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Santa's Little Helper

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A job as Santa's Elf Takes A Fun Turn
As the holidays approached, Kendra realized her job wasn’t paying her enough to get the presents she wanted to give to her family and friends. After spending a few weeks trying to find a job, she was desperate, and ran across an ad for “Santa’s helpers”. Since they were looking for evening and weekend workers, she could actually do both jobs.

Have a Master’s Degree and a good job as a clerk in a law office, she was a little embarrassed to get a job like that, but went for the interview. She had to go to the mall during lunch and meet the boss, “Santa”, during one of his breaks. Kendra was dressed in her work attire that consisted of a button-down blouse, slacks and heels. She found the spot in the employee break area, took a seat, and waited for Santa.

A few minutes late, he walked in, grabbed a bottle of water, and sat down. Looking down the application, he said, “Hi Kendra, I’m Drew, nice to meet you”, and extended his hand.

“Well, looks like you’re overqualified for this position with your education and experience, but I guess you need the extra money. That’s why you’re here.” Instead of a normal business interview, the discussion was more like a conversations among friends.

“Well, Kendra, I think you’d be perfect for the job, you have the right look and personality.”

She smiled and said, “Great, when do I start and how much does it pay?”

Santa responded, “Well, there is a small hourly wage and incentive for sales. The elves get paid minimum wage, but most of the money we make is selling the photos. We only get ten percent for the basic package, but we get forty percent of everything that is an add-on. So, if you can work the parents to buy more, you can make some good bucks. Typically, we can see about twenty kids an hour, and if they each buy the fifty package, you can make an extra four hundred an hour. Even more, if we push.”

Kendra thought about it a while, and did the numbers in her head. She thought she could make some nice money in the next few weeks. She agreed, and Santa handed her the costume in a bag.

“Tomorrow night, seven to ten. Be here at six forty-five, and one of the other elves will give you a run down. It’s not rocket science.”

Kendra felt a little weird in the costume, but it actually looked kind of cute on her as she went to the mall. The other elf, Sonia, introduced herself, and quickly went through the process of greeting, taking the photo, the cash register, and selling the packages.

Before long, the break was over, and chaos started with the kids and parents lining up. Sonia was a pro, but Kendra took longer, and struggled with everything. After the three hour shift, Santa’s village shut down. Santa took off his beard and went through the register and receipts.

He counted out one thousand and seventy dollars, and handed it to Sonia.

“Great job, see you tomorrow.” A few minutes later, he handed Kendra ninety-five dollars.

“That’s it? Ninety-five bucks? I worked my tail off,” Kendra complained.

“I’m sorry Kendra, it’s all a numbers game, you will get better.”

“But I’m not gonna work this hard for ninety-five, it’s not worth it. How did Sonia make so much more?”

“She’s been doing it longer, so she has that going.” Then Santa turned and whispered in a lower voice, “But to be honest, she knows how to play the game.”

Kendra looked at him.


“Yes, look at how she dressed in her costume. Did you notice her top is unbuttoned one more than yours, and how the pants are a little tighter? She knows how to play the dads when they come up. They really hate being here at the mall with the kids as the mom shops, but if he gets a little attention from an attractive elf, he buys much more than others. She just flirts and chats with them. Watch her tomorrow.” After a little pause, he added, “I’m not saying you have to, just saying what works for Sonia.”

Kendra showed up for her weekend shift in the same outfit, and started to work. After the first ten minutes, she noticed how Sonia worked and flirted with the dads, and how they always seemed to buy the biggest packages. After struggling with the first few sales, Kendra went to the bathroom, adjusted her hair, and unbuttoned one more button on her top.

For the next two hours, she started to flirt more with the dads, letting them get a few peeks of her cleavage. She was shocked at how quickly her sales picked up. At first, she felt dirty flirting with men she had no interest in, but it quickly became a fun game to continue. For the morning shift, she made thirty dollars the first hour before the change, and the next three, she cleared an average of two hundred and fifty dollars.

After a short lunch, she came back with a little more make up, hair done a little more, and started flirting more with the dads as they waited. She could tell they loved the attention, and her hourly commission went from eighty to over three hundred dollars an hour. After the shift was over, she thanked Santa for the tips and told him she liked making more money.

Kendra worked Saturday morning and early afternoon, and cleared almost four hundred dollars an hour. She was glad to have Saturday night off, and went out with her friends for a few drinks and dinner at the restaurant in the mall. After a few too many shots, she went over to Santa’s to visit. She waited for the last kid to finish, and then plopped herself down on Santa’s lap.

She was playfully flirting with Santa for a minute and said, “Thanks so much for the job, it’s been great making the extra money.”

Santa was excited, having an attractive woman sit on his lap after hours of annoying kids. He playfully asked, “Have you been a naughty or nice girl?”

Kendra flirtingly said, “Well, I’m usually a nice girl, but I feel a little naughty right now.” She started wiggling her ass on Santa’s lap, which caused an erection. “Oh Santa, is that a candy cane in your pocket, or are you glad to see me?”

She could tell he blushed under the beard, and she leaned in to whisper, “So how do you go down on Mrs. Claus with that beard, doesn’t it scratch?” She played with the whiskers. She could feel his cock throb under her skirt as she felt his white gloved hand go between her knees.

As the curtain went around Santa’s village, and the lights went down, Kendra had Santa stand up. Then she turned and sat on Santa’s Chair, lifting her legs over each arm.

“Hmmm, this chair is comfy. I want to see how that beard feels on my thighs.”

“Kendra, I can’t, the mall cops are still here.”

She giggled, and said, “But Santa, you always give the girls what they want.” She pulled up her skirt, showing she was wearing no panties. Seeing a beautiful girl there like that was more than Santa could take.

“Eat me, Santa!”

He dropped to his knees and started licking her pussy. Kendra closed her eyes at first, and got very wet from the sensation of her pussy being licked. After a minute, she opened her eyes and saw Santa’s hat was knocked on the floor. For some odd reason, seeing the white hair and beard between her thighs got her even hotter and wetter. Santa kept licking and sucking as her legs went over his shoulders, and she climaxed hard on his face.

After a minute of relaxation, she looked at her watch and said, “Shit, my friends are waiting for me.” She stood up and pulled down her skirt, kissing Santa on the head.

“See you tomorrow, Santa baby.”

The next day, Kendra showed up for work. Santa noticed she had bought a new push-up bra that really showed off her cleavage more, and she had done more with her hair and make up. She gave him a hug before the kids lined up, and gave him a peck on the lips.

“Do you have more than one beard? Because I can still smell my pussy.”

She saw Santa turn red, and realized he only had one beard.“I love how the beard felt on my thighs. I thought it would be rough, but it was so soft. We need to get you a new beard.”

The thought of what she had got up to the night before turned Kendra on, and it made her flirt even more with the dads. She made a record-breaking commission that day.

During the last break, Kendra headed back into Santa’s Workshop for the ten minute break. She looked at him and said, “Santa, it’s time you get a present too.” As she dropped to her knees, she unbuckled his big, black belt, and pulled down the red pants. She started to suck his cock. She was fantastic at doing it. She looked at the clock and realized she didn’t have much time, so she worked her magic, and Santa came hard in her mouth. She let him get ready for the session, and went back out.

The work session ended, and after the money was handed out, everyone left but Kendra.

“Santa, you’re off tomorrow, right?”

Thinking she might be asking him out or something, he said, “Yes, why?”

“Well, I’m responsible for my law office’s Christmas party, and our Santa cancelled and we need one. I convinced them it’s last minute and it will cost a thousand bucks just for a thirty minute stint."

“A grand, you’re kidding, right?”

Kendra smiled, and said, “Nope, they have more money than they know what to do with. You in?”

Santa nodded.

“Okay, you need to be ready at eight. How about I meet you there at seven fifteen so you can get ready?” They agreed.

Santa showed up at the office, and Kendra was drop-dead gorgeous in a red holiday outfit. She noticed him check her out, and took him up to change. As he finished, she went in and sat on his lap, flirting.

“Let me get this warm for the other guests.” She ground against him, teasing him. She felt his erection and said, “Santa, I’m a very naughty girl.” She pushed him back on the sofa.

Within a minute, she was straddling his face, screaming “Eat me, Santa, Eat me Santa! I couldn’t get the image of you licking my pussy out of my head all week." She ground herself on his face. Kendra was in control as she used Santa’s mouth, tongue and nose for her pleasure. After several minutes of oral, she tightened up and had an incredible orgasm that covered his face and beard.

Without missing a beat, she pulled down Santa’s zipper and took out his cock. She left the pants in place, and moved down to straddle Santa so he could enter her. She moved her hips up and down, making Santa moan as she fucked him.

Fuck me, Santa! Fuck your slutty little elf!” His hands were on her ass as she controlled the rhythm.

As she got close to coming again, she smiled and said, “Yes, Santa, I’m a naughty girl. I want to come on Santa’s face and his cock before he has all of my coworkers sit on his lap. God, that is so fucking hot!” She tightened up and climaxed hard. Her pussy juice dripped down on his cock and pants.

She got up and said, “Gotta go, they are waiting for you.”

Santa barely had time to zip up before walking out, arm in arm with his new favorite elf, Kendra.

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