wispered in her ear I was going to eat her. She laid back and lifted her butt and I was able to remove her shorts, panties and sanitary pad. She was having a beautiful heavy flow.

With her legs spred apart and the juices gleeming I laid down with my head between her thighs. I proceeded to clean her outer lips and then worked my way to the inner core. My tongue swiping her slit from bottom to top. SUcking the sweet taste of her being. I felt a part of her was now inside me. My penis just pulsed with my racing heart. I moved up and circled the slit opening with my rock hard penis. Now the penis was turning a beautiful red from the flowing juices. My dick just slipped in all the way to the hilt. I pulled back and rammed and pulled back and rammed. Sharon moaned with delight. It was so warm and moist exploring the insides while the muscles seem to clamp down on me. After a few moments she cummed really hard. Milking my dick with the muscles of her love box I then exploded. My toes even curlled and were stuck with the blast that warmed her insides. She placed her hand over my mouth to quiet the moans. We kissed and hugged and froze ourselves in each other. I felt the juices warm and lubicate my balls. I suggested, I was to have some creampie or a vagina sundae. She suggested a nice 69 sharing of the love juices would be really great. As she positioned herself on top of me she was dripping like a garden hose. The flow release and filled my mouth with delicious nectar.I was swallowing it all. Sharon licked and sucked my balls. She really enjoyed our mixed love juices. After a short time we fell alsleep holding each other.