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Punishment Date

She discovers the rumors were true.
He glanced up from his computer when he heard the commotion just outside his open door; his eyes shifted to the clock and noted the time. “Fifteen minutes late,” he mumbled to himself.

He watched her sauntering in, reciting good morning greetings to her fellow coworkers, their faux smiles and un-cordial greetings in return, falling on deaf ears and blind eyes. She poked her head into his office, a warm smile plastered on her face. “Good morning Mr. Barns,” her voice a melodious chorus of pure delight.

“Good morning Kay,” he said trying to keep a growl out of his voice. “Could you come in here, please?”

“Of course Mr. Barns,” she said, practically bouncing into his spacious office. She moved fluidly to his desk, her eyes twinkling as she looked at him.

“Kay, you do realize you’re supposed to be here at eight a.m., right?”

She leaned in closer, her thighs pressing against his desk as she whispered, “Yes John, but since…you know…this weekend, and especially last night, I thought it would be alright to be just a wee bit late.” Her leaning form made the front of her blouse gape just enough that it gave him a teasing view of her ample cleavage.

He was tempted to take in the sights of her eager and willing body, but he was her boss and knew that the entire office, though pretending to work just outside the open door, were very attentive to what was transpiring in his office.

He leaned back in his chair, his face settling into a mask of authority. “Kay, from now on be here at eight sharp, in your chair, and ready to work. Do I make myself clear?” His voice brooked no argument. He added, “If it happens again, I’ll be forced to do something you may regret. I do not tolerate lateness from my employees. Keep that in mind, Kay.” The smile that painted his face was cool, but hinted at something darker, “Now, get to work.” His eyes shifted from her to the open door and noticed at least two sets of eyes trained on him. He arched a brow at the eavesdroppers, knowing full well that he didn’t need to say anything to put them back in their places. His smile warmed in satisfaction as they dropped their eyes to the paperwork littering their desks.

The smile on her face slowly faded as she nodded and turned to leave, feeling profoundly rejected. Stepping through the door, her eyes roamed the other ladies in the office, and as if they’d been stuck by a cattle prod, all resumed their work diligently, acting like nothing out of the ordinary happened. They all knew that Kay and Mr. Barns were intimately involved, but felt that fact shouldn’t allow her special privileges. They had all been in her place at one point or another, all had felt his discipline for transgressions real or imagined, and thoroughly enjoyed learning their lessons.

She should be at her desk…on time…everyday.

The rest of the day was uneventful and everyone, including Kay, worked without any further interruptions. From his office, John observed all the employees, his eyes drawn to Kay repeatedly. He knew she’d be late again and he looked forward to disciplining her. As the wickedly depraved thoughts burned in his imagination, his cock swelled within his pants.

Kay felt every look he threw her and began to wonder if the rejection she felt in his office was simply a charade, a little something to appease the other ladies. She willed herself to keep from looking his direction, wanting him to think she wasn’t the least bit interested, though her mind drifted to the images of their recent fucking. She could feel her pussy throbbing and growing wet as she remembered the feel of his cock and his light slaps to her ass causing a soft, almost inaudible, moan to escape her throat. Glancing around, fearful the sound attracted attention, she was relieved to see no one else seemed to have heard it and sighed silently in relief.

As the day rolled into quitting time, Kay thought she should stay late, make up for the mistake this morning, and perhaps have a repeat performance of last night. She watched as the ladies gathered up their things, saying their goodnights to each other before popping into Mr. Barns’ office to wish him a good evening. They all gave her envious glances as they filed out the door and into the night.

He was somewhat surprised to see Kay still lingering at her desk, and as the last lady left he moved out into the cluster of desks, curious as to why she was still here. “Is everything alright Kay?”

She turned and purred seductively “Yes John, everything is fine, I just thought I should stay a little late and try to make up for this morning.” As she turned, her short skirt rode up high on her thighs, exposing the lacy tops of her stocking and garter belt clips, while her blouse gaped dramatically offering him tasty glimpses of her creamy flesh.

He wasn’t surprised by her brazenness, but he also wasn’t going to play her little game. His lips curled into a knowing smile and whispered, “Kay, you should go. I have work to do. I expect you here at eight a.m. sharp. Don’t disappoint me.” He turned and headed back to his office, not giving her the satisfaction of a backward glance, nor any opportunity to work her magic.

She blinked in surprise as he turned and vanished into his office, completely ignoring her mild seduction. Anger welled up within her as she gathered up her things and without saying goodnight, stomped child-like out the door.

John smiled to himself as he watched her, the shock of his dismissal, the rising anger and finally the tantrum as she left the building. He could hardly wait to discipline her, mentally adding that little display to the list.

The next day John was truly surprised to see Kay come in before eight a.m. though he wasn’t surprised when she didn’t greet him and simply plopped her sweet ass down at her desk, resuming her work from the previous night. John watched, as the other ladies too, seemed as surprised. Each one, John included, knew this wouldn’t last.

He knew the day had finally arrived when he didn’t see Kay at eight on Friday morning. He glanced to his clock every few minutes until he heard her coming into the office. It was eight twenty, even later than before. She definitely knew how to push his buttons.

He didn’t let on that he noticed the time as he picked up the phone and dialed. He waited patiently as it rang, finally being answered. “Hello Marcy. Listen, I’ll be working late tonight and wondered if I could reschedule the office cleaning? I know this is short notice, but something came up that has to be attended to.” He listened to Marcy’s voice softly buzzing in his ear. “Thank you so much Marcy, I really appreciate this. Let me know when would be convenient for you. Just give me a call.”

The smile that crawled across his face as he hung up the phone was filled with sinful intent. Looking out into the main office his eyes sparkled with devilish delight as they bore into Kay.

The day seemed to drag. Every minute felt like hours…every hour felt like days as John waited for the workday to end. Almost all the ladies noticed how uncharacteristically fidgety he was, as he prowled the office. They all knew what Kay was in for and secretly wished they could be in her place this evening.

Kay seemed oblivious to him, completely absorbed in her work. Her head down and thick dark tresses curtaining her face as she concentrated on the paperwork on her desk. She wasn’t as absorbed as everyone thought as she wondered why John hadn’t said anything to her regarding her lateness this morning. He’d said if she was late again, he’d be forced to do something she might regret, and she was curious what that might be. He could fire her, but what would that gain him. She didn’t think that’s what his plan was as she remembered his cool but hinting smile. She’d heard the other ladies talking in rhapsody about his disciplinary actions and began to wonder if they were true. She suspected they were as her mind wandered to the superficial slaps to her bottom last weekend.

John buried himself in his work, trying to block out the slowly crawling time. He was surprised when he heard some commotion and the feminine voices reciting their farewells to each other. He quickly glanced to the clock and indeed saw the workday was over as each lady popped in and wished him a good weekend before heading out.

He noticed Kay was still at her desk and fishing in her purse. He leaned casually against the doorframe his eyes locked on her and cleared his throat to catch her attention. He smiled sinfully and said, “Just where to you think you’re going?”

She matched his stare, her haughty attitude beginning to bubble to the surface. “I have a date, and I can’t be late.” Her eyes dropped to her purse once again, finally pulling her keys from the depths.

“Oh, like you were late this morning? I’ll bet you didn’t think I noticed. I told you Kay; there would be consequences if you were late again. Obviously you didn’t believe me.”

She met his eyes again and saw the devil dancing within them. The ‘date’ she referred to was a ruse, but she continued to play along that line. “I said I have a date John and I need to go.” Her voice hinted at hurried desperation that she hoped it was believable.

His smile widened and took on a darkness she’d never seen before. “Yes Kay, you certainly do have a date.” He strode confidently out until he was standing next to her, “A punishment date, as I like to call it.” His eyes traveled her body, noticing the little shivers she seemed unable to control.

She watched his approach, feeling very much like prey. As he stood next to her, she couldn’t help trembling and her body’s reactions to his proximity or the burning thoughts of what was to come. Her pussy began to swell and grow moist. She drew on her attitude and looked up to him, her eyes boldly defiant as she said, “Punishment date? Oh John, really now, that sounds a bit childish. I was only late twice, and honestly don’t feel that I deserve anything more than a reprimand for the offense.”

He’d been waiting for this precise moment, for her haughty attitude to dig herself in deeper. She’d just given him more ammunition and he reveled in it. Reaching down he grabbed her upper arm and hauled her from her seat. Whispering huskily into her ear, “Kay, I’m going to enjoy feeling you squirm. I look forward to the sounds you’re going to make and the tears you’re going to shed.”

Her eyes widened in fear, coupled with anticipation, as he grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. She gasped as his words took root. She tried to pull away from him only to feel his fingers tighten. She whimpered, “John, please, I don’t think this is the least bit humorous.”

He released her arm and gave her a slight push toward his office saying, “Kay, do you really think I’m doing this out of some jest? I intend to teach you a lesson. Hopefully you’ll learn from this Kay and if not, well…some more extreme measures might have to be incorporated.” His eyes traveled the curve of her back, roaming over her delectable ass as she moved slowly toward her doom.

Whimpers escaped her throat as she marched to her fate. Her voice quavering, “John, please. I didn’t do anything serious. Please John, you don’t have to do this.” She was beginning to believe her pleas were useless as she looked over her shoulder at his determined face.

She stopped short at his doorway, her heart pounding in her chest, when she felt his fingers curling around her arm. He pulled her into his office and toward the chair that now resided in the center of the room. Tightening his grip, he sat and pulled her down across his lap. He barely contained the satisfied growl from escaping his throat as her hot body settled over his muscular thighs.

She gasped as he pulled her face down, her balance was thrown forward forcing her to use her free hand against the floor for stability. The position pushed her ass up, and her breasts, which were barely contained in the lace bra, to spill from the material. She squirmed against him, her legs kicking wildly, squeals and whimpers of frustration filling the room. She tried to look over her shoulder at him, but her thick mane worked against her, effectively blinding her.

He smiled wickedly as she squirmed against him, listening to her sounds of frustration. He freed her arm only long enough to pull her trembling body to his tightly, recapturing it against him, while pinning one kicking leg under his own. She was surely caught and offered him the most exquisite view of her remarkable ass. Even the little black skirt she was wearing didn’t hide the perfection before him. He couldn’t resist touching her, lightly running his palm over her fleshy cheeks and feeling her body quiver against him.

She continued to writhe, still hoping to break free, when suddenly she felt his warm palm against her upturned ass, and knew without a doubt, the rumors were true. A part of her was frightened but the darker part was curiously excited.

“Kay, you’re going to receive one slap for each minute you were late. I don’t expect you to count them, as I’m sure you will loose count repeatedly, but I do expect you to thank me at the end of your punishment.” He spoke coolly, his controlled tone barely sufficient to conceal his growing arousal.

He maneuvered his left hand to apply light pressure to the small of her back, holding her there while he raised his right hand high above her trembling bottom. He swiftly brought his hand down, landing with an audible ‘pop’ that resounded throughout the room, followed closely by her sharp inhale and intensified squirming. His cock pulsed in his pants as the sound met his ears and her writhing form teased him.

He was definitely going to enjoy her.

She gasped loudly as the sting from his hand burned through her skirt to her ass. She writhed against him, still hoping to find freedom, but he had her firmly trapped. The stinging seemed to flow through her ass and settle deeply in her core, as her cunt throbbed wetly with unfulfilled need. She knew she couldn’t hide her condition long and a small part of her hoped he’d not notice but a larger part hoped he would and punish her even more for such blatant wantonness.

He held her steady as he raised his hand again, delivering another stinging blow to her taunt ass. He loved hearing the muffled thud, her gasps, and the feel of her squirming. He enjoyed the look of her ass jiggling rhythmically under the midnight material. His hand walloped the pliant target, growing harder with each blow, the sound echoing throughout the room, increasing his arousal.

She squirmed and whimpered. Writhed and squealed. She was a concert of the senses, her sounds an orchestra, her movements an obscene dance. She longed to get away and rub her stinging backside, but her excitement grew with each heated blow. In her mind she didn’t understand how the pain had begun to arouse her so fully. Her body seemed to be acting independently, submitting to the darkness hidden in her soul and she longed for more.

He delivered fifteen blows, relishing each one with sinful delight. He suspected her ass was red and pulled at her skirt until the hem revealed the flaming flesh. He wasn’t surprised to see her panties; such as they were, over her garter belt. She was such a little slut, always prepared for a good fuck. The sheer white material was pulled taunt over her ass, and the redness he suspected showed through perfectly. It also showed something more.

“Why Kay, I think you’re enjoying this.” He said chidingly as he noticed the material nestled against her pussy was soaked in her wetness. He rubbed his hand against her ass feeling the heat of his handy work. “That was fifteen for the first day you were late. You are due twenty more for the second. Are you ready?” He didn’t expect an answer and didn’t need one. Ready or not, she was going to feel the next twenty without the meager protection of her skirt. Still holding her steady, he gathered the hem tightly in his left hand and began. Pop…Pop…Pop… the sound very much like an audience giving audible appreciation to a well-practiced symphony, flesh-striking flesh, raining down blows in an unrelenting rhythm.

Her squeals exploded into screams and moans, her writhing melted into carnal displays of eagerness, as her ass rose to meet his hand. Her entire body trembling, burning with a need she couldn’t begin to describe. Her ass felt as though it was on fire, each blow delivering pain equally mixed with pleasure to her boiling core. She knew he could smell her scent, knew he could see her wetness soaking her now transparent panties, as she ground herself into his thighs and raised her ass in offering to his firm hand.

He smiled as he saw and felt her shift against him, pressing her hips down and then rising up. Her scent filled each breath he took, as he pounded out twenty increasingly hard strokes to her crimson ass. When his hand landed on the twentieth stroke, he grabbed the transparent material of her panties and literally ripped them off. His eyes gleamed as he looked upon the brilliantly red flesh. He rubbed his hand over her angry hide, luxuriating in the heat rising from her fiery backside.

She moaned softly as the last blow fell. She felt proud of herself for not giving him everything he said she would before this started. Yes…she squealed and screamed. Yes… she writhed and squirmed. But she didn’t shed the tears he claimed she would. She shifted across his lap, pressing her hip against his raging erection. She couldn’t help but smile and whispered hoarsely, “John, it would appear that you’re enjoying this far more than I am.” She purposefully moved against his throbbing cock, teasing him.

“Kay, do you remember stomping out of the office that first day you were late?”


“Well you did Kay, you acted like a child throwing a tantrum. I believe you need another fifteen for that. Against your naked ass and with a paddle.” He reached around the chair, producing the leather paddle he had there.

She gasped and desperately squirmed for escape. “John, no. You’ve beaten my ass well enough, there’s no point to use a paddle. Please John, don’t.”

He laughed, holding her tightly as she squirmed. “Kay, there doesn’t need to be a point. It’s a simple fact that I am enjoying this immensely. I told you I intended to teach you a lesson. I really don’t think you’ve learned it quite yet. The paddle is always a good reinforcement. Perhaps you’ll think about this exact moment the next time you act like a spoiled child .” He laid the paddle on her ass, letting her feel the weight of it, while his hand crawled down between her legs, his finger brushing against her swollen slick pussy lips and throbbing clit.

The paddle momentarily forgotten, a purr rumbled in her throat as his fingers danced over her aching sex. She tried to move against his fingers, hungry and eager for something…anything. She whimpered, “Please John.”

He delighted in seeing her so needy, as he removed his hand from her overheated cunt, snatched up the paddle and proceeded to work over her flaming ass. The wide expanse of unyielding leather cracked against her burning flesh much like a ‘lady finger’ on the fourth of July as the simple spanking turned into a full on hiding. His cock jumped each time the leather connected with her ass and the sounds of her screams filled him with pleasure. He was up to ten thundering swats when he heard the unmistakable sound of sobbing. He wore the devils grin as he listened to her.

Her screams seemed to go on and on when she suddenly felt hot tears welling behind her eyelids. She tried to blink them back, will them away, but they crested and ran down her flushed face. She had broken, had given him all he wanted…but she wanted more. She pushed her ass up to the aching blows, her body on a precipice ready to fall. She whimpered through her tears, “Please John, oh God please…harder.” She was so close, her climax only seconds away.

He had reached the fifteen and was about to put the paddle down when he heard her beg. He relished her begging, reveled in her confession, and because she begged so prettily, he wasn’t about to deny her this one thing. His smile was the darkest it had ever been as he frantically waved the paddle; sweat beading on his forehead as he sensed her impending explosion. Like the crescendo of a musical passage needing the finale percussion, he released one final furious wallop.

Her world exploded as he unleashed the leather with all his strength against her flaming ass. She moaned whorishly as her hips bucked against his thighs, her breath caught in her throat, her pussy convulsed, flooding her nectar over his pants. She was lost in an inky oblivion, floating in a sweet mix of pleasure and pain.

He held her as she swam in orgasmic bliss, feeling the flood of her juice soaking his pants and her hips bearing down against his thighs. He was transfixed by her display. He suspected she’d enjoy a dressing down, especially by him, but was truly amazed that she begged for more…not only more, but also harder.

He felt her begin to relax against him, her breathing becoming more normal as he lightly rubbed her ignited ass, “Well Kay, have you learned your lesson?”

Her voice husky as she lied, “Yes John, it’s a lesson I will never forget.” Knowing he couldn’t see her face behind the curtain of sweat-drenched hair, she smiled secretly, as her mind worked on how best to set another punishment date.

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