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Probed In The Name of Research

Tara becomes a lab study. A naughty lab study.
Tara pulled up to the gate and punched in the code that Gabe had given her. She’d never been to Mabel’s Lake. It was a gated community known for its wealthier homes, a golf course, and a swimming pool among other amenities. It reminded her of a retirement community, which was humorous since Gabe was in his early thirties, just a couple years younger than her.

Sure he was on the young side, but the man was a genius, not to mention a complete workaholic. He never talked about friends, well, there seemed to be an almost girlfriend once, but he just wasn’t one for a social life. His work was his passion. She decided that a retirement community was probably perfect for him.

It was such a waste in her opinion. Guys like him weren’t supposed to look so hot. He was a lab rat, an engineer, and could build anything he put his mind to. At the very least he was supposed to have glasses to add to the geek factor, but no, not Gabe. She wasn’t sure when he found time to work out, but he was built so nice, she was sure he probably used the gym she was passing by at that very moment.

She was careful though. She never crossed the boundaries of their professional relationship. She was married after all, besides, what would happen if she did have an affair? It certainly wouldn’t last forever and then their working environment would be awkward. She thought she saw him check her out once, but other than that he’d never given her any indication that he was interested. So, the idea of an affair was a mute point, just something that she had to run through her brain for her own secret demise.

She finally pulled into his circular drive. A sense of awe struck her as got out of the car and realized how big his home was. Not much property she noticed, but nothing she would complain about.

She walked up the steps that lead to his massive door with a giant brass knocker. She rapped three times and he quickly answered the door. She felt a wave of attraction at seeing him standing there without his lab coat, just a t-shirt and jeans.

“Come in,” he held the door open for her with a smile that didn’t quite meet his eyes.

“What’s going on?” She asked impatiently as she stepped through the threshold. “I assume this is about the device?” She ventured a guess.

He looked ready to answer and then let out a breath, “Uh, you’re gonna want a drink,” he told her as he lead her to his full sized bar with granite countertops and customized taps. She had a seat at one of his plush bar stools and looked at him questioningly.

“What the hell’s going on, Gabe,” she leveled her gaze on him. He didn’t look up at her while he poured two fingers of Crown in a glass for her.

“I'm finished with the equipment,” he told her as he went ahead and poured himself a glass as well. “It’s ready for testing.”

“Then why doesn’t this seem like a happy toast?” She asked sensing his mood. He glanced at her then took a sip of his drink, clearly stalling.

“Because,” he finally answered. “I talked to Granning and he’s already petitioned for the grant, but he’s only giving us 2%. I didn’t even bring up the lab use because without more grant money, we can’t pay our research subjects.”

The news was as deflating. No, it was devastating. She got up from the stool and crossed the room to a wall of large windows that revealed the breathtaking view of Mabel’s Lake and the golf course surrounding it. She wanted to cry. 2% was not even close to enough for the kind of testing that they needed to do in order to please Granning and get the data they need for the device. She blinked back her tears as she felt her dream and her retirement money slipping away. Her husband was going to be pissed. What the hell was she going to tell him? Sorry dear, I blew it on the invention of a sex toy? It was the truth. How could she be so stupid?! She downed her drink in one giant swallow then had to cough.

“So that’s it then?” She said without turning around.

“Not necessarily,” he said slowly. She turned around to face him. He was looking at her in a hopeful yet weird way.

“What do you mean?” She took a cautious step toward the couch. He walked toward her and smiled nervously.

“I’m thinking that Granning will give us more if…” He trailed off suddenly unable to finish.

“If what?” She was feeling oddly defensive thinking that his idea was probably not something she was going to like.

“If,” he swallowed and tried to look earnest. “We trial the equipment on a few subjects, present him with all of the new data and show how it can be used in a variety of ways to his advantage.”

“No,” she instantly snapped. “Are you even thinking about the legal ramifications?!”

“Just hear me out,” he pleaded. “Possibilities are possibilities. Once he sees all the new data for himself, once its put in front of his face, he’s not gonna want to let it go. He’s a smart man, he knows what kind of break throughs this research could provide.”

“We aren’t even approved for use of the lab, where the hell do you propose this takes place?!” She started to feel hope bloom a little, but was angry at the thought of being let down again. He was talking nonsense; there was no way this was going to happen with only 2%.

When he merely stared at her and didn’t answer, the thought of where is mind was going began to dawn and she let her jaw drop.

“Are you insane?!” It was like a shrieking whisper that grew until she was bordering on yelling. “No. No way!” She was shaking her head and going back to the stool for her purse. “If you think you are going to do the studies here, I want no part of it. You’re going to end up sued and we will both lose our damn jobs.” With that she slung her purse over her shoulder and started out of the room.


Gabe quickly grabbed her arm, “It’s an informal study,” he rushed on, “I’ve already called my lawyer and she says that it can be done with the right paper work.”

She turned and he let go of her arm. “Okay, great! So, who’s going to be first in line to have sexual experiments done to them in your creepy basement? Oh, and without pay?” She smiled sarcastically.

“No, they will have to be paid so we have proof of paper trail,” he corrected her. “But don’t worry; I’m going to cover that. And it’s not in my creepy basement, thank you very much, it’s upstairs.”

“Cozy,” she rolled her eyes. “No one is going to participate.”

“I only need a few subjects,” he argued. “One for a base reading, and the others for aroused readings.”

“And where are they happily waiting to be probed?” She smirked.

He stared at her, not able to say it. Her reaction could be volatile. He knew she was married and he knew that she wasn’t interested in him. More importantly, he knew that this was her baby just as much as it was his. She should participate and be the perfect subject for a base reading. Sure it might be a bit awkward at first, and Lord knows he’d be caging a massive hard on, but they’d have their data.

“The lawyer recommended choosing people that I was particularly close to, people I could trust to help jump any legal hurdles should there come any.”

“And?” She looked at him. Was she being purposefully dense? He wondered.

“I have a couple people in mind, but I think…I think you would be good for the base reading.” There, he said it.

She was staring at him, breathing all hard and he thought for sure she was going to blow up at him. But she just kept staring. He decided to remind her why she should do this before her mind started looking for reasons to call him crazy.

“Look, this is your dream, our dream. It makes sense that we are the first to undergo studies. Who are we to be afraid of our own work? We’ve invested our lives; we can’t just walk away now. At least I cant.” He left that hanging in the air. Let her think about the fact that he was still trying, that he wasn’t giving up. It’s not just her dream anymore. If she wanted this to happen, she was going to have to drop her pride and her clothes for a couple hours. A couple glorious hours he thought as he tried desperately to keep his eyes on her face.

She didn’t answer right away, but when she did, it was quiet and kind of shaky, “Fine.” She put her purse back on the bar. “Let’s do it.”

“What? You want to do it right now?” His pulse kicked up a notch and he felt heat flood to his groin.

“You can pay me later,” she shrugged. “My God, I sound like a hooker.”

He laughed and she smiled, but he could sense her nervousness.

“It only takes an hour, two tops. It’ll be fine.” He assured her, but couldn’t keep the smile from erupting on his face. She nodded in agreement, so he led her up the stairs to what he referred to as his baby lab.

“Wow,” she exclaimed. “It’s not bad.” He looked to the medical bed and all of the equipment he had on the wall across from it. Yes, there were wires and yes, there were gadgets, but the room itself was a warm buttery color that had serene landscapes on the walls free of equipment.

“Glad you approve,” he smiled with satisfaction. For some reason it mattered to him that she liked it. “Hop up and I’ll take your vitals.”

She expelled a breath and went to sit on the bed. “Here, put this on your finger,” he instructed as he handed her a pulse/oxygen monitor. Digging around in one of the drawers under the bed, he pulled out a blood pressure cuff and his stethoscope, trying without success to keep his thoughts pure. Just another job he told himself.

Grabbing a clip board sitting at a small table in the corner, he noted her pulse and oxygen levels. Her pulse was elevated, but he decided that was natural considering that she was about to get testing done. Not just any testing either, she was going to be exposed and she knew it. Hell, it was all he could do to keep from doing a happy dance right there. He’d secretly dreamed of seeing her naked. Now he was going to get to spread her sweet little snatch. Thank God she had no idea what he was thinking.


This was is it, she thought. Her husband is going to divorce her, Gabe was sure to get fired and because it was her idea, she’d probably get fired too. Her life as she knew it was over, so why not leave it all behind with the treasured memories of Gabe examining her pussy, right? Perfect, just perfect, she thought as he pumped up the blood pressure cuff. She felt her bra strap start to slide off her shoulder with the way her arm was out. Hurry, hurry, hurry, she thought while he finished pumping. Inevitably her black strap peeked out from under her short sleeve blouse. Gabe caught glimpse of it right away while he leaned over to put his scope on her arm. He looked at it and then tore his gaze away to look at her. She was blushing, she couldn’t help it. She studied him, looking for a reaction, but he just looked on at her. The reality that he was about to see her naked was sinking in for both of them she decided. She bit her lip in embarrassment and then pulled the strap back into place. Remaining unaffected was going to be extremely difficult if he kept looking at her like that. The goal was to not get aroused she reminded herself. She had to be the base study for the equipment.

“You can get undressed now,” he interrupted her thoughts and tore cuff off her arm. His voice got a little on the raspy side. He turned his back for her while he marked in the blood pressure. “You know, you should probably cut back on the apple pie.”

“Excuse me?” she paused as she began to undress.

“Yeah, your blood pressure was up at 136, that’s high for you,” he said with his back still turned.

It must have been her bra strap she thought. Panic rose in her as she pondered if he knew how that moment had affected her. “Huh,” she brushed it off hoping he would leave it alone.

“Are you ready yet?” He said as he turned around. She brought up her harms to hide her breasts but, her black undies and black nylon knee highs were still on. She couldn’t speak, what she was supposed to do? She felt like an idiot.

He cleared his throat, “Tara, its cool. Seriously, this is just science, that’s all. Believe it or not, I have seen a naked woman or two, so this is nothing new, okay.” She slowly let go of her breasts and saw that he didn’t hold much of a reaction. From there she decided that maybe it was going to be fine. She nervously she pulled off her black panties and started to pull off the knee highs when he almost shouted.

“NO!” he cleared his throat again, “No, go ahead and leave on the socks.”

She drew her brows together thinking that he was probably right. Just get up there and get it over with. Shit, it wasn’t like she was trying to do a strip tease.


Gabe had to check himself. The sight of her standing there trying to be modest, this smart ass woman who normally radiated confidence, now hiding her perfect little breasts. To his undoing she was wearing black little panties and son of a bitch she looked like a damn school girl wearing those socks that hit her knees. He didn’t mean to burst out like that, but there was no way in hell he was going to let her take those off. As if that weren’t enough, when she started walking toward the table he caught a glimpse of her manicured pussy. Just a little hair on top, he thought as he clenched his jaw. He couldn’t wait to get up close and personal with that lickable perfection. He had to cool his jets though if he was going to convince her that he was indifferent to the situation at hand. As if staring down into his lab partner’s pussy was an everyday occurrence.

She got up on the table and he rolled his chair forward. “Just scoot down to the edge like you would during a pap. These stirrups will push your legs back a little farther than normal OB beds, but I assume they aren’t that uncomfortable.” Sure enough, she scooted her ass down and he looked from her crazy blue eyes straight down to her perfectly round cheeks, smooth white thighs, and the most beautiful pair of lips he’d ever seen. She placed her legs up in the stirrups and he couldn’t resist looking up to her breasts. He held his breath as he saw her pink nipples were standing erect.

“Cold?” He asked and then almost immediately smacked himself for it. Did he want her to think he was staring at her breasts?! Damn it!

“A little”, she confessed with a blush. He exhaled and started buckling her stalkinged legs into the stirrups. “Is that really necessary?” She asked nervously.

“While I highly doubt that you’ll be sliding off the bed, it’s just a precaution,” he shrugged hoping that she wouldn’t protest further. Even if she did, by God she wasn't going anywhere now, he smiled to himself.

He went back to his chair after she was all strapped in and felt blood rush to his already throbbing dick. She was spread eagle with knees bent up at her waist, but legs spread open wide. Perhaps he was just imagining things but her pussy lips were looking a little on the swollen side. He flipped on the lamp and aimed it down on her perfect pink flesh.

“I’m going to stretch your inner labia open and then put on the holding piece, okay.” He informed her. He knew that most women needed to be walked through the procedure and he didn’t want to shock her with his gadgets.

He put two of his ungloved fingers just inside of her entrance and then parted them as he pulled out. To his surprise he saw her little ass cheeks clench. He held her open looking for any signs of wetness. Not to be disappointed he could see that she was moist but he couldn’t really claim that she was aroused. He pulled up a custom tool he had specially made and attached to the bed. He placed one depressor to each inner labium and locked the spring leaving her stretched nice and wide.

“Okay so far?” He asked as he took in the view. He felt his mouth salivating. He breathed in deep catching a faint glimmer of her sent.

“Uh-huh,” she nodded.

He had to get up or he was going to eat her. So, he tore himself away and started turning on the machines that monitored and recorded the information that the sensors he was about to place on her would provide. He brought the sensors to her.

“I’m going to place these on your nipples, your abdomen, your thighs, and a couple a little lower,” he informed her as he began to place them on her nipples. They were still erect and everything in him cried out to suck on them. His knuckles brushed against the fleshy bulge of her breast as he stuck the sensors on. He pushed down on them just to make sure they were on there good. He looked up to her face and froze when he saw that she was watching him.

“I don’t think it’s going anywhere,” she mocked him.

“Sorry,” he apologized and quickly went to place the other sensors on. His heart was beating a mile a minute praying that she wasn’t going to call it off because he copped a feel. He silently hoped that she was just being her smart ass self and not seein g straight through him.

When he got to the thigh sensors, he could hear the sounds from her other sensors recording in the machine. They were quiet and the higher pitched sounds were associated with blood flow. He placed the last two sensors on her ass cheeks and saw her muscles clench again. All was in pace and he looked back to her pussy and pulled up his chair. Bringing down a built in magnifying glass, he lifted the hood of her clitoris and examined it closely. As he did, he nearly fell off his seat. It was swollen and moving.

Just to be absolutely positive about his conclusion, he put two fingers inside of her pussy. The sensors were going nuts and she was soaking wet inside. Looking up at her blank face, he decided that she had probably had no idea that she was becoming aroused. Just to be sure, he went up and checked on her other sensors. He skimmed his hand by her abdomen thinking that it was not such an erogenous zone. Once again, the sensors went nuts. She looked down at him and he met her eyes.

Holy Shit! She was turned on. His dick just about jumped out of his pants.

“Tara?” He asked softly. The sensors were beeping again and he noted that even the sound of his voice got to her.

“Hmm?” She answered.

He debated telling her that he knew she was getting hot, it might be fun to see how long she could pretend, but if he was to go ahead with the aroused reading she was going to need to reach climax twice, once for the vaginal probe and once for the anal probe. He had to let her know. He skimmed his hand along her abdomen again and relished the sound of the sensors and the heated look in her eyes that she was trying desperately to hide.

“Tara, we can’t do the base reading.”

Alarm came over her face as she tried to sit up. “What?! Why?”

“No, it’s cool, it’s just,” he looked deep into her eyes, savoring the moment of telling her that he knew she wanted to fuck him. “You’re fully aroused.”

Her face flushed, her mouth parted in shock, and she simply stared at him.

“You have to reach orgasm twice,” he went on as he reached for the vaginal probe.

“No, this isn’t a good idea,” she breathed. She tried to remove her legs then remembered that they were strapped in.

“Shhhh, don’t worry. I’ll get you there, and then I’ll get you there again. Just enjoy it,” he smiled and gelled up the probe with warm lube.

“Seriously, Gabe! This is not happening.” She sat up on her elbows.

“Oh, but it is,” he confirmed with a wink and a smirk.


“Aaaauuuuuuuhhhh,” She cried out and arched her back as he slowly inserted the vaginal probe. It just kept going deeper and deeper and she was already stretched so wide.

“Mmm, good girl,” he praised her. “I just need you to lay back now so I can submerge it.” She laid back and let out some powerful gasps as he pushed it further in. It was almost too deep when he finally said, “Excellent. Now I’m going to stimulate your clit with another sensor and I want you to concentrate on squeezing that probe okay.”

She nodded yes in response. With her eyes shut tight she awaited the clit sensor. It wasn’t what she was expecting. It felt wet and smooth almost like a tongue but harder like metal. She looked down and he showed her his invention.

“It’s a lubricated little ball that rotates on the end of the handle. Inside of the ball are several different kinds of sensors monitoring the state of your clitoris.” He smiled proudly and went to work on her clit.

“H, h, hhhh, h, that’s soooo, h, h, hot,” she panted.

“Your pussy is fucking hot,” he returned. “Just keep squeezing the probe. You’re doing great! Those tight cunt muscles of yours are actually trying to push it out.” He looked up into her radiant eyes that were positively glowing blue. She’d completely lost control. Her secret desire for him was no longer a secret and now she lay with him probing her pussy and telling her it’s hot. She was building fast into orgasm and was locked in an intense mutual gaze that spoke more than she wanted to reveal.

“Oh my God, I want to fuck you so bad,” he confessed as he watched her. She licked her lips at that and felt the beginning tingles and twinges of orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum,” she panted and screamed at the same time.

“Okay, I need to try and stay as still as you can when you do. Let the force of your orgasm fall on the probe.”

“OOOOoooooooo. H, h, aaahhhh. H, Hhhhhh, I’m cumming,” she moaned. Trying to squeeze the probe as hard as she could, she was more focused on Gabe than anything else. He was so fuckin’ sexy with his little gadgets. She shut her eyes and knew that she was cumming for him. It came upon her in waves and when she finally shuttered for the last time, he slowly pulled out the probe.

“That was very good,” he smiled and stood up. She noticed that his pants were unzipped and he was moving close to her putting his hands on her hips.

“What are you doing?” She asked breathlessly.

“I’m sorry but I have to,” he pushed his fat dick into the well lubed hole where the probe had been. Her pussy was clearly having after shocks on him. He held tight and bucked his hips into her soaking cunt at a speed that any man would have been proud of. She moaned his name and he watched her perfect little tits bounce with the sensors so well attached.

She wasn’t sure if he was in it just for the testing, just trying to get her to cum, or if he really was turned on, but obviously her question had been answered. She moved with him when he slowed his pace and watched his eyes as the pupils almost took up the whole iris. By her estimations, he was fully aroused and not going to last much longer.

“I’ve wanted you since the moment I met you,” he confessed as he brought the pace to a sensual lingering pump. She looked up at him with disbelief combined with full on desire. They'd been working together for three years so she had to ask.

“Why didn’t you come to me?” She asked as she grinded her hips in small circles.

“Because you’re married,” he moaned and pushed into one of her grinds. She looked down and away. Suddenly he reached around and pulled her hair.

“No,” he growled and began to build his pace again. “Look at me! Startled, she looked up at him. “Yes, now say my name.” He commanded and he slammed into her.

“Aaauh!” She cried out. “G- Gabe!”

“Mmmm, that’s right Tara, you’re fucking me,” he breathed as he slammed into her again and again. She felt a slight sense of fear but more intrigued by the way he suddenly turned so aggressive. Oddly she found herself turned on by it, feeling like she held some sort of power over him even though he was the one who had her by the hair.

Feeling the friction of him sliding in and out of her dripping hole caused her to begin to moan. He pulled her hair to bring her face forward and before she could ask what he was doing, he pulled out of her and sprayed his cum all over her face.

“Wow,” she said recovering from the shock as she reached up to wipe some of it off.

“Lick your fingers for me,” he watched her so expectantly and she thought back to the tender way he’d made her cum. What else could she do but lick the cum off her fingers while the rest of his creamy jizz slid down her face in fat glops? She smiled at him while she did it wanting to please him.

“Don’t worry,” he smiled at her. “Just for that, I’ll give you some time to recover before I probe your ass.”

Her asshole clench in nervous anticipation….

To be continued.

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