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Put my panties down!

This is for you baby......bi69fun4us

"Put my panties down you sick fuck"

I walked into my apartment to find the caretaker of my building on his knees with 2 pairs of my panties, one around his cock and the other pair held up to his face.

I had complained earlier in the week that the sink in my en-suite had kept blocking and that I needed it fixing, he knew I would not be in that day and took his opportunity. However, I had finished work early so he had not been anticipating my arrival.

I opened my bedroom door to be greeted with this sight, my pussy reacted to the scene in front of me but my mind was telling me that I was being violated. How could he be enjoying the smell of my dirty panties.

I stood there watching him for a good 10 seconds, my face growing redder with every passing second. An awesome embarrassment washed over me and then I spoke.

He froze, the wanking of his cock with my silk french knickers had stopped and his frantic breathing into my smelly cotton thong had subsided.

He dropped my thong but didn't turn around, I think his embarrassment was too much for him to bare. He could lose his job for this.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked.

Finally he turned to look at me. "Um..... .Oh my god.. ..I am really sorry, I don't know what came over me.. ..I just." He got up, detangled my panty from his swollen cock and ran past me with his overalls just barely pulled up.

I was very surprised at how horny I was, and my mind was reeling whether to make a complaint and report him or to use this situation to my advantage.

Time had slowed down, I stood frozen to the same spot not knowing what to do. I walked over to where he had dropped my french panties and picked them up. I looked at the crotch and saw that he had left the gusset stained with his pre-cum. Again a dull throb between my legs. I needed to get him here again.

Over the next few day's and night's I rubbed my pussy through my panties, ensuring they were soaking wet with my juices.

A few day's later I called the manager of my apartment building and advised him that the sink was still blocked and I really needed the caretaker back to fix it.

I had called in sick to work and believe me it would be worth it. I told the building manager that I would not be in so finally my plan was coming together.

I put on the 3 pairs of panties that I had masturbated in and lay back with my legs spread, I slipped my hand down the elastic of my underwear and pinched my clit. I was getting wet thinking of him catching me half naked. 

He was very stocky, handsome in an obvious kind of way and very rough and ready. But when I caught him sniffing my dirty panties he looked like a naughty little boy who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

My pussy was so wet that my juices had soaked through all 3 pairs of panties. I inserted 2 fingers into my dripping hole, I couldn't help but get carried away.

I was startled by the sound of my front door close, he was here! He approached my bedroom door, his steps sounding cautious. In my mind I was willing him to enter. I continued fucking my pussy with my fingers, all that could be heard was the sound of my digits plunging in and out of my open hole.

I opened my eyes to see him watching me through the crack in my door, I slowly blinked showing him he was welcome. He opened the door wider and stepped across the threshold.

I spoke first.

"I liked what I saw the other day. Now I don't want you to be embarrassed, I just want you to know that what you were doing with my panties has stirred something in me that I have been unable to stop."

He said nothing but the look in his eyes spoke volumes.

He approached me grabbed my ankles and pulled me to the end of the bed, with my legs spread in front of him. He got down on his knees and began sucking my toes, little nibbles were felt up my leg and over my knees, the nibbles turned into bites as he approached my firm thighs. His breathing became harder as he came upon the smell of my sex.

He stopped right at my gusset' s and began to eat me through my 3 pairs of panties, He needed to get closer so he ripped the first pair off my body. Mmmmm the sound of the fabric tearing made my pussy throb with want knowing that he was closer to his prize.

He finger fucked my pussy through my sodden panties as he sucked my petruding clit, the look on his face confirmed to me that he was in heaven. He could taste my old cum mixed with my fresh nectar, I could only imagine the flavour.

I needed his cock in my mouth, I wanted to taste his cum. I told him this but he didn't react, he would have been happy sucking my pussy through panties all night if I let him. I pulled him up and started to un-zip his overalls, I could see his length outlined in his crotch area. He stood in front of me and I released his cock. Mmmmmm so thick and veiny, I had a tight pussy so the stretch that this would give me would be heaven. I licked his end, gathering his pre-cum onto the end of my tongue tasting his excitement. He looked down at me in admiration as I toyed with his cock, I took his whole length in my mouth at once, swallowing it, sucking it, licking his shaft up an down. My pussy being rubbed frantically as I did this, I looked up to see him smelling the ripped panty that I thought had been discarded.

I stopped sucking and pushed him onto the bed, He pulled me into him, sucking my nipples as he squeezed my ass. I needed to get him naked so I reluctantly moved from his sucking lips, and removed his boots socks and overalls. He pulled me onto his face, smothering him with my pussy. I rode his face until it was soaked with my juices, he didn't want air all he wanted was my pussy.

Second pair ripped off me, ever closer..... The suction of his mouth got stronger on my clit, I ground my sore pussy on his tongue the feeling of orgasm getting ever stronger. I couldn't hold it any longer Ahhhhhhhhhhh.........mmmmmmmmm... fuck...mmmm. My cum dribbled into his open mouth through my panties as he flicked my clit with his tongue. I reached behind me and wanked his cock, needing it to fill my tight hole. I slid my way down his chest leaving a trail of wetness, the room smelt our sex and my cum. It was so good.

One pair of panties left.

I straddled him and rubbed my slit over his stiff cock, I pulled my panty to the side and squatted over him. I held his cock in place and edged myself onto him. My pussy opened up like a flower, I squatted up and down on him slowly. His girth was perfection. He placed his hands on my hips, ever so gently and then slammed my body onto his cock! I was not expecting that, and neither was my g-spot..... .He slammed my pussy onto his cock over and over, the feeling was so overpowering. I had no control over my mouth and what I said, how my body reacted, nothing. He had all control. I had to gain some back.

He ripped the third pair from my body, my tiny body was being taken over by this monstrous cock. I looked to the side of me and saw the three pairs of discarded panties. I grabbed them, shoved one pair in his mouth.... the other I put over his nose and the third...... I pulled his cock from me and put the panties over his meat I then put him back in my pussy. 

The material around his cock in my pussy almost made me cum instantly, the sight in front of me was amazing.

Caretaker got more than he was expecting, He was smelling my pussy through my panties, sucking my pussy through my panties and now fucking my pussy with my panties. Mmmmmm I rode his panty covered cock, faster and harder his cock feeling bigger inside me. I could feel that familiar feeling in my stomach... "I'm cumming................Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh...Mmmmmm"

His body tensed up as he heard this, he pumped his milky juice into my hot love. My orgasm would not subside, the friction on my g-spot was too much.

Our bodies wound down and the room went quiet as our breathing slowed down to a steady pace. I removed my panties from his face and mouth and lay on his chest. He rubbed my back and smelt my hair. Eventually he lifted me off his body and lay me down on the bed, I watched as he detangled my panty from his cock the same way he did when I caught him wanking with my french Knickers. He went to use the bathroom, whilst he was away I put all three pairs of panties into his overall pocket.

I wanted to ensure that he would never, ever forget my fragrance.


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