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Snow day.
The sun was high in the sky, the light glistening off the snow that lay like a soft, cotton blanket across the countryside. I leant my forehead against the cold window, condensation forming on the glass.

I pulled my outstretched legs into me as I lay on the window seat, snuggling down into my woollen turtleneck as I did so, the fitted material stretching at my chest. The fire was roaring opposite me, the heat warming up my bare feet. I glanced down at my sweet little toes, with the nails painted a sexy crimson. My husband loved my feet so I kept them smooth and moisturized, making sure they were delectable for whenever the mood took him.

I ran my dainty hand down my toned thighs that were covered by tight black leggings, heating up my palms. I swept my hands back up and over my firm stomach, brushing my tender nipples through the wool of my sweater. A shiver twitched through my body, but not because of the cold.

I stood up and headed up the stairs, walking slowly across the landing. I could hear him typing in his office, hard at work as usual. I went into the master bedroom, heading straight for my shoe stand. I fingered a few of my best heels, deciding which would be the best choice. My gaze stopped at a pair of black satin Badgley Mischka high heels; a cluster of gems at the vamp to catch his eye and a 4 1/2 inch heel to make my toned legs even more tantalizing. I smriked to myself, slipping them onto my cute, little size 5 feet. Even with the heels on, when I stood I was just 5'5.

My sweater reached mid-thigh, tightening with each step I took towards his office. My heels clicked on the wooden floors, and I knew he could hear every step. My breathing quickened as I reached towards the door, twitsting the knob and silently swinging the door open.

He was stood at the window, looking out. His jeans hung low on his hips, the black fleece he was wearing clinging to his lean muscles. He turned to me, his pitch black wavy hair hanging at his shoulder, pushed back as though he'd been running his hands through it. A small grin was hidden behind the corner of his mouth as he turned to me. I smirked seductively, posing for him by stretching out my legs to emphasise the heels and pushing out my peachy ass and round breasts for him.

"Do you need some relief?" I whispered in a husky tone. He chuckled, placing his phone down on the window ledge. I strode slowly towards him, biting my cherry lips as my silky chesnut brown hair fell in front of my face.

I reached him, running my hands down his chest before leaning in towards him. Our lips crashed against each other passionately. He pulled me hard into him, his hands swarming down my back and ass before ending up in my hair then cupping my face. My fingers slid up his fleece as I lightly scratched his skin with my nails. I ground my hips into his own, my clit throbbing I was so turned on.

He broke away from my lips, kissing down my neck, pushing my sweater out the way. His right hand fondled my breasts while his left held my lower back as I groaned and leant backwards. He tugged at the bottom of my sweater, pulling it up over my head to release my pert tits. I grinned sexily at him, stepping backwards from him. I faced away from him, glancing back at him, biting my lip once more.

I hooked my thumbs around the tops of my leggings, gradually pulling downwards. I slipped them over my heels, leaving the shoes on. His grey eyes filled with lust, his hard cock visible beneath his jeans. He threw off his own shoes and fleece and I turned to face him, showing off my neatly shaved pussy that was now dripping wet for him.

I tugged down his jeans and boxers, revealing his rock hard cock to the warm air. I gripped it, wanking him off as I kised him roughly again. He moaned into my mouth, twisting my bullet nipples and rubbing my ass. I knealt down, teasing him by just licking the head lighty and quickly for a few seconds before running my tongue down his shaft. He leant back into the desk, his hands clutching the edges tightly. I cupped his balls before going down on him, deepthroating him fast, running my tongue like a helicopter round and round the head, sucking hard. My pussy burned for him. Yearning to feel his full 8 inches in the depths of my sweet cunt.

Suddenly he pulled my away, lifting me up and placing me on his desk. He kissed my neck, grazing my stomach with his finger lightly and passionately, leading down to my nipples and nuzzling them, sucking softly and nibbling gently.

I moaned loudly, pushing his head down instinctly. He ran his finger to my pussy as he gave my breasts and stomach attention, rubbing a finger along the folds of my pussy lips. A shoot of electicity powered through my whole being when he brushed my clit. I arched my back, juices dripping from my pussy.

He slowly stuck one finger into my snatch, gently pushing in and out, continuing to suck at my nipples, alternating between each breast. Without warning he knelt down as I lay on the desk, his tongue licking down my stomach, my muscles twitching. He smelt my juices, licking once again at the folds of my pussy lips, nibbling but avoiding my clit. I could hardly bear it, my hips revealing my aroused state.

My clit was a hard nub of desire, begging to be touched. When he finally ran his tongue over it I screamed aloud. He sucked hard, finger fucking me as he did so. His tongue lapped at my pussy, first slow and fast, soft then hard. It took mere seconds for me to reach my first orgasm. I screamed, twisting my fingers into his hair, writhing beneath him in pleasure. He continued sucking, bringing wave upon wave over me. When it had died down he stood, flipping my limp body over so my ass stuck in the air.

He kissed down my legs, licking feeling my feet then back up again for a few minutes while I panted against the wood, still on a high. I groaned inwardly, my pussy still throbbing, wanting to feel his cock inside me. Suddenly, he slapped my ass, the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy. He thrust hard so he was in to the hilt, staying there for a few seconds before pounding me roughly.

The desk shook and I moaned. He grunted, slapping his hips into my ass so my cheek wobbled with each stroke. My pussy clung to his dick as another orgasm washed over me. He roared and moaned as his cock twitched inside me. My pussy milked his cock as he spurted cum deep into my womb, grunted each time. He lay down on me, breathing hard as his cock slowly went limp, his sweaty skin against mine as the snow outside turned into a blizzard while we were in the warm. Warm and lust filled.

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