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Mistress is speaking. Pay attention; don't make her punish you!
Well. That was interesting, wasn’t it? We’ll play with your little titties again tomorrow. For now, just close your eyes and rest.

Did you have a good nappy? Do you need to go potty? Ok. But remember to catch the little dribbles with a tissue. You wouldn’t want to stain those cute little pink panties.

Now that you’re back, I think it’s time we did something about that little tiny – it’s too small to call it a cock, don’t you agree? It’s not even a dick. Dicklet. A dicklet. That’s all it is. Not even a clitty, because that would be something only an adult would have.

So we have to do something about your little dicklet.

Oh, look at it! Standing up! I guess just thinking about it makes your little dicklet stick out. Well – stick out isn’t really the right word – it’s too short. It doesn’t even make a tent in those little panties of yours.

I’ll bet it’s not even long enough for me to use more than two or maybe three fingers on it. And my hands are not big. They’re pretty dainty, actually. I’ll bet I could even get four fingers up inside you. We’ll have to try that sometime.

I was going to put you in this cage, but I think it’s too big; you’ll just fall out of it, or stick out between the bars. We’ll have to use the plastic one – the littlest plastic one – not the average sized one.

There. Doesn’t that look nice? I’ll be going out with the girls tonight. I think I might just pick up some hunk and get laid. I’m a little horny, and we both know you can’t help that, can you?

Your tongue? Your tongue?? Your pathetic little tongue isn’t any better than your dicklet.

No, I’ll have to go find a real man with a real cock that can plough me properly. My pussy is hot and wet, just waiting to be filled with a big, hard, throbbing cock. And I need to feel hot, thick semen spurting up into me. Your little dicklet can’t do that. When it cums, it only dribbles a little bit of clear liquid.

I have a list of things for you to do while I am gone. The kitchen floor needs to be scrubbed, and the living room rug needs shampooing, where you made that mess on it last week. You see, you can’t even lick up your own little dribbles properly. You really ARE a sissy, aren't you?

I will be back in about four or five hours, and if you have done all your chores properly, I might reward you. I might let you taste me after I have had sex. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Reward your dicklet? Why should I? I’ll be all satisfied. Not that your dicklet could satisfy anyone anyway.

Oh, you meant a hand job? Well – for you, it would only be a finger job. Like I said, two – maybe three fingers at most, because it’s so little. No. I don’t think so. Remember, you came just last week. There was a half ounce you got to drink – remember? No, I don’t think you need that again just yet. Maybe next Tuesday. That is, if you’re good, and do all your chores, and don’t make me have to change your panties and diaper too often.

Okay. I’ve finished my toes. Aren’t they pretty? Would you like to dry them for me?

Crawl over here then, and you can blow on them.

Oh, not like THAT! GOD! You even blow like a sissy. Put some air into it. Blow! BLOW!

No you can NOT hold them! You keep your little girly hands to yourself. All I want on my toes is moving air. Com’on, blow!

That’s better. See? You really CAN behave if you try. And you know I don’t like to have to punish you. I only do it for your own good. I’d much rather pet your hair and tell you what a good little boy you are.

Oh, that reminds me. I stopped on my way home from the office and bought you a present today. Go fetch me my purse – the Coach bag, not the blue one. And don’t drool on the handle. It darkens the leather.

Good boy. Oh, my! You left teeth marks in it. Well – I guess they’ll work their way out.

Anyway, see what I got you? A cute little bunny tail! Open your mouth, and taste it. That’s it. Get it all wet, and don’t forget to lick around the base. Now, turn ‘round, and I’ll put it in for you.

Oh it does look nice.

Of course it shows. The panties are sheer enough, and the white fur just sets off your little tan bottom. So, no, you leave the panties on. The little bunny tail shows up just fine.

Oh, I almost forgot – while I’m gone be sure to keep the cell phone where you can hear – oh no. You won’t be able to hear over the shampoo machine. Leave it on the coffee table and glance at it from time to time, while you’re working. I’ll send you a text message if I am bringing guests home.

If I am, leave the bunny tail in, but take off the panties, and put on your pretty stockings, crinoline and maid’s outfit. I think they’d like to see the little bunny tail peeking out beneath the ruffles.

No, it won’t show beneath the ruffles. Your little plastic dicklet device will stay tucked up out of sight.

Of course, if I invite the guests to play “replace the plug”, they might find it in their blind groping. But that’s okay, I don’t mind them knowing.

You DO? Well, I didn’t ask you, Sissy, did I? When I want your opinion, you will know. Until then, you can keep quiet, like a nice little sissy boy. Haven’t you ever been told that children should be seen, not heard? Now, stand up, and help me on with my coat.

Com’on! I haven’t got all day!

Well, Silly! Of course your knees are stiff. You’ve been on them for several hours. That’s no excuse for keeping me waiting.

Oh, Sweetie, don’t cry. Come here, and give Mistress a hug. I’m sorry. You know I don’t mean to really hurt you, and sometimes, I get a little carried away. It’s so hard, sometimes, to know just how much humiliation and domination you need.

That’s a good sissy. Here, I’ll hold the tissue, while you blow your nose.

No, no – you don’t have to get back on your hands and knees. Stand here, and let me pat your head a minute.

Feel better now?


No, your mascara didn’t run. That waterproof stuff we got you last time is pretty good, even though it was expensive.

Remember, now – watch for messages, and otherwise I’ll be back in about four hours. And I want that kitchen SPOTLESS, you understand? I want to be able to EAT off that floor. Though, of course, that would be you; not me.

Air kisses – don’t muss my lipstick. Mwah! Mwah! Bye, bye. Be good!

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