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Sex in heels

I am as hot and horny as hell!
I am just waiting for a text message, telling me where to meet Marcus. With Marcus, you never can tell what he’s up to. So today I decide to get a little adventurous with him and do what he wants. Any sexual encounter with Marcus is great, although I have a few rules, like no slapping or leaving any marks.

“Come to my office around 2pm. Dress up in a dress and heels,” his text reads. Marcus had a thing for feet, pantyhose, stockings and high heels.

That gives me an hour. So, I change out of my tekkies and jeans and put on a nice dress that I didn’t need to wear a bra with. I also put on some sexy high-heels and finish off my make-up with lip-gloss.

At 2pm, I knock on his office door.

I hear his sturdy voice from inside: “Come in!” I open the door and there he is, sitting behind his desk, with a rather horny smile on his face.

“Hallo Marcus.”

“Valerie,” he replies, while standing up.

He takes my hand, spins me around while looking at me from head to heels and then kisses my neck and lips. Then he moves back to his chair and as he sits down, he pulls me to the edge of his desk in front of him.

As if in a slow-motion movie scène, he starts by letting me sit on his desk, lifting my heels onto the armrests of his chair. He puts his hands on each of my ankles, moving them very sensually up to my knees. From there his hands wander over my thighs towards the top of my legs and work their way in under my dress onto my hips, where he finds out I am not wearing any panties.

He looks up at me and smiles. “Nice,” is all he says, as he stands up. He takes my hands and put them behind my back, saying: “Keep them there.”

I do as he orders. I take a deep breath, as the adrenaline swirls through me, while he walks to the door and locks it. I look at him when he comes up behind me, and places a blindfold over my eyes.

“And this?” I ask.

“Valerie, just something new I thought we could try.”

Staring into the darkness of the blind fold, I curl my bottom lip between my teeth and bite down, whilst Marcus puts his hands under my dress, sensually stroking it over my wet pussy.

My dress has a zipper at the front and I suddenly feel a second pair of hands from behind me, touching my breasts and then I feel how the zipper is being pulled down slowly. I want to turn around, but I feel Marcus’ familiar mouth brushing and attacking my slightly parted lips. This arouses me even more and I kiss him back hungrily, letting my mind and body go with the flow, as I feel my own juices beginning to flow.

The second pair of hands roams all over my body, pulling my dress open to expose my stiff breasts and caressing their way up and down my back, over my sensitive nipples and down to the roundness of my buttocks, then sliding up to the front again, taking my breasts in each hand. I feel my nipples being pinched and pulled and it drives me crazy with lustful pleasure. I feel totally inflamed, with a sexual fire burning in my belly and pussy, inspiring me to trust this stranger with my body.

Marcus breaks away from my lips, leaving a trail of wetness over my neck as he works his way down to my stomach, opening my dress further, to leave me completely naked before him. He pushes me down on the desk on my back, the second pair of hands helping him. Then the second pair of hands takes my hands and puts them around his butt and I feel his nakedness also. I feel the second person bending over me, cupping my breasts in his hands, and I can also feel his penis close to my mouth, while his tongue licks over my hard nipples.

Marcus, on the other hand, lifts my legs on to the desk. Where he rubs my legs from my toe in my heels to my knees, and spreads them open. I feel my wet sex splaying open, as he moves into place between my parted legs. But he just teases the top of my pussy with his tongue, then, very pleasurably, licks my swollen clit. I spread my legs even more, bucking up at his mouth, hoping to get his tongue inside me. I am as hot and horny as hell! I know, just a few more licks and I will be sent over the edge into ecstasy, yet I want him to tease me more and hold myself back. With his hands he spreads my pussy lips open and start sucking hard on my clit.

I softly cry out in my intense enjoyment! “Shh! Keep your voice down,” He whispers.

I then take the rock-hard penis behind my head in my hands and slip the head into my mouth. I suck on it to keep my moans of pleasure down, while Marcus penetrates my pussy hard with what feels like two of his fingers, grinding inside me and flicking on my g-spot.

“Oh god, please don’t stop,” I cry, in spite of the other cock filling my mouth!

Marcus continues to finger my wet pussy for what seems a long time, while I keep up my assault on the penis in my mouth. I kiss the tip of this cock, then lick and suck it as hard as I can, in my heightened state of horniness! I want this guy to cum in my mouth, filling me with his juices, but not yet. As he was close to cumming, I stop giving him head and take the stranger’s cock out of my mouth.

“Oh shit,” I whisper, “I am cumming, Marcus!”

“Valerie, I feel it, give me all you got baby. Oh, fuck, please! You are so fucking hot and good! Squirt me, Babe,” he whispers.

That is my key word! I let go and give him a lot of squirting, as I climax! The sensation is totally unexpected, but oh so fucking pleasurable. I take the other penis back in my mouth and start to suck it again, while Marcus puts his penis deep inside my pussy, not allowing me to recuperate. He is so big and I love it, as he forces his way deeper and deeper into my cunt.

“Valerie, this is going to be quick, as time is running out.”

I just nod because of the other penis in my mouth. With my legs around his waist and my heels digging into his back, all three of us enter another dimension where no thoughts exist, only our pure sensations, pleasure and ecstasy, as I am getting fucked in my mouth and my pussy at the same time!

Suddenly, as if a cord is cut, Marcus climaxes, shooting his loads deep inside me and sends me into my second orgasm, mine so intense that I suck even harder and faster on the penis in my mouth, just as it fills my mouth with cum when the stranger also cums. All I can do is to swallow the big load of spunk, loving it. This man however, has such a lot of cum, that some runs out of my mouth and down my cheeks. We all keep on enjoying our orgasms until they are spent and I feel the cock exiting my mouth.

Marcus also pulls his big member out of my swollen pussy and I feel his cum oozing out of me. Then he helps me up, and as he takes off the blindfold, the other person is nowhere in sight. He kisses me softly on the lips, after I’ve cleaned my mouth with a wet wipe. He then turns around and shows me what I did to his back with my heels. I say softly: “You did ask me to wear heels, didn’t you!” and he grins and says he did indeed.

We kiss for a few moments more and then say goodbye to each other and I leave his office, all sated and gratified. ©

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