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Rachel's Ravishment - Pt II

Tags: dominance, ff, bondage,
The day after our first encounter together, Maitena turned up for our tutoring session, took one look at me and acted as if she hadn’t ordered me just twenty- four hours before to hump myself on her leg until I came. She drilled me relentlessly on the law of cosines and I began to wonder if my step – mother had tried to poison me at lunch yesterday, and instead of dying, I’d just experienced some kind of mind - blowingly vivid hallucination triggered by my obsession.

For an hour and a half I tried to focus on my text books, answering her questions on Pythagorean Theorem automatically; the whole time furiously wondering what the fuck was going on with her. I’d thought she would turn up and we’d fall on each other, clothes flying, all tits and lips and orgasms. Not reviewing fucking extensions to fucking arbitrary fucking triangles.

When it came time for our customary break, I thumped down the stairs to the kitchen, making sure I was making as much noise as possible to adequately broadcast my level of dissatisfaction.

“Stop that Godforsaken racket, you little tramp.” Elyse hates it when I barge up and down the wooden staircase, because the sound absolutely reverberates through the house and disrupts her ‘meditations’. So of course over the years I’ve perfected the exact pitch for maximum annoyance.

I moodily gathered some cheese and crackers to add to the tray holding our drinks. I knew I was being petulant but I didn’t particularly care. I’d dug out one of the few skirts I owned and a virtually transparent singlet top that my dad had barred me from wearing, and I felt cheated and frustrated by Maitena’s cavalier attitude when I’d been practically pissing my pants over the excitement of seeing her again. I felt like I’d made an effort and she was acting like a prize bitch, as if she didn’t even like me.

As I stood at the fridge, cataloguing its contents for what I felt like eating, I saw a tall slim wine bottle in the door compartment. It’d serve her right if I just took that and fucked her with it, I fumed, spitefully. The unexpected thought made my stomach muscles clench with excitement and I hastily slammed the door shut before grabbing the snack tray and heading for the stairs. “Wow,” I muttered. “That was weird.”

Trying not to dwell on my newly discovered malicious streak, I backed up to my bedroom door and bumped it open with my butt, turning to close it the same way as I went through. I froze.

Approximately two square metres of my gorgeous blue and gold wool carpet was covered with a white sheet – like piece of material. Placed with exacting precision in the centre of that square was my very comfortable desk chair, bought at great expense for me by my father after much belaboured nagging on my part. Only it didn’t look much like my chair anymore, given that it was draped in the same material as my floor. The only areas of it actually recognisable were the armrests, although that was a debatable point at the moment, as they were decorated with a considerable amount of cordage. Maitena stood to one side of the chair, impeccable in a tailored pantsuit, with her arm draped across the headrest of the chair. Still. Watching me.

I got the distinct impression she was carefully gauging my reaction to her little bit of redecorating and I suddenly didn’t feel very sulky anymore. In fact I was completely thrown off base by the scene in front of me and the way she continued to just look at me, and I had an abrupt appreciation for how a deer must feel when the spotlight lands on it.

“Um… what’s going on?”

“Put the tray down.” Neither her face nor voice betrayed emotion. I put the tray on the desk and looked at her. “Stand there,” she pointed to an invisible spot on the carpet in front of the chair.

“Why?” I didn’t particularly care for her tone. It reminded me of my step – mother and, although I’d had some bizarre thoughts about Elyse lately, I didn’t want to be thinking of her in the same vein that I had Maitena.

“Because I said so,” she countered smoothly.

Reasonable enough, I thought, grudgingly moving to stand where she indicated. I spread my arms. “This do?” I asked sarcastically.

She narrowed her eyes at me in assessment. “You lack discipline,” she finally stated. “You act like a spoilt child who sulks when forbidden a favoured toy.”

I opened my mouth in shock. “I am-“

“Do. Not. Speak,” she ordered. My teeth snapped shut and I crossed my arms mutinously. “You have a lot of potential to give pleasure,” she acknowledged as she moved towards me and began to walk a circle around me. “But,” she continued, “you need to be taught how to harness it.” She stopped as she looked me in the eyes for the first time since I’d said goodbye to her yesterday. “I will teach you, but before I do you will agree to remember three things.”

I didn’t feel like agreeing to anything at the moment. She’d basically called me a brat, which stung even if her description of my behaviour was fairly accurate. I considered the idea of telling her to go jump, but there was that chair behind her and my curiosity was kicking me in the arse. “Okay,” I agreed cautiously, “What are these three things.”

She walked back to the chair and replicated the pose she’d been in when I came in. “The first is Obedience. Take off your skirt and underwear.” After a brief pause I pushed them down my legs, kicking them aside when they pooled around my feet. I reached for the hem of my singlet top.

“I said your skirt, not that offensive rag.” I dropped my hand, slightly hurt. It was a pretty expensive top, I remembered. “Come and sit in the chair.” I stepped onto the fabric and discovered it wasn’t cotton like I’d thought, but some sort of thin rubber or latex sheeting. As I sat, I felt the warmth of it against my bottom and back and rubbed a corner of it between my fingers. I began to worry what she had planned that would require the protection that she’d gone to such lengths to provide.

“Maitena,” I swallowed nervously, “you’re not planning on killing me, are you?”

Her face softened as she smiled gently. “No, gorgeous,” she chuckled. “You’re my pet. I only want the best for you. Now, be a good girl and drape your legs over the armrests.”

Taking a deep breath I did as she instructed, the armrests tucking into the crease behind my knees. I closed my eyes, feeling alarmingly exposed and vulnerable as she began to secure the silken cords around both my legs. “Do you have to tie them?” I whispered as she stood back to admire her handiwork. I would have happily sat with my legs spread if that’s what she wanted, but I was overcome by embarrassment and a slight feeling of shame because she’d actually tied me in this position.

“Trust is an integral part of obedience,” she instructed. “By agreeing to obey me you’re also agreeing to trust my judgement. That I can read you and wont do anything to you that you don’t really want me to do. Do you trust me, Rachel?”

“Well, yeah. But it’s just that I feel so...well, you know...” I indicated with one hand to the ropes above my knees while my other hand shielded my exposed core.

“Vulnerable? Helpless? Ashamed?”

“A bit,” I conceded.

“Good,” she purred.

I was starting to feel panicky with confusion. While my body was melting with anticipation, my conscience was valiantly fighting against surrendering. Social conditioning dictated that, although it may be acceptable to have a female lover if I kept it discreet, I would be branded the worst kind of deviant to even consider enjoying what Maitena was doing to me. “I don’t think I want to do this.”

“Move your hand away.” I slowly lifted my hand and put it on my knee. She peered intently at my folds and I felt my pelvic muscles clench under her scrutiny. “Liar,” she accused mildly. “You’re wet. You like it.” I opened my mouth to deny it. “You can lie to anyone you want, Rachel, but not to me.”

“Really, Maitena, I think I’d like to stop now.” My upbringing insisted I retreat from the position I was in, while the part of me that had erupted in Maitena’s arms yesterday was baying for the next orgasm.

“I can see your juices leaking out of your cunt.” I felt the scalding heat of depravity sweep over me and moaned as she reached out to dip her finger in my opening before lifting it to her face. I held my breath, eyes glued to that glistening digit as she inhaled my scent before flicking out her tongue to delicately lick at the pad of her finger.

And with that one action she bound me to her.

I experienced a rush of acute arousal as the intensity of my desire shredded the politically correct blanket that was smothering my primal nature. I wanted her to take away my ability to choose. I wanted her to make my body respond to things I’d been taught were perverted; taboo; unclean. I wanted her to make me submit to every manner of debauched physical act I’d ever heard whispered about. To use me, debase me, command me.

She smiled in satisfaction when I raised my arms to link my fingers behind the headrest, signalling my capitulation. I hissed as she dragged the flat of her palm up over my engorged folds and pulsing clitoris and slipped it under the hem of my top.

“This leads us to the second point,” she said as she trailed her hand backwards and forwards under my breasts, close but not touching the lower swells of them. I wanted to fold my body back on itself just so I could feel that teasing hand on the undersides of my breasts.

“Obscurity,” she lectured, sliding the back of her hand up through my heaving mounds. “A state or quality of being unknown.” Her fingers formed a fist in the fabric of my shirt. “This garment is not obscure,” she quietly accused before pulling her arm back strongly and tearing my top from neck to hem. As I sat gasping at her violent assault on my clothing, my nipples hardening painfully, the muscles in my thighs tight, she casually tossed the remnant in her hand aside.

“Do you know why I ignored you when I arrived?” she asked as she bent to rummage in her bag. I shook my head dazedly. She stood up with a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut away the straps of the now ruined shirt. After a few firm tugs she held it between her fingers at arms length, a look of distain on her fine features. “It was mainly because of this…thing,” she revealed. There was something insanely erotic in being completely naked, strapped to a chair, while she stood there in a relatively conservative suit reading me the riot act in that cool voice.

“Lesson one. Never, I repeat, never again wear something like this in my presence.” She dropped it on the floor with a sneer. “As my pet you will be well dressed, even provocatively so at times, but never again will you reveal your charms like a common whore.”

I was astounded. My step – sister Cybele wore clothes like that all the time and the guys seemed to love it. They certainly flocked to her at parties and Uni. I’d thought that the opaque view of my breasts and nipples through the thin material was provocative but when I really thought about it, Maitena was always well dressed. Her clothes clung to her curves but draped softly around the rest of her, accentuating rather than revealing and I realised I’d spent so much time wondering what she looked like under her tailored suits because she hadn’t flaunted it for the world to see.

I pondered this revelation as she continued to lecture me, removing a bowl, silver thermos and various cloths and articles from her bag and I had the insane thought that I was being held hostage by a sexed up Mary Poppins.

“I can see that you understand what I mean. Whilst the female body is beautiful in all of its varying forms, even the most beautiful woman in the world can cheapen herself with the wrong outfit.” She poured water from the thermos into the bowl, wet her fingertips and squeezed a small amount of paste onto them, rubbing them together to form a creamy lather. A woman can be more alluring because of what she obscures, rather that what she flaunts.” She knelt in front of me and smiled as she looked between my legs. “Having said that however, there are some things that it would be criminal to hide.”

I knew then with crystalline certainty what she was going to do and I honestly thought I was about to pass out. Her hands smeared that creamy concoction up, down, over and between every curve, bump, crevice and fold that made up my pussy until it was thoroughly coated and I was lightheaded.

I heard the water splash before her hands returned to my skin and, with care and skill, she transformed my neatly trimmed feminine landscape into a replica of her own silkily smooth folds. “You will not attempt to do this yourself,” she murmured, pausing in her ministrations to rinse the blade. “You are my responsibility and it pleases me to see to your grooming.” I could only nod. Quite frankly I’d agree to do whatever she wanted if it meant she was touching me.

“A well groomed possession is a reflection upon it’s owner and when you please me you will be rewarded.” I felt the soothing warmth of a cloth wipe over me gently, no doubt removing any vestiges of the cream she’d used. “Even though your earlier behaviour was inappropriate you can be forgiven because you weren’t aware of it. Just remember that a woman who throws herself at the object of her desire ceases to be a prize. After all,” she clarified as she stood, “how can she be savoured for her treasures if she was never won to begin with?” She hitched her eyebrow at me in amusement at her own wit.

In her hand was a mirror which she angled between my quivering thighs so I could admire the refurbished seat of my womanhood. I’d never really considered how it looked until I’d seen Maitena’s, with her elegant adornment and I had spent a sleepless night thinking about how the folds of a rarely thought of body part could become so addictively attractive to me.

“It looks beautiful,” I breathed. I was so inflamed by what she had done to me that I wanted to lick it myself to test if it felt as good as it looked.

“It is beautiful,” she agreed laying aside the mirror. She leaned down to nip at my bottom lip before she briefly swept her tongue into my mouth. My arms dropped and I reached for her breasts, dying to fill my hands with them as I had yesterday but her fingers wrapped around my wrists to stop me and I growled in frustration, my lips clinging to hers as she pulled away. She knelt once again on the floor, manoeuvring my upper arms in firmly beside my breasts and holding them there so my tits were pushed together softly before burying her face between them.

I dissolved into a puddle of molten desire as she rubbed her face back and forth in that shadowed valley, moving to take one of my pebble – hard nipples in her mouth, dragging her teeth over it with excruciatingly precise pressure as she pulled back then releasing it to fall on its twin and do the same to it. Over and over she delivered that shockingly pleasurable pain to my nipples, never touching the aching globes from which they jutted. I was mindless from her onslaught, my body jerking with pleasure as she rasped already inflamed nerve endings with her teeth, almost wailing with frenzied lust as she lashed at my taut buds with her tongue.

I tried to thrust my mons against her body to relieve the pressure building there but with my legs still bound I couldn’t move more than a few inches. The impotent vexation I felt was enough to drive me to tears and I could hear my breath sobbing out of me as I struggled to increase our contact.

Suddenly Maitena reared back and I cried out at the loss of her mouth. Any contact was better than none and I felt bereft without her warm wetness sucking at me, her teeth grazing until the pain made me wanton with animalism. But then she surged back towards me and buried her probing tongue so deeply into the clenching passage of my cunt that I felt invaded.

My newly acquired nakedness served to amplify every brush of her flesh against mine and as she plunged her questing muscle frenziedly into me again and again, I realised how much sensation I had been deprived of before. As the vortex of my desire sucked me down, Maitena initiated a nodding motion that caused her nose to rub over my clitoris and I felt myself spiralling towards a devastating climax, her hand clamped firmly over my mouth to muffle my uncontrollable screams.

My body spasmodically jerked in the aftermath of orgasm while Maitena suckled leisurely at my protruding clit, dipping occasionally to lap at the cream of my passion. As my senses made their languid return, I marvelled at her stamina and control. She must be wildly aroused by what we had shared and yet she made no move to get herself off.

As she was untying the silken bonds, I studied her closely. She appeared to be turned on but her hands were steady and her breathing only slightly elevated. I felt like I’d scaled thirty flights of stairs underwater and then been thrown from the top of a building. How the fuck can she look so calm, I thought.

“I can feel your eyes burning a hole in my temple,” she remarked teasingly. “What is it you want to know?”

“Don’t you want an orgasm too?”

“Of course I do. I’m not dead, am I?” she wryly answered.

No sir, that she was not. “Can I do it?” I was eager to run my tongue over her clit ring and furrow into the grooves created by her folds.

“No.” She started packing away her equipment and I lowered my legs, looking around automatically for a bath robe.

No? No! Why the Hell not? “Why the Hell not?” I exploded. Please, pleeeeaaase, let me touch you.

“Because I have learnt control and because you need to learn patience. In fact,” she decided as she zipped her bag shut, “that can be your homework.”

“I can already play it on the guitar,” I told her proudly, referring to the song I’d been obsessed with at fifteen.

She smiled. “Very clever,” she verbally patted me on the head and I felt inordinately proud of myself. I’d obviously pleased her so according to her I’d get a reward. Preferably in the form of her luscious tit in my mouth.

“But your homework will be to exercise patience, which will require a fair amount of restraint too.”

Well this doesn’t sound fun, I pouted. Her next words were like tank – sized meteorites raining on my little pity parade.

“I will not return until Thursday. Until then you will refrain from touching either your tits or your cunt in any manner or with anything that will cause you to have an orgasm. It’s a hard lesson but a vital one if you are to obtain the stamina required to serve me.” She chastely kissed my parted lips and opened the door. “Don’t worry, kitten,” she reassured, “the time will fly, you’ll see.” She blew another kiss at me and closed the door.

To be continued...

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