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Lucy uses hypnosis to adjust her boyfriend's sex drive

“Cum for me, baby! Cum for me!” Lucy pleaded, fervently hoping that he would, and soon. But her boyfriend kept up his steady thrusting movements, pushing himself into her, up to the very hilt.

Lucy’s boyfriend towered over her. He was truly enormous, in more ways than one. The first time they got hot and heavy, she was shocked when she reached into his shorts and discovered just how big his cock was. His girth was almost the size of her wrist.

The first few times were so painful. He got frustrated when Lucy kept asking him to stop, so he just started hewing into her like an animal. He said she would just have to get used to it. His awful attitude almost made her kick him out … almost. He was an utter jerk, but she had to admit the sex was absolutely amazing, even if it always left her more than a little sensitive.

More than anything however, his stamina was the thing that really served to wear her out. Not only did he want sex every single night – and sometimes in the mornings too – he could take hours to climax. Tonight he had already brought her off on the tip of his tongue, but now it was long past midnight and he was still pounding into her mechanically. Despite his impressive size, and how wonderful it felt to be filled up by him, Lucy could almost never come vaginally, so here she was again, on her hands and knees, feeling a little like she was nothing more than a warm-blooded sex-doll. Still, sex-dolls don’t have to get up early for work the next morning, she reflected.

Lucy could feel herself stretched nearly past the point of pleasure and into discomfort. He loved to pull out slowly, letting her feel every single inch of him, before slamming back into her deep and hard, gripping onto her thighs tightly so she had no choice but to take it all. He seemed to really relish the groaning that escaped her lips every single time he did it.

Eventually he seemed ready to finish, as pushed down on top of her and began grunting like an animal. His movements became jerking and uncoordinated as he lost control, and with a final crow of pleasure, he came. He pulled out roughly, causing Lucy to mewl a little. She fell back onto the bed as he went to the bathroom to remove the condom. Utterly drained, she gasped for breath as she pushed matted curls of dark brown hair past her sweaty forehead.

As they lay together in the slowly cooling air of their bedroom, Lucy pondered the problem of her Satyric boyfriend. Exactly what I want, she considered, is a less rapacious lover. If only there was some way I could get his mind off sex. Just a little bit, at least.


Lucy sat gingerly in her office chair the next day, last night’s lovemaking still causing her to ache, and thought about possible solutions to her dilemma. As she aimlessly scrolled through google searches, pointedly ignoring the paperwork on her desk, a crazy idea popped into her head. You can use hypnosis to increase sexual desire, she had once read somewhere. So why not use it to decrease it? Would that be possible?

She spent the next several hours researching, until she came across an ebook that sounded right for her needs. “Hypnotise Your Lover: Secret Trance Techniques” seemed to be an elegant fit, so she paid the fee and downloaded it to her reader.

“Do you want to use hypnosis to enjoy a better sex life?” The book asked. Certainly, but not in the way you think! Thought Lucy.

“Do not underestimate the power of thought.” Continued the book. “Once in a deep state of trance, a person’s thoughts can be manipulated, and in their waking life, the subject will not realise there is any difference.”

“Hypnosis can create amazing effects in deep trance. A person can be made to feel pain, to eliminate pain, to hallucinate, to get aroused, to have orgasms.” That’s almost precisely what I need, she considered. So how do I do it?

“The key to inducing trance is relaxation. It is important to ease your subject into a place of relaxation before you begin to drop them into trance.”

I should probably be taking notes, Lucy decided.


After spending several days reading up on covert hypnosis and memorising induction scripts, Lucy felt certain she could do it. She just had to get her boyfriend into that soft, compliant state of relaxation the book told her about. The best way to do that, she figured, was to get him off first.

Lucy didn’t have to try hard to get him to come to bed that evening. He even expressed a little surprise, considering more often than not, she would beg off from his nightly advances. They undressed and slipped under the covers. Lucy apologised and told him she still felt tender from their last session. She opened the bedside drawer, pulled out a bottle of tingling lubricant, and raised her eyebrows.

“How about I make you feel good another way, baby?” He smiled and lay back, ready for her attentions.

Working him slowly with her slippery hands, he readily rose to full hardness. She gripped as tightly as she could, trying to wrench out his orgasm as swiftly as possible, but it still took what felt like hours. She was pouring sweat in the heat and darkness under the heavy duvet, trapped with his huge erection in her palms. When her arms were aching, when she thought she couldn’t keep up the rhythm for another minute, finally she heard him begin to grunt uncontrollably, felt his whole body convulse, his prick pulsed in her hands and suddenly she was covered in hot splashes of his cum. As usual his load was immense, raining upon her chest and belly in hard spurts. Thank god, she thought. I’m exhausted already and I haven’t even begun.

Once she had wiped herself dry, she crawled up and nestled into him, allowing his big, heavy arms to envelop her as they spooned together. Despite her tiredness, she felt her heart skip a little as she began to whisper to him. Would this work at all? Now was the time to find out.

“Baby, doesn’t it feel so good just to lie back and listen to me talk to you? So warm and relaxing?”

“Mhm-hm …” He murmured. In his post-orgasmic bliss, he seemed amenable to simply listen.

“Mmm … just lying and relaxing, feeling so soft and sleepy … sleepier and sleepier …. the longer you hear me speak, the more relaxed and sleepy you become …”

“More relaxed and sleepy …” He agreed.

She had to stifle back a yawn. This is working so well, she thought. I’m almost falling asleep myself. She blinked and tried to keep her own eyes open.

“Just lying and listening, feeling so soft and sleepy … softer and sleepier …. the longer you listen, the more tired and sleepy you become …”

“So sleepy … so soft …” His voice was no more than a comforting whisper.

“So – so soft … so sleepy … so easy to listen … so sleepy … feeling your eyes closing …” She murmured, blinking more heavily.

“So soft … so sleepy … eyes closing …” He said of his own volition.

Lucy’s eyes closed and didn’t open again. Her voice trailed off. In her tired daze she could feel his cock begin to swell once more, pressing into her thighs and buttocks. She was so sleepy, so dreamy, however, it didn’t seem to matter. It didn’t matter that her first attempt at hypnosis hadn’t worked. It was all going to be okay.

Her last thought as she fell into a deep, creamy sleep was that she’d just have to try again tomorrow.


Lucy agonised over what had happened for the whole of the next day in work. She was so close, she felt, to successfully taking him down into trance. It was just so much work to get him there! She was determined, however, to continue. She knew that meant she would have to get him back to that same sleepy place of contentment again tonight. Her arms still ached quite a fair bit, though. Instead, she decided, she would bring him off with her mouth.

She usually hated to swallow his issue, but Lucy knew how important it was to get him as happy and as dreamy as possible. That night he happily let her head duck under the duvet as she grinned at him wickedly. She still had to use her hands mostly while she lapped at the tip of his shaft with her tongue. If she tried to use her whole mouth, her teeth would just get in the way, and besides, it made her jaw hurt after a while.

Again, his stamina almost wore Lucy out, but she was eventually rewarded. When she felt his balls start to pulsate in her hands, instead of pulling away, she sucked even harder. She felt such a thrill between her legs, knowing he was orgasming for her, that she was doing such a great job, she almost tipped over into climax herself.

She closed her eyes and readied herself, and as expected, huge spurts of cum filled her mouth. She desperately kept swallowing, trying to catch it all, yet there was so much it began to dribble out past her lips and down his straining shaft. Eventually his hardness subsided. She reluctantly removed her mouth from the tip. It was strange. She usually hated the taste, but this time was different. It was almost delicious. She even ran her fingers around her chin, scooping up the excess so she could suck it off her fingers. Perhaps he’s been drinking pineapple juice or something, she thought, as she swallowed the last drops.

Once back in his arms, she listened to his slow, contented breathing. She was sure he was nearly asleep, so she began again to whisper to him.

“Baby, do you remember just how good it feels to lie here and listen to me speak?”

“Yes …” He purred.

“Isn’t it so warm and relaxing, so soft and sleepy? Don’t you feel so relaxed and wonderful just hearing me speak?” She continued.

“Mm-hmm …” He said in agreement. This is good, she thought. I’m getting him further into trance this time. I just have to keep myself awake!

“So relaxed … so sleepy … so happy to do whatever I say …” Lucy yawned uncontrollably. Oh no, not again! She troubled, but that same warm feeling of relaxation were beginning to devour her, just as the previous night.

“So soft … so sleepy … so easy to listen … so soft … so sleepy …” She drawled.

Lucy thought she heard him whisper in agreement, but her eyes had already fluttered shut. Her chest was rising and falling steadily, and the dark creamy warmth of sleep washed over her.


God dammit! Lucy thought the next morning. All that effort over two nights and still no progress. She felt frustration build up inside of her all day before she could realise what was really bothering her. She had given him orgasms twice in a row, and hadn’t enjoyed one herself. She suddenly recognised that smouldering feeling between her legs. She was really horny. Well tonight, she thought, we’re both going to have to get off before I put him into trance.

She could hardly wait for the day to end, and hurried home to prepare dinner. Finally night fell and it was time to retire to bed. Without even asking she began stroking his cock until he grew hard. She clambered atop him, and slowly lowered herself down. Usually Lucy needed a little extra lubrication to help, but after the last two nights, she discovered she was more than turned on enough to coat him liberally with her own needy juices.

She pressed her hands onto his chest, pinning him down. She lifted herself up and down, revelling in the feeling of being absolutely filled by his huge member. She felt almost owned by him, even as she controlled his movements under her trembling body. Lust overcame her with that thought, and she began to ride him hard.

She closed her eyes and let the pleasure soak through her flesh for untold minutes, until she was sweating with the effort. But suddenly she could hear him groaning painfully, and she realised he was about to orgasm. It was too soon! Too soon!

“No – no! Don’t cum yet! Not yet!” She whined, even as she felt him spurt deep inside her. She still shuddered with pleasure. Still, as she felt him soften inside her, she felt desperately unsatisfied. She had remained right on the edge. Immediately she slipped from him and wriggled down between his legs. She started licking at him, tasting her own arousal mixed with his, trying to work him back into tumescence. After a few minutes she triumphantly felt him stir again. Soon she was back on top of him, bucking her hips wildly, undulating her hips to the rhythm of her own desire.

And then she felt it. A huge wave of pleasure burst inside her suddenly she was coming over and over, squirting like she had never done before, impaled on his cock. Her head span with satisfaction. The pulsing contractions of her tight sheath sent him over the edge again, less voluminous this time, but still powerful enough for her to feel it. It felt so good to experience him blowing his load in her pussy like that.

Lucy lay on top him for a long moment, trying to regain her senses, her pussy still pulsating with pleasure. A blurry thought passed though her foggy head. It’s so much better when he cums inside me. Why did we ever use condoms? She had almost forgotten what this was all in aid of, but eventually she gathered up the last remnants of her strength and nuzzled up into him to begin her induction.

“So sleepy, baby … so soft … so easy to relax … so sleepy … so soft …” She began.

“So soft … so sleepy … so easy to listen … so soft … so sleepy …” He softly mumbled along.

“So relaxed … so sleepy … so happy to do whatever I say …” Lucy breathed, letting her eyes blink heavier and heavier.

“So easy to relax … so easy to listen and obey …” He agreed, in a deep, relaxed rumble.

“So soft … so easy to listen and obey … so sleepy …” Lucy murmured, her voice meandering as she felt sleep overwhelm her once again. A ringing bell of disappointment tried to roust her, but it was so soft and deliciously muffled now. She just felt so good, so sleepy and creamy and ready to drop off. Oh well, she admitted. There’s always tomorrow. And then her eyelids drooped and there came darkness and warmth, and wonderfully sexy thoughts.


Lucy’s day in her office was hell. She could not get her mind off the subject of sex. Of fucking. She imagined marching straight into her bosses’ office, pushing aside all the paperwork, and allowing him to slam his cock straight into her dripping pussy. She saw herself crawling across the carpeted floor to the cubicle next to hers, where that hot little slut Sandy worked. She’d wrench her down from her seat and mount her, sitting on her face and forcing her to lick until she came screaming out loud. Now she was bending over her chair and hiking up her skirt, letting everyone in the whole company see her finger herself for their entertainment. It all sounded so fucking hot to her. But Lucy knew there was only one thing that could properly satisfy her. She needed her boyfriend’s gorgeous cock slamming into her as hard as he could. Only he could make get off properly. In her mind she was kneeling before him, sucking and jerking him, letting him coat her face with his wonderful, delicious cum.

She sat uselessly at her desk and thought her kinky thoughts until she could take no more and rushed to the bathroom again. In the stalls she flicked herself off to climax, biting into her hand so no-one would hear her grunts. That was her third orgasm today. She’d had to take her panties off well before lunch. They were soaked through, and she was worried people might notice the scent of her arousal. She could not wait to get home. She was just so fucking horny.

Painful hours later, Lucy sat anxiously on her couch at home. She fidgeted her attention between the clock on the wall and the front door. She fingered at the frilly babydoll she had purchased specially during her lunch break and dressed herself in. Where is he? She wondered. He needs to be home by now!

Finally, gloriously, she heard the front door unlock and he came in. She ran up and planted a hot kiss on his mouth.

“Come to bed right now, baby!” She pleaded with him.

“Really? Don’t you think it’s a little early?” He said, raising his eyebrows.

“No! I need you in me right now!” She demanded.

“Well, I don’t know.”

“Look, this is non-negotiable.” Lucy said, stamping her feet. “I need to get fucked right now and I don’t care what I have to do to get it.”

“We’re going to have to set up some new rules around here then, if this is the way you want things to be.” He said, smiling.

“Yeah, whatever!” She yelled. “I’ll do anything you want!”

“So you’ll do whatever I tell you to do, and let me fuck you however I want?”

“Yes! Yes! Whatever you tell me! You’d just better fuck me whenever I need!” She replied, dragging him into the bedroom, her pussy growing even wetter at the knowledge that she was finally getting exactly what she wanted.

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