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She's chained for pleasure

I walk into the dimly lit room and see you standing there with your hands handcuffed over your head.   A chain is attached to the cuffs and running up to the ceiling over to a wall nearby. Looking down there are shackles around your ankles anchored to the floor that pull your legs about shoulder with apart.   You look so beautiful standing there totally naked and not able to do anything, a play toy for me to use as I wish.   The lights from the room illuminate your sexy body and I’m instantly aroused, walking up behind you and running my warm hands all over your body.   The sudden touch of my fingers sends shivers up your spine, I reach down and caress the smooth cheeks of your ass and slip my hand down between your legs.   My fingers glide ever so lightly across your tight anus and down across your already moist pussy, causing you to moan softly.   I trace my fingers back up and over your ass, admiring it’s fullness and leaning forward and giving it a gentle lick and bite.   I moan my approval, “Very firm and tasty” I say and stand back to admire the beautiful sight before me.


You struggle to look behind and have difficulty seeing me but I slowly stand up behind you.   You feel the warmth of my skin against yours and the hardness of my cock against your ass as I reach around and caress your breasts, pushing them together and caressing them.   Feeling your swollen nipples in my palms just before I pinch and roll them between my fingers, feeling them getting harder by the minute.   You moan and gasp loudly, throwing your head back in ecstasy as I move in and nuzzle in on your neck. Kissing and licking your ear and neck while feeling your silky hair against my face.   I continue to gently bite your neck and nibble on your ear, all the while playing with your swollen nipples and full breasts.   Reluctantly, I decide to release you and back away for a moment.   You turn your head and look for me as I slowly move around in front of you, gazing over your body once again while you get your first glimpse of me and the hard cock that was pressed against your ass.


I tell you that I have some surprises for you today and pull the cover off of a table nearby.   You see all sorts of sexual items on the table; vibrator’ s, feathers, furry mitts, miscellaneous chains, some clamps, a paddle, and a small whip.   “What to do, what to do” I say before reaching down and grabbing two furry mittens.   I place one on each of my hands and move back in front of you.   I reach out and glide my hands over your body gently, watching as you get goose bumps wherever I touch, closing your eyes and moaning at the pleasure it’s giving you. I slide up and down your arms and around your neck, then down your sides and over your breasts.   You gasp loudly and your breasts seem to swell at my touch, your nipples stand out fully erect as I glide across them.   I move to the side and continue rubbing your breasts with one hand and run the other lower across your abdomen and hips and then over your ass.   “Oh my” I say softly as the goose bumps start to cover your body.   I move behind you now and rub both hands up and down the inside and outside of your legs, teasing your entire body with my touch.   I can tell you are extremely excited at this point and your breath is short and ragged. “It seems you like this” I say as I tease you a little more before stopping.


This time I return to the table to get a vibrator and turn it on.   The sound alone excites you and you squirm in your excitement.   I slowly run in along your check and down the side of your neck stopping between your breasts.   I then move it over your hard nipples, circling each one without actually touching it.   You squirm and try to get the vibrator where you want it but I tease you even more.   I finally center the vibrator on your hard nipple and you try to press harder against it but again I just tease you.   Moving it lower still across your abdomen and the top of your pussy, teasing your clit with the vibrations being soo close.   Moving lower now and running it up and down the insides of your upper thighs, torturing your body with extreme pleasure while you moan and groan with every new sensation.   I then move behind you and run it between the cheeks of your ass and over your wet and swollen pussy, concentrating the pressure on your swollen clit and moving it back across your ass.   You moan and hump uncontrollably against the vibrator, eagerly trying to get it inside you but again I pull away.   I do this several times more, increasing the pressure and duration with every movement, making you want to cum so badly.


Your breathing is becoming heavier and heavier and you tell me not to stop, begging me to let you cum but again I walk away.   This time I return with some clamps and a paddle.   You moan and squirm as I approach, placing a clamp over each erect nipple with a long chain between them.   I give them a firm pull to make sure they are securely clamped on.   You wince and moan with the pain and pleasure it’s giving you as I move off to the side a bit and rub the paddle over your beautiful ass.   Suddenly, I give you a firm swat on your ass, the sound echoes in the room and you yelp.   I land several more and you squeal with every swat, feeling the stings of every hit while your ass gets redder and redder.   You yelp once again and I pull on the chain a bit to put pressure on your nipples at the same time, swatting   your ass several more times on each side.   I see the look of total lust in your eyes and ditch the paddle off to the side sensing your desire to cum badly.


I feel it’s time to change things up a bit undo the chain holding your hands up but keeping the handcuffs on while I release the shackles on your ankles.   I walk you over to the bed in the corner of the room, turning you around to sit on the edge.   As you do I move in front of you with my hard cock bobbing in your face as I tell you to suck me now.   I watch excitedly as you follow my every command and gobble me up, licking up and down my hard shaft and balls all over in a wild sexual frenzy.   You then take me into your mouth, swirling your tongue all around the sensitive head while caressing my balls and ass.   I reach down and pull your hair back and watch your lips and tongue working me over.   “Oh yes baby, suck it good!!!”   I moan and grasp your head, thrusting against your mouth as you take me even deeper.   I groan loudly while I fuck your hot mouth, groaning deeply shooting hot loads of cum down your throat.   You struggle to keep up, gasping a bit but swallowing everything you can and cleaning up everything you missed.


I tell you that you’ve been such a good girl and it’s time to let you cum now. I move you over and have you kneel on the bed, leaning forward with your head on a pillow as I move up behind you.   I grasp my hard cock and slip between your wet lips just before driving in deep and hard, buried to the hilt with my balls slapping against your pussy.   I hold your hips firmly and pound you with long full strokes, over and over again as you moan and grunt wildly.   Our bodies moving in unison, the wet sounds of me sliding in and out and our own grunts and gasps fill the air.   It doesn’t take any time before you have an incredible orgasm that just keeps going and going.   I can feel your pussy grasp my cock with every wave of pleasure, squeezing and milking me inside you.   “That a keep cumming!!!” I say,   I quickly pull out and roll you onto your back, pulling your legs up over my shoulders and thrusting in quick and hard once again.   I pound you harder and harder with every thrust, not letting you come completely down from your last orgasm.   I watch your breasts jump and jiggle with every thrust and lean forward to watch as well.   I finally reach the point of no return explode once more, deep inside you, shooting load after load of cum against your back walls that brings on another orgasm of your own.   We are bucking and thrusting wildly against each other as our orgasms overtake us.   I’m finally spent, I collapsing on top of you as your legs fall to the sides, both of us completely exhausted and gasping for breath as we lay there locked together and kissing deeply with the final spasms of our orgasms fading away.

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